AshLeigh's In-Home Child Care LLC

My name is Ashley, and I am offering childcare out of my home M-F. Years of experience

AshLeigh’s In-Home Child Care now offers full-time spots and part time spots:
(Applications can be emailed or picked up at your convenience)
Ages 4 years and under: $100 per week
Ages 5 years and over: $80 per Week
After School Babysitting: $40 per Week (Depending on Hours)

If you have multiple children needing care, I will offer a discount on the second child and so on.

Operating as usual


Hey everyone! I currently have 2 full time openings. At this time I do not accept state paid. I start getting kids at 5:30am and work until 5pm. I am pretty flexible and do what I can to help if you have things to do after work. If you are interested message me and I will see what we can work out. You can also reach out to me via my personal page I get those messages before I get the ones from my business page. Look forward to hearing from yalll.

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Join us October 28 at our park to create dog toys and treats for your fur-friends, as well as place your dog in our pet contest! Contest and activities begin at 5:30! For more information, contact us at 573-686-8645!


Pretty sure I will have 2 openings starting this week. I will find out for sure by end of day. If you are interested message me and we will go from there.


Hey yall I still have one spot to fill. Maybe 2 I will know for sure on that in a day or 2. School starts very soon if you haven't figured out a sitter for those babes shoot me a message. I'm happy to help.
I do not currently take state paid sorry in advance. I work 5:30am until 5:30pm With open communication I will always try to help and be flexible.


Currently have a few openings right now. Had a few people back out last minute on their start dates. Right now I can take at least 2 kiddos


Enjoying the nice day ❤️

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Donuts for the win on this Wednesday. Happy little man 🥰


Currently do not have any openings! Thank you to everyone that shares My posts as well as getting my name out. Appreciate y’all!

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They love 🍕 very happy kiddos today


I now have one maybe 2 openings available.
This business is out of my home. I am not a licensed daycare provider. I do strive to follow a schedule and keep consistency for the kiddos. I provide the meals and drinks. I just ask that parents send an extra outfit, a personal blanket, and diapers. Normally I advertise that I stay open until 6 or 6:30pm However that is no longer working. Going forward my time frame will be based off the parents’ schedule. I do understand that if you get off at 5p you won’t be able to be here at 5p. I know there will be days you need gas or groceries and this 100% okay if you set it up with me give me a heads up. I know that’s not how daycares run but this is out of my HOME. I need to know who’s coming and when. I also have my own family that I would like to spend time with. Right now, it’s just me running the show. I don’t get an hour lunch, I don’t get breaks, or a min to go outside and clear my head. I’m working until the last kid goes home. I start my days at 4:30am and some weeks earlier than that and work until 6pm and after. It would be nice just to know when all my kids will be picked up Simply so I can make plans with my own family. Not knowing leaves uncertainty or I think I get off early enough to do something with the family and you don’t show til 5:30p or 6 but I made my plans based off the time the parent normally shows. Communication is all I ask. I will do everything in my power to be a flexible and reliable babysitter for you and your family. Since starting this up I've maybe had to cancel 2 or 3 days and that was only because my child had RSV. If I do need a day off, you will get a week plus notice to prepare.
Looking forward to hearing from you :)

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Watching Frosty the snowman with the kiddos today

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We love Fridays


When one of my daycare kids doesn’t come and every few minutes I start looking for her 🤣 Happy Monday

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Cutest little smile 😊 ❤️


Willow says peek a boo 👻

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Lunch time 😋

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Cutie update

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I hang out with some cuties ❤️


Hey yall! I have openings starting next week. If anyone is interested just message me. I do not accept state paid at this time. Looking to take on one or 2 more kiddos.

Thanks :)


Hey everyone! Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who shared my post or tagged me in comments but I am now completely full again. Sorry if I did not get back to everyone I received quite a bit of inquiries. I tried to keep up but with running the daycare and taking care of my family I'm sure I let some messages slip. Thanks again everyone and feel free to keep tagging me! Its always great to get my name out and it honestly means a lot to see everyone suggesting me.


I have openings coming available for 2 kids. If you or anyone you know is looking for a weekly babysitter just send me a message or text. 😊

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A little painting on this rainy day

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When you play to hard you crash even harder 🤣

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Sprinklers make for some happy kids


My Z babies 🥰

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Just some happy babies to brighten your morning 🥰


The sign war stuff is hilarious. With that being said if anyone needs a sitter to go update their business signs I got you 😉 I understand you will need full focus to think of a good punny quote to one up the competition there is a lot at stake with these signs don't let your kids distract you and be the reason your sign fails. Rally's started this let me help you finish it!! Call AshLeigh's and let me help you get ahead of the game

*joking* mostly 😆

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Found these on Neighbors helping Neighbors this morning. Share! Someone you know might just need some extra help

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We think sharing is caring 🥰


"AshLeigh's In-Home Child Care where your child will always feel like family"


As of right now I am booked up for days all of August. Sorry no more babies right now

However if anyone knows someone just needing afternoon/evening care send them my way. I would be happy to help.

SHARE SHARE SHARE SHARE and Thank you all for the support!!


Brianna Trout

Top tip 🤣

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Enjoying the nice day ❤️
Friday Jr
Sound on 😆
My little Strawberry shortcake 🥰
testing out the new toys




Poplar Bluff, MO

Opening Hours

Monday 6am - 6pm
Tuesday 6am - 6pm
Wednesday 6am - 6pm
Thursday 6am - 6pm
Friday 6am - 6pm

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