FootNotes Studio, Richmond, VA Videos

Videos by FootNotes Studio in Richmond. Classes and lessons for children and adults in piano and music education in Richmond Virginia area.

Musical Mondays 🎼 🎵- Our newest student doing really well for only 2 lessons 👍 😀

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Musical Mondays 🎼 🎵- Our newest student doing really well for only 2 lessons 👍 😀

Musical Mondays 🎼 🎵- This student is moving very quickly through intervals and harmonies while counting out her rhythms.

Musical Mondays 🎼 🎵- We learn that its normal to make mistakes as they teach us how to correct. This student just starte...

Musical Mondays are back! 🎹🎶 - He might be playing "Got the Blues," but it sounds so happy 😊

From our family to yours, have a wonderful holiday!

Musical Mondays 🎶- I mean who doesn't love a little Fur Elise? She's doing such a great job after only a week of learnin...

Musical Mondays- This student just started in June. He's progressing so well 👍🙂

Musical Mondays- This student is getting faster at learning and executing her songs 😊

Musical Mondays- She's getting through her songs quicker and with more understanding each time 😊

Hanging with my boys 😊 #kindermusik #littlesunshinemusicstudio

Musical Mondays- after some challenges, she is flying through 🙂👍

Musical Mondays- He's still a beginner, yet moving along nicely

Musical Mondays- This student is new to our FootNotes family but had already had a good foundation. She's moving along v...

Musical Mondays- It's the last song in this student's book. Onward to next level!

Musical Mondays - This student plays a tune very popular in the 70s. Do you know it? ✌️

Musical Mondays- This young beginner counts out her rhythm beautifully 😍

Musical Mondays 👏🎹🙂

Musical Mondays: A little spiritual to get this day started ✨️ 😊

Musical Mondays- This young student is doing very well in her beginner stages 👏 👌

Musical Mondays- This is a challenging song for the student, but she is doing a great job with it 👏