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So excited to see the amazing progress of a client! The mind effects the body just like the body effects the mind. While therapy is a powerful tool not all mental blocks need therapy services which is why coaching services can be so valuable to define stuck points and blast past them for amazing results!! Do you have a stuck point? Let’s talk about it and get you to where you want to be mentally and physically!!


Stress effects us in many ways and impacts our health and wellness! How much we move, how we eat, how we think all has an impact on our bodies! Need some assistance in pinpointing ways to increase your wellness and decrease stress? Let’s get it done!


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While I believe all Movements are Meaningful, it’s also beneficial to have an individually tailored program to your specific goals! Train with Purpose!!! Let’s talk about your goals!


INTENTION is a powerful thing! Motivation is fleeting , however habits remain consistent!!! Set yourself up for success buy setting intention! I would love to hear from you about your intention for tomorrow!!!


Did you know that providing wellness coaching and personal training isn’t restricted to the state I am in? The world is open and possibilities are endless!


Health, wellness and fitness aren’t localized to the body. How we think perceive and process things also affects our overall health. Getting a clear intention, resolving conflict and gaining clarity as you MOVE through mental stuck points is a powerful combination when paired with physical coaching!! Every movement matter!


75-year-old fitness influencer shares how she learned to live happily.

It is never to late to create news habits that add value to your life! Your body already knows how Every movement is meaningful!


Let’s focus on the healthy patterns of exercises, meals, HABITS that you already have that you enjoy and optimize them in ways that continue to propel you towards your intention!! What works for you isnt the latest socialmedia fad.. workouts and “diets” that may be popular aren’t what will keep you invested.. building on your foundation or starting where you are at sets you up for the success your capable of!! Lets talk!! #wellnesscoaching


Do you ever find yourself getting stuck in these myths? Every movement is meaningful and they all build on the one before! Keep moving!


The mind affects the body just as nutrition and exercise have an affect on the mind! Powerful tools that when combined towards the same intention can be unstoppable!!


I read that New Years resolutions regarding health and fitness get tossed to the side around 28 days in! Well we are past that point! You started moving towards something for a reason! Sometimes we just need a little guidance and support to keep that momentum going!


I love conversations!! I especially love to chat about how to improve your quality of life through healthy habits and beneficial lifestyle choices!


Taking the step towards improving ones health and wellness is a wonderful thing to have done! DECIDE on the goal, COMMIT to the process , FOCUS on what is going right and SUCCEED in your intention!!!!


It make sense to do what works. And around 9 years ago I started my own journey and lost over 20 lbs based on these principles plus exercise…so lets see if that key still fits this lock. Bonus to drag my sidekick along for all the comedic relief..

Edith Murway-Traina Is Powerlifting at 100 Years Old - BarBend 08/10/2021

Edith Murway-Traina Is Powerlifting at 100 Years Old - BarBend

Love this! Our body is capable of amazing things at any age! We are made for movement!

Edith Murway-Traina Is Powerlifting at 100 Years Old - BarBend Edith Murway-Traina has entered the 2022 Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest competitive female powerlifter ever.




I'll admit it, proper sleep is something I would definitely like to have shift in a more consistent direction! Even with fueling your body with the right nutrients and giving it the exercise it desires, sleep is necessary to get maximum results since your body gets to recover from all the wonderful things it does for you all day! How are you and your sleep cycle getting along?


There are always ways to add in some extra movement during the day!


Do you pack your lunch? Preparing your food the night before can assist in not acting on a hungry impulse during lunch break! Plus, purposely fueling your body with nutrients makes it happy! Nutrition and movement brings all the smiles!


I love my morning coffee, but I appreciate what getting my daily water intake does for my overall health and wellness! Dehydration can affect you mentally and physically! How are you getting your water in daily?


Wellness can be broken down into dimensions most commonly including emotional, physical, spiritual, social, intellectual and environmental... The wonderful thing is that a positive shift in one area can have a postive impact on another!
What areas are you looking to create adjustments in for an overall balanced lifestyle?


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It make sense to do what works. And around 9 years ago I started my own journey and lost over 20 lbs based on these prin...
##fitover40 #momfit #getmoving #nevertolate #beachworkouts #health #wellness #youcandoit #itsajourney #goals
There are always ways to add in some extra movement during the day!  #getmoving #takethestairs #healthandwellness





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