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Global Institute of Technology Services
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Global Institute of Technology (GIT) Services is committed to being a professional and responsible one-stop source for Information Technology (IT) services.

We offer training as well as testing for a multitude of IT related courses. Visit our website at for more information

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Reason to choose CompTIA A+ certification for your career #2


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Microsoft Interview Question #14


Reason to choose CompTIA a+ certification for your career #1


Tips to Get Hired After Completing IT Courses #22


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Microsoft Interview Question #13


Learn CompTIA A+ with GIT Services #5

Use the hover test

- Sometimes phishing links say one thing but take you somewhere else. Before even clicking, place your mouse over the link, which will then display the actual URL.


Tips to Get Hired After Completing IT Courses #21


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Cloud Computing Interview Question #14


Learn CompTIA A+ with GIT Services #4

Do not let your browser store your passwords

- Use a password manager such as LastPass or, for extra security, write down and keep in a locked drawer. While password managers are also not infallible, most experts believe they increase overall security.


Tips to Get Hired After Completing IT Courses #20


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Cloud Computing Interview Question #13


Learn CompTIA A+ with GIT Services #3

Make sure your browser receives automatic security updates

- If you are using the latest Safari or Microsoft browsers, those are updated along with the OS, so it’s important to turn on automatic updates for the entire system or at least make sure they are updated immediately.


Tips to Get Hired After Completing IT Courses #19


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Cloud Computing Interview Question #12


Learn CompTIA A+ with GIT Services #2


- Spyware is often installed on your computer when you download free software. So you should carefully read the licence agreement for any software you download from the internet.

What you should look for is a paragraph saying that your PII (Personally Identifiable Information) WILL NOT be shared with third parties.


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Cloud Computing Interview Question #11


Learn CompTIA A+ with GIT Services #1


Git Services offers a Cisco CCNA training program that can set you up for career advancement.

Make the right move at the right time!


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Cisco Interview Question #13


Learn CompTIA Linux+ with GITServices #11

Disable The Root Login

- Linux distributions include a superuser called ‘root’ that contains elevated administrative permissions. Keeping root login enabled can present a security risk and diminish the safety of small business cloud resources hosted on the server, as hackers can exploit this credential to access the server. To strengthen your server security, you must disable this login.


Upgrade your skills with the CompTIA Linux+ specialization course offered by Git Services. Make the right move at the right time.


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Cisco Interview Question #12


Learn CompTIA Linux+ with GITServices #10

Tighten Up Security In Your Browser

- The browser is the way in for many current cyberthreats, whether you use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or another browser.

Many free extensions are available to improve the security of your browser, and your privacy as well. HTTPS-Everywhere, Ghostery, Disconnect, Adblock Plus, NoScript


Invest your potential and grow yourself with the right specialization in your field of interest. Make the right move at the right time.

Join git services and learn the CompTIA Security+ course and move forward in your life.


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Cisco Interview Question #11


Learn CompTIA Linux+ with GITServices #9

Only Install Required Packages

- You should only install the packages that your business needs to run in order to protect the functionality of your server.

However, the more packages you install, particularly from third-party repositories, the more vulnerabilities you could be introducing into the system. Keep installed packages to a reasonable minimum and periodically eliminate what isn’t needed.


The role of a cybersecurity expert or cyber intelligence officer is in great demand in the global job market. Arguably, anyone who is very good at computers is best suited for this role.

If you are looking for more information about protecting a business in cyber security, you are in the right place. In this article, we aim to give you more details on how to determine if a cybersecurity expert is a right role for you.

Read more here :


Fast track your career dreams by making the right move with specialized certification. Completing the CompTIA Network+ Certification Course from Git Services & unlock your career!


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