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Please contact me is you are interested in this opportunity.
I will certainly be there!!!
Regina is fully certified in for another 2 years. She completed her course today in style, I'm confident that she knows how to respond if the need arises with the important life-saving skills she learned, hopefully, it won't, but if it does you're in good hands. Keep up the good work, see you again in 2 years for another CPR workout.

Come on out the the Align Fitness Open House. Join Coach Gina for an assessment, great company, and door prizes!!!!!
WoW, Regina!! You look awesome! Are you and Bill still playing racquetball?
Congratulations Regina! Best of luck with your new and exciting endeavor...xo pat...
I can't recommend Gina's services highly enough. She will tailor a workout to your goals and your capacity. She is encouraging and motivating. I am in my third month and feel stronger and healthier (minus colds and coughs, haha) and I am actually starting to enjoy working out. People who know me know this is a 180 from my prior dedication to a life with as little exercise in it as possible! Thank you, Gina!

Align Fitness LLC is a new concept in fitness and personal training. The workout is led by Regina Bo

Operating as usual

Photos from Align Fitness LLC's post 07/13/2023

We had another great day at the Senior Games in Pittsburgh and that is a wrap. Thanks to everyone that participated and especially Joe Williams for running a fantastic tournament.

Photos from Align Fitness LLC's post 07/11/2023

Today’s exploits at the Senior Games, we won Silver in Mixed Doubles. We lost the gold on a tiebreaker by 3 points.

We are having a blast meeting up with old friends. More chances at Gold tomorrow.

Photos from Align Fitness LLC's post 07/10/2023

Let the games begin and they did with a bang. Gina with the Silver in the 60+ Women’s Doubles . Tough matches today and congratulations to all of the players. The Senior Games are a very special event and shows to keep moving. There are over 13,000 Seniors and more than 1300 Pickleball players. looking forward to the competition the rest of the week here in Pittsburgh.


Today we celebrate emancipation and freedom. The journey continues for equity and against injustice to all marginalized peoples.


Friends and Neighbors,

In an effort to serve YOU, we are spreading word that the United States Postal Service is delivering one complimentary shipment of four COVID tests per residential address.

Click the grey rectangle below to access and request your shipment.

You will receive a confirmation email once you have entered your contact information and submitted your order.

STAY WELL and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

COVID Home Tests | USPS COVID Home Tests | USPS

Reston Community Center pool project, board member receive awards 10/28/2021

Reston Community Center pool project, board member receive awards The nonprofit Virginia Recreation and Park Society recently recognized Reston's multimillion-dollar pool renovation of the Terry L. Smith Aquatics Center along with community leader Bill Bouie. The statewide group applauded the $5.5 million Reston pool project as the best new renovation of bricks

Photos from Reston Community Center's post 10/27/2021

Congratulations to Bill Bouie, Lisa Sechrest-Ehrhardt and Dick Stillson, who on Tuesday were appointed to RCC’s Board of Governors based on the results of the 2021 Preference Poll. And thank you to Small District 5 residents and employees for voting in the poll. Read more about the poll results here:


Congratulations to my partner in life and my husband!!!! It is well deserved for all of the community work that he does.

Photos from Align Fitness LLC's post 01/18/2021

I hope that you are well and reflecting on the day. I wanted to share with you one of the great things that I was able to experience a few years ago. I will never forget this day. I was invited to meet the Chinese sculptor, Master Lei Yixin, at the MLK Memorial on the last day that the scaffolding was up and before President Obama saw it for the first time. After the tour, the artist chipped off a piece of the memorial and gave it to us as a gift that

I absolutely cherish this experience and it will pass down in my family for the rest of time.

Zoom Hit With Proposed Class Action Over Privacy Concerns - Law360 04/01/2020

Please pay attention to this. If you have any questions or concerns and would like information about more secure collaboration and conferencing tools contact us at [email protected]. Be safe out there and know that we are here to help.

Zoom Hit With Proposed Class Action Over Privacy Concerns - Law360 Zoom Video Communications Inc., the video conference service and de facto platform for digital communication during the COVID-19 pandemic, has been hit with a proposed class action claiming the platform has failed to protect users’ personal information.

Reston Residents Take Home Top Honors in National Senior Games 07/16/2019

Coach Gina did it again!!!! Contact her so that she can share her message of staying busy and keep moving for everyone, but especially Seniors!!! MOVE!!!

Reston Residents Take Home Top Honors in National Senior Games Two Restonians took home top honors at the National Senior Games in Albuquerque, New Mexico last month. Regina and Bill Bouie won gold medals during the games, where more than 14,000 athletes from around the country convened for two weeks to compete against one another in a mix of sports. The resi

Photos from Align Fitness LLC's post 06/19/2019

Mission accomplished in Albuquerque after Bill won the Men’s Doubles at the Senior Olympics. The highlight of the day was spending some time with 103 year old Julia “Hurricane” Hawkins who is the world record holder in the 100 year old division for the 50 and 100 meter run!!! Julia ran both events today and won going away against a 90, 98, and another 100 year old runner. She is quite an inspiration and is the shining example of you are only as old as you feel. Don’t open the door for aging!!!

Photos from Align Fitness LLC's post 06/18/2019

Coach Gina is again a two time Gold Medal winner at the US Senior Olympics in Albuquerque!!! Gina and Bill won the 60-64 mixed doubles racquetball title in a thrilling tie breaker. Gina also won the Gold Medal in the Women’s 50-54 division doubles!!!

2018 Racquetball 05/22/2018

Fun at the Virginia Senior Games last week. We won for the 8th year in a row!!! On to Albuquerque!!! Thanks to my trainer, Gina Bouie at Align Fitness!!!

Photos from Align Fitness LLC's post 09/24/2017

When the days become shorter, the air grows crisper and the school bells begin to ring, these are the telltale signs that let me know my favorite time of year has arrived – Fall. Even though summer has now officially come to an end, I want to take this time to reflect on what a summer it has been.

Not too long ago, I had the great opportunity to participate in the National Senior Olympic Games in Birmingham, Alabama. There were more than 10,000 athletes, ranging in age from 50-101 years old that participated in 22+ events. I ended up walking away with a gold and silver medal in racquetball.

The real story is that I had put away my racquet years ago. Not only had I stopped competing, I had stopped playing as well. Yet, when my husband asked me to be his mixed doubles partner, I believed I could regain my old form and rise to the challenge. It would require time, sacrifice, commitment and a desire to win, but I believed I could do it. I had to dig deep and find the patience I necessary to get back to competing at a high level. There was no way I was going to be happy with anything less than a medal.

The good news is that I was six months into working out four times a week. Since becoming a Certified Personal Trainer nearly three years ago, I have discovered that working out is what I do to remain centered and grounded. It wasn’t easy disrupting my normal workout routine, but I’m glad I did. Competing at the National Senior Olympic Games gave me the chance to experience something that was truly unique. I had the opportunity to meet inspiring people from around the country, including those who were much older than myself and still competing at a high level. One of the sponsors of the event had a banner that said, “To participate is to win.” There is some truth to that statement. Life is about showing up every single day and giving it all that you have. Sometimes we don’t want to do that extra set at the gym or run that extra mile. Yet, if we want to live our best possible life, if we want to be the best version of ourselves that we can be, we have to give ourselves the opportunity to be great by showing up in the first place.

Photos from Align Fitness LLC's post 06/14/2017

I was very pleased and honored to participate in the National Senior Games last week in Birmingham, AL. Over 10,000 seniors participated in the games and all of them were an inspiration to KEEP MOVING. I won the Gold Medal in the Women's 50 Singles, and a Silver Medal in the 60 Mixed Doubles with my husband Bill in the racquetball competition. Looking forward ti the Northern Virginia Senior Olympics in the Fall. Keep an eye out for the announcements of dates and times on the Align Fitness page.



Kim Limon will be offering a FREE presentation/demo.

Check out her website:

We will be meeting here at Align Fitness in Reston.

Refreshments will be served!!!

See you soon!

02/02/2017 #/lockers/30021

Get your Align Fitness gear!!!

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Lifting weights could make you more intelligent, study suggests 10/26/2016

Another reason why this is the new face of aging!!!

Lifting weights could make you more intelligent, study suggests Regularly lifting weights could make you more intelligent, a new study of people with the early signs of dementia suggests. A group of people aged 55 to 86 with ‘mild cognitive impairment’ – a precursor of Alzheimer’s disease – were asked to carry out a mix of weight lifting and brain training. Whil...

Photos from Align Fitness LLC's post 05/05/2016

Please join Trainer Gina for her first Open House!!! Come and see the gym, sign up for an assessment, and get a door prize!!!!

Photos from Align Fitness LLC's post 12/21/2015

Sign Up for your Fitness Assessment Today!! Start the New Year off right!!

Photos from Align Fitness LLC's post 12/21/2015
Photos from Align Fitness LLC's post 12/21/2015

There is still time to get your Gift Certificate and schedule your workouts beginning in January. Sign up for a Personal Fitness assessment. Start the New Year out right!!!!


Coach Gina showing how it is done. This is 265lbs x 5. Contact her and join the team!!!


A Look At Bone Loss
By Christina Korman

Bone loss, or Osteoporosis, can lead to devastating fractures in older adults. The odds of breaking a bone due to bone loss
are pretty staggering. One in 2 women over the age of 50 will break a bone due to bone loss and for men, it’s one in four.

Let’s look at some ways we can protect our bones from bone loss.
How can we tell if our bones are weak?

You can’t feel bone loss. It’s a disease that occurs slowly and most people don’t realize they have bone loss until they have
a fracture. The best way to determine bone loss is to have regular bone density exams after age 65 for women and 70 for
men. Some individuals may be at a higher risk, for example, if they have already had a fracture or have another disease
that may increase their risk for osteoporosis. Women begin to lose 15% of their bone mass in the years after menopause.
This reduction in bone density can lead to fractures ranging from minor to severe.

What plays a role in our risk?

Genetic makeup plays a small part in our risk for developing Osteoporosis. Lifestyle plays a much larger role in this disease,
especially once we have reached the age of 65. At this point, the things we eat, the exercise we engage in and the choices
we make are what will influence our risk of Osteoporosis. Choices like smoking and overindulging in alcohol can increase
your risk of bone loss.

Exercise plays a huge role in maintaining bone mass. Strength training to maintain or gain muscle mass will help you retain
your bone density. Having strong muscles not only decreases your risk of bone loss, it also decreases your risk of a fall due
to frailty or loss of balance.

What type of exercise should we be doing to stave off bone loss?

Strength training 2-3 times per week.
Aerobic activity 30 minutes per day.
Balance training once per week.

Diet is another important factor. There is a lot of controversy over the amount of calcium and vitamin D that should be
used to prevent or treat Osteoporosis. The main point is that we need calcium to keep our bones healthy, but not too
much. Talk with your doctor to find your recommended amount of calcium.

The same goes for Vitamin D. Several studies
have found that using calcium and vitamin D together have lowered risk of fracture, but there is no hard and fast evidence
that this is the case. It’s always a good idea to talk with your doctor about your specific needs.

Let’s examine the risk factors that we can’t change:

Age: being over 50.
Gender: Being female.
Body size: Being slender, thin b***d or tall.
History: Broken bones or height loss (in you, your parents or siblings).
Now, let’s look at the risk factors we can change:
Inactivity: being sedentary for extended periods of time or bed ridden.
Diet: Too little calcium or vitamin D.
Alcohol: Three or more drinks a day.
Medications: Steroids, anti-seizure drugs, proton pump inhibitors, SSRI anti-depressants, Depo-Provera, aromatase
inhibitors, among others. (Talk with your doctor if you have any concerns).
Disease: Diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, anorexia nervosa,
among others.
If you feel you may be at risk for bone loss, talk with your doctor.

For more information on bone loss and Osteoporosis:

National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Disease
National Institutes of Health
National Osteoporosis Foundation


"He who laughs, lasts!"
— Mary Pettibone Poole

8 Things Happy People Avoid 05/29/2015

This is ever so true. It takes effort to be miserable!!!

8 Things Happy People Avoid 8 Things Happy People Avoid by Janet Valenty. Happiness is not something that just magically happens for some people but not for others. The way you view yourself, others, and the world around you is the key your own happiness. If you genuinely want to be happy more often than you are, you CAN make…

The Dangers of Sitting All Day and 5 Things To Do About It 05/27/2015

The Dangers of Sitting All Day and 5 Things To Do About It The Dangers of Sitting All Day and 5 Things To Do About It by Alishah Merchant. The vast majority of us spend hours at a desk in front of a computer every day. Even after the workday is complete, many of us go on to sit more while in a car, bus, or the subway and then again at the dinner table, and…


Thought for the day:

"Open your mind, get up off the couch, move.”

Anthony Bourdain

Have a great day!!!!!


It has been a very busy week. I am headed off to spend some time with my Sister and Mother In Law for Mother's Day. Consider giving your Mom a package of a months worth of fitness and fun!!! Give me a call or send me a note and I will customize a program for them. Stay Healthy and Stay Moving!!!

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