Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy

Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy


Rrrrred Drrraggggonnnnssss! We're pretty well settled into our new dojo after March, and we thank you for your continued support during our transition! Happy April! Don't forget that we're having our Bring - A - Friend event for the next 3 weeks!!! Details in the picture! Share what you do with your loved ones!
Congrats to your newest black belt students. The ceremony was amazing... especially to your younger students who watched in awe!!
Scarlett breaking a board at Mansfield Family Fun Day.
Thanks Sensei Bobby!!

Shaolin Kenpo and American Kenpo Karate

Saturday morning youth class learning the importance of timing with combinations!

Wednesday night youth class practicing combinations!
#karate #kenpo #martialarts

Yesterday's adult class working self defense techniques!

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Youth class practicing sparring last week!

Rrrrred Drrragons!! HUUUGE congratulations to these high rank belt advancement conquerors! These 4 showed great application of skills and tireless determination. Great job guys! Very well earned!

CG - 2nd Degree Jr. Black Belt
GA - 1st Degree Jr. Black Belt
MP - 1st Degree Jr. Black Belt
SB - 1st Degree Jr. Brown Belt

Today's adult class working combos and forms!

Professor Bob working with the Sensei's!

Rrrrred Drrragons! Congratulations to our December belt rank advancement conquerors! Great job everyone!

ID - Yellow
JN - Purple
DL - Blue
AS - Blue
NS - Blue
OH - Blue
AB - Green
BN - Green
DD - Orange
GV - Orange
KG - Purple

Hey red dragon families! We hope you all had a blast participating in family dodge ball and practicing self defense techniques at this year's holiday party! Enjoy your holiday season everyone!

More point sparring practice for the demo team this week... Some judging too! Great job guys!

Yesterday's youth class working hard on self defense techniques!
#karate #martialarts

Exciting demo class last week, The demo team had a blast doing point sparring and grappling! Thanks to our special guest judges, The demo team alumni, For helping out and doing a great job with class!

Huge congratulations to everyone who participated in this year's Olympics! We hope everyone had fun and learned something about themselves! It takes a lot of courage to challenge yourself and step outside of your comfort zone to achieve your goals and you all did a fantastic job!

Enjoy some (or many) of the pictures from the event!

Last demo practice before the Olympics!

The dragons and youth class practicing forms and grappling for the upcoming Olympics!
#karate #martialarts

This weekend, Everybody learned something new while working on their combinations!
#karate #martialarts #kenpo

Working on some intense basics!

#martialarts #karate #kenpo

The youth class working hard on forms for the Olympics!

This week we had the adult class practicing working techniques in fight scenarios!

Tonight we had the adult class working hard on combinations! 🥋

Congratulations to our October belt rank advancement conquerers!! These guys did a fantastic job showing dedication and enthusiasm. Very well earned!

Dragons practicing basics for Olympics

Dragons sword sparring practice for the Olympics

The demonstration team working hard on their next demonstration!

Rrrrred Drrragons! Congratulations to our newest Belt Rank Advancement conquerors! The longest Yellow and Orange Belt test I've ever been a part of, these two Red Dragons showed us just how much they already understand about the two styles of Kenpo we teach. Great job, proud to have witnessed your ability to apply what you know in such a short time. Well earned!

D.P. - Yellow Belt
K.G. - Orange Belt

Rrrrrrrred Drrrrragonnns!
Huge congrats to our June Belt Rank Advancement conquerors! This month we had some students taking their first ever test at RDMAA, and we also had some students taking their 15th test at RDMAA after 16 years of commitment! We are honored by and proud of all of you as well as your dedication to advancement in the venerable art of Kenpo. Great job, awesome work, your success in your application of the arts is the humbling proof of our own!

M.C. - Yellow Belt
U.K. - Yellow Belt
J.N. - Orange Belt
C.G. - Black Belt, 1st Degree
J.T. - Black Belt, 3rd Degree
A.C. - Black Belt, 3rd Degree

Rrrrredddd Drrrragggonnnnsss!
Happy Father's Day to you all, we appreciate all that you are! Hope you are enjoying your special day!

A final “Bow” to Dennis Lynch (Nidan)

Denny, I had to do something today that I’ve never done before, say good bye to a friend. I get it now, when people say they feel so helpless, they want to do something to fix it. Fix it for themselves, fix it for the family. Make it all go away but can’t. 30 years in the martial arts teaching that “There is always a way out”. There is always a technique (A fix) to any situation. Yet, I can’t find one for this either. So, on behalf of the entire Red Dragon family let me tell you what your legacy has been for us.

As I stand in line with the hundreds of your friends who came to say good bye and pay respects to your loved ones I notice so many karate students, present and former as well as parents, some we haven’t seen in years. They were all compelled to come pay respects and say good bye to a man who had a profound and positive effect on their life. Folks would tell a Dennis story recalling how you always had an ice coffee when you came to the school or how good with the kids you were. And the fact that you would remodel anything given the chance. There were lines of jeeps in the parking lot. They too were all there to say good bye to a man who brought a light to everything he did. As I turned the corner in the room I saw your family, grieving but strong. Mustering the strength to greet and thank everyone who came in. To see that kind of strength was heartbreaking and impressive at the same time…….

So, what I have l learned from this is that one man really can make the world a better place. You made Red Dragon a better place, your smile and demeanor were a comforting factor to all students young and old. Many bonds and friendships were forged because of you. Having you at the front of the class was an honor and a privilege to me and to Red Dragon. Someone once said, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. Well the countless number of students who learned from you, trained with you and soaked up that spirit has spread to our community and others. So, a little bit of Dennis Lynch walks this earth with all of us every day. And that makes Norton and the world a better place.
So my friend as we make our final “Bow”, You really have made this world a better place and will be sorely missed. Good bye to a good martial artist, a good man and a good friend. Rest in Peace.

Bob Downey
I invite folks to sign and comment below on any Dennis story they would like.

Rrrredddd Drrrragonnnsss!!!
Did you know we've had a couple of well deserved Purple Belts earned this month? Big congrats to the following Red Dragons for their hard work and determination!
Youth Class: J.S. - Purple Belt
Teen/Adult Class: N.L. - Purple Belt
Great job!!!

Red Dragon Moms,
A special Happy Mother's Day wish to all of you from Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy! We celebrate you today and every day... you're the best! Enjoy your day, hope it keeps you safe and smiling!

Rrrrredddd Drrrragggonnnnnssss!

Here are some action shots of our classes yesterday... Dragons working kicks, Youth group working strikes, Teens/Adults practicing Forms/Katas!
Gooooo Red Dragons!

Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy

Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy

Rrrrredddd Drrragggonnnsss!!!
Congratulations to A.S. for earning his Yellow Belt this past Saturday! Great job!!!

We hope everybody had a wonderful holiday vacation week. Come on in and burn off all that great holiday food!

Rrrredddd Drrragggonnnnsss!
Happy Patriot's Day!
We're open for regular classes all week during school vacation, bring a friend to class with you!
We had our first Test Day at the new dojo this past weekend... huge congrats to those who brought their best and earned their Rank Advancement!
Dragons - Orange Belt
SG - Purple Belt
SB - Brown 2nd
JB - Blue/Green
Great job everyone, your hard work always makes us proud!!!

[02/28/19]   No classes tonight or Saturday 3/2. We will be breaking down the studio and preparing for the move to new location at 184 West Main st. Classes start in new space on Monday 3/4 @5:00 for Dragons. Regular schedule. Thank you to all.. :)

[02/12/19]   Here it comes.... Snow coming fast and furious. All classes canceled tonight. Stay home and stay safe.

❤️💔 “friendship is showing up”

❤️ Red Dragons future

As promised, cookies and tissues!
Last day for the Downeys! Come in and say goodbye😘

[02/10/19]   Hi Red Dragon friends past and present. It is with both excitement and sadness that we announce the Downey family will be retiring from Red Dragon. Sensei John and Dan will be taking over the academy begining March 1st at RD’s new location next to Home Plate in Norton. We have complete confidence that John and Dan will continue with the same quality of instruction and customer service that our cherished clientele are accustomed to.

Bobby’s full time job is presenting him so many new opportunities, leaving less time for him to spend at RD. Losing the help encouraged Bob and I to entertain the thought of taking some time for ourselves. Bob has been working a full time job and running a school for 15+ years.

Bob will continue to train John and Dan and you will still see Bobby and myself on occasion during an event or test.

This upcoming Monday night will be Bob and Bobby’s last night teaching. Classes will be lots of fun and games with parents joining in for dodgeball. I will be at my post with cookies and a big box of tissues. After adult class we will be heading over to home plate to raise a glass to the end of an era, adult students and any parents who wish to join us, please do.

With lots of love and plenty of tears
Trish: aka Mrs Sensei

[02/10/19]   Don't forget Monday is sensei Bobby & Bob's last classes. All classes fun, family dodgeball, blazepod &, photos .

[01/23/19]   Students are encouraged to use drop off method for class today. While the back lot is better there are still spotty pieces. Use extreme caution if you use the parking lot.

[01/22/19]   Students, due to the excesive ice on the shool parking lot we will be canceling classes tonight 1/22 for the safety of all. Sorry for inconvenience.

[01/21/19]   In celebration of the Patriots going to the superbowl, students may wear their favorite patriot jersey in lieu of a ghi top. GO PATS !!

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184 West Main Street
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Teaching Shaolin Kenpo and American Kenpo Karate. Ages 5 thru Adult. Located at 184 W. Main Street, Norton, MA. 02766

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