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Working on some intense basics!

#martialarts #karate #kenpo

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Working on some intense basics!#martialarts #karate #kenpo

Dragons practicing basics for Olympics

Practicing rolls and recovery!

Everyone had a ball at the Red Dragon Holiday Party!

So what are you waiting for! Come join our Red Dragon family!

Billy Walkers demo at today's Black Belt Ceremony! Congrats on your Black Belt Bill!

Dan Giovanini at today's Black Belt ceremony! Congrats on your Black Belt Dan!

3 man Shanai form! Billy Walker, Pete Weiss and Dan Giovannoni

Jacob Demers sword Kata at today's Black Belt Ceremony! Congratulations on your 2nd degree Black Belt Jacob! Awesome acc...

Jacob Tajchmans demo at the Black Belt Ceremony today! Congratulations on your 2nd Degree Black! Quite an accomplishment...

Come join the fun in the adult class! Spring special. $20 first month, unlimited classes, plus uniform

Master Suzanne teaching a shanai (sword) form to the adult class.

Thursday night has been stick night lately. Great fun

Workin some drills with "the sticks"

The famous fireball with DJ Bobby Downey :)

Elijah and Billy working escrima stick drill. Love Thursday nights.

Red Dragon Mannequin Challenge
Red Dragon Martial Arts Norton. 508-285-9818

Check out Elija flying threw the air in class today!

Check out Elija flying threw the air in class today!

We love our students! Check out these respectful, awesome students from our Dragons class

All Stars performing for the Cub Scouts last night! I missed the begining, but, they did an awesome job!

Sensei Bobby teaching a class for the cub scouts last night! A great time was had by all

Karate kids learning crescent kicks!

These karate kids got pretty excited seeing what their future crescent kicks could turn into!

Congrats to Ashley Porr, and the rest of our awesome students! Effort does not go unnoticed here at Red Dragon!

Check out the focus and self control our little "red dragons" have! #proud #beststudentseva!

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