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I am a homeschool mom to 5. I love to go to events and on hikes and share them with others. I am not taking any photography clients at this time.


Turning 36

Can mist covered mountains be a love language? Pretty sure they are mine.

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com I hesitate to put my age out there, not because I don't want you to know but because I am often wrong... I am pretty sure that I am 36 though, maybe. And here is how I spent my first day. First stop was Mt. Magazine on our way home from our campsite. If I…


Beautiful hikes in the Ponca Area~Arkansas

2 beautiful hikes and one that did not work out. Anyone else have something not go as planned on most trips? I have learned to just say well there it is and move on. ha

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com My goal this trip was to do hikes that I thought would be fun for our kids. First up was the Pedestal Rocks Trail. It does have fun rock formations and beautiful views but it ended up being too long of a hike there and back before you got to those things. At around 2.5…


Haw Creek Falls Recreation Area and Campground ~Hagarville, Arkansas

My new favorite campground and a beautiful stop if you go to Arkansas. It is right off of scenic byway 7!


Camped in a photographers dream location this last weekend for the twins and my birthday! Haw Creek Falls in Arkansas was amazing!


The twins are 10!

Check out the blog post to see how much they have changed since we first got them!

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com I took these on their last day as 9yr olds! They are strong, fiesty, and love babies ;) They both decided to be engineers so they can make lots of money, and nurses. And I can't believe they used to be this little... Check out last year's pics, https://daniellehuddlestonphotography.com/the-twins-are...


Honey Springs Battlefield Reenactment 2019

When history comes to life.

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com History events are my favorite. The Honey Springs Battlefield Reenactment only happens once every two years and the weather was beautiful so there were a lot of people. I would have loved to go to the educational day but it is a bit far for us to do both that and the battle. I do…


God’s Design Plants

My computer is on the fritz but I finally got a blog post up! Here is what I think of the girls science ;)

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com We have been doing God's Design Plants for Beginners for a couple months now and I have to say it is a near perfect fit for my three youngest. They are in 3rd(twins) and Kindergarten, the curriculum says it is for K-2nd.   My girls love the fact they get a brand new workbook every…


Pleasant Valley Farms Winter Squash and Pumpkin Festival~Sand Springs, OK

I felt really silly going to pumpkin patches for the first time. Why would I pay extra money to go to a place with pumpkins? Now...

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com Pumpkin patches are such a fun cheap way to entertain kids! I do not remember this being a thing when I was a kid. Of course a trip to the pumpkin patch meant my mom's garden... This is our third year going to the Pleasant Valley Farms Winter Squash and Pumpkin Festival in Sand Springs and…


Boys vs. Girls

Sometimes the differences are glaring ;)

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com While in Minnesota last month our kids got a chance to play a lot with their cousins up there. I barely saw my boys, they were either playing video games or out in the woods doing who knows what. I finally decided to be brave and see what they were doing. They were attacking each…


No more steps…

Enough was enough on the all the stairs. I did not train for this beforehand. Ha. Plus we had another really good educational opportunity ;) My kids should not show an interest in things if they don't want to learn all about it...

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com After driving and seeing a lot the previous day we had a pretty laid back day planned for the next one. By we, I mean me. Nick basically just goes where I say on trips. Ha We headed up North again but not as far. We basically stopped at all the tourist shops and went…


Helping Tag Monarchs in MN!

One of my daughter informed me she loves when I make videos of all the kids and add music. So here you go ;)


We went to a different country!

What does a homeschool mom do on her kids first trip to a different country? Make it a giant history lesson of course!

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com We decided while we were up on the North shore we should go ahead and cross the border into Canada! It would be a first for everyone in my family. First stop was the Grand Portage National Monument! It is right near the border and we had gone several years ago. It ended up being…


Full campgrounds and amazing waterfalls ~North Shore, MN

Have you been to the North Shore in Minnesota? It's a magical place ;)

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com After Nick got home from Poland, we left for the North Shore in Minnesota. Lake Superior is one of my favorite areas. We were getting there at the end of a holiday weekend so we thought we might be able to find a spot without reserving but I called on our way just to be…


Have Jetlag? Go to a giant Steam Threshers Reunion!

Aurora watches, steam engines, and no keys ;)

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com Nick got back friday night and we went to a giant flea market on saturday morning! I did not get any good pics but I never even saw the whole thing. I did get a super yummy cinnamon roll though! That night there was a possible Aurora Borealis so I went out and watched for…


Chahinkapa Zoo and Riding Mules

I made it! And I basically put him right to work. Ha. We hit the ground running and really I am like "jetlag, what's that?" Ha

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com Nick's parents have mules and a pony so riding lessons always happen while we visit! Milo was so spoiled while up there! My cute nephew! Grandpa was sacrificed in the name of keeping girls entertained... Next up we went to the Chahinkapa Zoo in Wahpeton. We got a discount from our local zoo membersh...


Dunton Locks and Tagging Monarchs!

Have you ever helped tag butterflies? What a fun surprise!

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com I started figuring out right away that my plan to sleep in my in-laws camper while Nick was gone would mean less sleep for me. Ha But having extra help around was priceless! We went to a place called Dunton Locks for our first full day without Nick. I tried to not run around all…


While Nick was on his way to Poland…

I abruptly stopped my nightly photo project because...

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com Nick needed to go to Poland for work so we decided that we would move up our trip to Minnesota(and miss the fall colors!) so I could stay up their with the kids while he was gone. We got there Friday night and he left Sunday. I of course started trip planning right away when…


Grammar Comparison~Winston, 1st Language, and Brave Writer

A look into three different grammar programs and why we are not doing Winston Grammar this year.

Here is a quick look into three different grammar curriculum. Winston Grammar 1st Language Lessons Brave Writer


Marval RV Resort! ~Gore, OK

I survived, my kids already want to go back...

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com Marval RV Resort is a blast for the kids but a bit overwhelming for an introvert like me. Chocolate pudding slip n slide! I did figure out to just wait a bit to go to events like the slip n slide and the crowds went away. This bubble machine was crazy at first but cleared…

[08/30/19]   I needed to stop my daily photo project but it was so much fun! And I find a daily challenge to be a great way to improve my photography! How about you? Have you done a daily challenge to improve?

Day 75 my kids asked if it is fall, nope just that dry time of the year when the cottonwood drops it's leaves to survive.

Day 74 it is a real surprise that I have not gotten bitten by a spider during this project. I am definitely getting way too close...ha

Day 73 watched a storm with this guy ;)

Day 72 once a week walk with this guy ;) getting too dark to wait until after our walk so I brought my camera along. Tip for photographing teens/tweens, take it while they are telling you about something they like. I just kept the conversation going while taking pics. Some awkward talking pics but also a natural smile.

Day 71 oops forgot to post last night! Ha. I wore shoes instead of boots. Felt super jumpy when anything brushed my foot. Boots it is. Ha

Day 70!


Marval RV Resort! ~Gore, OK

I have decided resort rv parks are not for me. My kids are already asking to go back...
So if your kids like swimming, crazy events like chocolate slip n slides, and towers of bubbles you might want to check them out.

There are a LOT of people staying here on the weekends, during the summer! I almost left! HA! But the kids had a blast! I concluded it is Summer Camp for Fam...

Day 69 my oldest learned to never smack one of these guys if they land on you and puppy is not feeling well after his shots today. Look at that poor little face.

Day 68 I was out with friends until late but did manage still still snap this shot last night. Of course when I tried to get too close he moved and freaked me out. Ha

Day 67 tonight I picked some chocolate mint and just walked our back path breathing it in. Such an amazing smelling plant. I have always loved the smell of herbs.

Day 66 those tiny eggs on the redbud seed pod!

Without meowing vs with meowing...ha

Day 65 I have learned to meow to get my dog to look for pics. If nothing else comes from this photo project I am still happy with that.


Crystal Clear Creek in Oklahoma!

Such a fun stop in NE Oklahoma! Bring some buckets for crawdads and some water shoes and cool off!

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com The Little Blue Area used to be a state park and is located in Disney, OK. It had changed some since the last time we went, it has a really deep spot that was perfect for swimming! I would still recommend footwear since the rocks are hard on feet but it was a great place…

Day 64 this little scamp was a pain in the neck while camping...

Day 63 evenings are such a peaceful time to walk.

Day 62

Day 61 feeling stressed tonight. Deep breaths thankful for rain.

Day 60 wrong footwear choice. Saw a snake, thankfully it was dead. Boots Everytime.


13 here we come!

I have a teenager!

daniellehuddlestonphotography.com In honor of my oldest thirteenth birthday, I thought I would share some of the photos I have been taking of him in the past 60 days with my photo project! He loves Milo He wants to be a writer and is currently writing a book. Happy Birthday my first Teenager! And here is his…

Day 59 this is his last day as a 12yr old. I go for crazy questions and statements to get my older kids to be more natural in front of the camera ;)

Day 58


Little Blue Park ~Disney, OK

If you live in the area you should check out this beautiful free spot!

This is such a beautiful place to play! The water is clear and cold! It is free also! There are only vault toilets just a heads up. But if you are looking fo...

Day 57! Getting so close to that 60 day mark!

Day 56 my dog threw dirt at me. Totally not my fault I was trying to get a close shot, he should obviously be more careful.

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