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Recycling Works International, Inc. is a non-profit organization who specializes in environmental ed

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Governor Deal proclaimed today, May 21st as Recycling Works Awareness Day! Help us celebrate this day by liking us on [email protected] or, sending us a tweet that says... "Recycling Works!" Thanks, "Jessie-the-Deer," the Recycling Works Super Heroes - "Jessie & Green Eyes," Senator Donzella James - initiator of the Zero Waste Bill, Judy Noles - Exec. Director of Keep South Fulton Beautiful and the Recycling WorksTv Team - Mychal Gregory, Tanya Starks, Ernest Endsley, Jedediah Bohman, James Richardson, Michelle Wiseman, Mikayla Wiseman - our Teen Host, Myles and Jaden Richardson, and Jamie Beattie for all of your support, dedicatio and hard work! Yours truly, Mary Darby, Recycling Works International/Recycling WorksTv Producer/CEO


How High is Your RQ? Come play with us!

Hula Hooping For Green 12/26/2012

Hula Hooping For Green

Happy Holiday's everyone. I've launched a Hula Hooping For Green Campaing to support the recycling game board that I invented called Recyclopoly. Without a doubt, I need your support to help fund the manufacturing of the game and to help fund the educational video on How and Why recycling works. My goal is to place one game and video in every school across America. So, I am asking for your support. If you owe me money, smile, pay me back by supporting the campaign. If you haven't bought me a christmas gift or even if you have, support the campaign by donating. If you like me or don't like still help support the campaign. If you've never done a good deed in your life now is the time or, if you've done several good deeds don't stop now - support the campaign! I have 106 days left to raise $40,000. Every little bit helps. Visit to learn more about the campaign and give your support of any amount. If you're donating your coins send them to: P.O. Box 422 Porterdale, Georgia 30070. Come on it's me, Mary, Punkin, Jefferson Cheerleader, Big Head, White Girl, Yellow Banana, Beautiful, Home Girl or whatever other name that you call me...Remember me? Help me increase environmental awareness on How and Why Recycling Works! You'll be glad you did!

Hula Hooping For Green "Hula Hooping For Green" is putting fun into learning with the Teens RecycleTv Show and RECYCLOPOLY, an exciting recycling game for everyone. Recycling Works!


Everybody tune in tonight at 7:00 pm for the airing of our Recycling WorksTv show , If you are in DeKalb County , Fayette County and North Fulton County we will air on channel 25 . If you are in South Fulton County we will air on channel 22 . You can visit our website @ if you have any questions, comments feed back or shout-outs.





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