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Sound wall in a Montessori classroom!
Tools 4 Reading, we just LIKED your FB page, as we seem to have much in common---helping ALL children READ with MORE success, using the right tools, strategies and support. It's great to meet you here!

This page will provide literacy tools for teachers to use in their classrooms. Visit http://www.too Mary Dahlgren, Ed.D., is president of MED Consulting and Tools 4 Reading.

She has over twenty years of experience teaching children and training teachers. She has worked as a classroom teacher, reading specialist, teacher trainer and consultant to numerous state departments of education and local education agencies. The purpose of this page is to share research-based instructional practices as well as products developed by Dr. Dahlgren.

Operating as usual

Watch this reel by tools4reading on Instagram 04/09/2022

Watch this reel by tools4reading on Instagram

The first Tools 4 Reading reel! 🥳

Watch this reel by tools4reading on Instagram sreedreamzs • Original Audio

Photos from Tools 4 Reading's post 04/09/2022

Hey! 💚 Have you heard about Top 10 Tools?

Top 10 Tools is an online comprehensive reading course designed to immerse educators in the science of reading.

The ten tools:

1️⃣ Knowledge – A Reading Teacher’s Foremost Tool
2️⃣ Oral language–A Foundation for Literacy
3️⃣ Phonemes–Paving the Way to Print and Meaning
4️⃣ Phonics and Spelling–Effective Decoding and Encoding Instruction
5️⃣ Vocabulary–The Blueprint of a Word
6️⃣ Comprehension–The Text and theMental Model
7️⃣ Fluency–Understanding Practice and Automaticity
8️⃣ Writing–Written Responses to Reading
9️⃣ Read Alouds–A Tool for Building Language Comprehension
🔟 Collaboration – Two Heads are Better Than One

For more information head on over to our website! 💚


@learningwithkels received her Tools4Reading Sound Wall materials! Yahoo! 🥳

Thanks for sharing the joy! 😍


Options for May Sound Wall Classes are posted on the Tools4Reading website! 🌼

This 6-hour fundamentals class is focused on the science of sound walls, their design, and their implementation into your daily phonological awareness and phonics instruction!

Cost $120

Link to sign up in comments below. 👇🏽


Check this out! 👀

I accidentally ordered the 10x14 oversized dry erase sleeves and was about to return them when I realized they are the perfect size for the Student Sound Wall Folders! 🤯

During a short i/short e intervention lesson this week, we circled the sounds and drew key pictures. I have always used these folders during intervention and now they are even better! 😍

Photos from Tools 4 Reading's post 03/30/2022

Here is a sneak peak at one of the activities from 50 Nifty Activities by Judi Dodson!

As you can see from the sample, each activity has an overview, directions for Whole Class, Small Group, and Independent Practice.

We used our Tools 4 Reading Phoneme/Grapheme Alphabet Strip and mini erasers for beginning sound practice!


Dear Friends and Allies:

Please consider participating in a FREE webinar with Dr. Blanche Podhajski and Dr. Nancy Mather, co-authors of MINDPLAY’s Comprehensive Reading Course for Educators.

Boon has a limited number of scholarships for the full course that are available at the Stern Center for Language and Learning through our Donor-funded Scholarship Program.

All gift proceeds are reinvested in scholarships.

Join us, train a teacher, and change lives.


We are pleased to announce that Judi Dodson's brilliant book 50 Nifty Activities for 5 Components and 3 Tiers of Reading Instruction is now available on the Tools4Reading website! 🤍

50 Nifty Activities provides a teacher with activities that are grounded in the Science of Reading.

50 Nifty Activities emphasize:
◦ A multisensory, lively, and engaging approach.
◦ The activities reinforce some of the most important concepts of literacy instruction that have been validated through evidence-based research in literacy development.
◦ Activities that are grounded in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension
◦ Direct, explicit and systematic instruction with simple and clear instructions
◦ The WHY and HOW specific, engaging classroom activities can change the brains of young readers,
◦ Three variations for each activity, including whole class, small group and individual or paired level for extra reinforcement and practice of concepts.
◦ Activities showing an icon that denotes “The Talking Classroom” connect oral language development to the targeted skills.
◦ Activities have student -friendly language for “establishing a purpose”. When students know why they are doing something it enhances both learning and motivation.
Our brains are wired for speaking, but teachers have the opportunity to wire the brain for the unique and difficult task of reading.

The activities in this book will add fun and whimsy to teaching and learning for you and your students as they practice critical foundational skills, opening the door to a lifetime of reading enjoyment.

Photos from Tools 4 Reading's post 03/21/2022

During F2F Sound Wall classes we build sound walls!

It aways sparks awesome questions and conversations around what graphemes are covered/uncovered as the students progress through the grades, instructional decisions about adding high frequency words and more!

It's a highlight of the day watching the collaboration!


Another source of information to support our dyslexic students.

The IDA has a handbook for families and classroom teachers.

DYSLEXIA GUIDE - International Dyslexia Association | Oregon 03/20/2022

DYSLEXIA GUIDE - International Dyslexia Association | Oregon

DYSLEXIA GUIDE - International Dyslexia Association | Oregon The International Dyslexia Association Oregon Branch has curated a library of text-rich English and Spanish resources. These high-quality dyslexia materials are specifically for our Spanish and English as second language speakers in a culturally appropriate context are a vital step in striving towar...


We couldn't agree more Kathleen! It's important for all students to see themselves reflected in the books and materials in our classrooms. Kid Lips for the win! Thanks for sharing!

FINALLY had time to put up my Vowel Valley in my classroom! 🙌

I absolutely love the representation of many faces in these pictures from @tools4reading 😊


We are BLOWN AWAY by the response we have received since the acquisition of Top 10 Tools!

Top 10 Tools is an online course offered to both INDIVIDUAL educators and school/district implementations.

This 45 hour online professional development was created by the brilliant Dr. Deb Glaser.

To show our appreciation for your dedication to learn more about the science of reading and instructional practices that will benefit your students, we would like to offer ALL individuals who subscribe to Top Ten Tools annually by May 31 the following:

•1 free seat in a Sound Wall Class.
•10% off on all Tools4Reading products (good through May 31).

To all INDIVIDUALS who subscribed annually already, welcome to the community! You will receive an email about this offer very soon.

Thank you again for going the extra mile to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge to meet the diverse needs of your students.

Tools4Reading + Top10Tools = Growing our Knowledge Together

For information about Top 10 Tools, Sound Wall classes and product descriptions, please visit our website linked in the comments below.


This message was shared in Teaching, Reading and Learning: The Reading League Podcast - Episode 11: Interview with Dr. Linnea Ehri.

At about the one hour mark, Dr. Ehri addresses the importance of articulatory gestures.

She also mentions the value of teaching phonemic awareness with letters and reminds us that students who don't know letters yet will need explicit instruction in sounds and mouth movements.

Link to the podcast in comments below. 👇🏽


🤍 Wishlist Wednesday 🤍

These two posters represent 44 speech sounds of the English language.

They are arranged by the place and manner of articulation.

A student can easily make connections by making their mouth look like the one on the poster.

This is a wonderful resource when teaching phonemic awareness and is popular among literacy coaches and interventionists who work with students in various locations around the building.

Two Poster Set
Size: 28" w x 22" h

Free Shipping on all orders shipped within the contiguous United States. International Shipping will incur additional charges.


We love hearing how sound walls benefit teachers and students!

Thanks @adventures_as_a_reading_coach for sharing! 🤍


How cool is this!?!

I saw this posted by Simon Shows You Maps. It shows where the English consonant phonemes are formed in the mouth aka Place of Articulation.

We Don't Talk About Bruno Reading Parody Encato Remix 03/06/2022

We Don't Talk About Bruno Reading Parody Encato Remix

A little smile for your Sunday!

We Don't Talk About Bruno Reading Parody Encato Remix Encanto Remix with the Science of Reading!Written by Carla Siravo Instagram: carlasiravoauthorTiktok: siravo_syllable_songsMike Archangelo Youtube/IG/Tiktok:...



What is Structured Literacy? What are the Key Features?
Structured Literacy is an Umbrella Term for a range of lessons that share instructional features and content. The term Structured Literacy was adopted by the International Dyslexia Association to describe a set of instructional approaches. This may lead people to conclude that it is only intended for students with dyslexia. Structured Literacy is explicit and systematic teaching with prompt and targeted feedback. It is planned and purposeful for ALL students.
Source: Dr. Rebecca Tolson ( Neuhaus )

Photos from Tools 4 Reading's post 03/01/2022

If you want to see examples of how a Sound Wall can look in your classroom, be sure to check out our Instagram Story Highlights.

Click Sound Walls and you will see lots of variations that align with place and manner of articulation. Some are wide, some are tall and we just love this Vowel Valley in the corner!

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Student Sound Wall Folders
Back to school = back to the printerGet your set of the Phoneme/Grapheme Teacher Instructional Cards here: https://www.t...
Teaching phonology and sound walls all over Australia this month has been such a joy. There are so many teachers making ...
Stay Tuned!
Stay Tuned!



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