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This page is where you can come and request help with any subject, but mainly mathematics. I have experiences in all math subjects up to Trigonometry.

Hello! My name is Marissa Teetson. I am currently a junior in college, and I am studying Mathematics as a major. I am passionate about this subject, and I love to help others with it. Allow me to welcome you to this area in which you can change your outlook on the subject many groan at. My job is not simply to shove material down your throat and make you understand it. I take my job much more seri

Operating as usual

[07/06/17]   Tutoring sessions available until mid-August. Beginner, Intermediate, and College algebra!

[04/12/17]   Teetson Tutoring is available for math study sessions in Raymond to prepare for finals in a few weeks.
Remember--tutoring all the way up through College Algebra.

Don't hesitate!




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Teetson Tutoring

[01/09/17]   Ladies and gentlemen, the Spring semester for some colleges has already begun. For this semester, I will be in the Raymond area(Hinds Community College in Raymond, to be more specific) to take some math courses not offered at my university this semester. If anybody on campus at Hinds in Raymond needs any tutoring in math courses(beginning algebra, intermediate algebra, college algebra, etc.), contact me at (601)-994-3773! I stay at the Hardy-Puryear Dorm building, so let me know if I can help. I am available from 1:00 - 9:00 every day except for Tuesdays, in which I am available from 1-4:45.


Teetson Tutoring

[09/03/16]   Ladies and gentlemen, school has officially started for everyone. With that being said, tutoring availability has changed slightly. Between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, I am attending class at Alcorn State University. Anytime before or after those hours, I am available to assist in any way possible. I can work with you on price. Do this for you--to better yourself. Call me at (601)-994-3773. I'm here to help.

[07/21/16]   Thanks to all the people liking and sharing the page, things are booming and blooming! Feel free to request a session! $10-$15 based on need and location! Do your best for you, and sit down with a tutor. Knowledge opens many doors.

[07/20/16]   Hello, everybody! Math is a tough subject, and we all groan when we know we have to have it for a certain degree, but what if I told you math can be simplified? I can help you understand it in ways you never thought about. Having had tutoring experience, and constantly working to better MY own understanding of algebra, I have found that putting effort into sitting down with a tutor can drastically increase test scores. I have had clients increase test scores by 30 points or more just because I explained an important concept in a way he or she could understand.
Don't wait--this could be your opportunity to be successful!
I can tutor high school algebra 1 and algebra 2, college beginning, intermediate, college algebra, and trigonometry. Call me or inbox me at (601)-994-3773.
I was recently employed at Hinds Community College. :) My prices can vary per hour depending on financial situation, distance of client from my house, and amount of material needed to learn. I will work with you. This is not meant to be unpleasant as an experience.


Teetson Tutoring





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