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Mobile uploads 04/04/2015

Haha was going through some photos and found this! Good old times..


Congratulations to our Class of 2014!! :D
Remember, don't party too hard ;-)


Aye, if you are an honor student, please pay your club dues by Thursday!
It's only $6 and it goes towards your CORDS, seniors..
To be considered an honor student, you need to have 3 semesters of consecutive A's.
So please pay your dues for the junior classical league on mypaymentsplus..


A Roman walks into a bar and says, "I'll have a martinus."
The bartender asks him. "Don't you mean martini?"
The man tells the bartender, "Listen, if I wanted two or more drinks I would have asked for them.
A ha ha. get it?... martinus and martini? lololol :I

Timeline photos 12/20/2013

As many of you may know, our teacher, Mr. Judd, will not return with us next semester. I'd like to take the time now to thank him for all that he's done for us. I can't speak for everyone, but I feel that we can all agree that he is definitely an inspiration and a great role model. Thank you, Mr. Judd, for truly giving us the opportunity to be the best that we can be. You've impacted so many of us and you have helped us grow to become the wonderful people that we are now. Thank you for creating good character in men and strong women. We'll miss you dearly, but we wish you and Lina luck in California.

We love you and we'll make you proud(er).

Happy Birthday, Mr. Judd. (2013) 12/05/2013

We love you, old man.

Timeline photos 12/05/2013

Thanks to everyone who pitched in and brought food for our Magister's special day! It was a huge success and we couldn't have pulled it off without everyone's help. And to all of you who didn't pitch in or bring anything: you are a bunch of freeloading monkeys

Timeline photos 10/14/2013

Vita operae


Hey guys! Don't forget to come out to Kroger on Singleton tomorrow to walk with Latin Club at the Homecoming Parade! Be there before 9:00 am. And it's okay if you walk with another club. You'll just be known as a dirty traitor.

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Congress Heads For Shutdown As House Picks New Obamacare Hostage


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Hey everyone! I know not all of you were able to make it to the meeting yesterday, so here's a recap of what was discussed:

We have two events planned~
On Oct. 3-6 (Thurs thru Sun) there's Greek Fest at an Orthodox church near Regal 24. There'll be music, food, and arts and crafts there :) More info on directions and transportation will be posted later.

On Oct. 12 (Sat.) we'll be walking in the Homecoming Parade. Make sure you bring Smarties so we can throw them at little kids


Hey guys! LATIN CLUB TOMORROW!! Afterschool in Mr.Judd's room. And if you guys can, please bring in food to share with all of us, that would be great C: Hope to see you all there.


So... Who's ready for another AMAZING year in Latin club?!?! And who's up to the challenge of taking over this page?


SUMMER!!!! I hope everyone is enjoying themselves and staying safe! Don't do anything Duyen wouldn't do (which is everything; have you seen how pale she is?!!?) Anyone up for a Latin get-together later in summer?

Timeline photos 05/24/2013

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 05/24/2013

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 05/24/2013

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 05/24/2013

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 05/24/2013

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 05/24/2013

Timeline photos


What a great way to end the year! Senior Latin night was very fun! thank you to everyone who made it :D


Good luck on your last finals tomorrow, everyone! I can't believe it's really been a year already. We've had a lot of downs, but I'm glad we were still strong in the end! Thank you for everything! Thank you Mr. Judd! The seniors will miss you so much!


Foreign language picnic/ induction ceremony today! Woo hoo! Don't forget to show up :)


Mr. Judd, is the foreign language picnic gonna be next Friday?


Our prayers go out to the families whose loved ones were involved in the Boston marathon explosions. I don't understand why things like this happen in society. :/

Untitled album 03/29/2013

Untitled album


I will upload some of my pictures as soon as I find out how to... Just a little technologically slow today! Upload some pictures to the page if you guys want!


for everyone going on the field trip tomorrow, remember we are leaving at 9 AM! be there or be square! :D oh and get ready for bus songs!


I am like soooooo totally excited to give out valentines on thursday! ;D

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Saved best for Last!!:D





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