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When Liberal "Christians" Defend Roe v. Wade

In a bizarre defense of #RoevWade, liberal author (and former evangelical) Rachel Held Evans claims that “I’m prolife by conviction, though my views on the legalities of abortion are complex, ever-evolving.” If slavery abolitionists chose to embrace her "nuanced" mentality regarding the evil of treating human beings like property, the 13th Amendment would never exist.

Now through July 4th, BUY ONE 'NOT EQUAL' BOOK, GET ONE FREE! Celebrate freedom. Fight Factophobia. (Use promo code: LIBERTY) #LessActivism #MoreFactivism

Now through July 4th, BUY ONE 'NOT EQUAL' BOOK, GET ONE FREE! Celebrate freedom. Fight Factophobia. (Use promo code: LIBERTY) #LessActivism #MoreFactivism

CDC survey: More homosexual, questioning teens than ever

Encourage kids to be sexually reckless, and they listen. Latest CDC studies show drastic disparities in harmful behaviors (drinking, drugs, etc) between heterosexual & non-heterosexual teens. Powerful and incredibly informative article. #ProtectOurKids America is doing a terrific job of pushing homosexuality in schools.

About that liberal "logic" in keeping #Roe legal. Different century. Same wrong. #SupremeCourt #EndRoe

Kennedy announces retirement from Supreme Court

Wow. Wow. Just wow! Pro-Roe Justice Kennedy announces his retirement...effective July 31st! Could this be the turning point #prolife advocates have been waiting, praying and peacefully fighting for? Just emotional right now. Is this the moment in history when this needless slaughter of the innocents will finally end? #Pray #Pray #AndPraySomeMore Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced on Wednesday that he is retiring after more than 30 years on the court, kicking off what is sure to be a vicious confirmation battle.

The Dem Party (w/ the exception of a handful of #prolife has chosen to be the Party of Abortion. #PlannedParenthood is the only business/organization mentioned by name in their party platform where they declared they'll defend PP, no matter what. So much for the "#AntiCorruption Party."

BREAKING: The Supreme Court ruled in favor of National Institute of Family & Life Advocates-NIFLA in their fight against the state of California. Pro-abortion lawmakers, in lock-step with pro-abortion activists & judges, tried to force the state's pregnancy help centers (through the bogus #FACTact) to promote abortion. #SCOTUS declared: "...the FACT Act unduly burdens protected speech." In narrow 5-4 win (all 4 dissenting justices are pro-abortion), pro-abortion activists (and lower courts) were slapped down for trying to silence pregnancy centers' #prolife #prowoman #propregnancy speech. #GiveFreeSpeechLife

The majority of women become mothers. In the U.S. 86% of women, by the age of 44, have given birth. Some even after that age. Why, then, doesn't Planned Parenthood--the supposed (self-proclaimed) "leading women's healthcare organization"--provide healthcare for moms? Why don't they provide options for those who choose to be moms? Out of the 450 maternity homes in the U.S., for instance, how many are run by #PlannedParenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America, National Abortion Federation or other pro-abortion (allegedly pro-woman) organizations? Zero. #ProLife #ProWoman #ProChild

Getting prepped for this morning’s service at the Pro Life Women’s conference. Join us we go live in just before 8 o’clock central standard time!!!!

Predatory businesses like Planned Parenthood depend on communities made vulnerable by fatherlessness. Nowhere is this devastating impact more widespread than in the black community. Our newest billboard campaign in Little Rock, AR w/ Arkansas Right to Life speaks the painful truth and offers resources of hope and healing: Abortion is lost fatherhood.

Charles Krauthammer, conservative commentator and Pulitzer Prize winner, dead at 68

‪The world has lost an articulate writer, political analyst and champion of civil discourse. Rest in peace #CharlesKrauthammer. Or better yet, we hope you dance with the angels. Praying in your last days you chose not to be a “snail on the side of the ocean”.‬ Charles Krauthammer, a longtime Fox News contributor, Pulitzer Prize winner, Harvard-trained psychiatrist and best-selling author who came to be known as the dean of conservative commentators, has died.

Yeah, about that pro-abortion mantra: "pro-lifer's don't care about children after they're born"... 🤔
(Learn more about the parents who made Ryan Bomberger--CoFounder of The Radiance Foundation--who he is today: or )

Drug rehab centers can't be forced to promote drinking alcohol. Weight-loss centers can't be forced to promote fast food. So pregnancy help centers shouldn't be forced to promote abortion. It's that simple. Learn more here: #NIFLAvBecerra #GiveFreeSpeechLife #SCOTUS

No amount of social re-engineering changes this simple fact. Dads always matter.

[06/16/18]   It's #FathersDay weekend, and CNN thought to celebrate dads by pretending that a woman who conceives, gives birth and breastfeeds is the child's father. Sadly...THIS is #CNN. #TransgenderFathersDay #UhhhhhNo

Argentina Lawmakers Approve Bill to Legalize Abortion by Tiny Margin

This image right here. This is a joyous celebration for the right to kill the most defenseless humans. This is joy over being able to dismember the weakest members of the human family. Humanity lost by a vote of 129 to 125. Heartbroken for future Argentinians and their post-abortive mothers and fathers. In the Congress, 129 lawmakers voted to legalize elective abortion up to 14 weeks of pregnancy, while 125 voted against and one abstained.

No country is freer. The self-sacrifices of many--from churches to workplaces to homes--make this shining city on a hill possible. Happy Birthday President Donald J. Trump! America's already great. Together, we can all make it greater. #FlagDay #ThursdayThoughts

Gallup: Majority of Americans Favor Restrictions on Abortion

More Americans (48%) think abortion is "morally wrong" than those who think it is "morally acceptable" (43%) according to the latest Gallup poll. We're not fans of opinion polls, but sometimes they gauge where we are as a society. The bigger issue is that many are fine with having a moral objection to something but not acting on it. Dissonance destroys. It's the reason why it took slavery so long to be abolished. People back then probably said the same thing--"I'm personally opposed to slavery, but I don't want to push my view on anyone else." We'll push justice any day. Gallup: Majority of Americans Favor Restrictions on Abortion - Lauretta Brown: Recent Gallup polling shows that a majority, 53 percent, of .06/12/2018 11:23:26AM EST.

From Tolerance to Celebration: Corporations Impose Sexual Orthodoxy

Yet another example of how the #LGBT plight is nothing like the blood-bought #civilrights fight of African-Americans (despite the constant comparisons). MLK didn't have massive (or any) corporate sponsorships or clothing lines to "fight for equality". #LGBTQ activism flexes its multi-million $$$ muscle. J. Crew is a private company with the right to partner with any organization, including Human Rights Campaign. But it is part of a trend of household brands that promote illiberal LGBT legislation to undermine the First Amendment.

WCS 2018 Friday AM

Fighting for the soul of our nation with truth and love, The Radiance Foundation is honored to speak at #WCS18. Listen to The Radiance Foundation co-founder, Ryan Bomberger, speak live today at 3:40 EST/1:40 MST. Watch live at . #FortifyingFreedom #LessActivism #MoreFactivism

No, the Child Welfare System Isn’t Racist

Children who grow up in single parent homes, with a non-biological "partner", are 10 times more likely to experience abuse and neglect than children in two-parent (mother/father) married homes. Ten. Times. #fostercare #racism #realism Or, how to make the duties of social workers even more difficult

The Racism of Government Family Planning

Star Parker calls out the not-so-subtle racism of America's #familyplanning industry. Since Nixon signed the 'Family Planning Services and Population Research Act" (aka Title X) into law in 1970, the most common result of "family planning" has been family devastation--especially in the black community. Government "family planning" is not about improving the quality of life, but rather it is about discouraging black women, and other poor women, from having children and encouraging them to abort their pregnancies.

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