Great IASCD newsletter as usual. This one must have been particularly difficult due to the pandemic and the protests, etc as well as Glenna’s upcoming retirement. WELL DONE!

Meanwhile, Glenna, congrats on a job well done for so many years as editor. That added to all the other IASCD activity you had over the years and your extraordinary leadership in the schools in which you worked, is a testament to your dedication, drive and love of what you have done as an educator for many years. Great career, great role modeling and great YOU. It was an honor to work on the IASCD board with you in my years active and I wish you the best of luck and good health as you retire. Thanks for terrific newsletters.
How do I get conference handouts?
I enjoyed discovering new ideas from Kathy Brown and Sarah Martino! I attended 3 of their sessions at the ASCD and can’t wait to implement their ideas in my classroom. (Phonics Fun, Reading and Comprehension, and Kindness is Cooler)
Teachers are still emailing me for the free workbook, that was offered at the end of my presentation. Don't worry, I will continue to send it til the end of this week. Just email me. :)
How A.I. and Immersive Tech Will Reshape Knowledge in Curriculum
“Jobsolescence” Will Machines Destroy our Jobs? – Charles Fadel says Yes and No.

llinois ASCD was formed in 1943 as one of the six original affiliates of ASCD. The Illinois ASCD continues to expand its operation into the 21st century.

Operating as usual


The Spring Edition of our Quarterly Journal is out now! This edition is on #EducatorBurnout. Read it now!


Excited to host #JamesPopham for a workshop on assessment literacy. #ilascdlearns 04/24/2019

ILASCD Journal - Spring 2019

Have you read the latest edition of the #ILASCD Quarterly Journal!? This edition is all about #EducatorBurnout. Read it now! 04/20/2019

Want To Make A Difficult Conversation Productive? Use A Protocol -

How to make difficult conversations productive: Want To Make A Difficult Conversation Productive? Use A Protocol contributed by Michele Mattoon, NSRF Director *Join Michele and Director of TeachThought PD, Drew Perkins, for this summer’s Grow 19 pre-conference day, July 16th. Each year, I train scores of educators and professionals to become Cr... 04/19/2019

9 Questions To Reflect Critically On Your Own Teaching

9 Questions to reflect critically on you own teaching 9 Questions To Reflect Critically On Your Own Teaching contributed by Paul Moss This post has been updated and republished Video your teaching, and see what really happens in your classroom. That is my exhortation to you, from a recently converted disciple of such professional development. I don’t... 04/19/2019

NGSS Implementation: Six Recommendations for Investing in Science Teacher Leadership

NGSS Implementation: Six recommendations for investing in Science Teachers Leadership Read six recommendations to district- and site-level administrators for encouraging and leveraging teacher leadership in support of NGSS implementation.


Exciting news! @JSerravallo will be joining us next year! Don't miss: Jennifer Serravallo: Achieving Complete Reading Comprehension 04/18/2019

Enhancing the digital learning experience

Enhancing the digital learning experience. When we think of a great learning experience with digital content, we tend to think of the way that the content itself is designed – how ... 04/18/2019

Cursive Seemed to Go the Way of Quills and Parchment. Now It’s Coming Back.

Cursive seemed to go the way of quills and parchment. Now it's coming back. Defenders of the writing style have lobbied to revive it in schools, igniting a debate about American values and exposing intergenerational fault lines.


Dr. Jean's Banana Dance - (aka The Guacamole Song) - Dr. Jean's Banana Dance

Don't Miss Dr. Jean this summer! Register here:

Dr. Jean has released this song and video on youtube for teachers and parents to enjoy with their children. Watch top left corner for a link to the lyrics ar...


Don't Miss Dr. Jean! Registration now open. 04/15/2019

Tax Day is Monday! Looking for Hands-On Tax Activities To Use In Your Classroom? - Blog

It's #TaxDay! Here are some hands-on activities you could use in your classroom: So, your planning to mail your income tax return on Monday (actually, the 18th) and now you’re looking for hands-on tax resources to include in your classroom. Here are a few from the NGPF Library to supplement your existing curriculum: Activities: Completing a 1040-EZ Calculate how allowances...


Myron Dueck kicking off his workshop today with his “Ask Them” keynote. #ilascdlearns


Excited to host Myron Dueck today! #ilascdlearns


#HappyApril! It's a new month, are you setting personal and professional goals for yourself?


The Spring Edition of our Quarterly Journal is out now! This edition is on #EducatorBurnout. Read it now! 03/23/2019

5 Tips For Teaching With Art In Any Subject Area -

5 Tips for #Teaching with #Art in any subject 5 Tips For Teaching With Art In Any Subject Area contributed by Nicola Giardina, TeachThought PD Facilitator Art inquiry is a powerful way to engage students with diverse learning needs, improve critical thinking and social-emotional skills and make learning relevant to students’ lives. Yet many t... 03/22/2019

Making Animoto Videos With Purpose

#FreeTechFriday Making Animoto videos with purpose 03/22/2019

The secret to scientific discoveries? Making mistakes

Happy Friday! Great explanation of how science works, but more importantly, a great explanation for your students about making mistakes. #HappyFriday Phil Plait was on a Hubble Space Telescope team of astronomers who thought they may have captured the first direct photo of an exoplanet ever taken. But did the evidence actually support that? Follow along as Plait shows how science progresses -- through a robust amount of making and correcting erro...


I teach because: A Teacher’s Wellness/Mindfulness Primer with Carla Tantillo Philibert - Educators will leave with validation, helpful and practical strategies, and inspiration for the work ahead. 03/21/2019

4 Things All Project-Based Learning Teachers Should Do -

4 Things all project-based learning teachers should do: 4 Things All Project-Based Learning Teachers Should Do contributed by Lauren Ayer, M.Ed. Gone are the days when students were expected to sit passively at desks while teachers lectured endlessly, expecting children to soak up the information being thrown at them. In today’s educational environment... 03/21/2019

How To Prepare Students For 21st Century Survival

7 Skills Students will Always Need How To Prepare Students For 21st Century Survival 03/20/2019

Why Education Needs a 'Whole Child' Approach

Why education needs a "whole Child" Approach: #WholeChild Wednesday The research is clear: Supporting social and emotional development improves academic achievement and behavior.


Good Bye Songs with Dr. Jean

Some great #goodbye options from our Summer Kinder presenterDr Jean Feldman Registration is now open - don't miss Dr. Jean!

Dr. Jean recently did a FB live presentation to accompany one of the daily entries on her blog. Here is a link to the blog entry:


Registration now open for our Summer Kindergarten conference featuring Dr. Jean Felman! #KinderTuesday #Kinder19


We can't thank you enough for all the volunteers, committee members, presenters and attendees for making the 2019 Pre-K/K Conference such an overwhelming success. #ThankYou #Kinder19 #KinderTuesday 03/18/2019

Poem From 10-Year-Old Dyslexic Student Emphasizes Power Of Perspective -

Happy Monday! Here's a heart warming story to put a smile on your face. Some times all you need is some or a different perspective. #HappyMonday Poem By 10-Year-Old With Dyslexia Emphasizes Power Of Perspective by TeachThought Staff I was reading it backwards like “life in it make can I” and was like…. this doesn’t make any sense and then I realised. Why is this child more intelligent than me — Calum McSwiggan (@CalumMcSwiggan) Feb...


#ILASCD is honored to receive the ASCD award for our efforts in the area of professional learning #ILASCDLearns #Empower19


Come visit our IL ASCD Booth at Empower 19. After you check at registration, turn around and the booth will be in front of you on the far right.
See you soon! #Empower19 #ILASCDLearns


#kinder19 Kim Adsit speaking about Loteracy Interventions


The expo hall is open until 2:30. Make sure you get down there and see our vendors before they’re gone! #kinder19


Melissa Leach discussing Interactice writing #kinder19


Teachers Learn Too Adam Peterson discussing classroom management #kinder19


Jan Richardson discussing Early Guided Reading to a packed house! #kinder19


Excited to welcome Dr Jan Richardson for our day 2 keynote. She will be discussing closing the achievement gap #kinder19

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Don’t miss the selfie spot outside exploration hall! #kinder19
Excited about Jack Hartmann licking off #kinder19!
A great day of PD at our Fall Kindergarten Round Robin workshop with Adam Peterson Education
2019 Pre-K/K Conference Registration is Now Open!!!
Register now!
The Principal Center‘s Justin Baeder kicking off High Performance Customer Service #ilascdlearns





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