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Great experience you have a beautiful gallery and very eclectic sculpture!
A nice surprise in Terminal D at PHL...
It looks like place for folks to learn the art of shaping clay into beautiful pottery, also folks can enjoy working something with they're hands and communication with fellow artists. I would like to learn to make bowls and planters for flowers and grow food in.
ARTISTS: JOIN US! Just a few spaces remain for the 2019 Annual Conshohocken Arts Festival on Saturday June 1! The Conshohocken Art League is accepting applications from artists with original paintings, prints, drawings, and photographs. Application deadline is May 15. To apply, visit:
What a night! The Mudball was fabulous... EVERYONE had a fun night and will be talking about it for a long time ... kudos to the entire staff, the board and the volunteers who worked hard putting together a fantastic evening. Already excited for next years MUDBALL ...
Hello! On behalf of Conshohocken Art League and Conshohocken Mayor Yaniv Aronson, I’d like to formally invite you to the second annual Conshohocken Arts Festival and Car Show! We are currently accepting applications from artists with original paintings, prints, drawings, and photographs. We hope that you’ll share this with your networks. To apply, please visit the link listed below:
Hello members of The Clay Studio community! On behalf of the Conshohocken Art League, I’d like to formally invite you to the first annual Conshohocken Arts Festival! We are currently accepting applications from artists with original paintings, prints, drawings, and photographs. To apply, please visit the link listed below. We hope to see you on Saturday, June 2.
Good Morning, wondering when you are going to have you yard sale? I look forward to it every year
New lyric video "Man in clay" on YouTube out now! Audio quick links:
Beautiful article in Hyperallergic Jackson Taylor!
Replaced crumbling brownstone on my house with salt glazed brick.
"Somerset Hub" at Frankford & Tusculum. Glazed brick sculpture, 11'x3' diameter I created this year, included bricks made in workshop with community.

The Clay Studio is an internationally recognized non-profit ceramic art organization in Philadelphia, PA. Founded in 1974, The Clay Studio supports the ceramic arts through its artist residencies, gallery, studio space, school, and educational & outreach programs.

The programs of the Clay Studio reflect the dual character of the organization: as a community-centered institution involved with the life of the city and region, and as a national and international focal point for ceramic arts. Because The Clay Studio believes in promoting broad access to the ceramic arts, programs are geared to all levels of interest and proficiency.

Mission: As a welcoming destination where all people can explore the creative and accessible world of clay, our mission is to provide a unique learning environment in which to experience the ceramic arts. Our exhibitions, retail shop, classes, artist residencies and community outreach programs educate and inspire locally, nationally and internationally.

Operating as usual

Last Thursday we had our first meeting of the Making Place Matter Exhibition Council, comprised of members of our current community and future neighbors in South Kensington.

We heard from the lead artists Kukuli Velarde, Molly Hatch, and Ibrahim Said, and worked on the Council's mission statement.

We are excited to plan the Visitor Engagement portion of the Making Place Matter, the first exhibition in our new building (September 2021), together with this Council and with the support of a generous grant from the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage.

This season, be the talk of the party at your next social gathering with close friends and family with this tray from Sunshine Cobb. Head over to Sunshine's shop page to get your hands on it before it's gone!

From the artist:
“Trays and traskets are of the same making family for me. They represent gathering and service. How we come together to celebrate with each other and create memories. As I often (use to) go to potluck events, a tray with a handle came in very handy!
Kind of a basket and a tray had a baby hence a trasket.”

[10/16/20] featured Lisa Naples and her exhibition, "Using the Sun to Find North," in the article, "16 amazing things to do in Philly right now!"

Don't miss the exhibition, which will be on display at The Clay Studio until November 15. Lisa is also giving in-person tours on Saturdays!

Read the article here:

Returning Resident Artists Nick Lenker (@nicklenker), Jacob Raeder (@grindingrinding), Stephanie Kantor (@stephaniekan), Alex Ferrante (@ferrantejames), and Nate Willever (@natewillever) join us TOMORROW at noon during our next Lunch & Learn!

They will each give a short presentations about their inspiration and the new work they've made during their time at The Clay Studio. You won't want to miss this:

Bucks County Herald

Thank you Bucks County Herald Newspaper for featuring Lisa Naples and her exhibition, "Using the Sun to Find North," in their October 1 e-edition!

Don't miss the exhibition, which will be on display at The Clay Studio until November 15. Don't forget you can also schedule a Gallery tour with Lisa herself on Saturdays.

Read the article here: Bucks County Herald - Bucks County Herald - 10/1/2020

George Rodriguez's exhibition, "La Flor, el Nicho, y sus Memorias" has an interactive feature, come visit, bring an offering, make a guardian, build community. Traigan sus ofrendas, hagan un guardia, formenten la communidad.

From the artist:
“In the spirit of bringing people together I wanted to create a community altar where memories and traces of friends and family would be felt even while being distant. Flowers adorn the walls and create a colorful em- brace. Small niches hold offerings of hope and remembrances. There is pleasure in decoration, there is pleasure in knowing we are together."

Bring some color into your life with a mug by Resident Alum Roberta Massuch. Each one holds a beautiful gem tone inside, a surprise just for you as you raise the mug to your lips to take a sip.

Today's rainy weather makes this quote, chosen by Roberta, particularly relevant:

"We are able to hear a single tone. But we almost never (that is, without special devices) see a single color unconnected and unrelated to other colors. Colors present themselves in continuous flux, constantly related to changing neighbors and changing conditions." -Joseph Albers, "The Interaction of Color"


Gallery visitors have been making their offerings to George Rodriguez's altar!

George, for his exhibition, La Flor, El Nicho, y sus Memorias, used this intimate space to create a reflection and meditation area. One viewer at a time can enter for a quiet, solitary moment.

Take a piece of clay, make a figure, and finish it with one of George's skulls. Place it on the altar and then join us November 1 via Zoom for a Day of the Dead celebration!

Lunch and Learn with George Rodriguez

We are LIVE with George Rodriguez as he talks about his exhibition at The Clay Studio- La Flor, El Nicho, y sus Memorias!

The program starts at 12!

Check out the great artwork we have in the Shop that will complement any home interior design style!

Naimah Stith, Shop Coordinator, designed our window display to reflect a clean, modern sensibility. Check out our Shop online or in person to pick that perfect piece to complete your home style statement. #clayweek2020 DesignPhiladelphia

Here's what's been happening in our galleries: visitors are stopping by to have a moment, to reflect, to remember, and to pay tribute. Thank you, George Rodriguez, for bringing people together into the communal altar you've created! And it'll be nice to be with you on Zoom tomorrow — in spirit!

Join us at noon TOMORROW for our next Lunch & Learn. Joining Jennifer Zwilling this week will be artist George Rodriguez, as the pair discusses "La Flor, El Nicho, y sus Memorias," his exhibition currently on display at The Clay Studio!

Visit to join the call and learn how YOU can contribute to the exhibition, by creating a figure that will be used in the Shared Offering Ceremony to honor Dia de los Muertos, at the closing celebration for the exhibition on November 1!

301 Moved Permanently

Join Fleisher Art Memorial tomorrow, October 8, for a discussion about the traditional practice of Nigerian and Ghanian Pottery with Robin Williams Turnage, a Clay Studio Associate Artist!

Get more information on Fleisher From a Distance: Nigerian and Ghanian Pottery and Surface Design:

Join Lisa Naples in the Gallery on Saturday’s throughout her exhibition, "Using the Sun to Find North," for guided tours! Tours are free and limited to four people to ensure safe social distancing. They will run every Saturday at noon, 12:30 p.m. and 1 p.m.

"Using the Sun to Find North," October 2 through November 15, is Lisa's daring solo excursion into uncharted territory to find her own path forward, a new body of work by which to orient herself during a period of upending life changes. "Though I didn't know what I'd make," she says, "I opened to manifesting the chaos as well as the dreams into form."

Pictured: "Escape Air" from the Wayfinding Series (plates)

From the artist:
"In the urban legend this plate series uses as it’s source of inspiration, there are 2 clear paths that the exhausted hawk must choose between. As I journeyed along, manifesting the work, I was simultaneously living this story out in my life. What I noticed, time and again was that these 2 paths were not clear, distinct or separate. One wasn’t ‘virtue’ while the other was ‘vice.'

they were intertwined actually. Making a choice toward coping strategies one day informed future choosing. Making a choice toward surrender another day didn’t promise it would continue. It was information. That’s all. Which is why I chose to hang the plates within the Vesica Piscis geometry: to show integration."

Are you entertaining a socially distant gathering with loved ones? We've got just just the thing for you in The Clay Studio Shop!

This handcrafted tumbler box set from artist Sunshine Cobb that have a rustic, hands-on charm that can fit any space. They're perfect for casual indoor and outdoor get-togethers thanks to the set's convenient portability.

Get your hands on this set before it's gone:

From the artist:
"These tumbler box sets are an exploration of sets! I’m a potter who hasn’t done much 'set' work — always creating more one off style work or work in a series. The box sets were about thinking of color combinations and the idea of entertaining a small party.

I’m always thinking about the aesthetics of a table setting, and these just seem to scream summer ice tea to me! [I also played] with mirroring texture with the box and the tumblers. These are meant to be useful and playful at the same time."

October First Friday

Old City District

It’s First Friday - here are some new exhibitions in Old City, including Larry Becker Contemporary Art, Pentimenti Gallery, and The Clay Studio.

Be sure to check with the gallery regarding hours and if an appointment is required, and follow all safety guidelines Philadelphia Inquirer

Join us TOMORROW on First Friday in October to chat with Jack Hinton, Philadelphia Museum of Art Curator of European Decorative Arts, to hear about his favorite historic drinking vessels in their Collection:

We'll choose some whiskey cups available in our Shop to test whiskeys from New Liberty Distillery and hear about the craft of the distilling process.

Buy a whiskey cup from The Clay Studio Shop and receive a 10% off code to use at New Liberty Distillery's web shop.

Pictured: mugs and whiskey cups by Jessica Brandl, Joshua Hebbert, Katherine Hackl, and Roberta Massuch.

Join us TOMORROW at our next Lunch & Learn to meet The Clay Studio Resident Artist Alum Lisa Naples!

Lisa will be joining Clay Studio Curator Jennifer Zwilling to celebrate the opening of her solo exhibition: "Using the Sun to Find North," which will be on display at The Clay Studio starting on Friday!

Beginning Friday, we invite you all to stop by in person, or view the exhibition on our website, before it's gone on November 15! Don't miss it!

Join the Zoom call to join in on the fun and ask a question live! ➡️

New Residents Kopal Seth, Chris Rodgers, Kevin Snipes, and Ruth Easterbrook are settling into life at The Clay Studio. Here's a sneak peek into their studios and an image of us on a walking tour of Old City last week.

After talking about the history of Philadelphia visible in the architecture and cobblestones, we ran into Larry and Heidi of Larry Becker Gallery, who have been at the forefront of the Old City art scene since the early 80's.

It was fun to introduce The Clay Studio's new Residents to the long time Old City art gallery residents. (Franklin Fountain ice cream cones not pictured)

A different fall? Yes, but family fun abounds with Zoom storytimes, teen forums and Halloween haunts

Looking for hands-on activities for the kids? Join The Clay Studio virtual handbuilding workshop!

Read more from Philadelphia Inquirer There's even lanternfly trap-making on the Camden Waterfront and virtual handbuilding led by The Clay Studio. And an outdoor movie night at Smith Memorial Playground.

This cup by PD & RH can be yours, but only if you head over to The Clay Studio shop now before it's gone! #MugshotMonday

This cup is part of a group of work that represents the collaborative efforts between artists Paul Donnelly and Rain Harris. It's an investigation into form, function and decoration the two began making after their trip to Jingdezhen, China, in 2012.

Group it together with more items from The Clay Studio Shop!

It's the LAST WEEKEND to view our exhibition "100 Years 100 Women," which comes to a close on Sunday, September 27!

It celebrates the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment, giving some women in the U.S. the right to vote. We asked 50 artists to each choose two women they admire and honor them by making a modern-day commemorative plate.

Pictured: "Azucar" by George Rodriguez, featuring the image of Celia Cruz! Visit The Clay Studio to see the exhibition in person or view it online:

Don't forget that you're able to purchase many of the plates.

Celia Cruz was a Cuban singer and one of the most popular Latin artists of the 20th century. Cruz rose to fame in Cuba during the 1950s as a singer of guarachas, earning the nickname "La Guarachera de Cuba." In the following decades, she became known internationally as the ""Queen of Salsa"" or "The Queen of Latin Music" due to her contributions to Latin music in the United States."

Top Can't Miss Fall/Winter Exhibits in Philadelphia -

What are you doing this fall? Check out our upcoming exhibition, "Using the Sun to Find North," featuring works by The Clay Studio Resident Artist alumni Lisa Naples! On view starting October 2.

Thanks for including us in your Top Can't Miss Fall/Winter Exhibits roundupDiscover Philadelphia

To see the exhibition: Philadelphia is filled with wonderful art museums and galleries to explore, many of which have recently reopened with new health and safety measures in place. Below is a round-up of some of the exciting exhibits that are happening this fall and winter throughout the region, including several which c...

As the exhibition "100 Years 100 Women" comes to a close on Sunday, September 27, join us for tomorrow's Lunch and Learn to hear from a last group of artists to discuss their inspiration and their ceramic art process:

Hannah Pierce
Alex Stadler
Stephanie Osser
Carole Epp

As the show closes we are reminded to continue the fight for equality among all people, and are inspired to get out the VOTE this November!

We are so excited to have been accepted as the newest @vision2020women100 Women 100 Proud Partner, organizations who have made a commitment to advancing women’s equality!

We want to thank the entire team at Vision 2020 for allowing us to be a part of this amazing organization.

Vision 2020 is a national women's equality initiative headquartered at Drexel University’s Institute for Women's Health and Leadership. Throughout 2020 and 2021, Vision 2020 is leading Women 100: A National Celebration of American Women to commemorate the

100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: women’s right to vote. Throughout the year, Philadelphia, the birthplace of American democracy, is home to Vision 2020’s Women 100 programs and events, complemented by the work of Proud Partners — organizations committed to gender equality that have created their own programming in support of Women 100.

Old City District

Our exhibition, "100 Years 100 Women," will be on view through September 27, so don't miss it!

Catch The Clay Studio’s exhibition about the anniversary of the 19th Amendment, tune into the FringeArts Fringe Festival, and so much more this week! Visit Philly


Add to your collection with a cup from PD & RH, an artist collaboration between Paul Donnelly and Rain Harris, both alumni of The Clay Studio Residency Program!

Curator Jennifer Zwilling gives you a close look at these fantastic pieces that can be yours if you head over to The Clay Studio shop now! #MugshotMonday ⤵️

Did you know? 50% of your purchase directly supports the artist, and 50% of your purchase supports the operations of The Clay Studio, which serves 35,000 people, including 2,000 underserved school children, each year.

Mud Ball 2020

WATCH all the thrills and chills of our Wheel Battles during our Mud Ball — guess who won?

Round 1 : Widest Bowl Challenge


We want to thank the entire Clay Studio community who made Mud Ball 2020 a huge success! It was our first ever virtual fundraiser, and we were nervous, but you showed up — live and ready to roll — on Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to cheer us on.

Because of your generosity we raised a whopping $95,000!

Your support keeps us going all year long so that artists, students, teachers, and schoolchildren can discover and deepen their love for clay. Really, there's no other organization in the world like The Clay Studio, and it's absolutely because of people like YOU, who believe in us and love us and are always there for us!

See you next year at Mud Ball 2021 — in person, and in our brand new building!

(Auction and raffle winners will be hearing from The Clay Studio on Monday to confirm pick-up or shipping arrangements!)

Thank you to everyone who took part in last night's Mud Ball!

Whether you bought a ticket, bid or bet on auction and raffle items, or just followed along with us on social media, we want to thank all of you for your support.

We also wanted to give a special thank you to all of the sponsors who helped make Mud Ball possible. We can't wait for next year.

The Clay Studio

It's the LAST HOUR to bid on Mud Ball items before the auction closes at 9 p.m.! Make your bids now. ⤵️ Help The Clay Studio spread the word about Mud Ball 2020!

A Force for Good

The Clay Studio inspires curiosity and discovery around the art and craft of clay, drawing together students, artists, and an engaged public into a welcoming community. Every day, in our classrooms, studios, galleries, and neighborhoods, we deepen the connection between people and clay with the highest quality programs and exhibitions. Founded in 1974, The Clay Studio continues in the belief that shared creativity, so fundamental to humanity, is a critical force for good.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Philadelphia?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Lunch and Learn with George Rodriguez
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