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This week's PRKC workout is a STRENGTH focus, so that means supersets and the biggest bell you can safely handle in good form. Apply the "+/- 2 Rule" - if you can get 2 more reps than the program in good form, bump a size. If you're struggling at 2 under, take it down a notch.

Form Notes:
- Pause the goblet at the bottom for 2 seconds, then drive through the heels!
- Challenge the OHP by going bottom-up!
- Potato Sack lunge is a lunge variant of the potato sack squat. You're welcome.
- Drop a bell side on the sport sn**ch until you've mastered speed switching.

Wanna join live? Well, we're sold out on Sunday but Thursday night has a couple open spots! Shoot me a message and we'll get it rolling.


Like planks? Like shoulders? Well, here's a great way to combine the two!

Looking for more great kettlebell workouts? Join me every week at the Pike&Rose Kettlebell Club. Not a member? Message me for details!


Stand for something.


I swear, I actually smile!



Hey! Check out PRKC Workout 10-2! This week is a strength circuit, and it's a beast with a good bit of offset and rotational movement.

This one is prescribed for 3-5 rounds. You pick, but don't stay in circuit more than 30 minutes - save a little gas for the finisher... 🔥

Half-Kneeling Sn**ch regresses to a clean
Doubles on the rack squat
No TRX? Yoga ball...
Doubles on the clean+press
Rainbows swap for grocery presses
Crush curls can be 21's....

‼ Admin Note: We are SOLD OUT for this Sunday, so if you're a PRKC regular and you're not planning on being there tomorrow, please let me know ASAP as I've got a couple people on the waiting list.

📧 Not a member, but want to be? Fire a DM! We've got options!


Fresh paint, bells back on the racks, still gotta install some tech...

Time to start the spring cut!


💪 Ready to put in some work? Well, check out PRKC workout 10-1, a mixed-mode superset workout that's sure to please (displease?) your whole body! 💪

👉Get creative with the warmup!
👉No TRX? Bottom-up presses and pushups!
👉Bear Complex can go doubles or slow.
👉Slow Rows can go doubles or see-saw.
👉Dead sn**ch regresses to dead cleans.

‼ For the finisher, it's 3 minutes PER LIFT in standard order (jerks, sn**ches, long cycle). Don't know BOLT Rules? Check out IKLF's page!

🔥 Wanna join LIVE? Limited spots available at Pike&Rose, reserve yours NOW!

📧 Need help with the moves? DM's aren't just for dating!



Happy Weekend, Lifters! This week's PRKC workout is a cardio and endurance focus, and the format is AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible). Pace is your own, as are the weights, so focus on form and challenge yourself!

↗️ Modifications ↙️
No med ball? Squat jumps!
No rower? Do 10 high-quality burpees!
No TRX? Frog sprawls work!
Need a challenge? Mmmm, double bells...
More rhomboids? Swap the S-S for high pulls!

Wanna join LIVE? I've got 2 open slots on Thursday nights and you can join the wait list for Sunday mornings. Not a member? DM's aren't just for dating...📧

Tell me how you liked it, and post up if you need form help!



This week's PRKC workout is focused on ❤️CARDIO❤️ - This is a mixed-mode Tabata protocol workout designed to get you super-sweaty using the OG of HIIT formats.

The warmup should NOT be shorted, and done at low/moderate intensity. As always, the warmup is bodyweight so you could EASILY use it as a workout by itself. (All PRKC warmups are done this way on purpose).

No rower? Mountain climbers.
No TRX? Tuck jumps.
Want more? Double bells!

Want to join us LIVE? PRKC is every Sunday at 10am and every Thursday at 7pm, 2nd floor small group training area.

Not a member? DM's aren't just for dating... We got options...



Ready for some ENDURANCE training? Give this one-bell PRKC workout a go! Format is EMOM 6x5, which means Every Minute on the Minute you hit the number of reps listed, repeat for 5 minutes per move, 6 total moves. That's 30 minutes of work plus the warmup and the finisher.

Sn**ch can regress to half sn**ch or cleans
Split-Swing can go to straights or two-hand
Gorillas can be straight rows, or alternating
Offset Pushups follow normal progressions
Rack Squat regresses to a goblet

Want a challenge? Doubles.
Smoked? Pause the timer between moves.

Wanna join in person? Sundays at 10am, Thursdays at 7pm on the 2nd floor. Not a member? Message me, we have options.

Post up how you liked it!


Happy Weekend, Lifters!

PRKC 9-3 is an ENDURANCE circuit. That means a lower weight but higher volume. We're focusing on MUSCULAR endurance, not cardio - Les don't live here! That means precision movement, but in a 20 rep pattern to stay under tension over a minute per.

General rule: If you're struggling for 15 reps, you're too heavy. If you can hit 15, level up!

- No TRX? Decline pushups work fine
- Half sn**ches go to full or even doubles
- Regress the lunge to reverse racks
- High pulls regress to cleans, progress to doubles
- Floor presses can go to Turkish Situps

Wanna join in person? Thursday at 7pm and Sunday at 10am, 2nd floor near Mind+Body. Not a member? DM's aren't just for dating....



💪 Hey Lifters! Ready for another mixed-mode strength workout? Give PRKC 9-2 a shot! 💪

- The warmup (as always) can run as a bodyweight workout. Just do 4-5 rounds in great form.
- Regress the lunge to reverse lunges, or even rack lunges. Want more? Pause it at the bottom and run in 4-4-4 tempo.
- Normal pushup progressions/regressions apply. Ask if you don't know the pattern!
- No TRX? Bent-over rows work fine.
- Bird dogs can go unweighted, but STAY FLAT!
- Extended ROM presses can go the bridge of a Get-Up, but the focus is on the chest/shoulder, NOT some bu****it acrobatics.
- Dead Sn**ch can go to doubles, your call.

‼ Want more? Add a 4th set. As always, +/- 2 rep rule applies - if you're struggling for 8, it's too heavy but if you're nailing 12 grab a bigger bell.

Wanna join live? Thursday at 7pm and Sunday at 10am, 2nd floor of P&R! Message for details.

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