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The Daily Signal

Here's a great perspective from a friend in Law Enforcement.


President Obama made some interesting claims this week about why America needs more gun control.
But how do those claims stand up to the facts?


Operation Blazing Sword

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We are a charity that teaches firearm safety and operation to LGBTQ people who want to learn how to defend themselves .


Wayne LaPierre | How to Stop Violent Crime

Powerful message!!! Take a minute to watch.


Wayne LaPierre says no organization has been louder or clearer on the urgent need to enforce the federal gun laws than the NRA. View the Wayne LaPierre serie...


A little backyard practice! (Airsoft, not just for kids anymore!)


As the left grasps at another tragedy in order to further their gun control agenda, many are confused by the misleading term "common sense" used to describe these incremental erosions of our collective rights. A family member of mine asked for some help in understanding what could possibly be wrong with these proposed "common sense gun laws".

Another family member, my Uncle Peter Weintraub, penned this outstanding response. I hope you'll take a minute to read it, and really let it sink in. Well done Pete.

And I quote:

Here's a blog post I've been working on. Seems like a good time to post it. To my friends and family who are in favor of tougher gun laws.
Consider this recent case. Please consider this before you blindly vote for candidates or new gun laws.
“A federal judge in Omaha sentenced a woman to one year of probation for illegally buying a gun on her boyfriend’s behalf from an FFL at a pawnshop. The woman could have been sentenced to a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

“The boyfriend was a prohibited felon and gang member at the time of the purchase. He later the used the firearm to kill a police officer, Kerrie Orozco, who was trying to arrest him in connection with another shooting. At the time of the shooting, Officer Orozco had recently given birth to a baby and was working her last shift before taking deferred medical leave to care for her child. The baby had been born premature and was finally set to be released from the hospital.

“The boyfriend himself was also killed in the altercation with police. The purchaser additionally admitted to investigators that her boyfriend lived out of state. Had the government chose to pursue it, that could have been the basis for yet another federal felony, transferring a firearm to a person who one knows or has reasonable cause to believe does not live in one’s own state of residence.

“So to recap, a woman commits an act that implicates at least four separate federal felonies and that leads to the death of two people (including a mother and police officer acting in the line of duty). As a result, she is convicted on one count and does not serve any prison time whatsoever.

“It’s little wonder that gun owners oppose further expansion of federal gun control. Gun control advocates insist that the government needs more tools to put gun owners in jail for things like carrying the wrong size magazine, having the wrong or too many features on a firearm, or failing to obtain permission from the government to transfer a firearm to a law-abiding friend or relative. Yet with all the tools at its disposal already, the system lacks the will to imprison those whose behavior actually gets people killed.

“Skewed priorities and lack of common sense are problems no law can fix. Indeed, more laws would just make those problems worse.”

An offer to compromise.
Let’s start enforcing current laws and impose stricter sentencing first. If that doesn’t slow these crimes down, then we, the pro-gun people in your life, will rationally discuss the need for new laws.

First, some basic facts. Let’s see if we all agree on these:
1. Nearly ALL gun owners are law-abiding.
2. 100% of all law-abiding gun owners will never purposefully use their gun to harm any person, other than the lawful use in self-defense. If they did, they would not be law-abiding.
3. 100% of all gun crimes, from simple theft to murder, are already against the law.
4. 100% of all illegal gun purchases are already against the law.
5. New, tougher gun regulations will not make these crimes or purchases “more illegal.”
6. Both sides of this debate interpret the 2nd amendment differently.
7. The current Supreme Court interpretation is that Americans have the right to keep (own) and bear (carry) fi****ms, and that right “shall not be infringed.”
8. Infringed means: ‘encroached on’ or ‘interfered with’, and so-on.
9. Any law that infringes on the right to own or carry a firearm violates the current interpretation of the 2nd amendment.
10. Let’s agree for now that we’re not going to get the 2nd amendment changed or overruled anytime soon.
11. 100% of gun-using criminals will not stop using guns if we make it harder for law-abiding people to buy guns.
12. 100% of all criminals will not stop using high-capacity magazines if we make it a felony for anyone to own or possess one.
13. 100% of all criminals will not turn in their guns or magazines if we pass laws outlawing them.
14. If the government passes laws outlawing certain guns or magazines, and tries to confiscate or collect them, the only people who will comply, or have their guns/magazines confiscated will be law-abiding citizens, mentioned in #2 above, who the government has records on, and who are NOT committing crimes with their guns.
15. #14 above will not stop ANY gun crimes, if we assume #2 is true.
16. EVERY murder, or mass-killing, violates many existing laws, yet they were committed anyway. The criminal did not stop because there was a law against it.

Ok. Which of the facts above do you not agree with and explain.
Would you want me, or any of your family/friends who fit #2 above to become felons, simply because there’s a new law against owning a gun we’ve owned legally for most of our lives? Yesterday I was not felon, and would never use my gun illegally. Today I’m a felon unless I turn it in?
Is your goal to simply eliminate all guns from all people? Are you in favor of a gun-free society?
Name as many mass-shootings or murders as you can that were not against the law.
What new laws would have prevented them, and how?


The fun starts at 41:00...



Questions for the Board of Kitsap County Commissioners

Submitted by Jeremy Weintraub on October 12, 2015.

Good evening Commissioners, my name is Jeremy Weintraub. I am a long time resident of Kitsap County, and the current Vice President of the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club. I have a few questions for you tonight.

First, does this Board have the legal authority and/or political influence necessary to cause the DCD and the Kitsap County Prosecutor to end all attacks upon the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club, as well as repeal or amend the Kitsap County shooting range ordinance to reflect the legitimate grandfathered status of this Club? I believe that you do. And, to that end, I am formally requesting a personal meeting, separately, with each of you so that I may have more time to convince you that this would be the right course of action for you to take. These meetings would also serve to give me a better personal understanding of any issues the Kitsap County government has with this club that I am so proud to be a member of. I look forward to the opportunity to sit down with each of you very soon.

Next, I want to ask if you really believe it is appropriate that you have taken specific, targeted actions in order to limit the ability of concerned citizens to be heard on this one issue? On September 14th of this year, Mr. Gelder announced policy that comment on this topic would be limited, but no mention was made of limitations on any other topics. During that meetings public comment period, a record of time was kept for any comment on this issue, but not for any other topics. After an allotted time, any further comment on this topic was prohibited. Although some argue that certain limitations to free speech are sometimes permissible, in every case it is agreed that those limitations must be applied equally to all speech, regardless of its point of view. Very clearly, that is NOT the intent of this board, and I can’t help but wonder what the legal ramifications of that may be.

Lastly, I wish to know how the County justifies their obvious “venue shopping” with regards to the two lawsuits currently being waged against the KRRC. In the first “Kitsap County vs. Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club”, the County chose to file suit in Pierce County, citing the fact that they felt all of the Kitsap County judges would be forced to recuse themselves from the case, thus causing a change of venue to a neighboring county, likely Pierce, anyway. Then, only a short time later, Kitsap County filed a second lawsuit against the club, only this time in Kitsap County. They defended vigorously that decision against a motion for change of venue. These two actions are in direct conflict with each other, and would give the impression that Kitsap County is utilizing an underhanded, two pronged attack against the KRRC simultaneously in two different venues. If Kitsap County prevails in either case, they will effectively gain the control they need to “squash” the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club, which is clearly their goal, and then they would be free to drop the other case as no longer necessary. Do you honestly feel this is appropriate behaviour for the Kitsap County government?
These are not meant to be rhetorical questions, and I am requesting that you do answer them. If not tonight, then I have provided them to you in writing, along with my personal contact information so that you may get back to me at your earliest convenience.


How many folks are planning to attend tonight's meeting of the Kitsap County Commissioners? I'll be there, loud and proud in support of the Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club, and I hope you'll join me!

kitsapsun.com 07/31/2015

An expensive silence for gun club

Front page of today's Kitsap Sun. w/ Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club


kitsapsun.com Club to open facility Saturday to give tours and raise money.

events.kitsapsun.com 07/30/2015

Check out KRRC Open House and Family FUN(d) Raiser at Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club on Aug 1, 2015

Shaping up to be a SUPER FUN DAY!!! Hope to see you there!

events.kitsapsun.com Get more information about KRRC Open House and Family FUN(d) Raiser at Kitsap Sun


Pass it along, hope to see you there!!!


Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club


Mark your calendars for August 1st, 10am to 7pm+ and plan on a great time of food, fun and fellowship as we host an Open House and FUN(d) raising event! Sky divers, games for the young, (and young at heart), tours of the range, live music by Renegade Train, great food, auctions, a dunk tank and lots of ways to enjoy the day and your range, and raise much needed funding.
Invite friends, family and the curious to come see what we are all about and help us preserve the liberty fought for by so many!

Contact event coordinator Jeremy Weintraub at [email protected] for details on how you can be a part of this epic event! This Monday, at 6pm at KRRC is a coordination meeting. We need as members that can spare some time between now and then to aid with preparations.

More details to come so stay tuned!


Who would like to see Jeremy in a dunk tank? How about Marcus Carter, or Brad Smith?

What are YOU doing August 1st? ;)

(Seriously, anyone got a line on a dunk tank?)

bkat.pegcentral.com 07/16/2015

Board of County Commissioners Mtg. 7-13-15

Please click through to the 28 minute mark of this video and listen to the public comments made to the Kitsap County Commission. Some GREAT points being brought up!




Please "Like" and "Share"!

Open letter to Kitsap County Prosecutor and Commissioners

June 28, 2015

Dear Sirs/Madams,

My name is Jeremy Weintraub, I was born and raised in Washington State, and have lived in Kitsap County for 20 years. I am a registered, and active, voter, and I go out of my way to support the campaigns of the candidates and causes I believe in and feel I can trust. I am a Member, Range Officer and Vice President of the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club.
Today, I would like to take a few minutes to address the recent “open letter” written by the Kitsap County Prosecutor and posted in the Kitsap Sun. I will be giving you my personal opinion, however I am sure you would find that an overwhelming majority of our members, and really the citizens of the county at large, agree with my sentiment.
First, let’s be honest and drop all pretense. Please take a moment to consider the relationship that seems to have formed between KRRC and the government of Kitsap County. The level of mistrust felt by our members is off the charts, and I might add, completely warranted. There is a long and clear history of actions taken by various officials and departments within the County government, and almost without exception, those actions were negative.
Take the first lawsuit, “Kitsap 1” for instance. At the transparent urging of a very small group of well-connected locals (CK Safe & Quiet, who I understand represents something like NINE households!) the County has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to get our club closed down. CK Safe & Quiet presented the Commission a petition with 300 some odd signatures in support of the new “Shooting Range Permit”, whereas KRRC brought forward over 4,000 signatures in opposition, yet the county moved forward anyway. One of these very vocal detractors was quoted to have said that his realtor informed him that his property value would significantly increase if the gun club were to go away. Another has been known to shoot fi****ms into a rudimentary berm on his own property very close to the club with no safety oversight at all. Safety is NOT the motivation of this group, its eradication of KRRC, plain and simple. There are many other examples, but in the interest of brevity, I’ll move on.
Now, let us assume that KRRC had applied for, and received, this operational permit prior to that lawsuit (which by the way, is NOT a settled matter). Is it not clear that the County would then just have used the terms of the ordinance to force any change they wished upon the club? Is it not clear that is what we could expect in the future? The county has stated that it can change the terms of the ordinance at will, without public comment. How would you expect KRRC to believe that wouldn’t be used against them? Because you “say so”? We can’t agree to those terms, it would be fatal to our club.
Lately, our prosecutor and more than one commissioner have stated that they wish to work with KRRC, and want to see us open and operating again. Can you not see that your collective actions over the last 20 years against our club make it all but impossible for us to believe you? I’ll tell you now, KRRC IS interested in working with ANYONE who can help us operate a better and safer gun club. For you to tell us that step one of that process has to be for us to apply for a permit, effectively handing you a big hammer that you can use to squash us, certainly doesn’t sound to me like the best course of action.
If Kitsap County is at all interested in having a premier shooting facility within its borders, one who provides a SAFE environment for training, practice and world class competition, then they should come to the table and work with KRRC instead of against them. We wish to continue being a part of this great community, and we are always open to suggestions that can help us to be better neighbors to those around us. However, handing over the keys to the head of DCD just isn’t going to happen. It’s an unreasonable request, especially when you examine our perfect 89 year safety record.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Jeremy Weintraub
Concerned Citizen

martha-dean.squarespace.com 06/12/2015

Law Offices of Martha A. Dean

KRRC Call to Action!!!

Hello Members and friends of KRRC! Many of you have expressed interest in becoming more involved with the ongoing efforts to help the club through these trying times, but didn't know where to direct your efforts. We will be doing our best to better communicate with the membership and to provide more opportunities for you to contribute. See below for one idea, and please stay tuned for more.


A "Smart Mob" is a way for us to spread our message to the general public. It's as simple a group of folks meeting in a public location, carrying signs and wearing brightly colored KRRC t-shirts to spread the word.

Doc Collins has volunteered to organize our first "Smart Mob", but he needs your help. Please join Doc this Saturday as he reaches out to the surrounding community for support.

What: Our first Smart Mob!
When: Saturday, June 13, 11:00 am - ?
Where: Intersection of Silverdale Way & Bucklin Hill Road
Meet: 10:00 am at the club, T-shirts and signs will be provided,
or, meet at the location at 11:00.

KRRC General Meeting Highlights

Last night was our monthly general meeting. A couple items of interest:

On the legal front, we are pushing forward with the battle. Thanks in large part to one of our hard working members, the NRA has taken a keen interest in our case, and has added a member to our legal team. Martha Dean is an experienced attorney who has helped other ranges across the country ward off similar attacks. Info can be found at the following link:

Another of our generous members had offered to match up to $1,000 in contributions to our legal 'offense' fund. In just a few minutes at Thursday's meeting, club members present rose to that challenge and reached into their pockets. By the time the dust (and lint) settled, there was a pile of cash on the table not only meeting the $1,000 challenge, but exceeding it. Marcus took great delight in immediately calling that member on the phone to cheerfully inform him that his chit had been called in! But wait, it seems this ball was still rolling! Another member has offered up a further $1,000 in matching funds to help us fight back! If you wish to help us take advantage of this gracious offer, please stop by the range office with your contribution, and make sure to mention you want it to go towards these "matching funds".

Driveway Issue - We are happy to report that the arguments over our driveway maintenance have been resolved! The stop work order has been lifted, the county itself will be improving the approach to that driveway (bringing it up to commercial standards), and is even reimbursing some of our legal fees related to this issue. How's that for a pleasant turn of events?

“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.”
― Thomas Paine

martha-dean.squarespace.com Law Offices of Martha A. Dean: Environmental Law; Constitutional Law; Shooting Range Defense; Fi****ms & Gun Incidents


county commissioners meeting short clip

Have you been to a Kitsap County Commissioners meeting lately?

Here's what happened at the last one...



Hey folks, it seems Kitsap County hasn't given up on their quest to kill off Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club.

Please consider attending these two important events to show your support for KRRC!

1. There is a meeting of the Kitsap County Commissioners at 5:30 PM, MONDAY, 13 APRIL. They make the laws!

WHERE? Kitsap County Administration Building
Commissioners Chambers
619 Division Street
Port Orchard, WA 98366

2. KITSAP COUNTY commissioners ask the court to SHUT DOWN KRRC IMMEDIATLY as a danger to the community!

JUDGE Roof Presiding
9:00 AM, Tuesday, 14 April, 20`15

Remember: You can NOT have weapons in the Judges Chambers,

Parking will be limited, carpool if possible

If You like shooting at KRRC You must attend one or both events. I’m sure the Kitsap Peace and Quiet people (Our Detractors) will be there in force.

Videos (show all)

USPSA is a blast!  Here's a stage from Saturday's match at Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club.
So, my cousin Michael showed up at KRRC today for his first ever USPSA match. Coincidentally, today was my first time se...
Today's (not so) grand finale. What a minefield!!!
NW Challenge at Paul Bunyan, lots of fun!!!
Here's Tawnya shooting the "Gator" stage on Saturday. Sorry for the crummy video, I was multi-tasking!
This U.S. U.S. Practical Shooting Assn. (USPSA) stage at Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club gave new meaning to "shooting on t...
Had a blast shooting USPSA today at Paul Bunyan in Puyallup!
Sunday, things got even more interesting when we shot rifle and shotgun. This was my first match with either, so the lea...
Saturday was a USPSA Pistol match at Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club, we went and had a great time!  I managed to finish se...
Here's Klaus having a go with the Ma**er.  Nice muzzle blast!
And, here's what a 'good' IDPA shooter looks like.  This is Rob Potter, from NIGHTHAWK CUSTOM FI****MS, and folks, HE CA...
Here's what a 'slow' IDPA shooter looks like.  (Yes, I know that's me!)





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