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Hi all! We are new shop in town carrying a variety of flowers, plants, decor, gifts and more! Would love to have you come check it out! Nico and Vines Collection 199B W Main Street, Norton
RA Applications Due this Thursday 4:30pm EST! Use this link for all the information you need! Link: https://wheatoncollege.edu/campus-life/housing-dining/residential-life/our-staff/ra/ Don't miss out on the chance to join this amazing team!
Are you on the res life staff? You may be seeing students who wont go seek help at the counseling center. Check out this innovative option for students...
Stop by the dimple for a simple treat and help those affected by Harvey
Neighborhood Yard Sale - SATURDAY, AUG 26th, 8-1pm - Don't miss this one! Larson Farms in Norton (off Oak street) is having a neighborhood yard sale. Many houses are participating. Furniture, baby clothes, toys, back to school items, sports equipment, household items, home decor and much more, something for everyone. Stop by!

Wheaton College MA is a private liberal arts institution. The office of Campus Life represents all the encompassing experiences of living & learning here at Wheaton, through the offices of Residential Life and Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership!

As a residential college, Wheaton requires most students to live on campus. The residence halls are communities of diverse individuals living and learning together. Students are encouraged to participate in and contribute to the learning environment of their residence halls. The residence halls are an important learning environment at Wheaton. Students study together, socialize and relax with friends, build life-long friendships and work through the issues associated with living in a community. Each residence hall has a staff of Resident Advisors who initiate social events, faculty-led discussions, potluck dinners, intramural teams, and groups to attend campus-wide events. For current residents please refer to the Housing Calendar for a schedule of important dates. http://wheatoncollege.edu/residential-life/housing/housing-calendar/

Operating as usual

There’s some really great people working to ensure that your move-in process running smooth and most importantly, SAFE! Thank you to everyone at @wheatoncollege kicking Fall 2020 off to a great start! @ Wheaton College Massachusetts

Scenes from Move-In Day One! We cannot express how EXCITED we are to welcome our Lyons home!

Comment below with what day we can expect to see YOU on campus! @ Wheaton College Massachusetts

Have you met @blendwheaton? Check them out in today’s Club Takeover

Check out @emerson_house in today’s IG Story Takeover!

Clubs and Orgs! We are booked up for Takeovers until the end of September! To learn more about how to work with us on highlighting your group through our social media, please email [email protected]

Did you miss @wheatonoutdoorsclub taking over our Instagram yesterday? Head over to our “Club & Orgs” highlight time learn more!
Do you want your club or org to take over our Instagram story for a day? Slide into our DMs!

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the original Pride March honoring the Stonewall Riots of 1969- here is a throwback of how students, faculty, and staff celebrated Pride in the Boston Pride Parade @ Wheaton College Massachusetts

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the original Pride March honoring the Stonewall Riots of 1969- here is a throwback of how students, faculty, and staff celebrated Pride in the Boston Pride Parade @ Wheaton College Massachusetts

We know you're getting prepared to become a part of our family! The Lyons Live Webinars can help you get ready! Check out the link in the bio to see what we are offering🦁

Today we #MeetTheOLs with our last (but definitely not least) five Orientation Leaders!

Nora Gross majors in Business Management & Early Childhood Education as a member of the Class of 2023. She comes to Wheaton from NYC. Nora went to a Performing and Creative Arts Camp for every summer in High School!

Another NYC native is Sierra Edwards who also studies Business Management. She will graduate with the class of 2023 and went to Riobamba, Ecuador for two weeks and hiked the tallest Mountain: Mt. Chimborazo!

Violet Windham is a future 2022 grad majoring in Anthropology. She is from Rhode Island and knows the secret to curing hiccups!

Will Jacobs studies English as a member of the Class of 2022. He is from right here in Massachusetts and just got a new pet dog!

Finally, Hope Netolicky comes to us from Connecticut. She is a Class of 2021 student who has an Independent Major: Archaeology and Museum Studies. Hope is especially talented at skipping rocks!

We hope you enjoyed #MeetTheOLs! Orientation is off to a great start! We cannot wait until the semester begins, there's even more #WheatonLyons who can't wait to meet you! @ Wheaton College Massachusetts

Happy first day of Orientation!

We're starting out today's #MeetTheOLs with Kimberly Ekstrand, a Philosophy major from Rhode Island. She is a member of the Class of 2021 and memorized some digits of pi...for fun!
Leila Barackman majors in Early Childhood Education and Women's and Gender Studies. She is a member of the Class of 2022 from NYC who loves spaghetti so much, she could eat it every day!
Another Elementary Education and Women's and Gender Studies major is Lena Welch from Massachusetts. She will graduate with the Class of 2022 and is afraid to take left turns when I'm driving so sometimes she just keeps taking right turns until the GPS figures out how to get her where she is going!
Liz Eaton is an OL from New Hampshire. She studies Biochemistry and pursues a minor in Public Health as a member of the Class of 2022. In high school, Liz was on a competitive Bass Fishing team!

We'll see you for tomorrow's #MeetTheOLs! @ Wheaton College Massachusetts

Today's #MeetTheOLs is a good one!

Guthrie Hartsfield is Religion and Women's and Gender Studies major. He is a member of the Class of 2023 from Vermont who has a "very rational" fear of eggs!
Jackson Dyer is a business management major from the Class of 2023. He comes to us from the state of New Hampshire. Jackson taught himself how to juggle using oranges from Chase Dining Hall!
Jadyn Ruzzano calls Massachusetts home. This Class of 2022 future graduate studies Music & Business and Management who has been playing the flute for 11 years and is learning piano and guitar! ➡️
Last but not least is Justin Martinez, a History, Hispanic Studies, Secondary Education major who will graduate with the Class of 2022. He played football for ten years, but broke his hip (twice) so now he dances!

Tune in tomorrow for more #MeetTheOLs content! @ Wheaton College Massachusetts


Chris Kombo is an OL from Maine who will graduate with the Class of 2023. He studies Biochemistry and has never broken a bone!

Daisy Culleton is a Massachusetts native who studies Psychology, Education, Women’s & Gender Studies. She is a member of the Class of 2022 & was voted "Best Hugger" in sixth grade!

Another OL from Massachusetts is Dhruval Thakkar. Dhruval will graduate with the Class of 2022 with a degree in Biology, Psychology and a minor in Education. He was once chased by a mama bear while he tried to befriend a bear cub!

Gia Orsino studies Philosophy and English. She is a proud member of the Class of 2023. She comes to us from New Jersey and has attended seven different schools between kindergarten and 12th grade!

Tune in tomorrow for another #MeetTheOLs! @ Wheaton College Massachusetts

For Today's #MeetTheOLs We are introducing our outstanding Orientation Leaders who will help new Lyons take their first steps into the Wheaton community!

Up first is Alli Wolf, a future class of 2021 graduate from Vermont. Alli studies Elementary Education and Women's & Gender Studies and minors in Hispanic Studies. She hiked 273 miles at the Vermont Long Trail in the summer of 2019!
Next is Allie Roth from New York. Allie has been tap dancing for over 10 years. She studies Women's and Gender Studies Major and minors Public Health as a part of the class of 2021!
Cam Murray is a International Relations & Hispanic Studies major from right here in Massachusetts. Cam is a part of the class of 2022. For her first job she had to wear a bear costume and dance on the side of the road to attract customers into a candy shop!
Chanleakhana Ven also comes to us from the beautiful state of Massachiusetts. She will graduate with the class of 2023 with a degree in Business and Management & Anthropology. Chaleakhana has a deep obsession with Boba/Bubble tea!

Tune in tomorrow to #MeetTheOLs! @ Wheaton College Massachusetts

Time to #MeetTheOLs!

Today we are introducing our Orientation Coordinators (OCs) who help to create an extraordinary Orientation program packed full of fun & info!

First up is OC Cay Fields. Cay is a part of the Class of 2023, majoring in History. She calls California home and is a big music and movie buff!
Sophie Waters is also a future 2023 graduate. She is from New Hampshire and studies Film and New Media while minoring in Theatre. Sophie has a fat cat named Bruce and a small cat named Fred who has thumbs!
OC Sofie Weston is from Maine. She studies Sociology with a minor in Visual Arts & has been skiing for 16 years only at Sugarloaf mountain and this past spring skied on a different mountain for the first time resulting in a torn ACL. (Not Pictured) Ruben Trejo is a double major in Economics, Hispanic Studies from the Class of 2023. He comes to Wheaton from his home state of Rhode Island and could tell you a whole lot about airliners and airports!

Our OC's can't wait to meet the class of 2024! @ Wheaton College Massachusetts

We are excited to introduce our 2020 Orientation Staff 🎉Over the next week, we will be introducing our Orientation Coordinators, Leaders, and Head Staff! Meet the team!

Today we are introducing our Head Orientation Leaders who help our Orientation team become the best welcome team for our new Wheaton Lyons!

First up is Abby Cook. Abby is from Connecticut, where she has a seal of biliteracy
Political Science & Hispanic Studies major and is a member of the Class of 2022!
Ishaan Madan is also one of our Head Orientation Leaders from the Class of 2022. Ishaan studies Biochemistry as a major and minors in both Astronomy and Physics. He is from New York and can solve the Rubik's cube in less than a minute!

See you tomorrow to #MeetTheOLs! @ Wheaton College Massachusetts

An official congratulations to the Class of 2020! 🎓 Today has not been your typical graduation, but you are a class that is far from typical in all the best ways. You did it🎉 @ Wheaton College Massachusetts


Comcast offering 'Internet Essentials' package free for low-income customers for 60 days


wxyz.com Comcast announced Thursday it will be increasing speeds for the Internet Essentials program, and making the program free to new customers for two months, amid the coronavirus outbreak.


Information regarding coronavirus | Wheaton College | Massachusetts


wheatoncollege.blog Wheaton College will be altering its operations due to the ongoing impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).


Google Forms - create and analyze surveys, for free.


We understand that for some students travel back home is not possible. Given the circumstances, we ask that you consider alternatives such as family or friends that may be able to host you.

If you are unable to leave campus by March 22nd, you are able to petition to remain on campus by completing this online form. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf5Vl3_AxpUHMCdZTZKpWYiMr7BIg_mQgrDrQHl_Rx_Yw6jWA/viewform

Given the circumstances, requests will only be honored for life and travel restrictions, and other seriously extenuating circumstances. Further details can be found on the form. **Your browser must be logged into your Wheaton Gmail to access.

accounts.google.com Create a new survey on your own or with others at the same time. Choose from a variety of survey types and analyze results in Google Forms. Free from Google.

Chat now

Do you have a question? Utilize our LiveChat feature between now and March 22, 2020.



[03/11/20]   Residential Life is shifting operating hours to 10am and 6pm, through March 22nd, to be more conducive to students who have questions about campus departure.

You can reach us during those hours via phone 508-286-8214, email [email protected], or our live chat https://direct.lc.chat/11782578/


Residence Hall/House Move-Out Procedure | Blog | Wheaton College | Massachusetts


Residence Hall/House Move-Out Procedure

wheatoncollege.blog As you received notification earlier today, coursework will be moving to virtual instruction.

We are so proud of all the members of RHA for all their hard work since starting RHA in may 2017! As a young chapter at Wheaton and as one of the smallest schools affiliated with NEACURH they have put themselves on the books and we couldn't be more thrilled.

Last night Wheaton's RHA was named the recipient of the NEACURH Building Block Award*!!! This is a HUGE accomplishment.

*The Building Block Award recognizes an RHA chapter that displays outstanding achievement and growth on their campus and on the NEACURH Regional level!

Congratulations Residence Hall Association!

State of the College is tonight Tuesday, March 3rd at 7:00 PM in Mary Lyon, Holman Room.

President Hanno and other members of the Wheaton administration will be present.

This year the event will be broken up into two parts, starting with a short presentation from SGA & President Hanno. This will be followed by the floor being opened up for community commentary similar to a town hall.

Wellness Options @ Wheaton!

Last chance 🎉




Resident Advisors - Wheaton College Massachusetts

"I wanted to be a resident advisor for many reasons, the main one being that it would allow me the opportunity to work closely with students and help develop the community I have learned to call home away from home." - Sarah S.


wheatoncollege.edu Are you interested in becoming a 2020-2021 Resident Advisor? Check out our information packet! RA Information Packet ’20-’21 (pdf) RA Application Checklist / Important Dates Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020 — Applications available Thursday, January 23rd at 7:30 pm in Pine Hall, Conger Commons .....

"One of my greatest accomplishments as a Resident Advisor has been the opportunity to meet an amazing group of people. I speak from the heart when I say this. I know they have my back, and they know I have theirs." - RA Sarah Simkevich


RA Kellia Karambizi tells us about her RA experience!


Temporary Assistant Area Coordinator

Attention Alumni -
Residential Life has an employment opportunity!


jobs.wheatoncollege.edu SUMMARY: The Assistant Area Coordinator (AAC) is a part-time staff member, responsible for assisting in the overall administration of the Office of Residential Life and supporting a residence hall complex. The AAC is expected to work 20-35 hours per week that will be flexible and may include evening...

Apply Now!!

RA Rony Yin tells us about her proudest moment as an RA! Wheatoncollege.edu/ApplyRA

Resident Advisor Harry Topal tells us why he became an RA!

Apply now! Wheatoncollege.edu/go/ApplyRA

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