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Hello Viola enthusiasts,

Masumi Per Rostad is hosting a viola masterclass that is being held on Wednesday, November 16 at 6:30PM-8:30PM at the Roadstead Montessori High School, 112 College Pl, Norfolk, VA 23510.

Thank you to Bay Youth Orchestras of Virginia for sponsoring this event and Roadstead Montessori High School for hosting. It will be a wonderful evening of great music from five BYOV members and instruction from a master player and teacher, Masumi Per Rostad in this historic building in downtown Norfolk.

Students, teachers, musicians and community members are welcome to come and observe, free of charge.
Please Register Here:

Masumi Per Rostad is performing the new Viola Concerto by Jessie Montgomery with the Virginia Symphony Orchestra this weekend. For tickets, go to the VSO website:

Looking forward to celebrating the viola this week!
The Chemistry lab did an experiment where they made copper using salt and aluminium!
This is the learning model I have been working with and refining at Roadstead for the last two years for all math, Biology, Chemistry.
We had our first official computer science class this year. We made a text based video game. If you want to try and play it, here it is!

Hello Eran, unfortunately Bob and I will not be able to attend graduation on June 4th. Sorry to miss this event but hope all runs smoothly. Jan.
Eran said something amazing to me this morning. "I would rather fail than to regret"
Darn... we missed Elon Musk at this year's Science and Engineering festival!

Our educational program is customized to support each student’s individual path to social independenc

Roadstead Montessori High School is located in downtown Norfolk, nearby the new Colonel Samuel L. Slover Main Library, Tidewater Community College, Granby art district, Chrysler Museum, Harrison Opera and downtown theaters. A network of relationships with local businesses and organizations provides our students with unique opportunities to work side by side with professional scientists, engineers, artists, artisans and entrepreneurs.

Operating as usual


This is the power of a real community! Our beloved partner 757 Makerspace had to relocate on a short notice. Immediately a network of support got formed spontaneously to help Beau Turner and his team make it happen. This coming week, our Makerspace session will be to take part in growing the new location.

🌟 Hello, friends! 🌟

Quick update from the front lines of our Makerspace NFK move: We’re making headway at the old location and it’s emptying out fast! If you’ve got even an hour to spare today to help load and unload trucks, we’d be incredibly grateful. 🙏

Here’s the scoop:

• Where? Meet us at 237 W. 24th Street Norfolk, Va 23517
• What’s happening? We’ve got two box trucks doing shuttle runs between the old and new spaces. We’re estimating about 10 trips in total, followed by a final clean-out.

Yesterday’s Triumphs:

• On Saturday, we made massive progress – old equipment cleared out, lots of purging done. Our studios are about 90% dismantled.
• Over at the new spot, we’re revitalizing one of the large rooms with fresh paint, installing new lights to really make the place shine, and beginning to unload and sort items.

Your help and presence are more than just assistance; they’re a crucial part of this whole operation. With your support, we can transition from our old space to the new one faster, getting us back up and running for the community. 🚚🛠️

Let’s do this together! Every helping hand brings us closer to our goal and breathes life into our new Makerspace. Hope to see you soon - and thank you for being part of this amazing journey! 📦✨


The world lost today one of its greatest educators and human beings, Hanna Gudovitch. For many years, Hannah was the Head of Lifta High School in Jerusalem, Israel. With her endless compassion, love, generosity and authenticity she made the school a rare place of hope for generations of teens, who, until then, experienced their life as hopeless. Hannah also had a huge impact on all of us who were fortunate to work with her. She was our mentor, friend, moral compass and, oftentimes, substitute parent.

Everything I know about the real meanings of education I learned from Hannah Gudovitch. May the DNA of Hanna's Lifta always be imprinted in Roadstead Montessori High School. Thank you so much, Hannah, I love you, rest in peace.

Eran Livni and the Roadstead community

Photos from Roadstead Montessori High School's post 09/19/2023

One of our most longstanding work-study locations is the Culinary Institute of Virginia. The students learn how to maintain soil-based, hydroponic and aquaponic plants at the college's greenhouse. In return for their work they receive cooking lessons (pictures soon).

Photos from Roadstead Montessori High School's post 08/28/2023

The 2023-2024 school year started last week with Roadstead's traditional orientation days. It was so moving to see how, within a very short time, the students got to know each other, created teams which arranged together the school's physical space, and began shaping their own community. The students also worked in Downtown Norfolk Community Garden and ate ice cream together at the nearby aLatte Cafe. The orientation concluded with the weekly school cleaning which, as is the case often, ended with a short impromptu dance party.

Today we launched the academic schedule of this year, Roadstead's tenth year of operation!

A Montessori Study of Place: Downtown Norfolk, VA 07/11/2023

School sessions are on summer break, but the preparations for the new school year are in full gear.

Here you may read a new blog post that tells about a unique study that we have been doing, a Montessori study of our home place:

A Montessori Study of Place: Downtown Norfolk, VA Roadstead Montessori High School students study our homeplace, Downtown Norfolk, VA, by participating in the revival of its urban landscape


In general we don't do exams at Roadstead. However we do test the students' knowledge on occasion. Here is an example of a physics exam.


Beau at 757 Makerspace assisted us. We used a TIG welder to create a lab grown ruby. Join us next year and you can learn how!

Photos from Roadstead Montessori High School's post 05/24/2023

It took 3 years and LOTS of trial and error. But this year's chemistry class was successful at making a HUUUUGE Ruby!


Today the Roadstead Chemistry class put our Chemistry microwave in the fume hood and attempted to use the fourth state of matter (plasma) to melt aluminum oxide and chromium oxide to make lab grown rubies. We were close, but no luck!

Photos from Roadstead Montessori High School's post 05/15/2023

Our school building was originally built in 1913 to host live music events. Its high ceiling and wood molding create an incredible acoustics. We were so fortunate to enjoy it last Saturday created by the great Indian tabla master, Sandeep Das Thank you Virginia Symphony Orchestra for scheduling his master class at Roadstead. We are looking forward to hosting more VSO live music events in the next concert season.

American Literature: Banned Books · Roadstead Montessori High 05/12/2023

When high school students go on a deep dive into books, they should have the best diving guide, someone like Claudia Isler-Mazur, our literature and writing teacher. Here you can read this year's literary dive into the stormy water of banned books.

American Literature: Banned Books · Roadstead Montessori High Roadstead students learn in literature seminar how to understand the reasons that bring people to ban books in the US

Photos from Roadstead Montessori High School's post 05/12/2023

Today our Biology class extracted DNA from strawberries.


We are honored to host this amazing masterclass at Roadstead. Thank you Virginia Symphony Orchestra for bringing such a great tabla master to Hampton Roads. Thank you Spacemakers, Inc for sponsoring the master class.

Photos from Roadstead Montessori High School's post 04/06/2023

We are thrilled to announce the opening of enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year.

Next year we will be arriving at another landmark in the history of our Roadstead Montessori High School. That will be our tenth year of operation. So much growth we have experienced since the first school day in early September 2014. Then, we were no more than three students, one teacher and a vision incubated within the middle schoolers of Ghent Montessori School. A decade later, we are a recognized program with a fabulous teaching team, an expanding network of partners, a loving and highly diverse student community, and a gorgeous historical building in Downtown Norfolk. We also take pride in the line of alumni who sailed to the world from our roadstead to RIT, NYU, SCAD, ODU, Sweet Briar College and more.

Our nesting period in the new building is still evolving. The renovations are finally over and now we are embarking on the next phase, the interior design of the space. The students are going to be actively involved in the process. We formed a highly professional, creative and enthusiastic designing team. We are confident that when it is done, the space will become a most inviting learning environment.

We launched three new exciting partnerships in the 2022-2023 school year: one with Virginia Symphony Orchestra, the second with Virginia Stage Company and the third with the Downtown Norfolk Community Garden. The students produced two instructional videos for the VSO, which soon will be uploaded to VSO’s website. They have also been ushers at the student matinee performances of the VSC and have assisted with the building of theater stage sets (that is what you see in the pictures). Finally, the students have learned how to maintain and grow vegetables in the school's raised beds. We will meet during the summer with our partners to brainstorm the next phase of our partnerships. Based on the successful experience, we are expecting to grow further in the next school year. Our teaching team is committed to the ongoing development of Roadstead’s highly respected academic program.

Millions of words have been written about how to reform high school education. There is one high school that actually does it, Roadstead Montessori High School. Give us a call and come to check us out.

Photos from Roadstead Montessori High School's post 03/20/2023

First time ever competing in a robotic competition, our team Roadsters made it to the quarter finals, took the 15th place out of 32 and won the Rookie of the Year award. Great job guys! We are so proud of you. Next year we'll aim even higher.

firstchesapeake1 - Twitch 03/19/2023

The Roadstead Montessori High School robotics team is in 12th place out of 32 teams this morning. This is our first year competing against teams who have been doing this for decades. Here is a link to the live stream of the event. It doesn't start for a couple of hours.

firstchesapeake1 - Twitch FIRST Chesapeake 2023 FRC Portsmouth District Event Day 2


The amazing robotics club led by the one and only Steve Nelson have a working robot! They did a test run yesterday and broke in our robot for the first time on a practice course. These students built a highly complex machine in the last 2 months. We couldn't be more proud! They will compete against 31 other schools next weekend. Good luck team!

Sold Down River – Tracing the Domestic Slave Trade 02/22/2023

As part of Black History Month, WAVY-TV 10/WVBT FOX43 will air tonight (Wednesday) at 5:30pm a special news report about the historical research our school has been involved in in the last six years. The project is called and is a partnership between Roadstead Montessori High School, Slover Library and Norfolk State University. The project is funded by the Mellon Foundation and Virginia African American Cultural Center.

Stay tuned!

Sold Down River – Tracing the Domestic Slave Trade ROADSTEAD Montessori High School, the Joseph Jenkins Roberts Center for the Study of the African Diaspora at Norfolk State University and the Sargeant Collection at Slover Libraries, Norfolk Public Libraries are working together to find their stories.


The Roadstead robotics team is using a robotic plasma cutter at 757 Makerspace to cut out gussets for the new arm for our robot. One robot making another robot!


"We finally got this ding dang thing to work" -Henry

IMG_4286.MOV 01/26/2023

Roadstead Montessori High School robotic team will soon be ready for its first competition. Here is quick intro to their evolving creation


Photos from Roadstead Montessori High School's post 01/25/2023

The students have been complaining that there wasn't enough room around our school's dining they built a new one 757 Makerspace

Photos from Roadstead Montessori High School's post 12/22/2022

Yesterday we concluded the 2022 part of this school year with a day of celebration: secret Santa gift exchange, ornament making and a lunch with salad made with vegetables we harvested from our community garden. As always in our community, the entire day was planned and led by the students. Students also volunteered to come early to decorate the school. The day ended with the weekly deep cleaning, which was, as usual, completely student-led.

This strong communal spirit--our trademark--is what we build together every day at Roadstead. In so many different ways, our students learn that, to be independent, means giving, not less than receiving. It means being helpful and reliable. It also means making a constant effort to communicate in order to create win-win situations.

Happy holidays and upcoming 2023!


There are schools with fierce and scary mascots. We have Dede


Yin yoga class, this is how we bring the week to a calm closure


We are having a whole day anapana meditation course tomorrow. The room is prepared. We are looking forward to sharing good vibes.

Photos from Roadstead Montessori High School's post 11/03/2022

We love our partners at the Virginia Stage Company. Our students love to walk to the breathtaking Wells Theater, a block away from us, and be the ushers in the student matinees, like today's show "The Hobbit."

Photos from Roadstead Montessori High School's post 10/23/2022

Slowly but surely our school building is regaining its original beauty. Last week we hit a visible landmark. The awning that covered the building's facade since 1970 was allowed to retire.


We are looking forward to hosting a public masterclass with the Violist Masumi Per Rodstad. Come to enjoy great music amplified by the acoustics and beauty of our space. The masterclass is part of Roadstead's new partnership with the Virginia Symphony Orchestra.

Photos from Roadstead Montessori High School's post 09/14/2022

Here is the latest addition to our science lab! This is a chemical fume hood for our Chemistry class. It arrived unassembled. Ronnie, Chloe, Gigi and Steve had to decipher the hard to follow instructions and build it. Mounting it will be a herculean task. It weighs 400 lbs!


This is the greatest compliment, when your student design the logo of the school on his beloved shoes.


After almost a year of planning and renovations, we finally passed yesterday the final inspection and received the Certificate of Occupancy. The renovation work is not done yet, but today we could have our first day at our new school home.

Photos from Roadstead Montessori High School's post 09/02/2022

Today our students spent a work day @ Assembly. They had a chance to hang out on the open roof and got a tour inside this gorgeous co-working historical building in the heart of Downtown Norfolk. Thank you Drew Ungvarsky and Assembly staff for welcoming us. It was an inspiring day.


Having so many great nearby cafes is one of the best parts of being in Downtown Norfolk. Yesterday we went to meet our new neighbors at

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Our story

Roadstead Montessori High School is located in historic Ghent, Norfolk, nearby the Slover Library, Tidewater Community College, NEON art district, Chrysler Museum, Harrison Opera, Virginia Stage Company and other Downtown cultural venues. Our students study in an environment that cultivates independence, self-direction and creativity. A network of partnerships provides our students with unique opportunities for real world and hands on learning with professional scientists, engineers, artists, artisans and entrepreneurs. Equipped with rigorous academic training and diverse practical skills, our students are well prepared for college and any other path of early adult life.

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2023-2024 Roadstead Class making our school merch! Here is a video of the process of production
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Arsenic and Old Lace, RMHS 2020, Director: Judy Ziegler
@757makerspace we are screen printing our school t-shirts!
Our seaglider cruised today under water for the first time. Thanks to chief engineer Sumner Darling everything went very...




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