Arthur Murray Dance Studio The Woodlands TX

Arthur Murray Dance Studio The Woodlands TX


It's polka dot day at the studio.
Thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday. I hope to be dancing again in the new year.
Where are the Thrill the World Photos, Todd Wam? Sorry we had to miss it.
I'll be one year older the next time I'm in the studio 🙋🏼‍♀️
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Poor Todd
Poor Adam
Clean up time
This is my daughter’s 3rd year at WAM. She is enjoying not just the dancing, but also all the teachers and the encouraging atmosphere.
What's your favorite sport? Football,basketball & baseball Can’t pick just one #ArthurMurrayLifestyle #GoWAM #TeamWAM
The instructors are all fantastic. I love the fact that they always work at my pace and are always concerned that I am comfortable with what we are doing.

Social ballroom dance classes / lessons for couples, singles, and children living in The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, Tomball, and other north Houston locations. If you are interested in learning how to dance, you have come to the right place. Our proven method delivers fast results for even those who think they have two left feet. Come dance with one of our certified dance instructors.

Mission: Walk In, Dance Out

Hello WAM!

We are so excited for the second week of our READY DANCER ONE Virtual Dance Festival! The theme this week is Avatar! We can’t wait to see your creative side!

#WAMdance #WAMFAM #Dancefromhome #InternationalDanceFestival #AthurMurrayLifestyle #VirtualDanceFestival #WAMandAMVB

Have a wonderful day Moms!!! You all are so special! 😘 #WAMdance #WAMFAM #Wamily #HappyMothersDay #Dancefromhome

Arthur Murray

YAY for Bolero from Wendy at Arthur Murray Amvb!!!! #WAMDance #WAMFAM #Dancefromhome ❤️🎉💃🏻

It's time for another edition of Arthur's Footprints! Learn the Bolero from Wendy Denysenko! 💃 #arthurmurray #arthurmurraylifestyle #learntodance

***”Virtual Festival” Kickoff Class & Social TONIGHT at 6:00pm***

Come join the fun! Wear your best STAR WARS outfit & learn more about the details of our Virtual Dance Festival.
#WAMdance #WAMfam #VirtualDanceFestival #InternationalDanceFestival #DanceFromHome #AMVB #WAMandAMVB #TheWoodlandsTX

#happybirthday to Diana Dedman for Saturday May 2nd from your #WAMFam

Great idea for today’s classes!!!

Bronze 2 at 5PM and Silver at 6PM! Hope to see you there!

#WAMdance #WAMFAM #Dancefromhome #InternationalDanceFestival #VirtualDanceFestival #Maythe4thbewithyou #StarWars #WAMandAMVB

REVENGE OF THE SIXTH! Yes, we’re still in a Galaxy Far, Far Away celebrating Star Wars for International Festival 😎
Choose your side for tonight’s Zoom Group classes! Wear light colors or dark colors for our Bronze 2 Force Push/Pull at 6PM and Silver Jedi Mind Lines at 7PM! See you tonight 🙌

[05/06/20]   Thanks to all who joined us today for our Vitual Dance Festival Cinco de Mayo classes, Merengue and Salsa! Hope you had fun! Now it’s Taco time 🌮😋!
#WAMDance #WAMFAM #VirtualDanceFestival #Dancefromhome #Internationaldancefestival

Happy Cinco de Mayo WAM!

Great idea Arthur Murray Amvb!!! Let’s all join in for today’s classes!!

#WAMdance #WAMFAM #Dancefromhome #InternationalDanceFestival #AthurMurrayLifestyle #VirtualDanceFestival #StarWarsweek #CincodeMayo #WAMandAMVB

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone!! Let’s see who pays attention to our social media posts... Wear any hat to the Zoom Groups today for our “No Sombrero, No Problemo” Latin Night!
6PM Bronze 1 Merengue, 7PM Bronze 3-4 Salsa Shines 🔥 Excited to spice up the evening with dance 🥳🙌🌶

Hello WAM!

Our Virtual Dance Festival is here!! We are so excited to continue our collaboration with Arthur Murray Virginia Beach! Taras and Wendy brought this awesome idea to fruition and we came up with lots of fun ways for all of you to participate and support your WAM dance studio! We will hopefully open soon, but your support is key!

Just like our previous festivals, but especially this one, by your participation, you help our WAM studio and your teachers, all while having some virtual fun and winning prizes! We also have a new way to be a sponsor! More details coming real soon! See our exiting themes for the next 5 weeks below!

This week, our first stop is to a galaxy far, far away....STAR WARS!!! The fun begins tomorrow!

#WAMdance #WAMFAM #Dancefromhome #InternationalDanceFestival #AthurMurrayLifestyle #VirtualDanceFestival #Maythe4thbewithyou #StarWars #WAMandAMVB

Adam & Kim Dance

Had a fun social tonight with #WAMdance We got to see Adam Edwards & Kimberly Turner-Edwards show off their #ChaCha for our Zoom social & Lisa Combs showed us s fun line dance...the “Backyard Sway”. Next week our Virtual Festival starts!

What great social event with our amazing students and friends from houston 💪🏻😎 our 1st zoom spotlight ❤️🔥💃🏻

[05/01/20]   Houston Area Social & Party tonight at 7pm!!! We have a spotlight from Adam & Kim, so you definitely don’t want to miss it! 💃🏼🕺🏼

Happy Friday WAM! We are adjusting to our new normal and excited about our first Virtual Dance Festival “Ready Dancer One!” We hope all of you can join in on the fun and help support WAM. We have lots of fun themes in store starting next week!!! We also have a new way you can be a Sponsor and a fun Scavenger Hunt game where you collect coins (points) to win prizes!!! Stay tune this weekend for more details!!! #WAMdance #WAMFAM #ArthurMurrayLife #Dancefromhome #WAMandAMVB

There’s an interview coming up with one of our favorites... Julia Gorchakova. All About Ballroom Dancing is asking if you have any questions for Julia regarding dancing, dresses, or Core Rhythms Live Please submit them in this post or on the All About Ballroom Dancing page!

***Upcoming Interview***
Julia Gorchakova

Submit your questions now:

We have our friend Julia Gorchakova for our next interview! Julia & her husband Bob Powers are 12 time undefeated US Rhythm Champions as well 3 time World Mambo Champions and hold the record for the most United States Championships ever held by a couple 💪🏼!

Besides rocking the dance floor you probably know Julia as the owner/creator/designer of Artistry In Motion. She creates some of the most beautiful dresses on the dance well as mens wear. She doesn’t only focus of competition wear but also “studio” & “practice” wear. OR you know Julia as one of the master minds behind Core Rhythms: a Latin Dance exercise program.

Is there anything you wouod like to ask Julia? Let is know!

• Lady’s, do you have questions about dresses?

• Guys, do you have questions about what kind of outfits you should wear?

• Do you have dance questions?
#AmericanRhythmDancers #MamboChampion #BallroomDancing

Happy Wednesday WAM!!! It’s International Dance Day!!! Let’s celebrate together! Join us in our virtual group classes today (Silver 4PM and Bronze 2 5PM)! #WAMdance #WAMFAM #Dancefromhome #ArthurMurrayLife #InternationalDanceDay

Arthur Murray

Develop your West Coast basics #WAMdance #WAMFAM #dancefromhome #ArthurMurrayLife

It's time for another edition of Arthur's Footprints! ✨ Learn how to develop your West Coast Swing basics from Jimmy Mulligan and Elina Sharipova. #arthurmurray #arthurmurraylifestyle #learntodance #westcoastswing

Arthur Murray

Add more to your East Coast #WAMdance #WAMFAM #Dancefromhome #ArthurMurrayLife

Happy Friday #ArthurMurrayFamily! Learn the East Coast Swing from Tommy Belmontez on this edition of Arthur's Footprints ✨ #arthurmurray #arthurmurraylifestyle #learntodance #EastCoastSwing

[04/29/20]   How’s everyone doing out there! We love seeing all of you in our online classes & Friday socials. Make sure you let us know if you’re not getting the links to these events.
I want to see your smiling faces online this week!

Hi WAM!!! It’s a new week!!! Who is excited for our virtual group classes this week?!!! We are, since we get to see your faces!!! Look in your email for the ZOOM codes daily starting tomorrow. #WAMdance #WAMFAM #dancefromhome #ArthurMurrayLife

#happybirthday to our franchisee Todd. Have a great day from your #WAMFam

#happybirthday to Mark Calkin from your #WAMFam

#happybirthday to Mary Sinay from your #WAMFam

[04/24/20]   WAM Social is tonight at 7PM! Join us as we catch up with our WAM FAM!
To make it fun, wear your favorite HAT and BYOB!

Arthur Murray

A great way to practice different types of turns and balance. #WAMdance #ArthurMurrayLifestyle #dancefromhome #nopartnerneeded #learntodance

Learn about different types of turns on this edition of Arthur's Footprints with Barbara Ferchuk! ✨ #arthurmurray #arthurmurraylifestyle #learntodance

#happybirthday to “Hoss” John Breidenthal from your #WAMFam

All About Ballroom Dancing

Here's the new podcast from Todd Combs & Taras Denysenko They will be discussing everything ballroom dance related. Interviews with Judges, teachers, studio owners, etc. Episode #2 is a great interview with Brent Thomas Mills. The music director behind EVERY Arthur Murray Dance-O-Rama competition. Take a listen! Right now we are published in Spotify (&several others sites) and we'll be running in Apple Podcasts (iTunes) later this week.

Their next episode is talking about students most FAVORITE reasons they ballroom dance. Today in our online class we asked for you students to please tell us you TOP 3 (or more) reasons why you ballroom dance. Please let us know by visiting our Podcast FB page. You can also listen to our 3 episodes from here to.
PLEASE like our page! Thank you for your support.

Let’s discuss everything Ballroom Dancing! We’ll have interviews with coaches, professional champions, teachers, dance industry related experts, and anyone in-between! Aldo, we want to hear from YOU! Let us know your questions.

Arthur Murray

Creating 3-Dimensional Lines! #WAMdance #ArthurMurray #ArthurMurrayLifeStyle #dancefromhome #StayhomeStaysafe #nopartnerneeded

Start off the week with another edition of Arthur's Footprints - 3 Dimensional Lines! Learn from the wonderful Hunter Johnson and Maria Zee Johnson!

📲Be sure to share your photos & videos of you dancing at home with us by tagging us on social media with the hashtag #arthurmurraylifestyle

#arthurmurray #arthurmurrayfamily #learntodance #stayhomestaysafe

Happy Monday WAM!!!

Here is this week’s Virtual Group Class schedule! We miss all of you and hope to see more faces this week!!! As you can see below, we have themed days. Feel free to dress the part for each day!!! #WAMdance #ArthurMurray #ArthurMurrayLifeStyle #dancefromhome #StayhomeStaysafe

Arthur Murray

Great way to better develop your rise and fall in Waltz #WAMdance #ArthurMurray #ArthurMurrayLifeStyle #dancefromhome #StayhomeStaysafe

Waltz, are you waiting for? Get up and dance at home with this edition of Arthur's Footprints - Waltz! 💃✨ Learn from one of our Franchisees, Christy Melgoza #arthurmurray #arthurmurraylifestyle #arthurmurrayfamily #learntodance #stayhomestafe #Waltz

WAM!!! Join in on the New Arthur Murray Dance Party starting today!!! #WAMdance #ArthurMurrayLifestyle

Arthur Murray

Awesome Samba exercises your don’t want to miss! #WAMdance #ArthurMurray #ArthurMurrayLifeStyle #dancefromhome #StayhomeStaysafe

Are you ready for another edition of Arthur's Footprints? Learn the Samba from Danila & Nuria Kartashov! 💃#arthurmurray #arthurmurraylifestyle #learntodance #stayhomestaysafe

Arthur Murray

Great foot stretches for dancers!!! #WAMdance #ArthurMurray #ArthurMurrayLifeStyle #dancefromhome #StayhomeStaysafe

Try out these few simple exercises to stretch and strengthen your feet with our ambassador, Victoria Regan, on this edition of Arthur's Footprints! 👣✨ #arthurmurray #arthurmurraylifestyle #stayhomestaysafe

Arthur Murray

Balance is key! #WAMdance #ArthurMurray #ArthurMurrayLifeStyle #dancefromhome #StayhomeStaysafe

It's time for another edition of Arthur's Footprints - Creating Personal Balance! ✨ Learn from the wonderful Michelle Barry Langner! #arthurmurray #arthurmurraylifestyle #stayhomestaysafe #learntodance

[04/14/20]   Join us for our ZOOM Virtual Group Classes today!!!

Brz 3/4 at 4PM
Brz 1 at 5PM

Arthur Murray Dance Studio The Woodlands TX


We are excited for another week of ZOOM Virtual Group Classes & our Social! Pay close attention as we switched times for certain levels. Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow! #WAMdance

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