Patriot High School Orchestra

Patriot High School Orchestra


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The Unity Reed (Manassas, VA) varsity football team has a home conference game vs. Patriot (Nokesville, VA) today @ 7p.
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♫Hi! This page is for any of Patriot High School's orchestras headed by Mrs. Cheryl Seamster or fo Headed by Patriot High's Orchestra Director and Department Chair Mrs.

Cheryl Seamster, her orchestras have consistently earned top ratings at festivals and competitions. In addition to increasing enrollment within Patriot's orchestra program, she strives to encourage and improve students' performance levels as orchestral members and individuals by preparing them for auditioning in Regional Orchestras, All-County Orchestras and All-State Orchestras as well as the You

Timeline photos 04/23/2017

Another great trip to the Kennedy Center!

Timeline photos 02/01/2017

All county performance. Patriot students that performed were awesome!


Congratulations to all of our orchestras for earning Superior ratings at Assessment this year!


Reminder that Cookie Dough Fundraiser Pick up is tomorrow after school from 2:15-6 PM. Don't forget!!


Hello everybody! We hope you are all having an incredible vacation and are PRACTICING!
(Remember: A few scales everyday keep the sea monster away ;) )
With the school year quickly approaching, here are a few reminders for those of you who are planing on auditioning for either junior or senior regionals:

JRO auditions are on Saturday, October 3rd at Lake Ridge Middle School from 9am-11am. Here's the link for music, scale requirements, and registration forms:

SRO auditions are on Saturday, September 26 at Woodbridge High School from 9am-11am. Here's the link for music, scale requirements, and registration forms:

-All county auditions will be held in November. If you are planning on auditioning, be sure to be practicing your scales using SRO bowing

We hope everyone enjoys the rest of their break and we'll see you back here on the 31st!


Reminder that the Orchestra Spring Social is next week on June 2nd from 6pm-8pm for blocks 3,4, & 7.

Hey! Don't forget to fill out the google docs form on schoolfusion (or here: ) to nominate people in your class for superlatives!

PHS Chamber Orchestra Spring Concert 2015 (1440p/2K) 05/24/2015

PHS Chamber Orchestra Spring Concert 2015 (1440p/2K)

Hey! One of our chamber players set up his GoPro and recorded Chamber's performances from the Spring Concert and the seniors' recognition, alumni-performance, and surprise senior tribute to Seamster!

Check it out on YouTube:

PHS Chamber Orchestra Spring Concert 2015 (1440p/2K) 0:08 Radioactive - Imagine Dragons, arr. Moore 5:28 Nothing Else Matters - Metallica, arr. HSQ 11:01 Sweet Dreams - The Eurythmics, arr. HSQ 15:33 Bohemian R...


Good luck to everyone playing the Placement Audition for next year's orchestras! Make sure you practice!


Reminder to Concert and Sinfonia Orch students, after-school rehearsal this Wednesday from 2:15-3:15 for Concert and 3:15-4:30 for Sinfonia! (You already knew that, because you're a proactive orchestra member and Seamster's reminded you multiple times.)

For those of you helping with the GVMS Orchestra concert, make sure to be at Patriot around 5 or 5:30, as their Chamber group is arriving by 5.

Concert on Thursday! Call time for alumni, seniors, and chamber to run Orion on stage at 6pm sharp!!! Get here early! Everyone else by 6:15!


Hey! All chamber juniors taking the sol tomorrow in the afternoon, don't forget to grab a pass from the orch room in the morning to allow you to leave early for the performance after school if you haven't already.

And on that note, all chamber students don't forget to wear your black patriot t-shirt!


Students! Reminder that next Wednesday (May 20) you have a mandatory rehearsal after-school for our Spring Concert on Thursday (May 21)

♫Afterschool rehearsal (May 20th):
-Concert Orch = 2:15 - 3:15
-Sinfonia Orch = 3:15 - 4:30

♪Concert (May 21):
-Report time for Chamber, seniors and alumni: on stage by 6:00pm.
-All others report at 6:15.
-Doors open at 6:45.
-Concert starts at 7:00pm.

Spirit Night at Orange Leaf after the concert, see you there! :)


Hey all! We're having a spirit night at Orange Leaf Bristow by Safeway after the Spring Concert (Thursday, May 21st)! It'd be great if you could come and enjoy some froyo after the concert in support of the orch program as 15% of the proceeds of the night will be donated to the program. See you there pioneers!


Hey Alumni! Up on all and any of Seamster's schoolfusion orchestra pages is a folder of the parts for Orion and the Scorpion!

We're bringing it back and inviting you to come and play with us on the spring concert! We hope you come on Thursday, May 21st for the performance! Rehearsal is at 6pm and the concert starts at 7! Hope to see you there!

Also, if you're in touch with any of the other alumni, let them know they're welcome to join us too!


VBODA District 9 Assessment

Hey all! A Battlefield HS parent kindly recorded their BHS Chamber Orchestra performance as well as our PHS Chamber Orchestra's performance on Friday night! Huge thanks to The Orchestras at Battlefield :)

You can watch both chamber performances here:

VBODA District 9 Assessment


STRAIGHT SUPERIORS to our PHS Chamber Orchestra, the last of the 52 orchestras that performed and were adjudicated at the 2015 District IX Orchestra Assessment!!!! Congratulations! :D

Thank you to everyone that made this event a success during these past 3 days of Orchestra Assessment! Your dedication to the program is remarkable and extremely appreciated!

Have a wonderful night and good luck to our students taking the SAT tomorrow! :)


Another overall Superior grade at Assessment for PHS Sinfonia Orchestra!!!! :D

Tomorrow is the last day of Assessment! Ah! Thanks again for your help and dedication to the performances and the event on Day 2 of Assessment!

Our last adjudicated performance of our orch program (and of Assessment) starts at 8:20pm on Friday, March 13th for our Chamber Orchestra. Arrive earlier to be allowed into the performance hall.
Chamber folks, make sure to report to school in concert attire no later than 7pm. Our warm-up time is 7:50pm.


Superior grade overall to our PHS Concert Orch!! Congrats!

Thank you all for your effort in making Assessment Day 1 a smooth success!


Hey! Assessment is this Wednesday-Friday of this week! I'm sure you're very aware and know by heart your performance time, but just to be sure, here are some reminders!

Both Concert and Sinfonia orchestras must leave class and get lunch by 10:20am for their Assessment days, then (in your CONCERT ATTIRE) report to the BAND ROOM at 10:50. Your on-stage warm-up is at 11:10.
- Concert Orch performs Wednesday, March 11th at 11:30am.
- Sinfonia Orch performs Thursday, March 12th at 11:30am.

*CHAMBER ORCH STUDENTS, you have a rehearsal at the end of the night of Wednesday on stage. Plan to make it to rehearsal!
- Chamber Orch performs Friday, March 13th at 8:20pm. Warm up @ 7:50pm. Report no later than 7pm in concert attire!

Thank you to everyone volunteering and helping out for hosting Assessment and your effort and time to make this event and your performance absolutely superior, especially over these last few snow days!! Happy Assessment!


Club Photos are Tuesday (Today) at 7:40am in the auditorium. Wear your orchestra t-shirt, or another black shirt to match.

Afterschool rehearsals are scheduled for Tuesday (Today). If afterschool activities are canceled for any reason, Concert Orchestra (blocks 5 & 6) must report early on Wednesday for an on-stage rehearsal. Report time will be changed to 5:15 for Concert Orchestra. There will be 45 min of 'down time' after our on-stage rehearsal so you may bring some snacks if you would like. Remember - this is only for Concert Orchestra and only if Tuesday's afterschool rehearsal is canceled.

The Pre-Assessment Concert is on Wednesday (Tomorrow) and should not be affected by weather. Report time of 6:15 for all students (except for the above mentioned scenario.) Concert starts at 7pm.

Please follow the link below to sign-up for food donations for the event next week. There are still several areas of need. Also, the concession booth needs 2 student volunteers for several shifts during our event. Go to the Patriot Boosters website and find the link for volunteering. Thank you and hope everyone is practicing!!"


Reminder that a mandatory rehearsal is tomorrow after-school.

Pre-Assessment concert will be on this Wednesday, March 4th in the Auditorium at 7pm. Wear your orchestra t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers :)


Club pictures have been rescheduled to Tuesday, March 3rd! Make sure you wear your new orch t-shirt!

ALSO remember to wear your new orch t-shirt Wednesday night for our Pre-Assessment concert!


Snowday assignment! Make sure you check schoolfusion for what your orchestra's homework is for today!! The Pre-Assessment Concert is NEXT WEEK ON WEDNESDAY. Be prepared!

Assessment 2015 Food Donations 02/25/2015

Assessment 2015 Food Donations

We still need a few more food donations for Assessment! If your parent would like to help by donating food, please have them sign up for the event. Thanks again Pioneers! :)

Assessment 2015 Food Donations Thank you all for your help! Please sign up for a day and a specific meal so we can avoid serving the same thing back to back. If you sign up for an adult meal contribution, we have 6-8 adults to feed lunch and dinner for 3 days. Although the possibility of a take-out meal is almost inevitable, the…


Club photos are this Friday! Make sure you get your pass from Mrs. Seamster to leave for our orchestra yearbook photo! Also remember to wear/bring your new orchestra t-shirt for the photo!

HEY, GUESS WHAT? Next week is our Pre-Assessment Concert (Wednesday, March 4th @7pm)! Reminder that you'll also be wearing your new orch t-shirt and jeans for that concert.
Last reminder that we also have our Pre-Assessment rehearsal on Tuesday, March 3rd after-school. Make sure you know your group's rehearsal time! (it's on schoolfusion)


Reminder that NEXT WEEK, there's a MANDATORY AFTER-SCHOOL REHEARSAL for Concert and Sinfonia orchestras on Tuesday, March 3rd in preparation for our PRE-ASSESSMENT CONCERT the day after (Wednesday, March 4th).

Assessment performance times the week after (week of March 11-13), are and have been posted to schoolfusion.

Assessment 2015 Food Donations 02/19/2015

Assessment 2015 Food Donations

Have you been practicing over the snow days? Well you should have been! Pre-Assessment is in 2 WEEKS (MARCH 4th; with only few rehearsals left) and Assessment is the week afterwards.

If that isn't enough motivation to have been practicing, there's also the announcement that there will be playing quizzes when we return to school (on schoolfusion).

If you would like to donate food for the Assessment event, the sign up for donations is here: (

Thank you for your support and determination towards Assessment this year!

Assessment 2015 Food Donations Thank you all for your help! Please sign up for a day and a specific meal so we can avoid serving the same thing back to back. If you sign up for an adult meal contribution, we have 6-8 adults to feed lunch and dinner for 3 days. Although the possibility of a take-out meal is almost inevitable, the…


Patriot High School - Mrs. Cheryl Seamster

Hey! Assessment is in a month and we have LESS THAN 8 rehearsals until the Pre-Assessment Concert (Wed March 4th @7pm)

On schoolfusion in any of the class pages ( Mrs. Seamster has uploaded a word doc detailing upcoming scheduled days that are required and mandatory to students from now until the Spring Concert. Please make sure you review these dates.

Patriot High School - Mrs. Cheryl Seamster Patriot High School : Website


All-County folks! Reminder that NEXT WEEK (Jan 22) there's a rehearsal at Osbourn Park HS from 7-9 PM.


Happy New Year everyone! Begin this year with the end in mind and work proactively towards your new year's resolutions!


Hope everyone is having a wonderful winter break!!


Hey Pioneers! Our Winter Concert is THIS THURSDAY!

Please make sure you remember what time your orchestra is on stage for our rehearsal this Wednesday. Reminder that the rehearsal is mandatory and that the times for the rehearsal and concert are listed on schoolfusion and on the facebook orchestra page (last post).


"Winter Concert
Just a reminder that our Winter Concert is quickly approaching! Here are the important dates and times:

After School mandatory rehearsal: Dec. 3 - 2:00 - 4:30
Block 5 & 6 (Concert Orchestra) 2:00 - 3:00
Block 3 & 4 (Sinfonia) 3:00 - 4:00
Viva Violas & Revenge of the Double Bass 4:00 - 4:30

Concert: Dec. 4 - students report no later than 6:15; doors open to audience at 6:40; concert starts at 7:00.
For all evening events at Patriot HS, please use door #28 on the stadium side of the building to enter. The main doors to the school will not be open. Thank you and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions."

-From Mrs. Seamster's schoolfusion pages.


Good luck to all of our students auditioning for All County Orchestra at BDHS! :)





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