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Did you see this?! Unbelievable!
Another Greenway XC Tradition is in the books—The Breakfast Run! This morning the harriers assembled at Central and the canal to run to the Lange’s home. Splitting the team into three different groups, they all ran different distances to the destination but included the Bridal Path in their run. Once there, they jumped in a beautiful pool and then were given the best tasting pancakes in Phoenix. IHop has competition. In between playing Marco Polo and some death defying dives off the diving board, the runners sang the Greenway fight song. Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Lange for offering your backyard for this tradition and your delicious pancakes. IHOP has competition. Next Saturday the harriers will be in cool Flagstaff running in the pines and prairie of Buffalo Park for the Peaks Invitational.
Another Greenway XC Tradition is in the books—The Breakfast Run! This morning the harriers assembled at Central and the canal to run to the Lange’s home. Splitting the team into three different groups, they all ran different distances to the destination but included the Bridal Path in their run. Once there, they jumped in a beautiful pool and then were given the best tasting pancakes in Phoenix. IHop has competition. In between playing Marco Polo and some death defying dives off the diving board, the runners sang the Greenway fight song. Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Lange for offering your backyard for this tradition and your delicious pancakes. Next Saturday the harriers will be in cool Flagstaff running in the pines and prairie of Buffalo Park for the Peaks Invitational. The fight song video takes up too much memory so including only this file now. Other pictures coming!

Greenway's Cross Country Program was established in 1974. For those of you who have set "acceptable,

Operating as usual

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 09/24/2023

On Tuesday our younger Cross Country Teams ran in the Glendale District Freshman and Junior Varsity-Open Championships. Competing against all nine district schools, our boys successfully defended their Championship title for the “third year in a row”. Our Lady Demons also captured the District Championship making it a clean sweep for Greenway. The Demons had sixteen runners make a trip to the award stand.

Award winners in the Freshman boy’s race were
Dylan Marquez (2nd), Ramiro Soto (3rd), Conall Kiernan (5th), Eryx Salazar (6th), Everette Massic (7th) , Deven Raj(10th), Sergio Lopez (14th), Peter Nordstrom (18th)

Medal winners in the Freshman girl’s race included
Kaylie Suppon Cervantes (5th), Gloria Soita (6th) , Isabel Reyes (7th)

Medal winners in the JV Boy’s race included
Daniel Tang (4th), Landen Owens (6th), Carmelo Vasquez (14th)

Award winners in the JV Girl’s race were
Mia Lopez (15th), Valeria Garnica (18th)

Congratulations to all our "Champion" Demon runners who completed the 3.1 course under warm conditions.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 09/23/2023

Congratulations to our Varsity Cross Country teams for a very successful weekend in San Diego. Competing in the very competitive Mt. Carmel Invitational in “age group races –(sr, jr, so, fr)” against division two runners from southern California and Arizona, the boys earned seven medals (Simiyu, Martinez, Bailey, Gomez, Llamas, Owens, Martinez) and the girls raced to four (Bunsick, Skoriuchow, Dyer, Maliki-Inman).

Emmanual Simiyu became the first Greenway runner ever to capture first place and Alexavier Martinez followed that up by also winning the junior race. The Demons also had three top ten finishers (Tabian Bailey, Edgar Gomez and Dylan Marquez).

Highlights of the trip included our traditional Friday night dinner at Luigi’s, roller coaster ride and “toe dip” in the ocean. After the meet, the athletes spent time at the ocean, Belmont Park shopping, Fashion Valley Mall browsing and dinner at Shake Shack.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 09/11/2023

On Saturday, we traveled to the Skunk Creek landfill for the Happy Valley Invitational. With all runners now competing at the 3.1 mile distance against some very large and competitive schools, Greenway had a very successful morning. Many of our runners raced to PR’s and several ran their first competitive 5K distance.

Emmanuel Simiyu outdistanced the field of 130 runners to win his first major invitational championship. Medalist Alexavier Martinez (6th) was close behind followed by Edgar Gomez (23rd), Tabian Bailey (40th) and Nehemiah Llamas (56th) The boys reached their “good” goal with a quality 5th place finish.

Lillie Dyer (45th) and Victoria Skoriuchow (46th) led the Lady Demons to a 10th place finish. Rounding out the top five girls were Sela Bunsick (55th), Zainab Maliki-Inman (64th), and Sophia Riley (73rd)

Landen Owens (13th) ran a medal winning race to lead the JV/Open runners to a 7th place finish. Rounding out the top five JV runners were Daniel Tang (22nd), Carmelo Vasquez (43rd), David Perez (63rd) and Michael Ochieng (92nd).

Valerie Garnica (43rd) and Maya Estrada (53rd) paced our JV/Open girls to a 9th place finish. Rounding out the JV scoring were Mia Lopez (58th), Lily Molyneaux (72nd), and Brianna Limon (73rd).

With four medal winners (Dylan Marquez (3rd), Ramiro Soto (8th), Eryx Salazar (15th), and Conall Tiernan (19th), our frosh boys placed an excellent 3rd. The fifth Demon to close the scoring was Everette Massic (40th). The frosh boys have now placed 3rd in each of their major invitationals.

Although not competing as a full team, Kaylie Suppon Cervantes (24th) and Gloria Soita (25th) ran very fine races for their first 5K distance.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 09/10/2023

On Thursday night, our Varsity Cross Country teams ran in the 41st annual Shawn Kerr Halftime Meet against Deer Valley and Paradise Valley. For over forty years, this has traditionally been a very fun, fast and exciting event

The Boy’s placed five runners in the top thirteen with Emmanuel Simiyu and Alexavier Martinez placing first and second and Edgar Gomez (7th), Tabian Bailey (10th) and Nehemiah Llamas (13th). Frosh Dylan Marquez was the hero of the meet as the boys tied with Deer Valley (33-33) but his 6th place finish ahead of Deer Valley’s sixth man proved the difference.
Lillie Dyer (9th) led the Lady Demons to a second place finish as she was quickly followed by Sela Bunsick (10th), Valerie Skoriuchow (11th) and Zaneb Maliki-Inman (12th).

As an added feature to this year’s meet, medals were awarded to the top eight finishers. Congrats to all our Greenway finishers in this very unique and exciting race. Special thanks to our amazing Demon crowd for cheering all the runners from all the schools…it made it a very special night for them

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 08/07/2023

Yesterday three Demon harriers ran the last ARR Summer Series 5K at Cesar Chavez Park. Congratulations to Emmanuel Simiyu for putting the “jets” on the last 200 meters to win the 14-17 Division. He also was awarded the title of Summer Series Grand Prix winner (14-17) for his accumulated placings all summer. Tabian Baily also placed in the medals taking the 3rd placing in his division with a summer best while “birthday boy” Nehemiah Llamas placed 6th and ran a personal best 18:45. Emmanuel’s older brother, Amos, was out on leave from the Navy and got to watch his brother run today.
The summer running is showing for these Demon harriers and others who have dedicated themselves this “hot” summer to building a solid “base”. Greenway grad, Austin Lavin, bounced back to the “top spot” yesterday out of 329 finishers and was also the overall Grand Prix winner for all divisions this summer.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 07/29/2023

Our last Mini-camp was completed this week. Wednesday was more of a “team running day” with everyone running the traditional “flora and fauna” run together. This was followed by a “find three things” about their partner run. (favorite teacher, music group/singer, movie/tv show) They then had to tell a coach what they found out about their partner. The day ended with a team “Paradise Run”, our two seniors and a grad singing the “Greenway fight song”, followed by lifting. On Thursday the runners completed some runs in the Acoma Park area. The Demon Campus “Scavenger Hunt” was up next. Runners had 15 minutes with their partner to try to answer 17 questions about places, things, doors, and signs on campus. This was followed by some delicious Dunkin Donuts. Winners of the Scavenger Hunt were Michael Ochieng and Landen Owens with several teams tied for 2nd. Pre-season practices start next week and Official “must be cleared” practices start August 7.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 07/27/2023

Last Saturday, five Demons ran the ARR summer series #4 race at Kiwanis Park. Once again Emmanuel Simiyu (2nd) and Alexavier Martinez (3rd) ran medal winning age group races. Sophomores Edgar Gomez, Nehemiah Llmas and Landen Owens all "significantly" improved their average mile pace from the July 4th race. Greenway grad Austin Lavin also placed 3rd overall out of 380 finishers.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 07/21/2023

Mini-camp #6 is completed and the hearty harriers endured another warm morning. Yesterday, a run to Paradise Park and beyond for some while others settled for loops around the park. At the park, one group ran some strides with “undulation” while another group ran “last man sprints to the front” around the park. Today was “progressive mile runs” with a partner followed by the annual water balloon contest. After the contest and winners determined, runners went on a “throw at your teammate” frenzy for a few minutes until all water balloons were gone. They settled down for an ice-cold Sprite/water after the “wet” frenzy.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 07/18/2023

Mini-camp #5 is in the books. A series of easy runs on Wednesday while Thursday brought a little more cardio. The inaugural “flying the airplane” relay proved very frustrating. In teams, the runners would fly the plane forward and when it landed the next member would fly the plane and so on. Either they are inexperienced flyers or Coach Giddings bought planes that would do more loops than glide straight. After two 50 yard contests, the winners were determined and candy prizes awarded.
Then it was time for a timed mile of stride the straights and shuffle the turns with a partner and then 4 x 400’s with a partner. A refreshing Sprite was needed by all after their 400 meter cardio challenge.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 07/05/2023

A Summer Tradition Continues! Yesterday, six Demons and two grads got up early to brave the heat and raced in the annual ARR July 4th Four Miler against 572 finishers. Showing significant improvement from last year, the boys did extremely well. In the 14-17 age group, Emmanuel Simiyu was 2nd, Alexavier Martinez (3rd), Tabian Bailey (4th) and “sophomore first timers” Edgar Gomez (15th), Nehemiah Llamas (18th), Landen Owens (39th). Austin Lavin successfully defended his title and Joseph Walker garnered 4th in his division. Afterwards they enjoyed the traditional hamburgers, chips and watermelon. In a side challenge, the combined times of Emmanuel and Alexavier defeated the grads Walker and Lavin.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 06/29/2023

Greenway Mini-camp #4 is history. The athletes tested their fitness a little on Wed with some "controlled" fartlek runs. (60 sec on, 60 sec off and 2 min on, 2 min off). The girls did a one mile time trial on Thursday while the guys had an easy recovery day. But everyone got to "play" in the gym with some shooting and a 60 sec free throw contest for prizes. This had to be followed by a watermelon feast with Sprite, Powerade and snacks.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 06/22/2023

Greenway Mini-camp #3 is in the books. Longest Day of Year is over…Fall cometh! On Wednesday the runners ran to Conocido Park, then proceeded to do some running in the park area and then return to lift. On the run there in groups, they had to use D.E.M.O.N.S. as an acronym and beak it into “running” words. The following are the results:
Distance equals more overall nice stamina
Demons endure more off-season non speed
Dedication Eat Motivation Overcome New-shoe Stamina
Dedication excellence Misery Outkick No-regrets Satisfaction

This morning the harriers traveled to the deer (first time for some), Paradise Park, Walgreens and returned with some strides on the new football field. We had a “Deja Vu” experience in meeting the Macias’s again with their two beautiful dogs. While school is still off in the distant, it is time for our runners to begin getting their name on RegisterMyAthlete.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 06/11/2023

Successful ARR Summer Series #2! This morning some of our runners traveled before sunrise to the east side of the valley to run in the second 5K race of the Arizona Road Racers Summer Series! Running around Gilbert’s Riparian Reserve Waterpark and on nearby canals, Demon runners placed four in the top 24 with Emmanuel Simiyu (5th), Alexavier Martinez (7th), Tabian Bailey (11th ) and “first road race ever” Edgar Gomez (24th). Emmanuel, Alexavier and Tabian went 1-2-3 in the age 14-17 division to sweep the medals. Greenway grad, Austin Lavin, continued his successful road racing by taking first place overall against the 422 finishers. Special credit goes to Tabian Bailey who missed the entire track season due to injuries and has been patiently and positively rebuilding his conditioning.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 06/11/2023

The first two mini-camps are in the bank and the team enjoyed the cool 6:00 am mornings. This week the runners are on their own to see how they can continue building their base on their own or with some running partners.

Highlights included post workout popsicles from Coach Mrozinski and lifting in our totally refurbished weight room. One day they did a pre-"scavenger hunt" setup of going out on campus in two person teams (one male/one female) and come back with two questions about places, things, or pts of interest. (ex...the media center is named after who? or what is the cafeteria door #?) In July, as a team building exercise, they will be pair up and compete under a time limit to answer as many of the questions as they can.

We also had a traditional run to Acoma Park with runs around the area as well as the Bel Aire area. In addition runners learned about some running vocab (base, fartlek, L*D, double day, tempo run, runner's high, internal and external motivation, etc.)


The 2023 Demon Cross Country season is getting started with our first series of mini-camps. The first two mini-camps are May 31/June 1 and June 7/8. Practice starts at 6:00 am and meet in room E110. The runners now have page one of their summer mileage chart and are starting to accumulate their "base" miles.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 02/01/2023

Congratulations to senior Lucy Turley for recently signing with Troy University in Alabama on a track and cross country scholarship. In preparation for her final Demon track season, Lucy has been busy putting in the necessary mileage and also keeping her racing edge. She competed in the Distance Desert Classic taking placing 4th in the full mile (5:27), Puma Indoor Classic placing 1st in the 800 (2:31) & full mile (5:34), and PVCC Indoor placing 8th in the 800 (2:35) & 3rd in the mile (5:30).

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 01/28/2023

What's the coldest temperature you have ever raced in? This morning two of our cross country and track standouts challenged themselves to the ARR Desert Classic 5K (not the half marathon) held on the far west side of Surprise. Braving 39/40 degrees, Emmanuel Simiyu (jr) and Alexavier Martinez (soph) finished 1st and 2nd in 16:37 and 16:44. Their consistent December and January off-season training is paying off. Now if we have a track meet in the 50's or 60's, they will think that is warm.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 11/28/2022

A week ago, a few of our top Demon runners raced in the Nike Southwest Championships against runners from all over the southwest. Many club teams from Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and New Mexico arrived to enjoy sunny, slightly cool Arizona. Our runners raced in non-Greenway attire as this was for club or unattached entries and not representatives of a high school

Congratulations to sophomore Alexavier Martinez for running his fastest race of the season with a 17:04 timing in the larger school division. Senior Lucy Turley raced in the “Championship Division” against the best in the Southwest and proved she belonged in that competition with her 19:26 clocking. While still recovering from his state meet injury and not up-to-par, junior Emmanuel Simiyu raced but really wanted to gain race experience for this type event next year. Special recognition to Coach Joseph Walker for competing in the community division with a nice 18:15 finish.

It is also time now for our Demons Distance Runners to be thinking about or starting to begin their winter conditioning for the upcoming track season. Think of December as June, the longer you wait to begin, the less time to build your winter base.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 11/20/2022

Last weekend, senior Lucy Turley capped off an incredible high school cross country career by placing 3rd in the State Meet and earning 1st Team All State Honors. Lucy's finish was the 2nd best state finish ever by a Lady Demon. Among her many accomplishments the last four years include being Sectional Champion, Four-time First Team All Section, Jamboree Champion, two-time Thunderbird Invite Champ, Valley Lutheran Champion and winner of this year's Shawn Kerr Halftime meet.

Sophomore Alexavier Martinez ran an awesome race and just missed a trip to the award stand. He improved his placing from last year by over 100 places. Unfortunately the boys ran into some adverse health situations that prevented them from reaching their ultimate state goals. Out of the 68 Div III teams in Arizona, our boys finished 18th.

Congrats state qualifiers on an excellent season -- #1 runner, junior Emmanuel Simiyu, seniors Richard Masterson and Nico Gamboa, junior JR Ruiz, sophomores Alexavier Martinez and Tabian Bailey and frosh, Kai Becker.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 11/10/2022

Last Thursday, our Varsity Cross Country teams competed in the State Qualifying Sectional Meet against 18 teams. After running in warm temperatures most of the season, it was a big change to race in the cold and windy conditions at Cross Roads Park in Gilbert.
Congratulations to senior Lucy Turley for winning the Sectional Championships yesterday by over 25 seconds. Our “less than full strength” Lady Demons placed 8th paced by Lillie Dyer (38th), Neveah Mendenhall (43rd), Velycia Pickett (54th), Sela Bunsick (61st), Victoria Skoriuchow (64th), and Sophia Riley (65th).
Our Boys placed an excellent third and advanced to the State Championships this Saturday at Cave Creek Golf Course. Medalists Emmanuel Simiyu (4th) and Alexavier Martinez (7th) were both recognized with 1st Team All Section Honors. Responding to the challenge, the boys got very solid races from Tabian Bailey (19th), Kai Becker (21st), J.R. Ruiz (28th), Richard Masterson (40th) and Nico Gamboa (50th).
Good Job, Cross Country.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 10/24/2022

We are the Champions!! Last Thursday our Cross Country teams competed in the District Jamboree against our nine district schools. Lots of personal bests and strong performances by most all of our harriers.
Our boys raced to their third consecutive championship (a Three-Peat) by placing four runners in the top ten. While Emmanuel Simiyu (runner-up), Alexavier Martinez (3rd), Kai Becker (8th) and JR Ruiz (10th) placed in the top ten, the hero of the day was “senior Richard Masterson” as his 15th place finish was the deciding factor in the guy’s win by one point. Ricardo Garcia (25th) and Nico Gamboa (27th) provided the final icing on the cake.
Senior Lucy Turley successfully defended her championship title with a convincing win on the girl’s side. The Lady Demons avenged their one point loss last year by winning convincingly. Frosh Lillie Dyer was the “hero” of the girl’s race with her 16th place finish proving the deciding factor in the girl’s race. Other members and medalists of this year’s championship team include Zainab Inman (11th), Neveah Mendenhall (12th), Avery Boyer (8th), Sela Bunsick (18th) and Velycia Pickett (19th).
Our JV Boy’s dominated their race winning 10 of the 20 medals. Tabian Bailey (1st) and Ethan Howard (2nd) ran stride for stride most of the race to finish first and second. Edgar Gomez (3rd) and Nehemiah Llamas (4th) rounded out a one through four sweep. Other medal winners included Aiden Padilla (7th), Daniel Tang (8th), Andrew Brazier (9th), Tony Tank (11th), Anthony Braizier (16th) and Dominik Hite (17th).
In the Girl’s open race, Sophia Riley (5th) led all the Lady Demon medalists including Gabby Tank (7th), Leah Nordstrom (14th), Lilly Molyneaux (15th) and Kasey Tran (18th).
Well Done, Cross Country.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 10/20/2022

On the last Friday in September, our varsity cross country teams ran in one of the largest meets in the country under the lights in Mesa. Over 6000 runners from over 200 schools including Colorado, Texas, and California finished the many races run on the Leisure World golf course at night.

Lucy Turley competed in the prestigious and very fast Sweepstakes race against some of the fastest girls in the southwest. She was the 8th best Arizona finisher and almost broke the 19 minute barrier.

Our Boy’s Varsity placed an outstanding 5th out of 64 small school varsity teams and was the second Arizona team. This was the first truly "team effort" big meet of the year and the boys responded well. Emmanuel ran a medal winning 10th place (17:07), Alexavier Martinez (18:22), Richard Masterson (18:36), Kai Becker (18:44), J.R. Ruiz (19:15), Ricardo Garica (19:59) and Nico Gamboa (20:36)

Soph Zainab Maliki-Inman led the Lady Demons to a 24th place finish (again #1 Lucy was in another race) with a PR 24:07 clocking. The girls ran very well with many getting a personal best. Finishers included Neveah Mendenhall (24:37), Velycia Pickett (25:40), Sela Bunsick (26:11), Victoria Skoriuchow (28:14) and Sophia Riley (32:22).

A truly unique cross country running experience! All the Demons were hungry for a post-meet meal at In-N-Out Burger.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 10/19/2022

No grass, no trees but Greenway runners “like” the Skunk Creek landfill course. On the first day of fall break, many of our harriers ran personal bests while conquering the hill and barren wasteland in the Happy Valley Invitational. With fall break, several of our athletes were not there due to family activities.
In an extremely competitive field filled with Div 1 schools, our Varsity Boy’s finished 7th. Emmanuel Simiyu raced with the best to finish an outstanding 6th and broke 17 minutes for the first time. Alexavier Martinez made a major breakthrough last year on the course and repeated this year with a personal best clocking. Both Richard Masterson, JR Ruiz and Nico Gamboa played key roles in the Varsity’s finish.
Ricardo Garcia ran his best race of the season with a 5th place finish and 19:28 clocking followed by medal winning Aiden Padilla. Both Michael Ochieng and Frank Horlacher ran their best races of the season.
Despite missing some key runners, our District Championship frosh team placed a close 2nd behind Liberty. Kai Becker took the lead at two miles and cruised to his second major invitational win. Medal winners also included Edgar Gomez, Tony Tank and Carmelo Vasquez. Phillip Pham, Caleb Madison, Hung Nguyen and Seth Huerta also all ran personal bests.

In the girl’s frosh race, Lillie Dyer ran her personal best to finish runner-up followed by medal winners Gabby Tank (10th) and Lily Molyneaux (13th)
The varsity girls were led by Neveah Mendenhall (25:29), Velycia Pickett (27:01) and Sophia Riley (28:43) while Leah Nordstrom (34:48) was our top JV/Open finisher.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 10/18/2022

Sometimes you just have to play! We started the annual Badminton Challenge last year during fall break. Combine badminton along with Barro's pizza in the quad followed by more badminton or basketball and it made for a "fun" afternoon. PS...we have some very good badminton players running cross country.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 10/18/2022

Last Thursday, Oct 13, our cross country teams competed in the Titan Invitational in Gilbert. The goal was to run on the Varsity Sectional course one time before Sections on Nov 2. Our “short-handed” Varsity boys still placed 3rd against 24 teams. Emmanuel Simiyu raced to a medal winning performance while Alexavier Martinez missed by a mere one place. Kai Becker and JR Ruiz finished in key spots to ice the varsity’s placing.
Congratulations to our JV/Open Boys for winning their division. The team was led by medalists Ethan Howard and Tabian Bailey with strong performances from Edgar Gomez, Nehemiah Llamas and Aiden Padilla.
Avery Boyer and Lillie Dyer were the top Lady Demons in the Varsity and Leah Nordstrom and Kacey Tran led our Greenway runners in the JV/Open.
Of course, lunch at McDonalds or Subway was in store for the tired runners.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 10/17/2022

The 40th annual Shawn Kerr Memorial Halftime Meet was held Friday night between Greenway, Northwest Christian and Thunderbird. Greenway won the boy's race while Northwest Christian took the girls. Lucy Turley won the girls race while the boys paced by Emmanuel Simiyu (2nd) and Alexavier Martinez (3rd) took five of the top ten places to win a close one.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 07/06/2022

Yesterday morning four Demon harriers continued a tradition that dates back to the 1990's of running in the Arizona Road Racers 4th of July Road Race at Rio Vista Park. Congratulations to 2014 grad Austin Lavin for again taking home first place honors and Emmanuel Simiyu for being the top "Demon of the Day" in this four mile race. Following Emmanuel across the finish line were Tabian Baily, Richard Masterson and "wishing I had my inhaler" Alexavier Martinez . Coach Joseph Walker and Coach Adam Mrozinski also put their feet on the starting line to complete the Demon entries. Both Coach Walker and Emmanuel placed 3rd in their divisions and earned trips to the award stand. At the same time as these Demons were running in the heat, Lucy Turley was running a five mile 4th of July road race in Wisconsin under cooler conditions. She won her division and placed 14th overall.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 06/17/2022

Greenway Cross Country “2022” is off and running this summer with our series of Wednesday and Thursday mini-camps throughout the summer. All the runners have their mileage charts which they "should" be filling out after any summer training runs.
To date the harriers have experienced training at Acoma Park, the famed "Flora and Fauna" run, Monte Cristo "timed" runs, hill training at 47th and Beardsley (rewarded with popsicles) as well as weightlifting every Wed. With our track still off limits as well as "All "athletic fields, this year is a little more challenging. Our sessions this week and for the rest of the summer will start at 6:00 am.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 11/22/2021

The 48th annual Greenway Cross Country Award’s Banquet is in the books. The 2021 season proved very successful as we had 40 runners finish the season, raced to three major Championships and had our athletes build so many wonderful memories and friendships while increasing their running potential. A highlight was Coach Giddings’ traditional slide show along with many awards/certificates given to deserving athletes. Award winners included:
Outstanding Varsity: Lucy Turley and Emmanuel Simiyu
Outstanding Senior: Jenessie German, Tavia Stemmons, Everett Steller
Ed Wasem Most Inspirational: RJ Pambuan
Wolfie Perkin Most Inspirational: Jenessie German
Outstanding Junior: Jaden Lange, Nico Gamboa
Outstanding Soph: Victoria Skoriuchow, Aiden Padilla
Outstanding Frosh: Neveah Mendenhall, Alexavier Martinez, Linkin Dyer
Outstanding JV: Zainab Maliki-Inman, Trent DeBoard
Captains: Elayna Padilla, Jenessie German, RJ Pambuan

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 11/22/2021

Last Saturday, our Varsity teams advanced to the State Meet at Cave Creek Golf Course. While achieving excellent and good goals the last two weeks with plenty of PR’s, the State meet provided more “acceptable” goals. However, Junior Lucy Turley capped off an outstanding season with a 12th place finish and earned 2nd Team All State Honors. Showing some youth, State meet inexperience and a dislike for the “challenging” course, our Lady Demons finished 12th while the Boy’s placed 26th.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 11/05/2021

Congratulations to our Boy’s and Girl’s Cross Country Teams for qualifying for the State Championships next Saturday. Competing against 18 teams in our Section, both the Boys and the Girls’ teams finished 5th.

Lucy Turley (4th – 18:42) earned 1st Team All Section Honors with her outstanding 4th place finish while Jenessie German (11th – 20:08) earned All Section Honors for the fourth year in a row. Elayna Padilla (37th -22:54), Jaden Lange (39th – 23:18), Victoria Skoriuchow (62nd – 25:36), Neveah Mendenhall (74th -27:16) and Zainab Inman (77th – 27:27) rounded out the girl’s scoring with some excellent personal best performances.

Our Varsity Boys all ran personal bests by finishing strong the last mile to earn their ticket to State. Emmanuel Simiyu (17th-17:34), Alexavier Martinez (21st – 17:40), and Everett Steller (29th – 17:58) all ran in the 17:00 minutes for a 5K with Nico Gamboa (30th – 18:00.6) missing by one half a second. Fast closing RJ Pambuan (45th – 18:47), Richard Masterson (46th – 18:48) and Alex Skoriuchow (65th – 19:20) finished out the boy’s scoring.

Of course, lunch at In & Out Burger was required after the race.
Excellent Job Cross County…on to State next week.

Photos from Greenway Cross Country's post 10/31/2021

Another Great “Jamboree” Day for Greenway Cross Country.

On Wednesday, our Boys’ Varsity Cross Country team successfully defended their title at the 31st Annual Glendale District Jamboree Championships.

While all seven varsity runners won individual medals, it was RJ Pambuan who was the “hero of the day” as his 15th place finish was the deciding factor in the guy’s win. Emanuel Simiyu (3rd) was the #1 Demon followed by “Welcome to the Varsity” Alexavier Martinez (5th), Nico Gamboa (7th), Everett Steller (8th), Alex Skoriuchow (17th) and Richard Masterson (19th)

While Lucy Turley joined an exclusive club of Jamboree 1st place winners, Jenessie German finished a close runner-up with Elayna Padilla (8th) and Jaden Lange (10th) also making trips to the award stand. Victoria Skoriuchow (22nd) and Zainab Inman (24th) closed out the girl’s scoring. After a nine year run of first place finishes since 2012, the Lady Demons decided to share the wealth and finished a close second by a mere two points.

Frosh Linkin Dyer led from the start to capture first place in the Boys Open with “best race of the year” Trent Deboard a close runner-up. Medal winners also included Aiden Padilla (8th), Jorge Nestares (9th), Sam Grumeretz (18th) and Victor Flores (19th). Vernon Blackshire (27th), Vincent Villarante (31st) and Noel Sameer (35th) all finished strong for the Boy’s Open runners.

In the Girl’s Open race, Frida Espana (5th) and Anchana Selvaganabathy (7th) both finished in the medal winning top ten.

This closes out the regular season for the Demons. The Varsity squads compete in the State Qualifying Sectionals this Thursday morning at Rose Mofford Park. Boys (8:00), Girls (8:30)

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Greenway Cross Country Runners Sing The Demon Fight Song
The tradition of the Breakfast Run continues.  Over the many years, runners have ended up at Coach Giddings parents, Coa...
2012 Greenway Cross Country Season Journey





3930 W Greenway Road
Phoenix, AZ
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