Free Library of Philadelphia Culinary Literacy Center, Philadelphia, PA Video August 14, 2018, 4:59pm

Videos by Free Library of Philadelphia Culinary Literacy Center in Philadelphia. The Culinary Literacy Center advances literacy through food and cooking around a communal table.

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Cutting a Cabbage!
Cabbage- it's salad gold! Chock full of vitamins and minerals (and fiber)(and antioxidants), this crisp and crunchy veggie is a nutritious addition to many recipes. It also has a SUPER long shelf life- especially when purchased whole. Chef Shayla shows us how to get "a head" of the game by demonstrating how to cut a cabbage!

Cutting a Melon!
On this beautiful, sunny day we are sharing a honeydew "how to"! Follow along as Chef Joan demonstrates how to properly prep a melon.

Cooking with the Food Access Plan: Cabbage Rolls!
Sweet, sour and savory- these cabbage rolls have it all! Flan transforms cabbage, canned beef (!), and tomatoes to make this delicious and nourishing Eastern European dish. This recipe was inspired by ingredients recently found in the City’s Food Access boxes (and their sister’s MIL!). If you need food to supplement your family’s supply, don’t forget that there are over 40 sites operating every Monday and Thursday from 10am to 12pm across Philadelphia distributing free boxes of food. No ID is necessary, just show up. For more information how to find free, nutritious food, how to volunteer, and a steo by step recipe for making these cabbage rolls, visit!

Cutting a Pineapple!
🍍Pineapples- pretty to look at, intimidating to cut. Here's a quick and easy tutorial for tackling this prickly fruit! You'll be out in the ☀️ enjoying them in no time.🍍 #culinaryliteracy #knifeskills #apineappleaday

Let's get dicing! With proper knife skills, it's much easier to chop an onion. Follow along to improve your technique at home! #culinaryliteracy #backtobasics #knifeskills #imnotcryingyourecrying #greatonionflip

Ginger Chicken & Fried Rice is nice!! Visit our Instagram page @freelibrarycooks for a modified, 5-step recipe for all ages, with youth and families in mind. The Free Library’s digital collection is exciting to explore, with great cookbooks for kitchen inspiration. Chopping once, cooking twice, tasting Ginger Chicken & Fried Rice!

Stuck at home without Easter Egg Dye? Never fear! You can make homemade dye with ingredients you may have around the house. 🐰 We used red onion skins, grated red radishes, yellow onion skins, and turmeric. Put each item in a separate bowl and pour boiling water over it. After letting it steep for ten minutes, strain the liquid into another bowl. 🐣 Let the eggs take a bath for 30 minutes and you’re good to go! They may not be as bright as the store-bought dye, but it’s way more fun!

Just in time for Sunday brunch, we’ve got pancakes from scratch, made with help from two guest stars. 🥞 This pancake recipe comes from Edible Alphabet, the Culinary Literacy Center’s flagship program for English language learners, offered across the city at Neighborhood Libraries as well as Parkway Central.

White Bean and Sausage Stew
Did you panic-purchase dried beans even though you’re not sure how to cook them? No? Just us? Check out this #FreeLibraryHomeCooks as Liz follows @clarkbar’s recipe for a foolproof way to make a delicious meal out of that bag of beans. Check out for @flpauthorevents podcast of Melissa Clark’s 2017 Author Event. Use your @freelibrary library card to access the @nytimes online for free.

For today’s #FreeLibraryHomeCooks, we are making a vegetable quiche. Here’s how: 1. Whisk 3 large eggs, 1.5 cups of milk/cream, and a good pinch of salt. 2. Add 1/2 cup of shredded cheese. We used mozzarella, feta, and Parmesan. 3. Add 1.5 cups of cooked veggies. We used leftovers—sautéed broccoli, chard, and asparagus. 4. Whisk it all together and pour into a pie crust. Our crust was homemade, but frozen is 👍🏻 5. Bake at 375* for 40-45 minutes until the eggs are set and not wiggly.

The Free Library may be closed, but our home kitchens are open. In this first video, we are making Marcella Hazan’s simple, three-ingredient tomato sauce.

Keynote presentation by An Indigenous Migrant Kitchen by Neftali Duran at the 2019 #goodfoodforall conference.

Handwashing with Nourishing Literacy for Young Children
Nourishing Literacy is the Culinary Literacy Center’s school visit program, connecting learning standards to hands-on cooking activities. We are creating a set of videos to help the Nourishing Literacy students practice and prepare for working safely in the kitchen before their visit. This is our first video – a handwashing video for our youngest students – ages 3 through 8. Thank you to Steve Jackson and Malik Harris of Jackson-Cor for creating this video for us, and for doing such a beautiful job! Thank you to all of the children who participated - and to the Free Library staff members who involved their children in this project!

With Geechee Girl Rice Cafe, Michael W. Twitty and Dr. Jessica Harris

#nextlibrary2017 #culinaryliteracy #cookedtoperfection #flpinaarhus

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