The "Carolina Rifles", Company, F 17th S.C.V. Tramp Brigade

Based in Ridgeville, SC. The Carolina Rifles is a group of living historians that work to preserve the martial traditions of South Carolina.

The "Carolina Rifles" © or the Tramp Brigade Organization of Historical Interpreters (TBOHI), is a tax-exempt, non-profit (501 c3) corporation in the State of South Carolina. We are organized for the purpose of preserving and interpreting history as it relates to the South Carolina citizen/solider of the Nathan George Evans "Tramp" Brigade during the sesquicentennial of the American Civil War. Through our relationships with various preservation organizations, parks, museums, and other historical interpreter groups, we will spend the next five years providing our services. We have cooperated with many groups including the National Park Service, South Carolina Battleground Preservation Trust, Historic Brattonsville, the South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum, the Southeast Coalition of Authentic Reenactors, and more.

Mission: To represent the memory of the South Carolina Soldier of the War Between the States with honor, respect and accuracy.

[05/01/19]   A post from a troll stated that the Confederates fought for slavery? What the author failed to mention was that Blacks served in the US Army during the Indian Wars, The Philippines (Moro Rebellion) and the Spanish american war, Along with the 1916 Mexican punitive expedition. Were the motivations of the US government pure and noble in those wars? Wars like Vietnam, Somalia , Iraq and Afghanistan. The American left has challenged those wars and their legitimacy. Vietnam was highly criticized, what did Black Soldiers fight for? It's an insulting question no matter how you frame it. Soldiers serve and perform their duty. They serve for a variety of reasons,. Many of the Southern Soldiers and notably my ancestors did not own slaves,. I will continue to honor them and Veterans of all wars regardless of political scheming and revisionist history. On the other side, the Northern (Union) Soldier did not leave their farms and families to go fight and die in Dixie to liberate the slave. They fought for patriotism, the flag and to preserve the Union and keep control of the Southern states. Slavery which existed in the North was the propaganda cause whipped up by New England elites to give legitimacy for a war that was killing thousands of American Southerners. They could have sued for peace and negotiated an end of slavery. Instead they waged total scorched earth warfare after 1863. The war should have ended in that year, instead they chose retribution over peace. I am certain had the South stayed free and independent the two countries would have resumed trade and hammered out a deal to end slavery in exchange for independence but, that was never going to happen.

Our unit isn't ashamed of displaying the Confederate Battle Flag. like our ancestors we don't back down from our enemies, the socialists, coastal elites, urbanites, reconstructed Southerners or work with turncoats. We are the only heritage and historical Confederate unit in the low country that doesn't bow down to the Charleston intellectual elite and we will not apologize or pay for the crimes of a single man. We preserve and present the martial history of the Tramp Brigade and the men who fought under the Confederate Battle flag with honor and bravery. We have rights under the first amendment of the United States Constitution and we will fight back legally and politically to preserve our freedom of speech and history against opponents who want to erase SC Confederate history. I would like your support as activists , living historians and advocates. We will not support any entity that bans or prohibits the Confederate flag. If our rights are denied. we will challenge them in court and fight them. We will support no politician that bans Confederate icons or monuments., So if you are tired of ineffective and compromising groups, please help us in reclaiming our heritage and rights in South Carolina from the urban socialists. I will never betray my history just to participate in a historical event ran by out enemies who want to erase our identity,. You don't work with those people, you put them out of business..

[01/09/19]   Looking to organize an antique militaria show, 1775-1975 only. Won't be modern Army surplus, weapons or gear. Antiques from the Revolutionary era up to Vietnam to include adversaries. The target customer will be historians, collectors and reenactors. If you are interested in a spot and want to buy, exhibit, trade or sell, then send me a message. Would like to get this organized before 2019. Show proceeds will go to the Carolina Rifles. Will also see if we can do period timeline exhibits outside. Licensed vendors will be allowed to sell weapons, but no outside weapons will be brought in as this isn't a gun show.

Evan's Brigade was outnumbered by about five to one in the battles around Kinston, nevertheless, it was important that they engage the enemy in order to delay the Federal march to Goldsboro until Confederate reinforcements could arrive to defend the railroad bridge there. Later Captain Edwards related this story of an unusual fight between two regiments of the brigade::

"Our brigade was sent to Kinston, where we remained from the 20th of December until after Christmas. While there we had the heaviest snowstorm I ever saw. The next day after the storm, the snow being a foot deep, the Twenty-Third Regiment marched over to the camp of the Seventeenth Regiment in line of battle with flags flying, halted and sent in a flag of truce demanding surrender or battle. Lieutenant Colonel Culp being in command of the Seventeenth, informed the courier that the Seventeenth had never surrendered and was ready for battle. In a very few minutes the regiment was in line of battle and the two regiments met in deadly conflict, the weapons being snowballs. This was one of the hottest contested engagements these two regiments were ever in, notwithstanding it was fought with chilled weapons. The victory was won by the Seventeenth driving the Twenty-Third off the field and driving them back three-quarters of a mile to their own quarters, We fared better in the way of rations at Kinston than we did anywhere else during the war, We could get port, sweet potatoes, chickens, ducks and turkeys. We all got fat on the fare." Page 96 "Wandering To Glory"- D. B. Stone Jr. 2002.

[12/07/18]   Will be soon working on local quality events for SC.

[10/06/18]   I have recovered the old Tramp Brigade: Organization of historical Interpreters from 2008 and will revert to that official organization name in the future to be abbreviated TBOHI.

The "Carolina Rifles", Company, F 17th S.C.V. Tramp Brigade

[06/17/18]   Reenacting is pretty much dead in Charleston. Due to several factors. The reliable reenactors are getting older and as a result can't participate as much. This is occurring across the country,. Until younger folks get involved in the reenacting hobby, that won't change. The biggest factor I see is the Anti-Confederate history sentiment and propaganda produced by the local press and TV. The blaming of Confederate veterans and the flag for the AME Church Shooting reaction was one of the biggest left wing political coups of this decade, It took full advantage of the ignorance of the younger generation and baby Boomers who are too timid to fight for their heritage, unless they are branded as racists. As a result many venues like Fort Sumter-Moultrie, the H.L. Hunley and many private historic sites rarely host WBTS events. They have been shamed into compliance and the cowards like Boone Hall complied. Although other vicious White on Black crimes have happened across the country, common sense has not prevailed. The purge and eradication of the Confederacy continues. The only answer is to elect politicians who will represent us and stand up for Confederate history in word and deed. Reenactors used to be the most apolitical people you would ever meet but, today's' polarized, binary thinking has forced us to choose sides. Until then I am going to host invitation and members only events with little or no public invites. Why? becasue most reenactors are straight up cowards. No longer will I rely on fence sitters and people who may show up. This should be a priority fight. It's a fight for survival and relevance, If you don't do it, no one else will and if you are too afraid to fight, then send me money and I will do the fighting for you everyday. If you don't want to participate or send money then just.quit, sit back, lose your rights to expression and watch the flags, monuments and gravestones disappear.

[06/16/18]   The Fort Lamar Living History for tomorrow is cancelled. Unseasonable hot weather, lighting and sporadic storms. No one showed tonight. If you want to go and pay your respects tomorrow , please do, however; there will be no programs. Site is open to public, no admission.


Meanwhile in England... 😂

[04/26/18]   Great news, I spoke with Brian Long of the SC-DNR and he is pushing for state support and assistance next year for the "annual" event, starting next year in 2019.

[04/16/18]   June 16th 2018, we will tentatively meet at Fort Lamar (Secessionville). Coordination is in the works with SC-DNR. The 16th will fall on a Saturday.

Fort Lamar, June, 2012. Unknown participant, Sgt Brian Sharp (middle) and Will Christman (right) represent the Union at the annual ceremony to mark the 150the Anniversary of the Battle of Secessionville. We had camped out the night before and afterwards we helped cleaned up the park and removed several pickup truck loads of trash. Carolina Rifles participated in this event and we had 5 members attend during this time.

The "Carolina Rifles", Company, F 17th S.C.V. Tramp Brigade

Saturday, February 17th am going to tour the H. L. Hunley at the Warren Lasch Labratory, visit the Cenetery, then head out to Breech Inlet. Does anyone else want to join in?

[02/13/18]   Saturday, February 17th am going to tour the H. L. Hunley at the Warren Lasch Labratory, visit the Cenetery, then head out to Breech Inlet. Does anyone else want to join in?

Sketch of the Confederate camp after the Battle of the Crater in Petersburg, Virginia,

General Nathan G. Evans, the first commander of the Tramp Brigade. Brave and controversial. He died November 23, 1868 in Midway, Alabama.

View from Morris Island.

Mrs. Lucy Holcombe Pickens, wife of the governor, and her daughter inspect SC militia troops in 1861.

Unidentified soldier from a Charleston militia unit in kepi with letter "M" and unidentified woman painted backdrop showing trees and a landscape] / Quinby & Co., artists, Charleston, S.C. From the LIbrary of Congress, Online Collection.


Our website is back up: . IF you are a vendor or sutler and you want us to recommend your quality products , send me a message. If you have a history related event, send it to me for placement on our calendar. The Carolina Rifles, LLC is in the process of reorganizing after a two year hiatus. We are looking for members who will support Confederate History and the martial traditions of South Carolina. Write us at [email protected]. We are an educational, living history and reenacting unit.

[09/21/17]   Access to historical sites and public ground for reenactments are under attack, we are looking into buying a tract of land around 120 acres, this was done years ago with the Battle of Aiken and other of sections of the Upcountry, Midlands and Lowcountry that are near or close to the actual battlefields will need to be accessed if this hobby is to go forward in the future. We will need to raise money and awareness. Private land will also allow freedom of speech and presentation, without bending the knee to some local nureaucrat, council, mayor or politicians.

Click here to support NC Division SCV Monument Fund organized by Stephen Hulen We have donated to our North Carolina cousins,. All Southerners need to come together and protect their legacy. Don't let the leftists and the One World Government win, defeat the lawlessness of Antifa and support this fund. The Sons of Confederate Veterans is raising money to replace the monument that was destroyed by Anti-American protesters on Monday August 14th 2017 in Durham NC. It is our desire to honor those Southern Heroes who gave up everything they had to defend their homes and States from an overwhelming i...

Pvt. Charles Bachman 20th South Carolina Infantry Co.H Killed at Cedar Creek 10/64

Monumental Task Committee

We have donated to the MTC in Louisiana to fight for the Confederate Monuments. Their battle is our battle, I urge you to join them, show support and donate. Ashley Merlin, local photographer, author and MTC Board member has recently published a stunning new book, Statuesque New Orleans. MTC members will receive a $5 discount on their purchase of the book, and Merlin will make a donation to the Monumental Task Committee, Inc.

Remembering Confederate Memorial Day in South Carolina, honoring the brave Confederate men from all over the South who died defending Charleston in the longest seige in the Western hemisphere. For three years they held off the Union against every assault and technical innovation, until South Carolina itself fell. For over 150 years we have rememebered them and their legacy will never be forgotten.

[04/30/17]   The timeline event we wanted for this year has been cancelled. We did not have Fort Moultrie or Camden as a venue. Next weekend there is an airshow at McEntire AFB near Columbia. There is an airshow that weekend, I have not heard back from one of the organizers. I promise that next year will be well produced on my part and well organized with an emphasis on treating the living historians with the most utmost respect.

[04/26/17]   Recent politics and economic hardships have made it hard for reenactors who invest their time and money to bring history to the people. Nothing is worse than investing you weekend, energy, money and time, only to have a bad experience by an event coordinator or by one of the staff. Bad experiences could include, lack of information, lack of support, no contingency plans, rude staff or poorly trained staff etc. The final straw is ingratitude and post event criticism. There is a way to make this better and more reliable and it comes from how we do business as "reenactors".

Now I am not saying you can quit your weekday job or you will get rich, it's more about the pooling of talent and resources and becoming more independent as a group. In many ways as the history providers we did not have control, that control was surrendered to other gate keepers, public employees, etc. Not all were bad, but we still had to beg for permission to do anything. One bad incident and everyone could lose access forever. The past model was this: You picked an impression, you did research, spent time, money and effort to build this up, and this could include vehicles, cannons, large support systems. We even take time off from work and travel long distance to attend events. In other words, you perform and execute all the basic functions of a business and all you want, the only really pay you really expect is a "great job" and an invite back to the place next year.

Things have changed in America. Small radical groups are looking to shut down or eliminate living history events all together. Political correctness is out of control in America. One event for example the "Battle of Secessionville" was held annually at Boone Hall, Charleston for over 24 years. That's thousands of reenactors and private individuals investing in an event and what was the thanks they got? They were basically punished for the criminal deeds of one man who had nothing to do with that event. When other mass shootings occurred, other groups were not punished en masse.

If they had taken some of that money and invested it in a private corporation, eventually in 24 years they could have left something for the next generation. They would have built a venue that would have been private and impervious to the mob mentality of political correctness. The media and online trolls made re-enactors and living historians into villains as well, we need to organize as a group and fight that. Basically we can't rely on corporations and government entities if we want to go forward. Like hunters and gun owners we have to adopt a different strategy. We need to raise money in SC to keep history alive here and we need to learn to acquire grants and donations. We also need to reinvest in our own hobby.

If you want to help me and the Carolina Rifles achieve this let me know. It's not a simple as recruiting a few people, buying gear and traveling to events. We need to change the events and work at some permanent rewards. We have to be forward thinking and make serious plans to save living history and change this from a hobby to a lobby. That includes networking, raising money, buying property and items, and representation to the government and countering the media.

[04/22/17]   Confederate Memorial Day, May 10th 2017, Magnolia Cemetery. THE CR will have a private ceremony in recognition of Confederate memorial day., please message me for details. This is not a public event. Dinner meeting to follow at a restaurant (optional).

Lately there has been an effort and a false narrative from left wing groups that South Carolina units never flew the St. Andrews Cross Battle Flag. This is disinformation generated around the term "Army of Northern Virginia". Their propaganda is that only Virginia and Virginia units are allowed to use the Battle Flag. It's a false historic claim to try and prevent descendants in other states from using the CBF. The battle flag became the official Confederate Army flag after May of 1863, The Confederate Depot in Charleston produced and issued to Confederate units, to include SC units the well known design. Even a casual research will prove this to be true The CBF design was NOT exclusive to Virginia. Units from other states served with the A.N. V. in Lee's Army. The photo below from the CWPT shows the flags of the 21st and 25th South Carolina Infantry.

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