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Home | Dough Play Me! 12/03/2022

Home | Dough Play Me!

We officially have a website up and running! Pop over and take a peek!

Home | Dough Play Me! Strengthen fine motor skills for writing and typing ability, inspire their imagination, and enhance the senses  all with Dough Play Me essential oil play dough! 

Photos from Dough Play Me's post 11/24/2022

I have just a couple of these favorites left!

Photos from Dough Play Me's post 11/22/2022

Thanks for making the Christmas Market so great Rexburg! We had a blast!
I still am taking orders for the remainder of the holiday season Dough Play Me followers. Get your stocking stuffers while supplies last!


I have plenty of orange and lemon dough bags just begging for a stocking to call their home!
These are my personal favorites… which is probably why I tend to make more of them 😅 They just smell so fresh and happy!

Photos from Dough Play Me's post 11/16/2022

Introducing The Music Packet! See other post for a video of the full product preview. 😍


Introducing the newest Dough Play Me product! See pictures of the packet in action in next post!

Photos from Dough Play Me's post 11/14/2022

It’s TIME to plan your STOCKING stuffers!! Orange Spice, Pine, Berry, Peppermint, or Lavender scented Aromatherapy playing dough. 😍


It’s begun!! Well… it’s been well underway actually. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Can anyone guess what I’m doing? Hint: these are not for decorating the dough bags (well… some of them are. But mostly not).


Featuring Orangey Orange and Camo Cedar


“Peace” essential oil blend

Photos from Dough Play Me's post 09/12/2022

Photos from Dough Play Me's post

Photos from Dough Play Me's post 09/11/2022

Mmmm the smell of Fall is in the air! Apple Cinnamon, Orange, Pumpkin Pie, Nutmeg, and more scents!

Photos from Dough Play Me's post 08/18/2022

Introducing All Natural Dough Play Me! For a limited time only!
Enjoy the fragrances of Jasmine and Lavender in the softest dough ever made! Non sticky and packed in a tough re-usable lidded container. This playing dough was made from natural food dyes and is the perfect amount for a family with multiple children, or a party. Comes with play flowers shown.
$10/container More colors/scents coming soon


I have some exciting news! This is my first announcement and a second even bigger one is to come.
Here’s a clue- Why does my home reak of spinach, onion, and various cabbages? 🤣🥰

Photos from Dough Play Me's post 07/06/2022

Hey there Dough Play Me friends! Did ya miss me? We are back and there’s something BIG coming! Stay tuned for some new scents and colors and most especially… the BIG surprise! 😁

Photos from Dough Play Me's post 03/31/2022

How cute are these?! Carrot Dough is scented with a mixture of essential oils to create a garden fresh, sweet carrot scent. Each carrot is over a cups worth of playing dough. (Easter eggs shown for size reference are jumbo size.)


Can we say SpRiNg Time?! How fun would it be for your children to get Dough Play Me in their Easter Baskets this year? Or place dough inside eggs for an Easter egg hunt!

Scents (from red down)= Jasmine, Orange, Lemon, Spearmint, Serendipity (calming blend) and Lavender.


Pretty dandelion yellow with a lemongrass essential oil 😍


Working on a made to order batch and I’m loving this color! It reminds me of Springtime skies! 😍

Mobile uploads 02/10/2022

These vanilla are my personal favorite I think. Good gift for adults with anxiety or the elderly.


Better late than ever! But here’s the cute cards that go with them (if you want them added). Thanks to Sarah Marie Anderson’s business! Sarah comment a link to your website please! 😁
These are floral bouquet and lavender scented.

Photos from Dough Play Me's post 02/04/2022

Hey All! Aren’t these a-DOUGH-rable Valentines?!! 😍😍 Floral Bouquet and Lavender scented 😍😍
$20 for 25 Or $10 for 12
I’m working on making a little note that attaches to each that says “You are a-DOUGH-rable” and a “To” and “From” spot for your child to write on. But I couldn’t wait to post these! I’ll share when I have the notes done. 😉

Photos from Dough Play Me's post 01/26/2022

Let’s get ready for Valentines Day! Wouldn’t these just be darling sitting out ready for the children Valentines Day morning? Or perhaps as a surprise when they get home off the bus!

Scents are:
Floral (Fuchsia or other requested color)
Vanilla (Brown with gold sparkle)
Spearmint (light green)
Lavendar (White or royal purple)


I’m having trouble getting my pictures done for this next collection- but until I do- I can at least let you all know what’s available!

Vanilla- A light brown with soft vanilla scent dough

Lavendar- (As seen in previous collections, purple with Lavender oil)

Spearmint- Pastel toned green with spearmint oil

And introducing a WHOLE new kind of Dough Play Me:

Bouquet- Red and Yellow dough scented with soft tones of floral. Combine the two colors to make a whole new color! Also- Red and White

(Picture credit taken by myself, floral bouquet created by Albertsons floral department)


Hello Dough Play Me followers! How were your holidays?! Ours were wonderful and an adventure. We traveled to Ohio by car, where we got to spend time with family. All the little cousins got dough to play with for Christmas (naturally) and we had some talents truly shine! Below is a snail riding a scooter 😉😍. Stay tuned for my Valentines collection coming out soon! I’ve got a new idea up my sleeve I hope ya’ll will like!


Calling all Dough Play Me followers! I’m starting to wrap up the holiday season 🎄 . Once this cream of tartar runs out- my shop closes! Order your dough before the 18th if you want these selections. 🗓

*Orange Spice
*Merry Cranberry
*Christmas Pine

Play On! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!
[email protected]
or Private message Dough Play Me


👮‍♂️ 🚔 💣 😧 😱 WHAT IS THIS Amy?!!!

Don’t worry. If you’re not familiar with salt dough- this might look alarming to you. 😳 Let me assure you this is NOT mold. 😁 This is just salt accumulation! All you do is knead the salt 🧂 back in and it’s as good as new! The chances of your dough growing mold are slim to none, due to the high concentration of salt and cream of tartar which are both preservatives. I’ve lost track of a package of dough for an ENTIRE YEAR 📅 and brought it out to find it was perfectly safe. 🤫🤣 Still unsure? Test it out. Mold would feel slimy or fuzzy, and won’t blend back in to the dough. This feels rough and course (just like salt!)
PLAY ON Dough Play Me followers! 😘
PS I dare you to taste it if you still don’t believe me! Fool proof truth finder! 😂

Photos from Dough Play Me's post 12/06/2021

If anyone is considering buying some Dough Play Me that will require shipping 🎁 - NOW is the time to do so if you want it in time! ⏰ Just email me at [email protected] or Facebook private message me with your order request.
$10 for a shipment of up to 8 Christmas dough bags.

The following colors/scents are available:

Christmas Pine
Orange Spice
Merry Cranberry

Photos from Dough Play Me's post 12/04/2021

Some information on shipping
* You can order as many as 8-10 dough bags per shipment.
*Shipping is a flat fee of $10 and in a bubble wrapped insured/tracked envelope.
*I can customize a Christmas message for your order!


Dough Play Me now has a gmail account! Feel free to order through Facebook messenger OR the following gmail account!

[email protected]

Photos from Dough Play Me's post 11/30/2021

Welcome new members! Thank you for joining!
Here you will find new batches I’m selling (usually per season) and ideas for fun activities related to my homemade play dough. So glad you’ve joined!

Photos from Dough Play Me's post 11/29/2021

I had a customer come up with a brilliant idea! She’s ordering Dough Play Me for her nieces and nephews as Christmas gifts! I’m shipping them for her so they reach everyone in time.
Ps. If you bought Christmas dough from me in the last few weeks- and I didn’t have the candy canes yet- please feel free to bring them back over and I’ll set you up 😉


Watch this video to get a “feel” for how soft Dough Play Me is!

Photos from Dough Play Me's post 11/17/2021

They’re Here! Each infused with Christmas-ey essential oils. They fit perfectly in a stocking or given as a gift! Types are in the order of pictures:

Orange Spice: Scented with sweet orange and a hint of cinnamon.

Christmas Pine: Scented with pine needle oil. Comes in 3 shades. Light, Medium, or Dark.

Peppermint: Scented with peppermint oil and a sprinkling of red sparkles.

Merry Cranberry: Scented with a sweet/spiced Christmas blend.

$5/bag. Dough in the bag+ nature ornament attached are included.
Dough is non-toxic but children should be supervised when playing. Avoid eye contact due to irritation occurring from salt and oil. Flush out with water if contact occurs.

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Watch this video to get a “feel” for how soft Dough Play Me is!




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