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Operating as usual


If you need pitching lessons for the upcoming season let me know. I have proven techniques to improve velocity safely, to rid arm pain and to be consistently in the strike zone with your fastball and your off speed pitches.


Matthew is starting his summer training to get his velocity in mid 80s before start of school year.


Matthews velocity continues to climb without any arm pain.


Week 1 is in the books. Matthew started at 68mph for his fastball and 62mph for his slider.

Next test is in two weeks.


Next week starts velocity training for Matthew. If anyone else wants to join let me know. 7-9 mph in 8 weeks.


Another myth is pitchers push off with their pivot foot. In truth the back foot is pulled off the rubber by the forward movement and the rotation of the hips.


“Throwing sidearm hurts your arm”. Another ignorant baseball myth. The truth is our body’s are not made to throw over the top. The arm slot should be as high as possible without affecting the head. Every athlete who has worked with me knows that. Safe arm slots with balanced head: keys to increase velocity safely and pain free.


I will conducting a velocity camp over the Christmas break. Let me know if your youth ballplayer is interested in gaining velocity safely.


14 weeks before Matthew tries out for his high school team.
5-1 mph added to his fastball should have him in high 70s to low 80s by spring. Next week begins. 5 pillars. Mechanics, physical (strength, flexibility, speed), nutritional (up daily calories and water), mental/emotional (zen conditional to achieve “the zone” on demand), character (straight As with volunteerism). That’s the overview of the plan starting next week.


If any ball players need a little more velocity before spring leagues let me know.


13u Surprise Finest baseball team. Tryouts. Saturday Marley Park in Surprise from 8-11.


Week 2 of the boot camp. Working on anticipation and first reaction time in our speed segment.


Today starts my 6 week baseball boot camp. Sole purpose is to get athletes more ready for club or school baseball. Having the 3 day a week camp will be at Joy Christian High School. Tonight is evaluation for arm strength, foot speed, quickness, core strength, bat speed and time to contact bat speed.

Starts at 6:00 pm tonight.


With more athletes taking pitching lessons it's easy to see how this program equals success. The odds were 1 in 10 for twelve year olds who played baseball to play high school baseball. The athletes I work with probably flipped those odds to somewhere around 90% chance to play play high school baseball.


Game 1 in the books. Won 16-3. We were not close to being prepared. Using scientific methodologies and the best trends in coaching we will continue to focus on improving athletes mechanically, physically, mentally/emotionally and character development in this great game of competitive baseball.


Using the Zepp trainer the trend I easily spotted was time to contact and swing plane. I will be using the training drills in the app to address those items to work on with the team to get ready to be the best hitting team in the league.


Drafted a great team. 1st practice tonight. Using various tools the benchmark evaluation to measure for individual progress and growth. The measurements be acquired by running the 40, push ups, arm speed with radar detector, swing speed and time to impact using the Zepp trainer.

It's going to be a great season.


Coaches meeting tomorrow for last year for Cal Ripken. The surprise Az league is great to play for. Great facilities, great administration.

It's Baseball Season again for Matthew. I rested him on purpose to give his arm that 3-4 month off for development and injury prevention and continued athletic development.


Merry Christmas.


Has anyone heard the term "Arizona Arm"? It's not a compliment. It is used by pro scouts describing overuse of pitchers arms. Not in innings but year round baseball without taking months off each year for natural recovery. The term means great arms (usually from the sunbelt) which wear out usually during or right after high school/college. Proper REST and nutrition is 1 pillar of 5 in the study Winning is A Byproduct I wrote at ASU Graduate School of Communication.


Do lessons on Sunday's only. Learn to safely increase throwing velocity safer. 7-9 mph in 3 months.


The biggest flaw I see in throwing a baseball is forcing the ball over the top. The athletes head generally has to move to the glove side to make space for their arm. This promotes early supination of the arm. Can result in elbow soreness at best and surgery at worst.


Let's learn to hit hard line drives.


Winning is a Byproduct


One of the biggest myths in youth coaching is to throw over the top. Just google - baseball pitchers release point and see 3/4 or lower arm slots all over Major League Baseball. Yet most coaches do not coach natural arm slot. Tom House was so correct when he said baseball is coached based on myths....


Winning is a Byproduct


The DevilDogs are retired. Now we are going to help run the Pilots organization.


The boys are really getting quicker, stronger and more flexible. Boot Camp is almost over.


Using video analysis really shows these young athletes how to get rid or harmful habits which will prevent success in baseball.


great workout today. Modern rotational hitting with Demarani Ikey to Mikey top. Wow all fields hit with line drive power. We are half way done and I already see a change in these athletes.


Week for of Boot camp starts tomorrow. Velocity training is beginning.


Speed camp was good yesterday. 1st true day of quicker base, balance form running and max proper stride. Thursday is core and flexibility again. My abs have finally recovered from last Thursdays workout.


First week of the summer camp was awesome. Tuesday we had our evaluation which will monitored during camp. Thursday we had our core strength and flexibility session (deep stretches, core work and yoga) and this morning we had a power workout with flank exercises, hitting with power (modern rotational theory) and ran 3/4 of a mile. This week is the beginning of the bootcamp. These kids all share one characteristic - they have goals of playing school ball and their parents support them in their goals.


Tuesday begins evaluation for Summer Camp. Let me know if you are interested. This camp is purely designed to improve physical, mental, emotional, flexibility and speed fitness. Lets beat the statistic of 90% of all 12 year old baseball players never tryout out for High School Baseball. For years only playing Little League, Babe Ruth, Club and other leagues have not changed the statistic. I know what will, I studied it at ASU Graduate School.


Still have some room for the camp. Also two days a week I will be conducting pitching lessons for those who are interested.

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