Loudoun Valley Ninety-Seven

Keeping in touch with the class of 1997 at Loudoun Valley High School (LVHS).

Altered Edge Graphic Design

If you are in Northern Virginia and need help cleaning up and organizing your resume in Microsoft Word, we would like to help you for FREE. We might not be able to help everyone, but we'll do what we can. We're also not writers, but we can help make you look more professional. If you need help with critiquing the content of your resume or coaching, the county can help you with that: https://bit.ly/2YHhbwg

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Gaming in the 90s!

More Gaming in the 90s

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The 90s were a special time for playing video games Join the Zoniac community on Patreon! ► https://www.patreon.com/thewarpzone This video was inspired by ou...


Top 10 '90s Cartoons That Deserve a Reboot

Do you think these should have a reboot?

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This video is brought to you by Timehop. Download Timehop today to get your fresh daily dose of nostalgia: http://bit.ly/2iAmXJw Top 10 '90s Cartoons That De...


Ultimate List Of 90s Toys That Every 90s Kid Remembers

Your favorite 90s toys.

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retrododo.com If you were a true 90s kid, then you'll remember some of these classic 90s toys. We've made a list of the greatest, from Power Rangers to Polly Pocket!


21 Reasons Nothing Was Better Than MTV In The '90s

MTV in the 90s

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buzzfeed.com ♫ I want my MTV... ♫

We did it! 600 FDA approved face masks were donated to Loudoun County and will be distributed to providers and facilities in need. Thank you so much to our amazing community!!

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! A huge thank you to our amazing community for your support. Together, our 600 FDA approved masks were just dropped off at the Loudoun Health & Human Services and will be distributed to Loudoun clinics, hospitals or providers in need. 💕 🏥 🚑 😷
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The Greatest Discontinued '90s Foods And Beverages

Greatest Discontinued 90s foods

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ranker.com List of all of the discontinued foods of the '90s that you would give anything to taste just one more time. Grocery stores of the '90s were a time for exploration. A time when fruit snacks, sodas, candies and fast food could be "extreme," multi-colored, and when food was expected to...

DJ Rhett

Say it isn't so!!!
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23 Things That Made The '90s THE Decade To Be Alive

Any other reason you can think of?

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buzzfeed.com "That's the way it was, and we liked it that way!"


TV Commercial - 1981 - M&Ms At Easter - Thank You Easter Bunny

Anyone else remember this? Wait for the end!

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Your School Lunch in 1996

Did your lunch look like this?

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The year is 1996. Bill Clinton is the president, Celine Dion’s “Because You Love Me” is blasting across every FM radio station, and you’re about to head to t...


Top 10 Cheesiest One-Hit Wonders of the 1990s

Can you name anything cheesier?

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Top 10 Cheesiest One-Hit Wonders of the 1990s Subscribe http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD The 90's were the golden era of one hit wonders. WatchMojo picks the ten most aw...


The 52 Best Pop Songs From the '90s

Best Pop Songs from the 90s.

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elle.com Hit me baby one more time.


If You're a 90s Kid, This WAS Your Weekend

Anything else you remember doing?

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The year is 1993, it’s Saturday morning, and you’re ready to party all weekend long. First up: park yourself in front of the TV for a round of cartoons. And ...


20 Beloved TV Shows from the 1990s You've Totally Forgotten about | Best Life

Do you remember any of these shows?

#90s #valley97 #lvhs97

bestlifeonline.com Home Improvement, Dharma and Greg, Mad About You, and Spin City are just some of the popualr '90s tv shows you've totally forgotten about.


How to be a 90's Gamer

Is this accurate?

#90s #lvhs97 #valley97

From the legendary Nintendo 64 to LAN parties and duo-tangs full of cheat codes the 90s had it all. Travel back in time to this glorious decade and learn wha...


23 things you definitely wore (and LOVED) in the 90s

Did you wear any of these?

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cosmopolitan.com What was with our addiction to ANYTHING with a smiley face on it??


ABC's TGIF Is Coming Back, 'Cause Everything From The '90s Really Is Getting A Reboot

Anyone else remember TGIF?

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buzzfeed.com Unfortunately, a Dinosaurs reboot is not part of it!

Do you think the "Xennial" title is accurate?

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[03/23/18]   !! ANYONE thinking of leaving Facebook, please PM me your email address so we can stay in touch for reunions. Thanks!!

[08/13/17]   LOVING all the pictures! Be sure to use #lvhs97 so we can see everyone's pictures. :)

2 TICKETS LEFT! Please PM me if you're interested!!

The reunion is outdoors with that Loudoun County feel. Wear what you like. The first hour (7-8pm) will be inside the Tavern with appetizers and an open bar (beer and wine), so get there early!!! After that we'll move outside to the courtyard where there is a tent in case of rain (8-11pm). Outside will have a cash bar, so bring your money for drinks. See you soon!

2 TICKETS LEFT! Please PM me if you're interested!! :)

Loudoun Valley Ninety-Seven

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