Remington Karate Academy

Remington Karate Academy


We have had alot of forward progress since classes moved to Sensi's location in Gainesville. The class size is small and intimate. There is room for more if anyone wants to go. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 til 8pm and Saturdays from 9:45 till 11am. If you need a ride I have room for two or three on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Getting lined up
Doing katas
Tyson doing his katas
Testors after they finished relaxing after their hard wok
Re*****on Karate Academy with our Christmas Parade Trophy!
Elves came and decorated the Dojo!
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We teach Okinawan Karate to people of all ages with the goal of creating better people in society through our unique training methods.

Single-member owner, family oriented, fun and safe

Operating as usual


Okay everyone, before I turn the Karate Dojo keys back to the landlord, I thought I would give this one last grand hoorah. When I closed 6 months ago, I had personal reasons for doing so and felt I had no choice. The devastating loss of my Sensei just crushed me spiritually and left a big hole inside of me because he was my friend whom I could rely on when the world was attacking me from all sides. Clayton left because of his own personal struggles and I was left unsure of what purpose I was really serving. This Re*****on Karate Dojo has been on my mind every day since and I truly miss my family there. I looked over many photos this week and it just breaks my heart for the wonderful people that I left behind. So, with this said, I am concerned that I burnt a bridge and folks may be upset with me and not support a re-opening. This will be my last and final post before I hang up my hat. I know that I asked this once before but I must ask it one last time. If I made a decision to come back in February (permanently), would anyone return. I realize that I would have to rebuild it, I'm just curious...would "anyone" come back? Even a small level of support from prior Dojo family members would be enough but I'm just curious here. When convenient and if you feel compelled, please let me know before I turn in these keys. My heart is really heavy and I just miss my people. I'm going to be out and about today and will be back out in Re*****on this afternoon so if anyone chooses to respond, I will reply to you as I can. Thank you all so much for putting up with me and just know that I have truly missed you all more than you know. On a side note, if this is a go, I have already put together a more favorable training program that makes it easier for folks to do what we do. I am joing another association that provides so many benefits that we previously did not have. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sensei Kearns


I can't hold class tomorrow morning everyone! One of our students (Eliza) is being baptized and it is very important to me that I be there for this very important moment in this young ladies life! I hope you understand and we're still on track next week as normal. Thanks for understanding that the Lord's work must come first! Love to you all!!!


Zachary McClintock...would you be able to come back?


For those who may not have disconnected from this page, I have a question. There have been a lot of people who feel as though I should just re-open this school in Re*****on and continue as we were. I still have the space and have the ability to do this, but the question is should I? I realize that I would have to start over in a sense although we do have locals who would just resume their training.
I am interested in seeing what the feedback would be in regards to re-opening. Would any of you come back to this Dojo? Even if it were 12-15 people, I could start back up with that number. If anyone is reading this, please just let me know so I can decide. Admittedly, I have missed you students and although some are coming to my Dojo in Gainesville, many were left behind. I do realize that probably 70-80% are lost but should I start it back up and build it back certainly can be done. Lastly, would "You" come back"? Did we provide value to you? Are you upset? I'm a big boy and can handle the feedback so I'm most curious!
Your thoughts please!


Thank you students who came tonight for fight class! Lots of sweating and wet GI's tonight so enjoy your weekend, you earned it!


As I leave the Dojo, I am reflecting on the day here and have to say that we really had some good classes today! I was so pleased to see so many show up to train and support their Dojo family members. I'm very proud of you all and the consistency that you demonstrate in "showing up"! Very pleased and grateful for my humble little family here! Thank you!


What a fight night this evening with you boys! Rough and tumble with lots of love and a few misplaced kicks! I'm still picking marbles up off the floor...🥴🥜🥋


As most of you know, we have moved back to our original Dojo where it all started! I am so happy with the look and feel of this humble little Dojo; many great memories here and more to make. The new cover photo was taken today after getting things back in place and our "Champ" Tyson showing off his wonderful forward stance and reverse punch! Karate-Do for Life!!!


Fight night...waiting on some more folks to get here!


In search of more people who want to learn Karate. Refer a person to our Dojo and get a nice reward...ask for details!


Thank you students and parents for supporting this humble little Dojo in Re*****on, VA! If I haven't told you all how much I appreciate you; well then I'm doing it now! Domo arigato gozaimash*ta; anata wa watashi no jinsei no mokuteki desu!


It sure would be nice if the old students came back that were in the Dojo picture! We miss you guys and gals and sure wish you were here with us...please think about it! Many of our kids and adults are already Green belts getting close to're so, so welcome back, every one of you! Feel free to call me anytime if you like. We're still looking for John Darrow too...!!!


Really good classes today. Good job to all who showed up and put in the work! Good things coming your way!


Great unexpected weapons class tonight with an old student that decided to walk back on the floor!


Congratulations to Morgen Rowen, Giovanni Ramirez, Ridley Naumann and Dirk Yonkee for successfully passing their belt tests on Tuesday! I am very proud of you guys and the consistent effort that you put into your training!


A special mention goes out to Dojo member Bill Gartner for not only having the highest attendance rate in the school but also for his commitment in assisting young children in our school to be the best they can be! Bill is clearly demonstrating his understanding of what it is that we do and has obviously paid attention to the most important words on his rank certificates (Consistent devotion to Karate-Do). Thank you Bill for all that you do; it does not go unnoticed!
I must also add to this post that here is a man with knee operations done on both legs, came to us on a cane and now freely moves around the floor! Amazing!


Okay everyone; regarding the trip to Shofuso Japanese Cultural Center in Philadelphia...I received an e-mail today from them that Saturday's are no good as they are booked up with festivals, etc. We will need to choose a Wednesday through Friday according to them. Tonight, I'll discuss this with a few of you and we'll just pick a date like a Friday. May 10th, 17th and 24th are Fridays so stay tuned and we will see if we can actually make this thing happen. Thanks!


Great job to the students who learned one of the oldest Bo Kata tonight! Your dedication is duly noted!


Okay, finally Saturday hours coming soon! Early April so stay tuned!


Before leaving the Dojo tonight I want to make some special mentions as it was a fantastic day today in all classes.
For starters, we had three (3) new students join us tonight...Coleman, Preston and Rylee and they really did great for their first time at Karate! I want to thank Ben Reber and Bill Gartner for assisting with the 6:00 p.m. class also, helping to guide these young ones! Bill also bought three school shirts for the new guys...Thank you Bill; very kind!
Other students such as Santiago, Connor and Lucas were great role models tonight for everyone and were willing to take a back seat tonight to help others; that was super awesome of you guys! Overall a very good day and we are really starting to build a nice solid base of consistent students. Consistency is the key; very proud!

Keep on the lookout for a date to visit the "Shofuso Japanese Cultural Center" within a couple months. All are welcome to go as this will be a fieldtrip for the school whereby everyone can experience a different culture. Won't be long before we get it set up. Enjoy your evening everyone!


Thanks to all those who came out to Kobudo class tonight!


Great job to the "Warriors" that fought tonight! You are awesome!


Great kicks & legwork today everyone!!!


Another great fight night starring "Iron Bill", "Tyson the Champ", "Ginger Snap Harrison", "Skip to my Tallulah" and "But you said Ben!" These students understand the spirit of Budo and really worked hard to hone those fighting skills tonight! Daniel-San and I are most proud of your consistent devotion to Karate-Do!


Another good fight night and a great turnout! You all did a great job and as I said this evening, the improvement in fighting skills is very apparent! Great job to all!


Hello Students...Todays classes will be 5,6 and 7 p.m. The 2 p.m. class will be cancelled due to an appointment that I have. I hope you understand. Thanks!


Due to the weather, the Dojo will be closed tonight. We should resume tomorrow at the normal times. Be safe!


Good job to everyone tonight for learning new things! I'm very proud of you all!


Tonight, I would like to present a report for everyone on time requirements for promotions so you can see where your at in terms of hours in. Please keep in mind, knowledge and time run jointly so you must meet both but you are all doing well so don't worry. This is just to help some of the children who run up to me and say..."Sensei, when do I test"? Rest assured, I am well aware of when you're ready so relax and stay focused on the knowledge requirement sheets that I give you. We'll review this today. Thanks!




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