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We believe we are all created with God-given Purpose. Planned. Unplanned. Able. Differently abled.

The Radiance Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) that creatively illuminates that every human life has purpose.

Through creative ad campaigns, fearless journalism, powerful multimedia presentations and compassionate community outreach, The Radiance Foundation illuminates that every human life has God-given purpose.

Mission: Through creative ad campaign, powerful multimedia presentations, fearless journalism and compassionate community outreach, The Radiance Foundation illuminates the intrinsic value every individual possesses. We educate audiences about societal issues and how they impact the understanding of God-given purpose. We motivate people to positively affect the community around them.

This is the Left's new patriarchy. Progressives have no problem allowing women to be their own sports. #TitleIX #TitleVII

It Is Never Necessary to Intentionally Kill a Fetal Human Being to Save a Woman’s Life: In Support of the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

Is abortion ever necessary to save the life of the mother? These doctors say no. The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act provides a scientifically sound, medically accurate, and respectful approach to ensure that the innocent human being who survives an attempted abortion will be treated with the same human dignity and respect that similarly aged human beings receive in

These filmmakers are being threatened with prison and thousands of dollars in fines for NOT creating content with which they disagree. #LGBT activism wants to replace #freespeech with forced speech. … #MondayMotivation

When we keep this in mind with every spiritual/moral/cultural issue, we're able to have honest and healthy discussions that transform brokenness into breakthroughs. #MondayMotivation #MondayMorning

Queens mom gave birth to someone else’s babies after IVF mix-up: suit

Tragedy happens when human beings are treated like commodities to be bought/sold in a business transaction. Humans are not property. A Queens couple that tried for years to get pregnant suffered the mother of all mix-ups once they finally succeeded — giving birth to someone else’s babies, thanks to a bungling Los Angeles fertili…

Nationwide, there are an estimated 700 tragic pregnancy-related deaths (that are mostly preventable, according to the CDC) each year. Just to compare, the CDC reports that 11,685 women died in 2016 in the U.S. from motor vehicle accidents and 2,931 women died from accidental drowning. So-called feminists aren’t calling for women to stop driving cars or avoid bodies of water. But they’ll treat pregnancy like a disease to be eliminated as they promote the thoroughly debunked lie that “abortion is safer than childbirth.”

Just a reminder of where our equality actually comes from...
#Happy4thOfJuly #IndependenceDay #FreestNationOnEarth

Life. The First Unalienable Right.

Without Life, nothing else matters. Happy 4th of July! #IndependenceDay #AmericaTheBeautiful #GreatestNationOnEarth 🇺🇸

Pro-Abortion ACLU and SisterSong Sue Georgia to Protect Black Genocide

Pro-abortion ACLU, SisterSong and a cabal of abortion mills sue the state of Georgia and Governor Brian Kemp to protect black genocide. 60.7% of the state's abortions are in the black community. Abortion is the #1 killer of black lives and is the only racial disparity celebrated (by fake feminists) as a form of justice--#reproductivejustice. Population control by any other name is still the same. This article shreds the lie about maternal mortality rates and abortion as a solution to reduce tragic, and mostly preventable, maternal deaths. Do you ever feel that real life is just too

Just a reminder of how out of the way corporations try to promote homosexuality in the most illogical way. Back in 2017, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines posted this seatbelt ad on Twitter. Ironically, only one set of seatbelts actually would click--the "heterosexual" one. Suffering is the consequence that results when we deviate from our design (just as someone would suffer if seatbelts were actually made with these options). This is true no matter the issue, no matter the sin. Love illuminates the truth no matter the resistance, no matter the consequences. #Freedom #LessActivism #MoreFactivism

#Nike. Just undo it.
So, Colin Kaepernick has demanded that Nike pull their Betsy Ross sneakers, you know, because every American flag is a symbol of slavery. Perhaps Colin can find a flawless nation under whose flag he can become a multi-millionaire who played with a ball. By the way, as a woke #BlackLivesMatter activist, when will he boycott Nike over its completely white executive team? #July4th #Patriotism #LessActivismMoreFactivism

Planned Parenthood forum: Every Democratic presidential candidate will expand abortion and make taxpayers foot the bill

This is what (pro-abortion) unity looks like: every single candidate for the Democratic Party celebrates the violence of abortion and wants to force American taxpayers to fund it. #DemDebate #Elections2020 Every 2020 Democrat presidential hopeful vowed to protect abortion, and most promised to force federal taxpayers to fund abortions.

Why I, as a Black Pastor, Must Speak Out on Abortion

"Somehow, 'separation of church and state' has soaked into our collective consciousness and brainwashed us into thinking the church must never insert itself into political discourse or public policy. It is actually the other way around: The point of the First Amendment is that the government must get out of the church’s business."--Pastor Nathaniel Thomas, Pastor of Forestville New Redeemer Baptist Church in Forestville, MD. Amen, Pastor! Amen. 🙌🏿🙌🏽🙌🏻 #Abortion #LeadingKiller #EndIt Since Roe v. Wade, more than one-third of abortions in America have been of black babies.

Amazon has currently sold out of our book, NOT EQUAL, but we have it on sale in our online store. Use promo code: HUCK.

This is the "multi-racial" family that Ryan Bomberger is talking about with Mike Huckabee when sharing about being adopted and loved. Watch it broadcast tonight at 8pm EST on TBN or streamed on Huckabee on FB. Ryan is first up in tonight's line-up! #TheBombergers #AdoptedAndLoved #AdoptionUnleashesPurpose

There's a reason why early NAACP leaders and prominent activists, like #prolife Fannie Lou Hamer, fought against #PlannedParenthood and what they called "black genocide". Here's our article that puts it all into context with the data and the links to shred the pro-abortion Democrat narrative that the black community NEEDS abortion. No one needs death to rise above. #LifeHasPurpose #InAndOutOfTheWomb #White #Black #AndEveryHueInBetween

Sued by NAACP for parodying the #civilrights org's name (we won!), officially denounced by ACLU & Planned Parenthood, and defying #fakenews' stereotype of who is #prolife, I sit down with Mike Huckabee and talk #factivism. We dig into my book NOT EQUAL: CIVIL RIGHTS GONE WRONG, too. It was fun! Watch it tonight & tomorrow night at 8pm EST on TBN. It will also livestream on Huckabee FB page!

Last night's #DemDebate summed up in one sentence: Pro-abortion politicians religiously promote the repeatedly debunked science of #g̶l̶o̶b̶a̶l̶c̶o̶o̶l̶i̶n̶g̶ #g̶l̶o̶b̶a̶l̶w̶a̶r̶m̶i̶n̶g̶ #climatechange but reject the established science that human life begins at conception.

I Am The One Percent

On the capitol steps of historic Montgomery, Alabama, Ryan Bomberger (adoptee, adoptive father and co-founder of The Radiance Foundation) shares how every human life--planned, unplanned, able, or disabled--has purpose. Help us spread this message to millions.

The Pro-Life Reply to "Women Will Die From Illegal Abortions"

How often do you hear, "if abortion is outlawed more women will die from unsafe, illegal abortion!" Here is how to tactfully reply to this argument with Dr. Kathi Aultman, a former abortionist and Medical Director for Planned Parenthood.

The Radiance Foundation's Ryan Bomberger had such a great time with Mike Huckabee in Huckabee interview. Show airs THIS weekend (June 29th and 30th) at 8p and 11p EST on TBN. Don't miss it!

Love when people try to compare the blood-bought struggle for #civilrights of African-Americans to multi-million dollar, corporate-funded #LGBT activism. Not. The. Same. #DemDebate #EqualityAct

Violence against the defenseless and the innocent, in or out of the womb, is always wrong. #DemDebate #DemocraticDebate #MSNBC

Every single candidate on tonight's #DemDebate stage supports the violence of #abortion. If the injustice of the day were slavery, where an entire group of humans is deemed less than human, would they deserve your vote? Same wrong. Different century. #DemocraticDebate #PartyOfAbortion

Amid abortion referendum, Zuckerberg asked Ireland's government if he should block American pro-life ads

Facebook's #CEO admitting that they deliberately censored #prolife ads during Ireland's abortion referendum. And "progressives" just cheer this on. This is regressive people. RE-gressive. This was when FB denied us, and many other pro-life organizations, the ability to run any more ads (which were mostly $5-$10 boosted posts) unless we went through an intrusive and extensive application process which included providing one's residential address. #BigTech #BigBrother #BigProblem In a last-minute addition to the annual Aspen Ideas Festival hosted by the Aspen Institute, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to the stage to defend his company's decision to leave a controversial altered video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the site. He also defended his calls for…

Adopt. Be the hope. In the latest reported year (2017), there were 123,437 children available for adoption in the foster care system. Less than half of those precious children, 59,430, were adopted. 64,007 were not. We can, and must, do better. For instance, there are over 84,000 non-denominational churches. It would only take 1 family from 76% of those congregations to place every remaining available child for adoption in a forever home. ONE family. And adopting out of the foster system, financially, costs little to nothing. As a society, we must stop the violence in the womb as we also embrace those vulnerable children in, what should be, a temporary system. Children deserve love. They deserve permanence. And they deserve a mom and a dad (though we applaud those single parents who choose to love via adoption as well).

Abortion. Today's Jim Crow.
(Our #NotEqual book is also now available and on sale on

Pandering is easy. Paying attention takes compassion. Never before has a demographic of people been so commercially branded and so misportrayed. Corporate America, mainstream media and entertainment industry #LGBT narratives throw out celebratory glitter, sparkles and rainbows. But there’s so much more to these stories. Many end in heartbreaking brokenness. Yet there’s Hope, and there’s triumph. Former homosexuals & "transgenders"--ironically always silenced by mainstream culture for WHO they are--share their journey from Tolerance to Love to Transformation. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity. And that starts with being told the truth. #TruthInLove

THIS is true feminism.
#WhenWomenLead #PLWC

All weekend in New Orleans, the Prolife Women's Conference will #MobilizeWomen across the country to make abortion unthinkable. #WhenWomenLead

Reparations—Here’s Who Should Pay

All that talking in the House #Juneteenth hearing on #reparations, but none on the Left (including Cory Booker Sheila Jackson Lee & Ta-Nehisi Coates) would identify the obvious perpetrator of the brutality of slavery and #JimCrow. I will. The Democratic Party. Ryan Bomberger: Reparations. Like every other issue for the Socialist—whoops—Democrat Party, it’s

Some freezin' over happened in hell today as the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals actually got it right. 🙌🏽 The #Trump administration can legally defund the nation's largest abortion biz--#PlannedParenthood--of $60 million in #TitleX funds while PPFA's lawsuit is ongoing. Meanwhile, redirect that crucial taxpayer funding to real health centers including pregnancy help centers!

This. Every day.

Kirsten Gillibrand abortion-racism comparison angers pro-life blacks

Dear Kirsten Gillibrand,
Racists don't actually work to save black lives. Just an FYI.
Pro-lifers Nobody was more surprised or offended than black pro-life activists like Roland Warren when Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand compared their beliefs to racism.

Students for Life of America

We trust women. #Prolife women. Here's some 🔥 for ya! Thank you Students for Life of America!

Literally 7% of millennials agree with their platform on abortion. When Democrats say this stuff, they're just talking to the people in the room...

Here's a history 101 lesson for the historically-challenged, pro-abortion Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who recklessly called detention centers on our southern border (for those crossing illegally into our country) "concentration camps". The same vile pseudoscience that spawned the #Holocaust also spawned #PlannedParenthood. The difference? Planned Parenthood has killed more humans. #ConcentrationCamps #NeverAgain

To Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Joe Biden and the rest of the radically pro-abortion Democratic Party: How much HIGHER should abortion rates be in minority communities? In AOC's hometown--NYC, the birthplace of #PlannedParenthood-- abortion rates among blacks are already 5x higher than the majority population. Up until the last reported year, MORE black babies were aborted than born alive (for decades)! The abortion rate among Hispanics in NYC is twice as high as whites. Both demographics are impoverished at 1.5-1.7x that of whites. The uninsured rate is 1.6x-2.7x higher. Abortion is a tragedy no matter the hue of skin, but the extremists keep pretending that minority communities lack access to abortion. These are same people always demonizing (yes, even good ole 'Joe) white people and decrying "white supremacy". The abortion industry kills more minority lives in less than 4 days than the KKK killed in an entire century. Now these abortion extremists want to repeal the Hyde Amendment which currently bars taxpayer funding of abortion except in those overly exploited cases of rape, incest or to "save" the physical life of the mother. Elective abortion isn't necessary to save anyone's life. Yes, the #HydeAmendment is all about abortion, and if it's repealed, pro-abortion politicians will force even more funding of the abortion industry and its population control. This IS systemic racism. Oh, and abortion industry CAUSES income inequality. It depends on fatherless families and fatherless communities to profit.

Christians Can’t Back Out of the Foster System Now

Just a reminder of what it looks like to cave in. Bethany Christian Services, the world's largest adoption organization, has completely capitulated on the issue of placing children in same-sex homes. In a dishonest OpEd, they claim it only has to do with operations in Michigan, due to the ACLU's recent victory in that state violating individuals' and religious organizations' First Amendment rights. They claim it's because the demand is too high. No. The messaging and the response is too weak. The myth is that LGBT individuals and couples are going to sweep in and eliminate the foster care rolls. Not. Going. To. Happen. Meanwhile, vulnerable children become fodder for political activism, that cares more about special interests than the best interests of a child. And perfectly qualified foster parents, in places like Illinois and New York, are no longer eligible if they are not "LGBT-affirming". This includes agreeing to have carcinogenic chemicals alter a confused child's biological gender if the child so desires. As we reported before, Bethany immediately caved in when the city of Philadelphia threatened to remove them from their foster care program for adhering to biblical beliefs about marriage and family. That affiliate even agreed to "sensitivity training". #LGBT ideology and biblical beliefs about gender, marriage, and the care of children are at odds. You cannot, as an organization, maintain a distinctly Christian identity while embracing a political, anti-biblical, and ever-fluid LGBT identity. We personally spoke to several Bethany employees who were deeply concerned about the direction of Bethany's leadership, who at the time refused to answer ANY direct questions about their national policy. Well, now we know why. They were quietly putting up white flags. Under the recent new leadership of president Chris Palusky, the once solidly Christian organization lurches left. They've been extremely vocal in OpEds and social media about illegal immigration and care for those children (which is also important), but have issued no OpEds since Palusky took over in fighting for their constitutional rights to do what they used to think was best for our nation's vulnerable children. We know, because we were part of a coalition of pro-family, #prolife, pro-liberty organizations fighting to protect faith-based adoption agencies from being shut down. Bethany never joined the fight. As a former Board member of a Bethany affiliate, this is heartbreaking. This is what capitulation looks like. Bethany CEO: Too many kids need loving families. And that’s why we decided to comply with Michigan’s new requirements.

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Life. The First Unalienable Right.
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