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www.diagnostic-learning.com. Specializing in psycho-educational evaluations to students of all ages


Diagnostic Learning Services specializes in providing:

Individualized, comprehensive assessments to identify possible learning disabilities, including dyslexia and ADHD
Updated evaluations that will meet SAT, ACT, and University documentation requirements for accommodations, including extended time
A thorough assessment report and follow-up appointment tha

Operating as usual


As we say goodbye to 2023 we can't help but express our gratitude to our amazing DLS family and friends. Thank you for making this year remarkable! Let's raise a toast to another exciting year of growth and progress!


🦃🍁 Happy Thanksgiving from the Diagnostic Learning Services Team! 🍁🦃

We're incredibly thankful for our exceptional staff whose dedication drives our mission forward and our amazing clients whose trust inspires us daily. Wishing you a day filled with joy, warmth, and the company of loved ones!

>, Don’t miss our in-person "Ask An Expert" event next week!! 11/01/2023

Stand Up LD will be hosting a "Ask an Expert" event at Scottish Rite in Frisco on November 6. The experts will be covering topics such as:

Executive Functioning
Preparing your student for college
Advocating for your child at school
Assistive Technology
Diagnostic experts
Social & Emotional regulation

Sign up for this event here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ask-an-expert-meet-face-to-face-with-ld-experts-tickets-729339222247?aff=oddtdtcreator

>, Don’t miss our in-person "Ask An Expert" event next week!! Cost:   Suggested donation is $10.00 per person. Scholarships are available. Find out more by contacting us at [email protected].


Did you know that colleges provide accommodations to students with ADHD and other learning disabilities? Those accommodations are designed to help students succeed and level the playing field. From extended time on exams to taking them in a distraction-free environment, there are lots of options for support!


DLS got some airtime on KVUE Austin, where they shone a light on our work in ADHD testing! Watch it here: https://ow.ly/8sVx50PF3NX

Being able to contribute positively to our community is a big deal for us, and we're thankful for the chance to lend a hand to struggling students and adults, not only across Texas but also nationwide. This KVUE feature is just a part of our ongoing commitment to be there for folks, helping them navigate through the complexities of ADHD and other learning disabilities, and helping clients get the kind of support they deserve.

Letter Reversals and How to Fix Them - The OT Toolbox 08/14/2023

Letter reversals are age appropriate up until 7-8 years of age!
Don't jump to dyslexia conclusions – early-age letter reversals are natural. Check out this amazing article for insights into common kid letter reversals, along with strategies to help overcome them!

👉🏻 https://www.theottoolbox.com/letter-reversals/ 👈🏻

Letter Reversals and How to Fix Them - The OT Toolbox Try these letter reversal strategies to help kids who write letters backwards. Understand what's really going on behind letter reversals in writing.


"He can't have dyslexia; he's too smart!" Why do so many people believe that slow reading means lower intelligence?

Dyslexia does not discriminate based on intelligence level. Many gifted individuals have dyslexia yet excel in their fields. Even though those with dyslexia may be slow readers, they often possess fast and creative thinking abilities!


A big part of what we do is helping parents understand the needs of their students and how to be their advocate! Having a good support system can be the key to ensuring your student has the tools for success.

Check out our resource recommendation page for other great ways to help your struggling student:

Testing for Specific Learning Disability of Written Expression: What Parents Need to Know. 06/07/2023

We recently had the incredible opportunity to join Dysgraphia Life for a free webinar delving into what parents should know about testing their students for learning disabilities. Don't miss out on this valuable resource!

Click the link below to watch the webinar and get exclusive access to our handouts.

Testing for Specific Learning Disability of Written Expression: What Parents Need to Know. A free webinar featuring Laurie Peterson M. Ed, MA, LPC and Abbey Weinstein, PhD from Diagnostic Learning Services. Learn how to get your child tested if you suspect a specific learning disability. Understand the different types of tests that can be used to help diagnose written expression disorders...


We're proud to be partnering with Dysgraphia Life for tonight's free webinar!

Our directors, Laurie and Abbey, are excited to provide helpful insights on how to assist your child if you think they have a specific learning disability. They'll review the different kinds of tests that can help with diagnosing dysgraphia as well as other written expression disorders, and more!

Register here: http://ow.ly/Sb3R50Ow1Jj


New Podcast Episode! 🎙️

In our latest episode, Laurie & Abbey had the opportunity to interview three staff members from Landmark College, a school established to support students with dyslexia but has since expanded its reach to help learners facing various learning disabilities.

In this episode Mark, Adam, & Mike share valuable insights into Landmark College's unique processes and how they provide an exceptional education experience for their students. They discuss the college's mission, their commitment to serving students with various learning disabilities, and how they create an inclusive and empowering education experience that caters to the diverse needs of their student body.

If you're curious and want to learn more about supporting neurodivergent learners, this episode is a must-listen!

Listen to the episode here: https://ltldpodcast.com/podcast/episode-65-landmark-college-with-mark-dipietro-adam-lalor-and-michael-stefanowicz/


Congrats to our friends from Einstein for their success with the NASA Hunch program!!

Einstein School Accredited private school offering college preparatory education for middle and high school students

The Magical Thinking of ADHD Brains — and How It Drives Our Kids’ Lies 04/27/2023

Students with ADHD will often lie about homework, grades, or remembering what was expected of them. This is not because they are bad kids, the lying is just another dysfunctional coping mechanism in your child’s ADHD box of unhelpful tools.

ADDitude has a great article explaining why your child may struggle with telling the truth http://ow.ly/64N250NYpwo

The Magical Thinking of ADHD Brains — and How It Drives Our Kids’ Lies “My child with ADHD had just done something impulsive — something outside her control — and was unable to stop herself in time. She wished she hadn’t done it. And magical thinking allowed her to imagine that she hadn’t.”

Photos from Diagnostic Learning Services - Plano's post 04/21/2023

This month, we are shining a spotlight on the incredible staff at Fusion Academy.

Their philosophy of Love, Motivate, Teach is at the heart of everything they do, and it shows in the progress and success their students achieve. They personalize their approach to each student, ensuring that every individual receives the support and guidance they need to reach their full potential.

Join us in celebrating the amazing work of Fusion Academy, and the people behind it, who are truly making a positive difference in their community.

Photos from Diagnostic Learning Services - Plano's post 04/12/2023

For students who struggle with dysgraphia, writing can be torture.

Students with dysgraphia have a hard time writing neatly, properly spacing letters or words, copying down text, and getting their thoughts onto paper, often as a result of weak fine motor skills.

We speak with many parents who share their concerns about dysgraphia with us. We hope by sharing some of these concerns, other parents might recognize the warning signs in their students as well.


"Is it something I did?” Is a question that weighs heavily on some parents after their students have been diagnosed with a learning disability.

We get questions like this quite often. Learning disabilities can stem from genetics or other neurological causes, and it is not something that could have been avoided by “better parenting.

What does good look like for an ADHD evaluation? 03/28/2023

Individuals with ADHD are at higher risk for developing anxiety, depression, and substance abuse disorders. Timely diagnosis and treatment can help reduce these risks and improve the overall quality of life!

Take a look at this great article from Qbtech about what you should expect from a good ADHD evaluation:

What does good look like for an ADHD evaluation? what does a good standard for an ADHD evaluation look like? What are the processes involved, and what could be improved to further help patients and clinicians? In this blog, we discuss.....


Today, we celebrate the incredible achievements, strength and resilience of women around the world, including those who are living with learning disabilities and ADHD.

We want to highlight the achievements of and importance of supporting women with learning differences. Despite facing unique challenges, women with learning disabilities/ADHD continue to make amazing contributions to communities around the world. Let's celebrate their accomplishments and advocate for greater understanding and support.

Check out this video to learn more about the experiences of women with ADHD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMpt40zNK-w

Read more about the incredible women thriving and succeeding despite their daily challenges: https://www.ncld.org/news/the-overlooked-history-of-women-with-learning-disabilities/



Tune in to the latest episode of the Let's Talk Learning Disabilities Podcast for a behind-the-scenes look at the Learning Disabilities Association of America Convention 2023!

We had an opportunity to sit down with some extraordinary exhibitors at LDA Con and chat about everything from the convention itself to some amazing programs, schools, and services. Join us as we explore the amazing work being done to support those with learning disabilities.
Learning Disabilities Association of America Brehm Preparatory School Fusion Academy Landmark College

Listen here: http://ow.ly/fszU50N8Ijq

Photos from Diagnostic Learning Services - Plano's post 02/27/2023

We are incredibly thankful to have been a part of LDA Con 2023, and would like to express our gratitude to the event organizers, as well as all of the exceptional professionals involved!

We also had the chance to sit down and record a podcast interview with some extraordinary exhibitors LIVE from LDA Con, so make sure to keep an eye out for our new special episode, releasing soon on on www.LTLDpodcast.com

Pictured: Learning Disabilities Association of America, Fusion Academy, Brehm Preparatory School, Landmark College

Reading Problems: What to Ask Your Child’s Teacher 02/16/2023

A strong partnership with your child's teacher is essential to unlocking their full potential. Check out these helpful conversation starters to get the dialogue going!

Read it here: http://ow.ly/xANJ50MUvG7

Reading Problems: What to Ask Your Child’s Teacher Is your child a struggling reader? Use these conversation starters with the teacher to get a better understanding of your child’s reading difficulties.


We've been so impressed with how helpful Qb Check has been in providing us with crucial objective data when assessing ADHD in both adults and children! It has enabled us to better understand the severity of symptoms and their impact on an individual's daily life, allowing us to make more informed decisions regarding treatment and support! Qbtech

This podcast dives deep into assessing ADHD for all ages, and it's definitely worth a listen: https://adhdnews.qbtech.com/qa-with-educational-psychologist-simon-kitson


Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Valentine's Day from all of us at Diagnostic Learning Services!

My child was diagnosed with Dysgraphia. How can I help at home? 02/10/2023

Make sure to take a look at our latest blog post for strategies on providing support and interventions for students with Dysgraphia both at home and in the classroom!

Read it here:

My child was diagnosed with Dysgraphia. How can I help at home? Students with Dysgraphia often have difficulties with handwriting, writing neatly, and forming letters. With intervention, these skills can improve.


We have a great episode of Let's Talk Learning Disabilities for you this week!

Laurie and Abbey are joined by Psychiatrist, Bianca Busch, to explore common misconceptions about prescription medications for ADHD, answer frequently asked questions about stimulant and non-stimulant medications, and share strategies for long-term care for individuals with ADHD.

This episode is sure to provide answers to all of your questions regarding treatments for ADHD.
Listen here: https://ltldpodcast.com/podcast/episode-59-interventions-treatment-with-bianca-busch/


We look forward to exhibiting at the Learning Disabilities Association of America 60th Annual Conference in February at the Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel!

Stop by our booth in the exhibit hall to learn more about eDiagnostic Learning, Diagnostic Learning Services, and our Let's Talk Learning Disabilities Podcast!

We hope to see you at !


It's vital for parents to understand the needs of their students with learning differences, so we work hard to provide families with a solid understanding of the needs of their students and how to advocate for them effectively!

Here are a few simple strategies and tools that can help accommodate a struggling learner!

Photos from Diagnostic Learning Services - Plano's post 01/19/2023

ADHD affects the brain’s executive function. That means it’s harder for individuals to process information and make choices based on that information. This is how ADHD paralysis occurs – when you can’t decide what to do or where to start, you can’t take action.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Plano?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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