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Host an Exchange Student and make a huge impact in the world by promoting peace and mutual understanding with citizens from around the globe!

Host an Exchange Student is administered by the local coordinator and Youth Exchange Adviser of the Northern Shenandoah Valley area (Winchester/Clarke County) and surrounding counties such as Loudoun County, VA, Warren County, Jefferson County, WV, and Fairfax. Please send a message to the administrator with your name and contact information if you are interested in hosting a high school exchange student between the ages of 15-18 years old or email [email protected] Host families must be fully vetted with a complete application, references, in-home interview and criminal background check before receiving access to the student’s photos and other detailed information. Host families come in all shapes and sizes from retired couples, single parents, couples with no children or couples with young children. Single person and same-sex couples are eligible based on approval by natural parents of exchange student and additional factors. Host families volunteer to provide three meals a day, a separate bed (can share room with same gender and similar age), space for personal belongings, a quiet place to study in a loving and supportive environment. Enrich a student’s life and your own family and become part of the bigger picture towards global peace and mutual understanding.

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Western Loudoun County: Meet Robin, a sporty and entertaining exchange student from Estonia! He moved out to the Estonian countryside and was happy to get a dog. He likes winter sports but it's not a requirement of the host family to entertain him with winter sports and he's open to trying new things while he's in the USA. Robin makes excellent grades and is serious about doing well in school. He likes tinkering with computers too and he's the first person his friends call for help. We are looking for a warm and loving host family in the Purcellville area that will volunteer and welcome Robin into their home for the 2017-2018 school year. For more information about hosting in Purcellville, VA, please contact [email protected] and provide your name and phone number please so we may contact you with more information as quick as possible.

A host father talks about his experience hosting a FLEX merit-based scholarship student:

Here's Azize from TURKEY! She is always excited by the opportunity to talk to new people, and will be sure to make many new friends in the U.S. She can be a little shy at first, but quickly warms up to others. While she currently attends a boarding school away from home, she loves spending weekends with her mother, and many brothers and sisters. In the summertime, Azize often plays volleyball along with her sisters. She has an artistic edge that shines through in her patch work, and passion for playing the guitar. Her favorite hobby is photography, especially when it comes to photographing fashion. Azize participates in her school’s philosophy and photography clubs, and plans to get involved in many extracurriculars in her host school. She’s curious to try new activities, such as boxing or dancing, to help build her strength. In the future, Azize aspires to become a judge, while simultaneously pursuing her photography. Azize sees the YES program as a great opportunity to develop her character, strengthen her English communication skills, and gain an open mind towards new cultures. To her future host family, Azize shares, “I am sure that I have lots of things to learn from you. You will help to make my dreams come true!”

Meet Anna from UKRAINE! Though this young woman enjoys swimming laps in the pool and hitting a shuttlecock back and forth over a
net, Anna’s soul can best be described as that of a creative artist. One of her biggest passions in life is writing.
Not only does Anna write for her school’s student newspaper, but she is also an award-winning essayist and a
published short story author. Anna finds short story writing to be one of the most enjoyable activities there is
because it allows her to express herself and reflect on “interesting events in my life and in the life of my friends
or classmates.” When she feels especially inspired, Anna even paints illustrations to add to her stories. Anna’s
creativity doesn’t just extend to writing and illustrating, she is also a budding musician. Recently, Anna began
to learn to play the guitar. Now, she likes to play and sing songs with her closest friends. Anna is very excited to
be traveling to the United States for the first time and cannot wait to visit museums, go sightseeing, and
explore a new culture with her future host family.

Nurul from INDONESIA. She loves to be surrounded by the company of good friends. Together they often play badminton, go swimming at the beach, or sit back and sing their favorite “One Direction” songs. She enjoys spending time outdoors, and participates in scouting. Nurul also has attended competitions through “adiwiyata,” which is an educational program in Indonesia that promotes solving environmental problems. She is very studious and is partial to accounting and economics. She has many ideas for future career plans, including becoming a diplomat, accountant, economist, or even an English teacher. Nurul is a fierce competitor in biology, economics, and accounting olympiads, and has participated in a spelling bee. She loves cooking, and hopes to make some traditional Indonesian dishes for her host family. When she has free time, Nurul sometimes makes handicrafts with her mom and sister. Her extended family live throughout several nearby villages, and Nurul looks forward to visiting them during holidays and other special events. During her exchange year, Nurul hopes to join many extracurricular activities and sports, make new friends, and develop a long-lasting bond with her host family.

Spotlight on Jenneley from Suriname! She's an outstanding student that loves pets, ballet dancing, girl scouting and cosmetology. She was awarded a merit-based scholarship from a program that promotes public diplomacy through youth exchanges. Looking for a host family in one of the following counties: Loudoun, Jefferson, Warren and Frederick (limited). Click on photo from further details about Jenneley and contact us at Host An Exchange student!

I Hosted a Foreign Exchange Student & Learned Lessons to Last a Lifetime.

Lifetime Lessons learned from hosting: We are all ambassadors for our own culture or community. What we say and do in the course of each day matters. I have family who are Mexican, Muslim, gay, and

See how a stranger you have never meet can become family! Host an exchange student and change your life so you can share confessions of a Host Mom! Contact us today, I have some awesome kids waiting to meet you.

Be a GLOBAL CITIZEN and host a summer exchange student! Penelope and Elenore are 15-year-old twins that have a French father and Bulgarian mother and they speak both languages fluently. They live in France and they are excited to experience living with an American family and speaking English for 3 weeks in August. One girl likes clarinet, cooking and handball. The other girl likes handball, scouting, hiking and cooking. The twins must be placed in different host families for the 3 week homestay. They must be placed in the Atlantic region (but not necessarily on the Atlantic coast). Contact page admin for more info.

Share your family with An Nahl, a 16 year old boy from Indonesia. He is a merit-based scholarship student on the prestigious YES program. He speaks English, has his own spending money and insurance. He is a cooperative student that gets along well with all his classmates and one of the best students in school. He is an open-minded person with a curiosity to learn. He plans to study medicine and become a surgeon. He gets involved in extracurricular clubs in Indonesia and is considered a leader in the school clubs. He has acted in school plays, enjoys swimming, jogging, and soccer and loves a good science fiction movie. Host families come in all shapes and sizes including retired couples, single parents, and families with young children/babies. Are you interested in learning more about hosting or ready to complete the host family application? Please contact us today! Just click on the SEND MESSAGE button.

Should you? Would you? Could you? Exchange Students are eagerly waiting to hear about their American host families. Make someone's dream come true and expand your own family as you welcome an international teen into your home for the 2016-2017 school term. Make a huge impact in this world and Host An Exchange Student. Send us a message today to get started on this wonderful life-changing journey for both you and your new international family member.

Do you like word games? So does Becky from Nigeria! She loves to play Scrabble and enjoys the challenge of stringing letters together to form the perfect word. She is a merit-scholarship exchange student sponsored on the YES program, and excited to become part of your American family. Becky enjoys writing short stories and novels in her spare time and when not writing, she can be found singing, painting and drawing or watching a movie with her family. She is a creative gal that loves small children, singing in her church choir and running errands and cooking dinner to help her family. She is the second oldest of six children and accustomed to helping out around her home. Consider hosting Becky for the 2016-2017 school term and expand your world and make a huge impact in one person’s life. Would you like to learn more about hosting an exchange student? Please send a message to page administrator.

Host a High School Student | Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs

Read more about hosting an exchange student here:

Greenheart International, a non-profit educational organization, is seeking volunteer host families in the Clarke County area to host students from France. Program dates are August 4th to 24th. Participants range in age from 13 – 17 years old and have a variety of interests and hobbies. The students will participate in weekly group excursions, welcome and farewell parties and a group volunteer service activity. Family members are welcome to join in on all activities or drop off/pick up their student in Berryville to catch excursion shuttle.

Hosting can help you make an international friend and get to know more people in your community too. A few short weeks can lead to lifetime friendships and wonderful memories!

Host families provide a real bed that is not a convertible bed (students may share a room with same gender and similar age sibling), daily meals and help with transportation to the meetup site. Students have their own spending money and insurance and travel with a bilingual group leader to provide ongoing support.

If you are interested in hosting, please contact the Greenheart coordinator at [email protected] or you can start by completing an online host family application at

Identity 2016: 'Global citizenship' rising, poll suggests - BBC News

Host a Global Citizen; Be A Global Citizen. People are increasingly identifying themselves as global rather than national citizens, a BBC World Service poll suggests.

The Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET)

Congratulations to this year's CSIET Annual Art Cover Contest winner, Matilda Olsson of Sweden, who came to the U.S. for the 2015-2016 Academic Year through Stsfoundation Concord, a Fully-Listed CSIET-Organization. Thank you for sharing your talent and exchange experience through your art, Matilda!

[04/23/16]   "In our increasingly globalized economy, we need a workforce that’s not just technically skilled, but one that has knowledge about the world — from different languages and cultures, to different environmental and social systems.” Seen at

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Host an Exchange Student at Your House Seriously, who wants to have a stranger from across the world in your house? What if they're weird? They eat weird things too – are you going to have to try new foods? And who wants to change the world, anyway?

Looking for warm-hearted host families for the 2016-2017 school year.

[01/19/16]   Looking for warm-hearted loving host families the for the 2015-2016 school term and also, it's not to early to think about short-term for summer 2016!

The 10 Oldest Languages Still Spoken In The World Today

The 10 Oldest Languages Still Spoken in the World Today

[06/23/15]   Calling out to Volunteers! We are looking for hosts for high school exchange students! They will arrive this August and leave in June 2016. They are 15-17 and come from 60 different countries. They speak English, come with their own money and medical insurance. You provide a bed and meals for them and get a $500 tax write off for the school year program. They will also attend high school for the school year, participate in after school activities and follow household rules and help with reasonable chores. They become a member of the family. We have an online application and criminal background check. If you could help out a teen and do this, please let me know and as always, referrals are appreciated. #hostanexchangestudent

First lady promotes student foreign exchanges - US News GREAT FALLS, Va. (AP) — Michelle Obama says all of America's students should have the opportunity to interact with kids from other countries so they can learn about each other.

Seeking host families interested in learning or improving their French speaking skills. Three youths would like a host family that would let them tutor them at least 3 to 5 hours in French. Arrival dates vary depending on student selected and they stay for 4 weeks. Thibault (July 12 to Aug 8) from France likes tennis, golf and volleyball. Pierre (Aug 2 to Aug 30) from France likes basketball, reading and listening to music. Guillaume (June 28 to July 25) from Belgium likes soccer, mountain biking and kayaking. Make your summer count this year and participate in a cultural and language exchange. Please contact me to complete a host family application. Spread the word around. If you can't host, do you know someone that is interested in learning or improving their French language skills? I also have a list of 20 students for short-term summer cultural hosting experiences from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium and France.

Seeking a host family for Danna, an exchange student from the beautiful Spanish speaking country of Ecuador located in South America! She is a sporty soccer player. Danna will fit in well with an American host family that will support her passion in soccer by helping her stay involved with the sport she loves and making new American teammate friends. She doesn’t need another soccer player (or even children) in the home, just a family that will take an interest in her passion. Danna also enjoys photography, drawing and listening to music. Other interests are aerobics, bicycling, bowling, going to the gym, swimming, track and watching American comedy TV shows and watching movies. She’s been playing soccer with her older brothers since she was 5 years old. In her own words, here what she writes on her application. Danna would attend the local high school for the academic school year 2015-2016. Host families come in all shapes and sizes from retired couples to families with small children, no children and single parents. Families volunteer to provide a place to stay, meals and a supportive and loving environment. Would you like to learn more about Danna and hosting an exchange student? Please send me a message or leave a comment below and I'll get back in touch quickly. Also, invite your friends to "LIKE" Host An Exchange Student. I'll be posting more student profiles over the next few weeks.

8 Things I've learned As An Exchange Student Host Parent Foreign exchange students are always on display, sometimes tripping over a non-native language. Kids as young as 15 are immersed in the American high school environment and live with a strange family whose mom may have a proclivity for yelling and sw...

[01/03/15]   Now is the time to decide if you would like to host an exchange student for the 2015-2016 school year. Contact me about getting your application completed and set up a time and date for a home interview. Looking for host families in the following counties: Loudoun County, Warren County, Jefferson County and Frederick County (limited schools available). Referrals are welcomed!

[12/23/14]   Impact the life of a teenager and learn another culture by hosting an exchange student! You'll be adding a new member to your family. Get involved in the program that promotes cultural understanding, environmental consciousness and world peace. Contact administrator for additional information.

Families Speak on How Hosting International Students Changed Their Lives

Wonder what it might be like to Host An Exchange Student? Re
ad what one family has to say: To be expected, it takes some time for the international students to adapt to their new surroundings, but hosts Brian and Raina say they largely face the same challenges that all parents of teenagers face: go to bed, get up, clean your room, get orga...

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