Rescue Christian Academy, Portsmouth, VA Videos

Videos by Rescue Christian Academy in Portsmouth. Rescue Christian Academy provides developmentally appropriate early childhood classes.

More camp stories!

Other Rescue Christian Academy videos

More camp stories!

Camp stories!

The Jesus Song sung by our kiddos

Library fun! Pics in comments

First graders shooting off their rockets ­čÜÇ

SomethingÔÇÖs hatching!

Marching band!

We found the music makers!

First graders act out their Bible story for the k3-5

Due to a dental emergency with Mrs. Jackie White O'Neal, we have to reschedule our library day. But what a great day we ...

Green eggs and ham day! Lots of pics and videos in comments

We love to read!

Learning to read in kindergarten!´┐╝

Learning to read in kindergarten´┐╝