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Now, you don’t have to go to another facility to get your prescriptions, or check for your overall health!

Now, you don’t have to go to another facility to get your prescriptions, or check for your overall health! We have our Nurse Practitioner Jeanne as part of our family here at Stepping Stone Community Services to help you out.

Guess what!!! Walk-ins are welcomed too... So if you were with your therapist and thought maybe medication could help, you and your therapist could just walk in to Jeanne and ask for a medication assessment

Travis Gorby - Case Management Support

Mohamad Almakky (Mo) - M.Ed. CPLC, CCTP-Level I, CCTP-II

Jeanne Stowe- RN, MSN, AGPCNP-BC

💊Prescription Services are NOW AVAILABLE!

Stepping Stone Community Services
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It’s really been a blessing to be able to provide medical care to clients and patients in the community where I live and work.


Energy is not created or destroyed. It can be only transferred.


The intuition is usually right.


It’s an amazing honors to be able to provide 7 additional caring therapist to the community. Each of the therapist truly have a passion for helping the clients reach their full potential and work through issues.


If you only realized your potential and your worth..

Your not ready for that conversation yet.

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When you cut corners it always shows up.


Deanna discusses white privilege and connecting with clients from different cultural backgrounds and why black lives matter.


It’s an honor to discuss Covid and Managing Stress today. Don’t underestimate the impact that Covid is having on humanity.


Another comfy cozy office space☺️.
Now accepting new clients .
Spanish, German, Arabic and Italian translation services available.

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One is the best things I experienced in this lifetime was being a father to the best kids on the planet. I put that the on everything.Happy 20th baby girl. Thanks for coming to see me today for your birthday.

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Happy birthday to Alicia, my baby girl the only girl and architect and fashion model and artist and lefty and whatever you desire to be.

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The new normal.

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Nice shoot with Mrs Karen.

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Persistence always wins.





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