Envision Peace Museum

An interactive museum about peace and justice, teaching the stories and skills of nonviolent social change. www.EnvisionPeaceMuseum.org

Envision Peace Museum is an emerging museum of peace, justice, and social change. Its business is to help people understand peace more fully, commit to it more deeply, and work for it more effectively.

Vision: Envision Peace Museum will be America’s premier site for learning about peace and active nonviolence. Envision Peace Museum will showcase the many approaches to building peace and justice with provocative and experiential exhibits – with particular emphasis on those that have proven most effective. Envision Peace Museum is an independent, not-for-profit institution under development in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. It has no affiliations with any governmental, political, corporate, or religious groups.

Mission: Envision Peace Museum ignites passion and action for peace-building through greater understanding of the meanings and roots of peace.


[10/30/15]   We are an audience curated museum! Remember to sign up for our Nov. 12th Design Thinking Workshop, RSVP - [email protected]


Iran Accepts Invitation to Syria Peace Talks in Vienna

Slow steps toward peace. Iran agrees to Peace talks on Syrian War scheduled for this Friday: http://bit.ly/1Gx9Y4K



In Philadelphia, an official Day of Kindness

Kindness = More than flags in city hall... What will you do for this #dayofkindness in #philadelphia?

philly.com Cheer up, Philadelphia.Or at least drop your fists and weapons.A day of kindness is at hand - a day devoted to encouraging hard-bitten city dwellers to smile, to embrace their brothers and sisters, to go out of their way not only to help one another but to support organizations that need fresh supplies and strong backs.


Learn Anatomy By Dissecting Knitted Animals

Good news for frogs! Humane dissection toys....http://bit.ly/1LedwbL

www.iflscience.com Weaving guts and wool into fantastic knitted creations, artist Emily Stoneking has made a line of (mostly) anatomically correct, partially dissected, knitted creatures.


Dispatch from UNGA: It’s done. The 2030 agenda for sustainable development has been approved.

Institution Development, Climate, Economic Inequality tackled at the UN:http://brook.gs/1LitP7t #UnitedNations #BrookingsInstitute

brook.gs Writing from the United Nations General Assembly, Senior Fellow Homi Kharas reflects on the approval of the 17 sustainable development goals.


Can yoga bring peace to the slums of Caracas? - BBC News

BBC News Improving quality of life in Caracas. http://bbc.in/1WNrYLK

www.bbc.com A yoga scheme has been set up in the slums of Caracas to improve the quality of life for the people that live there.

"Non-violence begins with the assumption that everyone can and must change. It acknowledges our human capacity for transformation" - Grace Lee Boggs (1915-2015)

Center for American Progress, What's the Real Cost?


EPIC Motivational Speech by Denzel Washington - Claim Your Dream!!

Denzel on gratefulness, consistency, dreams & goals: http://bit.ly/1jv1alg

Inspiring Motivational speech by Denzel Washington to some aspiring actors and kids. This gave me goosebumps .. DAMN! Want help working on your goals? Free s...

[10/01/15]   What's the greatest obstacle to peace?
a) Financial inequality
b) Climate change
c) Illiteracy
d) Something else?

Humans of New York

“My husband and I sold everything we had to afford the journey. We worked 15 hours a day in Turkey until we had enough money to leave. The smuggler put 152 of us on a boat. Once we saw the boat, many of us wanted to go back, but he told us that anyone who turned back would not get a refund. We had no choice. Both the lower compartment and the deck were filled with people. Waves began to come into the boat so the captain told everyone to throw their baggage into the sea. In the ocean we hit a rock, but the captain told us not to worry. Water began to come into the boat, but again he told us not to worry. We were in the lower compartment and it began to fill with water. It was too tight to move. Everyone began to scream. We were the last ones to get out alive. My husband pulled me out of the window. In the ocean, he took off his life jacket and gave it to a woman. We swam for as long as possible. After several hours he told me he that he was too tired to swim and that he was going to float on his back and rest. It was so dark we could not see. The waves were high. I could hear him calling me but he got further and further away. Eventually a boat found me. They never found my husband.” (Kos, Greece)


Americans Throw Twice As Much Trash In Landfills As Previously Thought

Trash talk - Americans Throw Away 2x Garbage as Previously thought: What do we lose when we waste?

www.iflscience.com Americans are plugging up landfills with twice as much garbage as previously believed, a new study has found. Looking at actual measurements taken from all landfill sites, rather than the estimations calculated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it turns out that the average American chucks 2.3 kilograms (5 pounds) of trash into the landfill each day.

“A way has to be found to enable everyone to benefit from the fruits of the earth, and not simply to close the gap between the affluent and those who must be satisfied with the crumbs falling from the table, but above all to satisfy the demands of justice, fairness and respect for every human being.” (Pope Francis, Address to the Food and Agricultural Organization, 6/20/13


Elderly German Woman Facing 260,000 Murder Charges For Her Role In Auschwitz

How and when do we define justice?

www.inquisitr.com A 91-year-old German woman is facing charges of accessory to murder — 260,000 charges — for her role in running the infamous Auschwitz death camp in Nazi


Does money matter?

The way we value teachers affects students lives #EnvisionPeace

brook.gs Of course, it matters how and where it is spent and it needs to be combined with accountability for results. But the whole notion that we can reduce spending on education and do no harm or that new resources don’t have the potential to improve both the level and the distribution of student outcomes is just plain wrong.


Tree Goats (Original)

Be Daring! Explore! Envision Changes in Perception! Envision Possibility! #EnvisionPeace

DO GOATS GROW ON TREES? Filmed in Morocco © Michael Chinnici http://www.PhotoWorkshopAdventures.com Blog Article: http://photoworkshopadventures.com/blog/do-...

[09/17/15]   What's most important for peace & economics?
a) Commerce & Environment
b) Wage disparity
c) Education$
d) Something else?

[09/16/15]   How can we ensure migrant populations can access safety? More disturbing news from the crisis in Europe.

[09/14/15]   Fact sheet from @MercyCorps on the Syrian Crisis and how you can help 3.8 million refugees:


A normal girl's abnormal Life due to her Basic Knowledge lack - Change Girls life

A video on education, girls, and climbing out of poverty:

www.youtube.com Social Service, Girls need to be educated, save girls, education video about girls life time, clock for girls, girls life after 12 years, Check out this Anim...


BOATLIFT, An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience

Still touching. Ordinary people, extraordinary acts, turning tides of crisis toward hope & peace.

Tom Hanks narrates the epic story of the 9/11 boatlift that evacuated half a million people from the stricken piers and seawalls of Lower Manhattan. Produced...

[09/09/15]   A dangerously fragmented American middle class? Study from the Brookings Institute says yes:


Labor Day - Holidays - HISTORY.com

Some history on your day off from Envision Peace:

www.history.com Find out more about the history of Labor Day, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more. Get all the facts on HISTORY.com


Smart To Travel In Groups

Fun example of how working together and public transit help keep the peace:

www.youtube.com Three cartoons demonstrating that it´s always safer to travel in groups


New California Law Is A Big Step Forward For Working Women

How does economic gender equality impact peace?

thinkprogress.org The law was unanimously approved by the state Senate and the governor has said that he'll sign it into law.


Big Bank Says It’s Going To Cost A Lot To Do Nothing On Global Warming

Bank finds we can save Trillions if we act on climate change now

thinkprogress.org Not acting on climate is going to cost us another $44 trillion, Citibank said.

[09/01/15]   We are looking for your participation! Which topic would you like our next exhibit to cover?
a) peace and the environment
b) peace, culture & identity
c) peace, politics & society

Mother Theresa was born today in 1910...Envision Peace commends all our peaceful leaders.


Britain to Reopen Embassy in Iran, Nearly 4 Years After It Was Ransacked

Is trade good for peace? Embassies and businesses opening in Tehran. http://nyti.ms/1K3CVGx

www.nytimes.com Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond is likely to reopen the embassy in Tehran on Sunday, in a significant indication of warming Western relations with Iran.

Design Thinking Workshops: Peace Museum INNOVATES by inviting the community to PARTICIPATE in our exhibit brainstorming process. Ever heard of a museum doing that?

Graph measuring the $$ cost of war. Is violence the only way we know to address conflict? What other ways do you see?


50 Years After the Riots, Watts Projects and LAPD Learn to Co-Exist

A look at the fragile peace building process in one Los Angeles community.

gawker.com At a recent staff meeting at the Southeast Division station of the Los Angeles Police Department, Ryan Whiteman, a tall, barrel-chested sergeant, ran down the mid-year crime stats for Jordan Downs, a public housing development in the Watts neighborhood of South L.A.. Jordan Downs is home to some of the most destitute families in Los Angeles County. “Five generations of abject poverty,” is how civil rights attorney Connie Rice described the 700-unit complex, which looks like a cross between a tenement and a dilapidated army barracks. “It’s Third World America.”


Thousands Of Firefighters In California Are Inmates, Being Paid $1 An Hour On The Line

What is economic justice? How can we ensure at-risk populations receive fair pay? Are rights forgotten in this emergency blaze?

thinkprogress.org As climate change threatens to make fire season worse and prison reforms are reducing the state's source of cheap labor, California is reckoning with how it will fight fires in the future.


Summer Kaleidoscope | Mural Arts Program

Looking for something to do? Check out this City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program exhibit today at Eakins Oval!

www.muralarts.org Jessie Unterhalter & Katey Truhn

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Making Peace Visible: Envision Peace Museum is to be an inspiring new structure built in the heart of Philadelphia’s cultural and tourist district, offering a fresh voice on critical questions. Taking its place there among structures that celebrate some of society’s highest achievements, Envision Peace Museum will be a powerful and enduring symbol that “another world is possible.”
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