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Certified Senior Advisors (CSAs) are professionals, who in the course of their practice, apply multidisciplinary knowledge of the aging process and aging issues to identify the most appropriate options and solutions for seniors’ individual needs and best interests to improve their lives.

At Loving Home Care, the owner/administrator is a Certified Senior Advisor. This distinction allows her to be address your family needs. Call us today for your FREE consultation.

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Scammers have a new scam and target: Taking advantage of older adults during tax season. Check out this article on ways they are trying to steal money and identities. https://bit.ly/3JAoQRt
Loneliness Among Older Adults- a Serious Health Risk

When the pandemic began, visits to senior living facilities were curtailed. Seniors living at home were advised to shelter in place. Many in-person support services were suspended. While the nation pivoted to online communications, many older people have been unable to access these technologies. The media has often reported on the resulting sense of isolation experienced by seniors.

But loneliness among older adults is not a recent problem. During the past decade, numerous studies have revealed that an epidemic of social isolation is having a serious effect on the length and quality of life. Here are findings from that research:

Socially isolated elders are more likely to neglect their health. They get less exercise, and their nutrition suffers. For example, a November 2021 study from the North American Menopause Society stated, “When eating alone, people tend to eat faster, which often leads to increases in body mass index, waist circumference, blood pressure, and blood lipid levels”—all linked with heart disease and other health problems.

Loneliness raises the risk of dementia by 50%. Our brains require the specific type of mental stimulation that socialization provides. Experts say the human drive to spend time with others is as strong as hunger and thirst. If we lack adequate interaction with others, our minds are less sharp as the years go by. The effect can even be seen from day to day! In September 2021, Penn State University experts reported that on days seniors interacted socially with others, they scored higher on tests of memory and cognition.

Loneliness is emotionally distressing. Even for people who give their brains a workout with working, reading or other mentally stimulating solo activities, loneliness still causes stress. The late John Cacioppo, a University of Chicago professor who is called the founder of social neuroscience, noted that loneliness causes an increase in inflammation and harmful stress hormones which triggers damage right down to the cellular level. Cacioppo and other researchers reported that loneliness shortens life to a greater degree than obesity or smoking 15 ci******es a day!

Social isolation threatens financial health. The last decades have seen a sharp increase in financial fraud perpetrated against older adults, and seniors who are lonely are prime targets of these criminals. Lonely elders are more vulnerable to the wiles of a “friendly stranger” or an online romance scam. Grateful to have someone to talk to, they don’t hang up on a con artist.

Addressing barriers to later-life social connections

Life changes can erode our social network. The death of a spouse, retirement from work, children moving away, and moving from one’s long-time home all remove human contact we formerly took for granted. Research shows that even “weak ties” provide a dose of valuable socialization—the grocery clerk, the mail carrier, and other acquaintances whose paths cross ours in everyday life. Families can help older relatives replace those contacts, perhaps through senior programs in the community, volunteer work, and even online socialization. Families who hire professional in-home care to support the well-being of older loved ones quickly realize that companionship is another welcome benefit.

Health problems shrink our world. Loneliness increases the risk of illness and disability—and the opposite also is true. Older adults with chronic health conditions often withdraw and become homebound. Hearing loss has an especially powerful negative effect. “Putting a halt to socializing only contributes to a downward spiral,” warned Meaghan Barlow of Concordia University. “The fact that loneliness can lead to further complications means that measures should be taken to prevent the effects from looping back around. Dealing with a chronic illness shouldn’t prevent you from still trying to get out there if you can.”

Lack of transportation may limit mobility in the community. Even if an older adult is motivated to “get out there,” that might be easier said than done. Arthritis, visual impairment or memory loss might mean it’s time to give up the car keys. Learn about transportation alternatives such as public and senior-specific transportation and ride-hailing services. Family and friends might offer a ride. Professional in-home care offers the highest convenience and safety. Caregivers transport clients to health care appointments, to social gatherings, and out and about among other people.

Memory loss leads to isolation. Families supporting a person who is living with Alzheimer’s disease, or a related disorder should encourage friends and family to continue spending time with their loved one. And today there are many innovative dementia-friendly programs where people with memory loss can enjoy appropriate social activities in a non-judgmental setting. Professional in-home caregivers provide appropriate care and activities for clients, as well as provide respite for family caregivers, who often experience loneliness themselves.

Loving Home Care can match your loved one with a compatible, qualified caregiver to support social and health needs. Contact your Loving Home Care today and ask for a FREE in-home consultation.
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National Influenza Vaccination Week (N.I.V.W.) is observed between December 6 and 12 as a gentle reminder for you to stay protected in the upcoming winter months.

If you haven’t already taken your vaccination shot, it’s not too late. We encourage you to get your dose as early as possible. The season for flu is quite unpredictable; it can begin as early as fall and last up to spring. Conventionally, flu activity is at its peak during winter, and so public healthcare professionals, advocates, and communities join hands to promote flu vaccination.
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Post traumatic disorder (PTSD) in elderly persons impairs their ability to deal with subsequent life stress and to negotiate the developmental stages of late life successfully. It can stem from trauma at any point in life. Symptoms may be persistent or intermittent, and the disorder may be time-limited or chronic.
In some cases, you might be unaware of events in a senior's childhood, adolescence, or adult life that triggered their PTSD. In other cases, a senior will be able to clearly identify what caused their trauma.

In either case, there are many reasons why a senior might have PTSD:
• Combat and war
• Natural disasters
• Traumatic childbirth experiences
• Major motor vehicle accidents
• Medical issues that required hospitalization
• Abuse, violence, or neglect
• Sexual assault and r**e
• Loss and grief

Signs of PTSD:
• Flashbacks and uncontrollable thoughts- During a flashback, the individual feels like they are reliving the traumatic event.
• Avoiding triggers- Because thinking about the traumatic event is so painful, people with PTSD often avoid people, places, and things that might remind them of the event.
• Behavioral changes- Often, people with PTSD are easily startled and can react inappropriately to triggers that wouldn't bother most people.
• Negativity- PTSD changes the way a person thinks. They may have more negative thoughts, have difficulty trusting others, feel guilty, anxious, shameful, and terrified.

How To Support a Senior with PTSD:
• Remain compassionate - They need loving support and professional help.
• Understand co-factors - In other cases, medications taken to manage other health conditions can exacerbate emotional outbursts. Coping with a myriad of different health conditions and mental disorders is one of the unique challenges of being a caregiver.
• Embrace Therapy - Cognitive behavioral therapy has long been considered the most effective. It works by changing an individual’s thought and behavior patterns surrounding an event.
• Manage medications - Anti-depressant medication and work by changing the way the brain interacts with certain neurotransmitters like serotonin and nor-epinephrine. Make sure to keep doctors up to date about any other medications that your senior is taking.
• Take care of yourself, too - caring for or living with someone with a disorder like PTSD can be overwhelming and lead to caregiver stress. You may be subjected to outbursts and strange behaviors that frighten or upset you. Sometimes, it may feel as though these negative feelings are addressed towards you.

In these cases, it's important to take care of yourself. Try not to take it personally. Know you are doing your best. Help your loved one get the professional help they need, but also give yourself the time and space apart to cope.
Thank you to all the military personnel for the sacrifices you have made for our freedom.

Happy Veterans Day!
It's Home Health Aide Week!
Remaining in good health as an older adult requires much more than what medication and treatment alone have to offer. Below are ten pieces of advice, and some accompanying resources, for those who want their loved ones to age as comfortably, independently, and vibrantly as possible.

1. Keep care at home if possible.
2. Coordinate your care.
3. Make care regimens person centered
4. Enable social inclusion
5. Stay up to date on the latest technology
6. Investigate your insurance options
7. Take care of the caregivers
8. Learn and practice mindful communication
9. Educate yourself
10. Create a safe environment

Read more: https://www.forbes.com/sites/williamhaseltine/2020/01/10/top-10-tips-for-caring-for-older-adults/?sh=35bce3cf7a5e

We are dedicated to providing seniors and others top-notch
in-home care they can trust & afford.

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The Alzheimer’s Association is having an informative webinar on how to navigate the holidays with your loved one. Happening on Thursday November 17th on Facebook Live. Details on flyer.

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Good Morning! November is National Family Caregivers Month. This is a month dedicated to providing support for, and raising awareness of, family caregivers, or individuals who care for relatives or loved ones living with chronic illness, disabilities, terminal illness, or aging issues.
During National Family Caregivers Month, Loving Home Care, LLC joins in recognizing the love and sacrifice of millions of Americans providing crucial care and medical assistance to parents, children, siblings, and other loved ones, ensuring their health and dignity.
We acknowledge and celebrate you. We are here to support you and make your load lighter in your time of need. Call us for your respite needs. 615-301-8507

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“We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” As we age, having good fun doesn’t have to stop, in fact it’s an asset to one’s overall health and well-being. With Loving Home Care , LLC you have trusted playmates too. Give us a call because your care and play begins with us.


Great news! Greater Nashville Regional Council is counseling older adults on selecting the best Medicare plan that meets their healthcare needs. Call (877) 801-0044 for more information.



Good Tuesday Morning! Do you want a rewarding career providing care and compassion to those in need? We offer training, nice pay, flexible hours and other perks! Start your care career with us by completing your application at www.lovinghomecare.org


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Good Monday Morning! Did you know that falls are the leading cause of injury among older adults? That’s why fall prevention becomes increasingly important as we age.
Falling is a very serious matter and is the leading cause of injury-related emergency visits. Statistics show that 1 in 4 older adults fall each year resulting in serious injuries, with some being fatal for the elderly.
September is Fall Prevention Month. Here are some easy ways you can reduce falls for you and your loved ones.
If you want to know more we can help! 615-301-8507

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Today is World Alzheimers Day

Every 3⃣ seconds someone in the world develops dementia.

Today, more than 5⃣5⃣ million people worldwide are living with .

: here are 🔟 of the most common warning signs.


Good Monday morning!!! Feel confident knowing that you are loved one is getting the best trustworthy and affordable care with us!Your care begins with us. Give us a call today for your FREE assessment 615-301-8507
Also we are named Best Home Care agency 2022.


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Caregivers are the glue that holds it all together. At Loving Home Care we stick by you through thick and thin.
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Wonderful Tuesday Morning! We are dedicated to making sure all your personal care needs are met by one of our skilled, trained, compassionate caregivers. Your Care Begin with Us.
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We love learning about our clients. It is always enjoyable and appreciated when they share a glimpse into their life before they required care with us.
Below, our client enjoyed woodworking. homecare


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At Loving Home Care, LLC we do exactly this. We specialize in caring for others. Your care begins with us!
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Good Tuesday! We are conducting onsite interviews next Thursday August 18th. Complete your application at www.lovinghomecare.org and set up your interview. Have a rewarding career with us. We offer Nice pay, flexible hours and other perks! www.lovinghomecare.org


Parkinson's disease is a progressive disorder that affects the nervous system and the parts of the body controlled by the nerves. Symptoms start slowly. The first symptom may be a barely noticeable tremor in just one hand. Tremors are common, but the disorder may also cause stiffness or slowing of movement. Loving Home Care can help your family understand Parkinson's disease and provide the care your loved one will need.


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Do you know dementia not only changes a person's memory, but it also changes their behavior and personality; this in turn can change their interpersonal relationships. As dementia and memory care specialists. Loving Home Care can help your family understand a dementia and provide the care your loved one will need.


We want you! Office Coordinator to assist in various administrative and office tasks. Serious applicants please send your resume to [email protected]


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What are some early signs of dementia?
Dementia symptoms can vary from person to person and not all symptoms will develop in the same way. However, loss of memory is one of the first dementia symptoms in most patients, which often gets worse with time. If you believe your loved one is demonstrating any of the early dementia symptoms, then it’s important to encourage them to see their physician.

Loving Home Care is a dementia specialist. Our experienced team are experts in caring for individuals with memory-related issues. Dementia, Memory Care, Sundowner’s Syndrome and Alzheimer’s Disease. We can help you. Give us a call. 615-301-8507


Join us Monday for same day interviews. We have positions to fill ASAP. A new training session will also start soon. Get your application in at www.lovinghomecare.org and stop by for an interview. Join the agency Named BEST Home Health Care Agency 2022


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At Loving Home Care, LLC we understand that homecare can be costly, which is why we offer affordable rates and flat rates. We are dedicated to getting you the care you need, so we are happy to announce that homecare with us can now be FINANCED. With our financing partner you can expect to:
●Save 80% on the monthly cost of care
●Defer costs and protect savings
●Get the level of care you need
●Create a tax deductible estate transaction

Call us today for your FREE CARE ASSESSMENT. 615-301-8507


We are happy to announce that our new website is live!! Visitors can easily learn all about the services Loving Home Care offer. Applicants can easily apply to join our team and upload documents. And next week, a client and employee portal will be added.
Stop by and check out the new site. Also give us a call to schedule your FREE Care Assessment. 615-301-8507


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We are happy to announce we have a NEW enhanced website is launching soon. If you tried to visit our site, it is currently blank because it is in the process of going live. Until then, you call us to schedule a FREE Care Assessment. 615-301-8507


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For seniors struggling with memory loss due to dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or other cognitive impairments, our Loving Home Care family will deliver personalized care focused on keeping you or your loved one comfortable, engaged, and safe.
Call us today for a FREE Care Assessment. 615-301-8507


Join our caregiving team and make a difference in someone's life?
We are conducting interviews on JULY 20, 2022
Work with the agency voted best home health care agencies 2022.
Start by completing an application at www.lovinghomecare.org then call the office to schedule your interview.

Our Story

Loving Home Care is a small family service dedicated to helping seniors receive quality, safe, affordable care all in the comfort of home.

At Loving Home Care we desire a personal relationship with our clients. As an administrator, I personally perform routine calls and visits to ensure that Loving Home Care is meeting the needs of our clients.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of home care that is trustworthy, safe, and affordable. We treat your loved ones like family, with the dignity, respect, and consideration they deserve as if we are caring for our own loved ones.

Loving Home Care developed out of a desire to help others. While growing up, my mother who was a nurse would occasionally take me to visit her elderly patients in the nursing home. Many had few visits because their families were busy or lived away. These visits with my mom are memories that have remained with me.

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