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The Performance and Interactive Media Arts M.F.A. is a cutting-edge graduate program in collaborative, experimental, transdisciplinary artistic production.

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Congrats to Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste on receiving the inaugural Triple Canopy Fellowship -- fantastic news. Jeremy is now on the faculty at Virginia Commonwealth University, but Brooklyn College is always proud to count him as a graduate of the Performance and Interactive Media Arts (PIMA) MFA program.


Creating soundtracks for Josiah McElheny's exhibition "From Red Black to Black, from Blue Black to Black" last fall at Corbett vs. Dempsey was one of the most rewarding collaborations I can imagine. CvsD has recently posted a series of short walk-through videos with Josiah that introduces the work beautifully. I hope that more people will have a chance to see these artworks in the future; if you don't mind me saying so, they're really something else:

Josiah McElheny 2023 on Vimeo Join the web’s most supportive community of creators and get high-quality tools for hosting, sharing, and streaming videos in gorgeous HD with no ads.


Incredibly excited about this one: on April 16 Luke Fowler and I are at Giorno Poetry Systems in NYC to pay homage to Brunhild Ferrari with Luke's film "N'Importe Quoi (for Brunhild)" plus a first-time duo performance with recordings that Brunhild has prepared for us:


Such a privilege yesterday to read with the marvelous translator Martin Richet in a bilingual presentation from "Now that the audience is assembled" at EXC Librairie. Crossing fingers that his translation will find the right home. (Photo: Junya Murakami)

Your Music Encountered in a Dream, by David Grubbs & Liam Keenan 12/10/2023

"Your Music Encountered in a Dream" is my first duo album with the marvelous Sydney-based guitarist Liam Keenan, and it's now up for pre-order from Room40. I couldn't be more pleased that this is coming your way soon -- CD/digital release on February 23. Stream an excerpt from "Gemini Cluster" now:


Remember hearing music while dreaming, fully confident that you’ll be able to reconstruct it once awake? Music that, as it turns out, you were the sole witness. In retrospect, why ruin the experience by something so vulgar as hearing it a second time, much less having to share it? We don’t mean to alarm you, but David Grubbs and Liam Keenan have returned from the dark side of the pillow bearing Your Music Encountered in a Dream.

How did they do it?

They did it by meeting to record a series of electric guitar duets in Sydney just as summer was turning to fall. They did it because Grubbs was limber and uncharacteristically chill after a couple of weeks in Australia playing shows and not playing shows. Sydney resident Liam Keenan’s comfort zone gravitates toward singing and songwriting under the moniker Meteor Infant, and on this session one genuinely senses an unabashed spirit of discovery. It’s happening, it’s really happening in these three generously scaled improvisations. Maybe The Necks—as well as solo recordings by Tony Buck and Chris Abrahams—count as unconscious reference points. From the juggling and interplay of pitches in isolation, to the ecstatic speaking-together of strings, to guitar music as electronic music, there’s little in the way of searching for endings in this revelatory meeting. No hastening the dream’s end. Hail the first encounter.
releases February 23, 2024

David Grubbs: electric guitar
Liam Keenan: electric guitar

Recorded April 14, 2023 by David Akerman with Yianni Adams at Lost Sound, Sydney.

Your Music Encountered in a Dream, by David Grubbs & Liam Keenan 4 track album

The Weight of the Tongue - Grazer Kunstverein 12/06/2023

Susan Howe and I have work in the exhibition "The Weight of the Tongue," opening tomorrow at the Grazer Kunstverein in Graz, Austria. This sound exhibition also features pieces by CAConrad, Katalin Ladik, Tomaso Binga, Nat Marcus, Bryana Fritz, Hanne Lippard, and Patrizia Vicinelli, and is presented as an adjunct to "The Weight of Concrete," a retrospective exhibition of the work of Ezio Gribaudo.

The Weight of the Tongue - Grazer Kunstverein The Weight of the Tongue is a sound program that is presented in the framework of The Weight of the Concrete by Ezio Gribaudo.


I've served as director or co-director of the Performance and Interactive Media Arts (PIMA) MFA program for the majority of my eighteen years at Brooklyn College, and I'm tremendously proud of what's emerged from this unique program, in which student work is produced collaboratively and most of the required courses are team-taught by faculty from multiple departments. Thus I'm happy to welcome in my stead incoming co-directors Professors Jennifer McCoy and John Jannone, who have taught in the program from its inception, and I look forward to the new ideas that they'll bring to PIMA. For more info on the program, please visit

Braintrust Of Fiends And Werewolves, by Alan Courtis & David Grubbs 08/04/2023

Pleased to shout from the rooftops that "Braintrust of Fiends and Werewolves," a first-time duo album by Alan Courtis and David Grubbs, is available for pre-order from Ryley Walker's Husky Pants label -- out Sept 8 -- with the title track now streaming:

Here's the scoop:

Alan Courtis & David Grubbs, Braintrust of Fiends and Werewolves

On Braintrust of Fiends and Werewolves the Buenos Aires-based Alan Courtis—composer and artist, Reynols mainstay, prolific collaborator—enters the studio in Brooklyn with David Grubbs, himself in unprecedented form after a wild run of duos with Ryley Walker, Manuel Mota, and Jan St. Werner. Anyone who’s scratched the surface of Alan’s discography knows he’s a monster guitarist (dig, for example, his duo with Tetuzi Akiyama), but also a soulfully sensitive monster guitarist. Evidently those endless hours of playing guitar while watching television in 2020 did Grubbs good—like Erik Satie deciding in middle age to study medieval music. If Grubbs formerly was a quintessential songwriter surrounded by improvisers, now it seems he just plays.

Here’s how David describes the session: “Alan was in town and we went for it. We had shared a bill before, had listened to one another’s work forever, but never had the opportunity to pick up instruments and go at it. The pandemic made me take seriously the fact that we live more than 5,000 miles apart, so don’t assume that chances will always come again. I was amazed by the sounds that Alan squeezed out of a junior-sized Squier Strat (exactly the kind that Loren Connors plays now) his brother scored for him for ease of travel. He’s always ready to go with whatever he has at hand—that’s part of his vision. The miracle of the recording studio suited us well; each time we stopped and started again it was a different gig, a different situation. Even after laying down a couple of hours of recordings, we could have kept going and going.”

The pieces on Braintrust of Fiends and Werewolves range from spontaneous pop and earworm music to monolithic riffing to acoustic tracery to distortion texture study to delicately hypnotic balancing act. Stunning cover artwork by Graham Lambkin sets the tone for the session.

Braintrust Of Fiends And Werewolves, by Alan Courtis & David Grubbs 6 track album


The final PIMA thesis performance for this year takes place next weekend -- recommended!

retro-futurist robo-q***r variety show

Saturday May 13th
Life World BK - RSVP for address
$10, doors @ 7:30

Featuring performances by
Choreo Horror
Miss Olithea
Blu Morpho
hole-god Grim
Blaque Fridae
VHS Activism Archive
and more!

Do [Eggplant] Dream of Electric [Peach]? is a retro-futurist robo-clown variety hour exploring digital nostalgia and q***r collective memory. CHOREO HORROR returns from 1000 years ahead, bringing with her unearthed future folk songs and memories long digitized, played and pause and record and rewind -fast forward: What does future memory look like? What becomes of the corporeal cyborg and her outsourced memory machinery? Where will her hyper-mutating digital appendages go? Who will sing the new body electric? Will her robotic heart go on? But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end…

Well baby, CHOREO HORROR went down and got it for you!!


Photos from Performance and Interactive Media Arts (PIMA)'s post 05/07/2023

Sound sculptures by Jesse McFadden as part of his MFA thesis exhibition for Brooklyn College’s PIMA program.


Second-year PIMA student Jesse McFadden will present his thesis project New American Gothic this Saturday, May 6 at the Living Gallery (1094 Broadway, Brooklyn):


New American Gothic is a collection of sculptures that make sound.

They will be available for viewing all day Saturday May 6th, 1pm-10pm.

There will be an activation of the space and performance of Electroacoustic music at 7pm.

About the work:

Using synthesizers, field recordings, musical instruments, ceramics, stones, and everyday objects in combination with motors and sensors, Jesse McFadden creates a dynamic bricolage of work that is equal parts sculptural, kinetic, and sonic.

Playing into both humankind’s socialized and instinctual perceptions of sound, Jesse alludes to feelings of grief, trauma, and healing through the layering of sounds coming from the sculptural systems playing together as an ensemble. New American Gothic addresses our perceptions of the passing of time and natural change, and the processing of and reconciliation with loss of love and life. Jesse highlights materials from or pertaining to the earth or ground including clay, stones, and more.

About the artist:

Jesse McFadden is a composer, performer, and interdisciplinary artist from Providence, Rhode Island.

Jesse pushes the limit of traditional synthesized sounds, emphasizing sonic destruction and deconstruction of electronic music and exposure of process as he transitions in and out of minimalist and maximalist moments of his compositions by using a modular synthesizer and sampler performance system of his own design.

Out of an interest in exploring the spiritual and psychological breadth of the sonic experience as its own medium beyond a musical framework, and replacing the performer, Jesse also develops systems for interactive and immersive sound installation with synthesizers, field recordings, musical instruments, and everyday objects in combination with computing and robotics technologies such as sensors and motors.

By designing and engineering these systems, Jesse creates auditory experiences that interact with environment and audience while exploring visceral and emotional perception of sound as it pertains to the human condition and humankind’s ancestral and instinctual sensory perception of the environment.


Students in the Sonic Arts MFA program at Brooklyn College are doing tremendous work. This Friday at 411 Kent there's a free concert showcasing a smattering of it -- recommended!

Winners of 66th Obie Awards, Celebrating 2020-2022 Seasons, Announced 02/25/2023

Congratulations to PIMA graduate Jared Mezzocchi on his second Obie Award:

Jared Mezzocchi is part of a team recognized for digital+virtual+hybrid production on the play “Russian Troll Farm,” which he co-directed. The play was produced in partnership with TheatreSquared, TheaterWorks Hartford and The Civilians, and the team also includes writer Sarah Gancher and Mezzocchi’s co-director Elizabeth Williamson.

“Russian Troll Farm” was a digital production inspired by the Russian trolling campaign on social media that was said to have boosted Donald Trump's successful run for the White House in 2016.

Mezzocchi noted that the production stemmed from research completed at the University of Maryland for TDPS’ 2020 production of “She Kills Monsters” and involved numerous TDPS alumni and faculty. Andrés Poch (M.F.A. '22) and Taylor Verrett (M.F.A. '22) worked on media design, and alum Peter Leibold (M.F.A. '19) and faculty members Amith Chandrashaker and Andrew Cissna worked on lighting design. An in-person production of the show is currently underway.

In 2017, Mezzocchi won an Obie Award for projection design on “Vietgone” at Manhattan Theatre Club.

Read more about the 66th Obie Award Recipients in Playbill:

Winners of 66th Obie Awards, Celebrating 2020-2022 Seasons, Announced The awards honor Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway theatre, and the Broadway-bound Fat Ham reigned supreme.


I'm glad to share this information about Neologisms, the PIMA MFA thesis presentation by The Black Garden Project, taking place this coming Sunday, December 11 from 6:00-7:30pm:

NEOLOGISMS is an immersive video projection with a live score that examines black women's encounters with mental illness.

Eventbrite password: Brooklyn

Additional information: The location for this event is the artist's private home. Space is limited. Masks are required and a negative Covid test will count as your ticket reservation.
For accessibility inquiries please email [email protected] for more information.
There will be audio and video recording at this event.


Three weeks from today Alan Courtis -- musician and sound artist best known as one of the founders of the legendary Reynols -- will be giving an artist talk presented by the Sonic Arts Student Union (SASU) at Brooklyn College. The presentation will take place Monday, December 12 at 4pm in 118 Roosevelt Extension.

Alan Courtis (Buenos Aires, 1972) has been working in the field of sound-art, electro-acoustic music, drone, noise, improvisation and composition. He is a founding member of the group Reynols. He holds a degree in Communication Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires. His written music has been played by ensembles from the UK, Thailand, Switzerland, Netherlands, Mexico, Canada, USA and Argentina. He was commissioned by Phoenix Basel Ensemble, Český Rozhlas and was artist in residence at EMS, GRM, Cafe Oto & USF. He has more than 500 releases on labels like Mego, P.S.F., Pogus, RRR, etc. His music has been broadcasted at radios like: BBC (UK), WFMU (USA), SBS (Australia), Resonance-FM (UK), CJSF (Canada), WDR (Germany), Sveriges Radio (Sweden), Radio France, NRK (Norway), RTVE (Spain), WNUR (USA), Radio Nacional (Argentina). He has toured extensively in Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Europe, USA, Australia, NZ & Latin America and has collaborated with musicians such as: Pauline Oliveros, Phill Niblock, David Toop, Merzbow, Lee Ranaldo, Jim O’Rourke, L.A.F.M.S., Makoto Kawabata, Tetsuo Furudate, Nihilist Spasm Band, Eddie Prevost and L'autopsie a révélé que la mort était due à l'autopsie. Courtis has composed music for films and has been coordinating seminars and workshops in Universities and Art institutions from Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, England, Ireland, Estonia, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, China & Japan.

Study Performance and Interactive Media Arts at Brooklyn College 10/19/2022

The Performance and Interactive Media Arts (PIMA) MFA program at Brooklyn College is now accepting applications for the fall 2023 semester. For more information, please visit

Study Performance and Interactive Media Arts at Brooklyn College The affordable graduate program emphasizes a multidisciplinary course of study, marrying art and tech with mentoring by professors in art, film, music, and theater.


(Performance photo of Kilusan Bautista by Suzanne Abramson)

On Tuesday, Oct. 11 at 6pm I'll host an online open house for the Performance and Interactive Media Arts (PIMA) MFA and advanced certificate programs at Brooklyn College. I'm always happy to discuss graduate arts programs at Brooklyn College, and in particular I feel strongly about the PIMA and the Sonic Arts MFA programs. Register for the open house here:

and find out more about PIMA here:

The Performance and Interactive Media Arts MFA provides students with training, theoretical and technical knowledge, and practical experience in the conceptualization and production of collaborative, multi-disciplinary artworks. Students learn to use technology as a means of extending their personal artistic practice and facilitating cross-disciplinary artistic collaborations. Students with diverse academic, artistic, professional, and cultural backgrounds enter the program, form a close-knit community, and work in collaborative groups throughout the course of study, with close mentoring by faculty members from the departments of the School of Visual, Media and Performing Arts, including Art; the Conservatory of Music; Film; Television, Radio & Emerging Media; and Theater.

Day one followed by day one: a conversation with David Grubbs - The Wire 10/07/2022

Had the good fortune to yammer at some length with Richard Thomas for The Wire about "Good night the pleasure was ours" and the weird fact of day one on tour sometimes also being followed by day one:

Day one followed by day one: a conversation with David Grubbs - The Wire The author of Goodnight The Pleasure Was Ours ponders the ephemeral relationship between performer and audience on a call with fellow musician Richard Thomas

Software For Artists Day #7 09/30/2022

Fab program tomorrow at Pioneer Works with Jace Clayton, Bergsonist, and many others, organized by Brooklyn College Sonic Arts' own Tommy Martinez:

Software For Artists Day #7 Pioneer Works is ecstatic to present the 7th annual Software for Artists Day (S4AD), featuring an exciting lineup of artists, writers, and technologists bringing much ...

Visions of Home | Abrons Arts Center 05/05/2022

I'm always proud to share information on the annual culminating performances from graduating Brooklyn College Performance and Interactive Media Arts (PIMA) MFA students (and if you want to learn more about the program, please visit
Two Stories About the Same Miracle (Lia & Kilusan Bautista)
Alpha Omega Dance Theater
May 6 and 7, 7pm
Hasht Peykar (Hengameh Fallah, lead artist)
Bed-Stuy Art House
May 9, 7pm
Visions of Home (Smear Campaign [J.N.K. Enzo, Art Kopischke, Elizabeth M. Stewart] with Bridges4Life)
Abrons Arts Center
May 13 and 14, 6pm

Visions of Home | Abrons Arts Center Visions of Home is a collaboration between Smear Campaign, a q***r interdisciplinary multimedia collective consisting of Performance and Interactive Media Arts MFA candidates from Brooklyn College, and Bridges4Life, an organization built on helping the Trans and Gender Non-Conforming community by pr...


New book now available:

Reto Geiser, David Grubbs, and John Sparagana, Projectile
Drag City DC855
Edition of 1000

Projectile is an artist’s book by Reto Geiser, David Grubbs, and John Sparagana that spirals outward from a single source image: a news photograph of chair-throwing at the conclusion of a canceled rock concert in the early 1980s. Visual artist John Sparagana has long produced sliced and mixed collage works in which a source image is enlarged, and copies of the image sliced vertically into 1/8” strips and then sequenced horizontally, followed by a second stage in which the stretched image is sliced horizontally and sequenced vertically. The resulting works stutter, shimmer, extrapolate, and radiate with all manner of dazzling visual effects. Projectile disassembles and reassembles an image of the cusp of violence, playing on the many possible meanings of the pictured crowd, whether as witnesses, participants, dissenters, or co-conspirators. In their previous collaboration, Reading Revolutionaries, Sparagana and designer Reto Geiser translated a single work of Sparagana’s into the format of a mass-market paperback book, proposing an encounter in which text and visual information collapse into a new mode of reading. Projectile deepens this engagement, with Geiser drawing from multiple works by Sparagana as a work of short fiction by musician and writer David Grubbs—a single 2,100-word sentence—wends its way through the entirety of the book.

How a Multimedia Whiz Seized Digital Theater’s Big Moment 04/22/2021

Delighted to see this glowing feature and smart interview with Jared Mezzocchi, one of the earliest graduates of Brooklyn College's Performance and Interactive Media Arts (PIMA) MFA program, now an Obie Award winner and in-demand multimedia designer and director:

How a Multimedia Whiz Seized Digital Theater’s Big Moment The projection designer Jared Mezzocchi has become a go-to guy for ambitious virtual productions. Next up: Starring in his own haunted house play.

Unnamed Sensibilities: the Experimental Sound and Media Art of Maryanne Amacher 03/25/2021

I'm thrilled to announce the April 12 event "Unnamed Sensibilities: The Experimental Sound and Media Art of Maryanne Amacher," presented by the CUNY Graduate Center's Art Science Connect with Bill Dietz and Amy Cimini and with me serving as moderator. This remote event is free and open to all, but reservations are required:

Full info:

The Graduate Center’s Art Science Connect is delighted to host Amy Cimini, Bill Dietz, and David Grubbs as they delve into the legacy of Maryanne Amacher (1938-2009), a legendary figure in electronic music, sound installation, telematic performance, and media art whose archive was recently acquired by the New York Library for the Performing Arts.

After years of intensive engagement with this pioneering, interdisciplinary artist, Cimini and Dietz will talk about the broad implications and challenges of Amacher’s situated and idiosyncratically rigorous body of work, as well as the ruptures that this radical figure rips open in our inherited notions of canonization. In their discussion with composer David Grubbs, they will present their research, along with images, sounds, and video from the Amacher archive.

Recent publications include Cimini's and Dietz‘s edited collection Maryanne Amacher: Selected Writings and Interviews (Blank Forms Editions) and Cimini’s Wild Sound: Maryanne Amacher and the Tenses of Audible Life (forthcoming, Oxford University Press).

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Amy Cimini is a historical musicologist and violist who specializes in 20th-century philosophy and political thought with an emphasis on embodiment and ethics in experimental practice. She has published numerous articles on technologically-mediated listening across media as well as labor, genealogies of the body and feminist politics of life. As a violinist, Cimini’s electroacoustics engage regional sound worlds and practices. She is a member of Braxton’s Tri-Centric Orchestra and, with Katherine Young, constitutes half of the duo Architeuthis Walks on Land. Cimini is currently Assistant Professor of Music at UC San Diego and Affiliate Faculty in the Critical Gender Studies Program. Her first book, Wild Sound: Maryanne Amacher and the Tenses of Audible Life (Oxford University Press) is forthcoming.

Bill Dietz is a composer and writer, born in Arizona. His artistic and theoretical work centers on reception, specifically on listening – its histories, forms, and performance. Dietz’s work is often presented in festivals, museums, and academic journals, but also in apartment buildings, magazines, and on public streets. Large-scale works have been realized in sites such as Le Corbusier’s “Cité radieuse” in Marseille, where he worked long-term with inhabitants of the apartment building to articulate social structures with sound, or along the entire length of “Im Stavenhof,” a street in Cologne along which he synchronized all participating inhabitants’ home stereos. He has published two books of listening scores – one on his “Tutorial Diversions” series, meant to be performed at home; and the other, made up of “concert pieces,” based on historical and contemporary audience behavior and staging. In 2013 Dietz co-founded Ear│Wave│Event with Woody Sullender. Since 2012, he is co-chair of the Music/Sound Department in Bard College’s Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts.

Unnamed Sensibilities: the Experimental Sound and Media Art of Maryanne Amacher The Graduate Center's Art Science Connect is delighted to host Amy Cimini, Bill Dietz, and David Grubbs as they delve into the legacy of Maryanne Amacher (1938-2009), a legendary figure in electronic music, sound installation, telematic performance, and media art whose archive was recently acquired....

David Grubbs on Voice in the Headphones with Mónica de la Torre for Popular Music Bks Series 7/28 07/29/2020

PIMA Prof. David Grubbs talking with BC Creative Writing Prof. Mónica de la Torre and the marvelous folks who take part in the weekly Popular Music Books in Process Series about Grubbs's "The Voice in the Headphones," but also about a recent nightmare brought on by the new book he's writing, the strange ingrown language of recording studios, the Studio A vs. Studio B phenomenon, Virginia Woolf, Rod Stewart, Ned Sublette's "The Music of Cuba," and lots more. You can find the event archived here:

David Grubbs on Voice in the Headphones with Mónica de la Torre for Popular Music Bks Series 7/28 David Grubbs’s The Voice in the Headphones (Duke University Press, 2020) is a book-length prose poem that centers on the culture of the recording studio, pre...

PIMA symposium 2020-07-16-full_vimeo 07/20/2020

Here's the complete two-hour video of last week's Performance and Interactive Media Arts (PIMA) symposium on virtual performance:

Deepest thanks to all for participating -- for presenters, for people taking part in the discussion, and for everyone who was there to take it all in. Please feel free to share the link for this video, and we'll look forward to a next iteration hopefully before too long.

PIMA symposium 2020-07-16-full_vimeo This is "PIMA symposium 2020-07-16-full_vimeo" by PIMA on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


The Performance and Interactive Media Arts (PIMA) MFA program at Brooklyn College invites you to a public event via Zoom at 7pm on Thursday, July 16 centering on virtual gatherings and presenting performance work online. This opportunity for resource-sharing will be the occasion to explore how artists are creating, teaching, assembling, and organizing in virtual space.

When the pandemic struck this spring, the three collaborative PIMA MFA thesis performances had to be reconceptualized in order to be presented in virtual space. The artists responsible for these three projects came up with three modes in which to present their work: (1) as an opera linking multiple locations, combining live and recorded elements, and using virtual reality (“Exercises on The Presence of Odradek”); (2) as a television opera about a catastrophe the forces people to stay at home and watch TV (“The Weather Channel”); and (3) as an experiment in virtual interactive theater via online gaming (“lookingGlass”).

This 90-minute event will feature presentations on each of these three performance works by artists Inkyoung Bae, Chanan Ben Simon, Sangmin Chae, Malena Dayen, and Emily Twines, as well as additional short presentations by Yale University instructor and PIMA graduate Justine Wolf Williams, PIMA instructor and designer and programmer Ryan Holsopple, and Renegade Performance Group artistic director and PIMA graduate André Zachery.

Following these presentations, we will open the floor to a discussion not only about presenting work online, but also the challenges of teaching, organizing, and working collaboratively in virtual gatherings.

Please RSVP for this event by responding to [email protected], at which point I will send you the link for the Zoom meeting. And please also feel free to forward this message or to share the Facebook Event page:

Prior to the event, we encourage you to view documentation of these performances via the following links:

Exercises on The Presence of Odradek

The Weather Channel


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BubbleLight Meteor Shower




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