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HNY Chabot Space & Science Center!

🖌 AstroGeo - 🎙 Susan Trishel Monsøn
1.20 November's planets at a glance offers excellent opportunities to view Moon-planet pairings, as well as Mercury in the eastern pre-dawn sky. #AstronomySkylights written by AstroGeo of Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) - Group
RASC Toronto Centre SkyNews Magazine Star Walk StarLab Astronomers Without Borders - narration 🎙 Susan Trishel Monsøn
We are delighted you are going to focus on the Moon tonight at 9AM. We'll be there.
Meteor showers tonight at midnight in which direction?
So excited to watch tonight from smokey southern sierra mountains.
My class watched the Science Live! class today (on light and colors). It was great!

We are studying wildfires and we wondered a few things:
Why are flames blue, orange, red, and yellow?
Why is the hottest part of a candle flame blue?
Why is there no blue in the photos of forest wildfires?

Thanks in advance,
4th/5th grade students at Montclair Elementary
Hello, we were wondering what's been giving the moon its orange color the past couple days?
Free astronomy session on Saturday evenings. Also archived episodes. I learned that the Andromeda galaxy is going to collide with ours in about 3 billion years. Yikes! Start packing!
Morning Malaysia
The fb post I just rec'd has your event for August 14th, but the clickable link for "Details" have the page for May's event. Might want to update that link.
I am curious to know if any of you have come across a really amazing lesson plan (set) that would have the learner construct their own understanding of the size and distance of the earth-moon-sun system from scratch using data they collect themselves with measuring tools and using geometry concepts (and maybe some raw data collected by others as well that is not possible to collect by ones self at the time being). I could create this on my own, but I am really hoping that someone has put this inquiry lesson packet together already. I am running Ventura Parents and Advocates of Gifted Education now (its unpaided:), and homeschooling my gifted child this year my 5th grader is doing geometry (but already did the first three chapters of trig) so this topic will be prefect for us this year! I would love to run a zoom class for the GATE kids on this topic!

I want to clarify: this is NOT making a scaled down model of the universe based on distances and sizes that are known values. This is discovering these distances and sizes for themselves. This is a very rigorous ambitious endeavor.

Thank you so much for your help!
A lot of people are trying to watch your live viewings but cannot find any links to them

Inspiring and educating students of all ages about Planet Earth and the Universe This 86,000 square foot center offers interactive space and science exhibitions, immersive digital-dome planetarium shows, and giant screen MegaDome shows.

Chabot is also home to largest research-quality telescopes open to the public west of the Mississippi.

Operating as usual

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Thank you to everyone who came to our 4th Tinkerfest! After a 2-year hiatus, this festival was a fun-filled day of creativity and curiosity. 💙


Tinkerfest is in full swing! Come by before 4 p.m. today to build, tinker and take apart with us!


Gear up for Tinkerfest this Saturday! Our car take apart station is back, along with many exciting hands-on activities that will fill up the Center.
Get tickets:

Photos from NASA Ames Research Center's post 09/22/2022

Photos from NASA Ames Research Center's post

Photos from Chabot Space & Science Center's post 09/21/2022

🤩🔵 Oh WOW! James Webb Space Telescope captured our best look at the Neptune's icy rings in 30+ years. These images reveal clouds and dust rings scientists have never seen before!
Learn more:


Star Wars, The Martian and more! From kitschy to classic, science fiction inspires us to think beyond the Earth. Join us for a night of costumes, movies and unbelievable presentations by author Andy Weir and astrobiologist Julia Demarines!
Learn more:

Photos from Chabot Space & Science Center's post 09/15/2022

"Folks should not be afraid to dream for something big. Don't ever give up on yourself."
-José M. Hernández

Raised in Stockton, CA, Astronaut José Hernández joined NASA’s Johnson Space Center as a materials research engineer in 2001. 8 years later, he served as a mission specialist on the Space Shuttle’s STS-128 mission, 37th mission to space.

Hernández grew up as one of four children in a migrant farming family from Mexico. He learned to speak English when he was 12 years old. In 1999, the Society of Mexican American Engineers and Scientists honored him for his professional and community contributions.

He received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of the Pacific in 1984 and a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of California-Santa Barbara in 1986.

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, NASA CONNECTS educators and their students have an exclusive opportunity to join a live virtual Q&A with astronaut José Hernández on Thursday, September 22!

Learn more:


💫 Side by side images taken 10 years apart by astrophotographer, Conrad Jung through our 36” telescope, Nellie. Can you see the difference? The bright “dot” towards the bottom of the image is the supernova!

Pictured: Messier-82, Home to Supernova 2014J


💡 Celebrate the curious, creative and inventive spirit in all of us!
On October 1, Tinkerfest brings together makers, artists, and tinkerers to showcase their work while inviting attendees of all ages to join in DIY fun.
Learn more:


☄️How do we defend Earth if a dangerous asteroid is hurtling towards us? Next Saturday, learn more about NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART), the first full-scale mission to test tech for defending Earth against asteroid or comet hazards!


Today’s NASA Artemis 1 Launch Watch Party is postponed following the launch delay. The Center is open today for general admission hours from 10 am - 5 pm. Come by to explore NASA Ames Visitor Center, the telescopes and more! Stay tuned for updates.


To be continued…
Today’s Artemis 1 launch was scrubbed for safety. We are looking forward to hearing the next steps from NASA!


Artemis. Is. Here. 🚀

Artemis I is getting ready to launch between 5:33-7:33 a.m. on Monday! Here's what you need to know:

This 42-day mission sets the stage for Artemis II and III, ultimately sending the first woman and person of color to the Moon by 2025! Artemis I kicks off the series by testing the Orion capsule, which will eventually carry astronauts.

While we are not offering a public watch party on Monday, watch the launch live online:

Contributions to Artemis by our partners at NASA Ames Research Center
• Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover (VIPER)
• Orion thermal protection system
• Wind tunnel testing and computational analysis for SLS and
commercial launch vehicles
• Human-autonomous systems
• Flight simulators

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🎨 Last night's Paint & Sip was a success! Want to join us for the next one? Learn more:


🥰🪐 What a great night!! Thank you to everyone who tuned in tonight for our Virtual Telescope Viewing: The Return of Saturn! We’ll definitely be doing this again so keep your eyes on the calendar for upcoming events.

HUGE thanks to everyone who donated to support our work as an accessible observatory! It’s not too late to give– you can still make a donation on Facebook or at to support Virtual Telescope Viewings. ❤️❤️


The Return of Saturn - Virtual Telescope Viewing

Saturn Viewing Live! 🪐🪐🪐

Stay up with Chabot Astronomers on a journey to the sixth planet from the Sun, Saturn, also known as the “Jewel of the Solar System”! With Saturn near opposition, this is a great time to view it.

Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system, after Jupiter. Saturn is a “gas giant” composed primarily of hydrogen and helium and is best known for the bright, beautiful rings that circle its equator. The rings are made up of countless particles of ice and rock that each orbit Saturn independently!

Join Chabot Astronomers on Thursday evening, August 18, for “The Return of Saturn,” an hour-long virtual telescope viewing and tour of our neighbor. Explore other exciting space objects, such as the Ring Nebula and the great globular cluster in Hercules.

Weather permitting. Keep in mind that the other name for August is “Fogust”, so there is always the chance we’ll get fogged out.

Your support fuels exciting STEM programs like these. While this event is free, please consider making a donation to make fun learning opportunities available for our community. Our institution hosts and maintains the largest observatory complex free for public viewing in the Western United States.

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Vice President Kamala Harris and California Governor Gavin Newsom toured Chabot and spoke with space companies about their latest innovations today. Thank you to the National Space Council for visiting!


Vice President Harris Delivers Remarks on Supporting the Commerical Space Sector


Join our Facebook Livestream this afternoon around 1:30 (@chabotspace) to watch Vice President Harris at Chabot Space & Science Center Deliver Remarks on Supporting the Commercial Space Sector


"I was able to stand on the shoulders of those women who came before me, and women who came after me were able to stand on mine."

Dr. Christine Darden's 40 year career at NASA began as one of the 'human computers' at NASA's Langley Research Center.

She went on to become a leader in sonic boom technology, authoring more than 50 publications in high lift wing design in supersonic flow, flap design, sonic boom prediction + minimization.

Learn more about Dr. Christine Darden:


Wish upon a meteor! 🌠

Join Chabot Astronomers for the Perseid Meteor Shower Watch Party to experience the magical light show on August 12! Meteors are named by the radiant point — the region of the sky where the shower appears to originate. The Perseids' radiant is the constellation Perseus! Bring your questions and we will bring the hot chocolate.


Happy August (Fog-ust) from us at Chabot Space & Science Center! We hope you are enjoying the nice weather this week! 🌥🌏


A sneak peak of our Rocket Fuel Live Science show!

Shows run twice a day- come see for yourself 🚀↩️


Full-color images from @nasawebb , the world’s most powerful telescope, were released a few weeks ago! This Friday, have your questions answered about the futuristic telescope images at Chabot’s First Friday: Far Out!

📷 creds: NASA, ESA, CSA, and STScI


Want to learn the science behind the James Webb Space Telescope photos? Astrophysicist Alex Filippenko is diving into discovery at First Friday: Far Out!


Astronaut sighting! CoLab: Other Worlds opened today, and we've already had our first astronaut visit.
Learn more about Chabot's newest exhibition:


☄ 2 years ago, this dazzling comet zipped across the sky in late July 2020. Do you remember its name?

Photo: Rob Minor, Eastbay Astronomical Society Member


Thinking outside the box. 🟧🟩


Friday fun with ferrofluid 💛🖤

Photos from Chabot Space & Science Center's post 07/22/2022

Play, Collaborate, Test New Ideas! ⚙️💡
If you enjoy our challenges in Studio 3, come back to see the full exhibition CoLab: Other Worlds open on July 30!

CoLab is a new space to play, collaborate and test new ideas. Bring your unique approach to challenges and help our team learn how to improve our newest activities.


🪐 How many planets can be seen without a telescope? Bonus points if you can name them!


Live Streaming Conversation with Debrah Ludban, Deputy Manager for NASA's Gateway Vehicle System Integration Office: Preparing for the Moon

Tune in for a live NASA Artemis Q&A with Debra Ludban! Share your questions in the comments section.


We asked astronomer Gerald McKeegan: What do the James Webb Space Telescope photos mean for science? What do we hope to learn?

“The James Webb Space Telescope will reveal so much more about our universe, seeing farther, fainter and in much greater detail.

JWST will be able to see the earliest galaxies forming just after the Big Bang. It will peer into dense clouds to see stars just being born.

It will be able to analyze the atmospheric compositions of distant exoplanets, helping our search for life elsewhere in the cosmos.”


Let us take you on the best redwood trails in the East Bay! Here is our enchanted view from our sold-out hike last weekend.🍷🍺🌲

We are hiking and sipping again this Friday and Saturday at 6:30 p.m. Come explore the beautiful redwood forest that surrounds Chabot while sipping a variety of delicious beverages.

Get tickets:


Summertime=Stargazing 💙💫

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Virtual Telescope Viewing
Virtual Telescope Viewing
Virtual Telescope Viewing
Virtual telescope viewing
Virtual Telescope Viewing




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