Show of Hands Community School for the Arts

Show of Hands Community School for the Arts


Local Portlanders host free all-ages coloring contest! Join? Win prizes and get your art on the cover of our comic book!
Had a chance to check out Show of Hands Community School for the Arts located near 28th & Broadway over the weekend.
The space is really cool and kid friendly. They use art to teach kids and also have a library and S.T.E.M. Room also.
Just as important tho, they have adjusted their classrooms to accommodate social distancing and limit sharing of tools and pencils.
They are currently taking registrations for their new session which begins in September. Registration is first come first serve and limited to 10 children per class, so if you have a child of kindergarten age, be sure to check them out asap.
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Show of Hands Community School for the Arts is a studio for youth ages 4-14. It offers private Kinde

Operating as usual

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Dinosaur unit has begun! Today we researched different dino skeletons and made the bones out of salt dough! They look FANTASTIC. We also used balloons, masking tape, and a LOT of teamwork to create dinosaur eggs! Look how they turned out! And a forgotten lunchbox meant Dee got a signature “Ms. Scottie” stegosaurus lunch. All is well here in kindergarten, especially in dino land. ❤️


For my babies. Let it snow let it snow let it snoooooowww!!

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Watching history in Kindergarten this morning.





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MLK Jr. —How to Expand On What You’re Given

Tomorrow is MLK day, which know.
I always look forward to this day for my Kinders because by this time in the school year, we’ve grown as a class enough to where I know I can introduce certain themes to them that will help expand their worldview.
We’ve been talking about the idea of disenfranchisement for a few months now, starting with Christopher Columbus in October, and moving forward from there. We have touched briefly on the idea of racism and discrimination. We have dipped our toes in the pool of slavery and elitism. It does not matter that my babes are five—what matters is that our history is also the current world and as their teacher, it is 100 percent my job to provide truth, background, and open discussions to reach solutions. Kindergarteners are some of the most important people on the planet, and here is why: when you’re five, you are literally becoming who you will be, whoever or whatever that is. It’s when you start remembering and drawing conclusions and relating things to another. Because of that, Kinders have more time than anyone else to make a difference in the world. They are the freshest, least inhibited, and most perceptive group of people alive. Only a Kindergartener is all three of those things at the same time. This is why I take my job so seriously. Because it matters so much more that we are pouring the real and the good into our littles than it is to try and change the mind of a 30, 40, or 50 year old stuck in their ways. My classes are small armies, who have gone on to first, second, third, fourth grade and beyond to continue fighting the good fight. I have to get more and more uncomfortable every year, because every year, something else awful happens that needs to be explained. I do not mind that I am awake at 2am thinking about ways I can realistically teach the events of our past and current world to such fragile but fierce individuals in a way they will understand and set them up for meaningful dialogue in and out of the classroom. It’s not just about MLK day; it is every day and every time.
I vote for a president every four years, but I put every ounce of my faith into the little bodies in my class. They are the ones who make all the difference, and it is my job to help them get there. That does not come by osmosis. It does not come by silence. It does not come by fear.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

All that said, I found this copy of a Martin Luther King, Jr. emergent reader in my teaching supplies and was appalled by the lack of substantial information in it. It didn’t even talk about the WHY of it all, just supporting details. THIS is what is wrong with the world today. We need to stop acting as if kids are too _________ to understand, and instead, better ourselves as teachers, parents, educators, etc. and get SQUISHY with it. We have to find appropriate ways to discuss history INSTEAD of just cowardly writing it off as “something else” because we are too scared to feel “uncomfortable” in the discussion.

I have made the “resource” I found this morning. Take a look.


Construction is happening RIGHT IN OUR SCHOOL DRIVEWAY, and although the noise is a bit...disruptive, it was made better by a trip out back to see the excavator. It’ll probably be the only time we ever are able to get that close to a construction vehicle, so we soaked it up! We even got to touch it!!

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Out with the old, in with the new! This was our mantra today as we welcomed ourselves back to Kindergarten with a cleaning day. We worked together to clean and disinfect our desks, clear out the clutter inside, AND reconfigure our seating setup. It looks GOOD. Tomorrow we will continue the list with washing walls and windowsills, filing papers (yech), and organizing the library.

Shaving cream is the best for getting paint off of tables—thanks for the tip from my amazing third grade teacher, Ms. Gaynor!


Ms. Scottie’s awesome Jewish roommate, Na’ama, came to school last week to teach the kids some songs in Hebrew! She even lit the menorah for the second day, and recited the blessings that we just couldn’t get right without her. We are not able to have m(any) visitors during the time of a pandemic, but we were so grateful to welcome Na’ama for a little while to help enrich our Hanukkah study.
Happy Hanukkah!

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Did you know that playing dreidel teaches important math skills like sorting, adding, and dividing?

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If you swipe past the first pic of Animal’s birthday at school, you’ll see some rad kids making some even radder pottery!


We are spending some extra time on Christopher Columbus not because he deserves it, but because, as always, my Kinders deserve the whole story. And, because I am not a fan of labeling people “good” or “bad” FOR children, I let them decide for themselves what kind of person Columbus truly was. We’ve been talking a lot about INTEGRITY and SELFLESSNESS these past few weeks. I told them the story and we dissected Columbus’s character traits with supporting evidence. By the end of it all, they were able to say, with full confidence, that no, they wouldn’t want him to be in our classroom, why they feel that way, and even what Columbus could’ve done instead. We’ve gotta empower our youth to formulate their own ideas about the world around them instead of just telling them “how it is.” As adults, “how it is” is often our own opinion, our own interpretation. Let’s give these youngsters a chance to think for themselves and draw their own conclusions. If they think Columbus wasn’t a friend, just wait until they learn about the real first Thanksgiving next month!


It’s about that time!

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We’ve been learning about Russian abstract painter Wassily Kandinsky!

One of his most famous works was Concentric Circles, which we learned is a circle inside a circle inside a circle inside a circle...
By that logic, we deduced that a concentric square would be a square inside a square inside a square inside a square...we tried this with many shapes. We practiced arranging dots/circles in a similar concentric fashion. We had to focus, because our aim was to imitate Kandinsky’s style, and there are certain “rules” he used in his painting, like: he didn’t have two of the same colors touching. A lot of the times, we had to visually measure the circles against each other to make sure that each subsequent circle was smaller (fit inside) the last. It was kind of like a puzzle!

We learned that “concentric” essentially means that something has a common center, or middle. To illustrate that, we drew a square on the chalk wall. We identified the center and put a dot there. No matter how many squares we drew on the inside of that original square, the center remained the same for every square.

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Friday Community Meals at Show of Hands Kindergarten are becoming a big hit! Everyone gets a job and everyone helps out. We cut and mix and mash and measure and dance and boil and set the table and finally join hands to sing our Celebration Song from the best place on Earth, Camp Sealth. Last week we made spaghetti; this week, tacos! We said words like “please” and “thank you” and “will you please pass me...?” We talked about the things we were celebrating which, on Friday, was our new classmate, A!
All hands on deck!

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Love this book! We spent some time studying Vashti, the character in Peter H. Reynolds’ story who didn’t believe she could draw anything. Both independently and collaboratively, we learned that art is in the eye of the beholder, and that when we stretch our minds a little bit and get out of our heads, we can create endless worlds of possibility. When it comes to creativity, we are limited by nothing more than ourselves.
Sometimes things are more than they seem.


Ignore my sweaty neck and shrill voice. I remember that day like it was yesterday, and I was a wreck hahahahaha. So glad this aired!


Today we talked a lot about community and what it means to be a part of a team. We’re having a blast getting to know each other, and we’re making sure to do it in respectful, considerate ways.
All hands on deck!

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HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!! Today was AH-mazing! Welcome Kinders!

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The night before the first day of school has always been super magical to me. Here’s to staying up all night in bed because of excitement. Can’t wait for tomorrow!


Homework folders are almost complete! Love that Bitmoji is a thing; I feel so cool using mine in the classroom! 😆

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I got to teach this kiddo last year in Pre-K; I’m pretty excited to get her for ANOTHER year—Kindergarten, here you come!!


It’s hard sending your kid somewhere and not worrying or wondering if they’ll be okay in case of an emergency. Luckily, the school Emergency Bag is being prepped!

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It’s the week before the first day of school and so you can imagine what my brain is like right now. This table explains it.

Also pictured: “Where’s Ms. Scottie?” This will be especially helpful because I’m the only one working at Show of Hands. Now I’ll never be lost! 😂


I got the privilege of spending a couple of awesome weeks this summer with this cool cat, and now I get the honor of being his kindergarten teacher! Welcome, Rokas!


Got another one! Welcome to our class, Desi! It’s going to be a great year!


The S.T.E.M. Room is getting there! I’m excited to see all the creation 😁

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It’s important to teach kids that everything in a room isn’t for them. Boundaries are necessary!! This year, I’m revamping my teacher chair with a photo of MAH FACE. Let’s see if they get “confused” this year! 😂 Also pictured is our freshly painted Share Chair! This will be where kids will be able to practice their public speaking, do read alouds (when the time comes), and have their Show and Tell!

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Here at Show of Hands Community School, we’re all about that

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Being black is HARD. Being a black woman steeped in self-hatred because of hair insecurity? ROUGH.

At 28 years old, I can proudly say that I love my hair for all that is is. Best of all, it’s MINE.

I hope that no other girl has to wait so many years to understand that her hair is her crown and can do amazing things. I am proud and excited to welcome these three FABULOUS books into the Show of Hands Community School library. That middle book? I’ve had it since I was a child, still thinking that my mom combed my hair because she hated me, when really it was because she loved me. 😂😍

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For my babies. Let it snow let it snow let it snoooooowww!!#snowday  ##happykids #artstudio #artstudent #creative #kidsa...
MLK Jr. —How to Expand On What You’re Given
Ms. Scottie’s awesome Jewish roommate, Na’ama, came to school last week to teach the kids some songs in Hebrew! She even...
Gabe’s grass angel!
We Learned How To Boomerang!!





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