TTC Financial Aid and Veterans Assistance

Serving TTC students and parents to manage student assistance from federal, state, college and private programs for long term financial health.

A variety of financial assistance is available at TTC to help you with the cost of attending college. TTC's Financial Aid department assists prospective and current students and their families, by providing information about financial resources, the application process, maintaining eligibility for aid, and responsible educational borrowing.

Mission: Office Hours Main Campus - Bldg. 410/ Room 102 Mon. - Thurs. 8am - 6:00pm / Fri. 8am - 5pm (843) 574-6110 / (843) 574-6661 Fax Palmer Campus - Bldg. 8100/ Room 122 Mon. - Thurs. 8am - 6:00pm / Fri. 8am - 5pm (843) 722-5520 / (843) 722-5543 Fax Berkeley Campus - Bldg. 6100/ Room 178 Mon. -Thurs. 8:00am - 6:00pm Fri. 8am - 5pm (843) 899-8021 Room 111-L Mt. Pleasant Campus - onsite Financial Aid Officer every Thursday 8am - 5pm

Come on over to Thornley Campus, and grab some cold lemonade! We're under the tent by Bldg. 500.

Meet the FAVA Department...

There's still time to come see us!
Cool lemonade, snacks, and financial knowledge - - all FREE!

3 tips to save and succeed at a community college

Learning and saving, saving and learning... Lower fees and tuition make two-year colleges an attractive deal for families. However, families should understand that all that savings is for naught if students don't finish or transfer in a timely manner.

CashCourse | Your Real-Life Money Guide > Topics > Pay for Education > Repaying Student Loans > 10 Consequences of Delinquency and Default on Your Student Loans

Being late on a student loan payment can lead to a lot more than just a few bucks in late fees. Read up on the consequences of becoming delinquent or defaulting on student loans.
#financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP

CashCourse | Your Real-Life Money Guide > Topics > Spend > Spending Decisions > Living Paycheck to Paycheck: Cut Out Unnecessary Spending

Living paycheck to paycheck is tough. Stop the cycle! Find out how here:
#financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP

CashCourse | Your Real-Life Money Guide > Topics > Save and Invest > Saving and Goal Setting > Saving Money While in College: It can be Done!

Learn how to define and achieve your financial goals faster using tips and tools on @CashCourse.
#financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP

Charleston on the Cheap: Free Things to Do in 'The Holy City'

Is your vacation budget a bust? Take a stay-cation! Save money and explore our beautiful city. Here are 10 FREE sights to see in Charleston! #financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP

CashCourse | Your Real-Life Money Guide > Topics > Spend > Financial Values > It's Not Their Money! Don't Let Friends Pressure You to Spend

We all have that one friend that loves to spend. Here are tips for handling financial peer pressure:
#financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP

The NFL Draft’s Most Frugal Player

Tips on budgeting, from a frugal college student.
Yeah, he has resources we don't, but there's no denying that his budget strategy will work for anyone. Even some college athletes on scholarship graduate with debt. Clemson football player Christian Wilkins saved up more than $15,000 using radical frugality.

CashCourse | Your Real-Life Money Guide > Topics > Save and Invest > Retirement Planning > Retirement Benefits 101

Graduates! Retirement might seem far away, but if you’re taking a new job, it’s important to check out what your company offers. It's never too early to save for your future.
Check out these resources from @CashCourse for more information on retirement benefits:
#financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP In addition to health care coverage, your employer may offer you retirement benefits. In many cases, you must choose to contribute a portion of your wages to the plan account at each pay period. Here’s what you need to know.

CashCourse | Your Real-Life Money Guide > Topics > Borrow > Manage Credit Use and Debt Load > The Smart Student's Guide to Managing Credit Cards

Credit cards can be very useful, but one mistake can blemish your credit record, and the damage can follow you for years. Use them wisely, and avoid scams:
#financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP If you have recently received a credit card or are in the process of getting one, arm yourself with the knowledge that will allow you to make smart credit-related choices. This information will help get you started.

#financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP
#financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP

Budgeting for your time at college? Consider making a needs versus wants checklist. More budgeting tips:

How to Get Rid of Debt and Save More Money

Many people wonder whether they should pay off their debt first or set aside money for savings first. The answer is different for everyone! These tips should help you decide:
#financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP

Check out some of the benefits of owning your own home! #financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP

How should I decide how much I can afford to borrow for an auto loan?

Before you shop for a new car you need to know what you can afford. These tips will help you determine how much you should borrow:
#financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness

CashCourse | Your Real-Life Money Guide > Topics > Protect > Fraud > How to Avoid Scams Targeting College Students

If something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is! Avoid money scams that target students:
#financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP When you are low on cash, any idea that will help you earn it may seem inviting. Scammers know this and routinely target college students. Learn how to avoid scams targeting college students!

In the #GameOfLoans universe, the rules are simple—always repay your debts. If you need some help lowering your payments, here are a few options:

Saving Money Tips to Save Money on Everyday Expenses

Saving money on everyday expenses is a great way to find a few extra dollars to put into savings! It can also be a fun challenge! Share your tips for saving below. #financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP Find saving money tips with this Better Money Habits video. Learn how to save money on everyday expenses.

The three biggest mistakes service members are making with their money

Are you a service member preparing for deployment or retirement? Check out these tips and make sure you are not making any mistakes with your money! #financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP Since April is Financial Literacy Month, Joe Chesloski, a personal financial counselor with more than 20 years of business and finance experience, offered his perspective on the biggest mistakes service members make with their money -- and how those ...

Veterans!!! Come see us at Spring Fling on Thornley campus today!

Tax season is around the corner—plan your refund and savings | Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Where are all of the procrastinators? Today is the last day to file your 2018 taxes!
If you are getting a refund, check out these tips for making plans to save! #financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP

Responsible Borrowing

Are you considering borrowing a federal student loan for college?
This is a big decision! It’s important to borrow responsibly!!
Watch this video to learn more.
#financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP

Are you thinking about taking out a federal student loan to help pay for college or career school? Check out this video to learn about your responsibilities ...

Annual Credit - Home Page

Did you know you can request a free copy of your credit report every 12 months from each credit reporting company? is safe and authorized by the Federal Trade Commission.
Review your credit report to ensure accuracy and avoid identity theft! #financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP

Don’t forget TTC’s second annual Financial Wellness Fair next week!
Stop by the Student Lounge in Building 410 on Wednesday, April 17th from 11:00-1:00 and speak with financial experts!
Free food, prizes, and a chance to win one of several gift cards! #financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP

April Is Financial Literacy Month - Why Financial Wellness Matters

Why do we promote financial wellness?
“According to a recent survey, over 50% of Americans have less than $1000 in savings.”
#financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP With millions of Americans facing a financial crisis in retirement, getting better educated on the challenges ahead makes eminent sense. April is financial literacy awareness month, and provides a great opportunity to focus on your individual situation.

National Student Loan Data System for Students

Know what you owe!

Many students aren't sure how much they owe in student loans, or where to go to find their student loan balance. Login to the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) using your FSA ID and password to see how much you owe and who services your loan.
#financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP

Financial Preparedness |

Are you financially prepared for a disaster or other emergency?
Hurricane season begins June 1st!
The Ready Campaign has several social media events scheduled this month to help you be prepared. Check them out! #financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP This April, the Ready Campaign will host social media events on financial preparedness as part of National Financial Capability Month. Topics include planning and budgeting, saving for disasters and emergencies, and the importance of insurance. Join us:1 p.m. ET, April 10, TwitterChat, Plan for the....

CashCourse | Your Real-Life Money Guide > Login Page

One of the first steps to taking control of your finances is to set up a budget! Use this interactive tool to create one in just a few minutes: #financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP

CashCourse | Your Real-Life Money Guide > Login Page

What's the biggest threat to your wallet?

Find out with this budget quiz

#financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP

CashCourse | Your Real-Life Money Guide > Login Page

Living paycheck to paycheck can be frustrating.

Break the cycle with this budget tool from CashCourse

#financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP

What is financial literacy?

The National Financial Educators Council defines financial literacy as:
“Possessing the skills and knowledge on financial matters to confidently take effective action that best fulfills an individual’s personal, family and global community goals.”

#financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP

GI Bill 75th Anniversary Video Repository

The VA is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the GI Bill!

They want to HEAR FROM YOU! Create and share your personal video of how the GI Bill helped you get an education, buy a house, or impacted your life.

Videos will be posted daily to VA’s 75th Anniversary webpage.

It’s easy to provide a video. Just visit: Share your GI Bill 75th Anniversary videos.

Thanks, TTC for a great #TTCSaves event today!

[04/02/19]   Come see us NOW!
700/800 foyer.
#TTCSAVES #financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness

Stop by our tent today!

Weather update!!!!
We will be in the foyer of Buildings 700 and 800, on the Thornley Campus.
Set a savings goal and make a DIY savings bank!

We will be there from 11:00 – 1:00. Free hot chocolate (mmmmm, warm!), and a chance to win a $25 Visa gift card!

#TTCSAVES #financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP

April is Financial Literacy Month!

Follow our page all month long for tips that will help you become financially savvy!

#financialliteracymonth #TTCFinancialWellness #FLiP

Our Veterans Assistance staff is attending the SCAVA conference this week and learning how to better serve our veterans.

Big Thanks to @Thrivent for supporting our Financial Literacy Month Activities and Goals!
You're going to love our events!
Stay tuned to find out how much better life and college can be when you make smart decisions about your money.

Don't miss out!

Southeastern Council on Military Education (SECOME)

Active Duty, Drilling Reservists, National Guard Members, Spouses of Active Duty Members, and Veterans attending TTC may be eligible for SECOME Scholarships.
Click here to see who is eligible, and apply!

It's not too late to see how delicious cooking on a budget can be! Today, Building 970, until 1pm.

Bringing back Thrifty Crock Pot Meals! Don't miss it!!

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Petals Homeschool Petals Homeschool
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Offering teaching assistance for homeschoolers, unschoolers, and everyone in between.

The Academy at El- Shaddai The Academy at El- Shaddai
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Prep School for children ages 2-5. Children are in a christian, loving environment. Children are taught ABC identification, number identification, Spanish, Math, and Reading. Mornings are started with devotional services. 4708 Durant Avenue

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Global Football School USA,Inc is a student-centered and academic-focused micro school offering a customized learning environment to meet each student's individual learning needs.

Charleston Music Lessons Charleston Music Lessons
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We teach beginner to advanced music lessons on Guitar, Bass, Drums, Voice, Keys, Violin, and other instruments. In your home or our studio.

Ironworkers L.U. 848 Training Department Ironworkers L.U. 848 Training Department
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Ironworkers L. U. 848 Training Facility

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The official internal page for the MMTC- Charleston Family. I'm challenging all Alumni, current Students, Staff and Supporters worldwide to stay connected!

CCSD Nutrition Services CCSD Nutrition Services
3999 Bridgeview Drive
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This is the official page of the Office of Nutrition Services for the Charleston County School District.

PATCH Career Institute PATCH Career Institute
1818 Norwood Street
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P.A.T.C.H. Career Institute's mission is to provide quality training to students in the health related and vocational field.

Palmetto School of Career Development Charleston, South Carolina Palmetto School of Career Development Charleston, South Carolina
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