KLA Schools of Naperville - A Reggio Inspired School

KLA Schools of Naperville - A Reggio Inspired School


Hello Families: HEAD LICE I hope this messages finds you well. Here are some gentle reminders: Longer hair: buns and braids are best Repellents: mixed reviews Terminator Nit Combing WITH (4 grippers): WET head checks once or twice a week take a peek! Using my "wet slurry" recipe- inexpensive hair condition - water - squirt bottle shake well and spray onto hair (wet/dry doesn't matter) de-tangle, section from rear (if needed) and start your Nit combing, wiping findings on white paper towel. This regimen is suggested on a regular basis or after high risk activities. Sterilization: First clean manually: warm soapy water and cleaning tooth brush, stroking teeth (Harp Like) all trapped debris will rinse away. Nit combs are SS and should be on a rapid boil for 10-15 minutes or run through dishwasher. Combs, clips and items used for head checks should be de-loused, too. Please use discretion. HEAD LICE like to celebrate, too! Family gatherings, sleepovers, airline travel, activities, excursions...the list is endless, really. So, please do your best to keep up with your WEEKLY heads checks. If you should find anything suspect, feel free to reach out. Long distance Consultations available! FEBRUARY 2020 Special HEAD CHECKS $30 pp Buy one get one Checks and treatments are chemical free, safe for all ages and expectant Mothers. Christine Certified Independent HEAD LICE vendor Residential services LICE FREE IS THE WAY TO BE Once or twice a week take a peek. 312-576-6132 Zip 60618 & surrounding
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. showed us how to use love and light to make a difference in this world. KLA Schools of Sweetwater joins our country in remembering Dr. King’s legacy today. Click the link below to see a list of children’s books by Black authors that help to continue the work Dr. King started so many years ago. Link: https://www.whatdowedoallday.com/childrens-picture-books-by-black-authors/
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Best Naperville Preschool

According to Harvard, 90 percent of a child’s brain development will occur by the time he or she is five years old. We strive to provide the best building blocks with the best possible environment so each child will enter their later educational lives and adulthood with the best start and opportunities. Children who benefit from these early educational foundations also tend to possess stronger confidence they carry with them throughout all their years of life.

In our KLA Garden, we are:
Great friends, Architects, Risk takers, Den builders, Explorers, and Natural detectives!
Despite our doors being closed, all of our students have joined their teachers as we virtually plant our gardens together! 🌱
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Teaching Young Children About Nutrition

Whether they’re toddlers or in their teens, children develop a natural preference for the foods they enjoy the most. Here are some ways you can help to teach your young child about nutrition, and why it’s important. #klaschoolsnaperville #nutrition

klaschoolsnaperville.com Whether or not your child is a picky eater, as a parent you want to make sure they get all the nutrients they need for healthy development. Yet, it can be difficult to encourage your…

🌠Sometimes it takes distance...
...to realize the true wonder of togetherness.

KLA Schools of Naperville, inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach, is founded on the belief that Education is building citizenship, not just knowledge. Children learn through a diverse selection of mind-enriching, practical experiences with attentive teachers. 👩‍🏫

Not only are our experiences enriching in and of themselves, but they’re also further strengthened by the fact that they’re social experiences. And, as we are all deeply aware of under the circumstances, human relationships are essential to our well-being.

🚪When our doors reopen... Join the KLA family!

🌟 Until then, please connect with us through our free virtual classes to the community to Spark Each Day’s Potential! 🌟


Contact us today to schedule a virtual tour! 💻

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Our smallest KLA friends took advantage of the nice weather over the weekend to further explore our gardening at home project! Feeling the texture of the soil and seeds helps enhance sensory development along with fine motor development.
#gardening #plants #sensory #klaschoolsofnaperville #earlychildhoodeducation

Join us this morning at 9:00am for our Family Story Time - open to the public!

Interested in more information, please click here: https://forms.gle/zg3KhJxXQvEzce117

KLA Schools Gratitude

While every day may not be the best, there is always something good in every day! As a reminder to find the positives in each day and cherish the blessings we have, Ms. Selvei mailed each one of the employees our own Gratitude Journal. From the bottom of our hearts, we would all like to thank her for everything she has done and continues to do for us! It is an honor to work for this school, and without her support, none of what we do would be possible!

To celebrate Tasty Tuesday for the Week of the Young Child, Ms. Meghan conducted a cooking class for one of our afternoon enrichment classes! Step by step, students followed along and got to make their own banana bread, all through zoom!

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Ms. Lisa is supporting Gregory’s learning by scaffolding. This is a process teachers can use to help children acquire new skills and ways of thinking.
#naperville#bestpreschool #scaffoldinglearning#reggioemilapproach

Farris has fresh cookies coming your way! Join us today as we celebrate “Tasty Tuesday” for Week of the Young Child and let’s see what tasty treats you can make! 🍪

#klaschoolsnaperville #bestpreschool #WOYC2020 #tastytuesday #klaremotelearning


Developing Your Child’s Gross Motor Skills

Here are some fun ways you can help your child develop their gross motor skills, both indoors and outdoors. #klaschoolsnaperville #grossmotor

klaschoolsnaperville.com Gross motor skills are physical skills that involve large muscle groups of the body. Children use their gross motor skills when they run, jump, stand, sit, walk, balance, climb, and dance. Not only do they…

Happy Music Monday! To celebrate Week of the Young Child, teachers invited their students to use any item in their homes as an instrutment! Our Nidos and class of the twos had so much fun singing along to fun songs while shaking and tapping their instruments during morning assembly! #weekoftheyoungchild #klaschoolsnaperville #music #remotelearning #earlychildhoodeducation

Did you check the mail and get your surprise? Take advantage of this weather and join us as we start our gardening projects at home! Share those photos with us, we want to see all of you!

#klaschoolsnaperville #klaremotelearning #gardening #stayathome #togetherathome

During our Professional Development Session today, the study teams showcased their digital creativity to make WordArt inspired by one of the key aspects as a Reggio Emilia Inspired School - having a High Image of the Child!

Check out the WordArt for the Nido Classroom! More WordArt to be posted soon!

Please join us in congratulating Ms. Melissa and Ms. Deya for receiving the Hero of the Month Award! We are honored to have such dedicated and passionate teachers on our team. Thank you! #bestpreschool#hero

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Our KLA Schools families and staff are living through unprecedented times, but our community and commitment to our children and families continue to become stronger. Right now, our priority is the safety of our community, and everyone around us. Staying home is an essential part of overcoming this tough situation. That does not mean we are apart, or that we cannot do things together. Let's continue learning and let's continue taking care of ourselves and our world. #stayhomestaysafe #stayhomesavelives❤️

At KLA Schools, we understand the importance of staying home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Together we can make a difference! Help protect your communit...


Ways to Model Good Behavior as a Parent

You can use your own actions and words to demonstrate appropriate behaviors for your child. Here are some examples of ways you can model good behavior for your child. #bestpreschool #goodbehavior #earlyyears

klaschoolsnaperville.com Young children are very curious and observant, and often mimic the behavior of their parents or caregivers. Recent research has suggested that a child’s tendency to copy everything an adult, does regardless of the logic…

Please join us in congratulating Ms. Melissa and Ms. Deya for receiving the Hero of the Month Award! We are honored to have such dedicated and passionate teachers on our team. Thank you for all you both do for our school community.

Mindful Monday! Today we introduced the start of our afternoon enrichment programs with our students, and Ms.Melissa led a very calming and peaceful session of yoga and mindfulness! Join us tomorrow at 3:30pm for Music & Movement!

#klaschoolsofplainfield #klaschoolsnaperville #enrichments #yoga #mindfulness #weareinthistogether


Fun Math Activities for Preschoolers

Opportunities for your preschooler to learn math skills are all around them. These twenty math activities will help your child have fun while learning.#earlymath #klaschoolsnaperville #bestschool

klaschoolsnaperville.com Children are introduced to the fundamentals of math from an early age. Pattern recognition, pattern creation, shapes, and sizes are all concepts that form the building blocks of math. Try these fun math activities with…

The best teachers educate with their hearts, not just their minds! ❤️

#klaschoolsnaperville #empathy #virtuallearning #zoomassembly #teachersofinstagram #earlychildhoodeducation

Join us this summer☀️as we experience sounds, rhythms, and movement through instruments, nature, and technology. Call us today ☎️ at 630-448-2552 for more information. #klaschoolsplainfield #klaschoolsnaperville #summercamp #fieldtrips # creativity

Today we started our zoom assemblies with some of our smallest friends in the building and oh were there lots of smiles and excitement to see everyone’s faces. Although we can’t be together at this time, technology has been bringing our community together during a time that familiar faces and support is much needed! We are in this together! ❤️

Let's spread kindness, compassion, belief, and empathy through art. #KLAEmpathy #bestpreschool #naperville


How to Support Your Child in Uncertain Times

Many children experience fear or anxiety when they hear about world events or stressful things. Here are some tips for helping your child remain calm and secure when things seem scary to them. #klaschoolsnaperville #anxiety #stress #covid19

klaschoolsnaperville.com Many children experience fear or anxiety when they hear about world events or stressful things. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, one out of every eight children is affected by an anxiety disorder…

Ms. Kelly is working with Alex and Daniella at the writing provocation in our Piazza. There is always something new to see and do in our unique enrichment space.

Please follow the CDC recommendations to reduce the spread of respiratory diseases! We appreciate your support during this time and look forward to having our halls filled with children’s laughter again soon. #covid19 #bestschools #naperville #plainfield

In all of our classrooms we practice what we call our “core values” here are a few displayed in Mr. Brandon’s classroom with specific examples of students exemplifying them.


Indoor Activities for Children

If your child is feeling anxious or frustrated about staying indoors, take this time to sit down with them and have a conversation about their feelings. Listen to what they say, and reassure them that you understand and you support them. #klaschoolsnaperville

klaschoolsnaperville.com When families are unable to go outside, it may seem like the children have the hardest time adjusting. Because children love to play and be active, these feelings are understandable. However, there are several ways…



We understand that trusting your child with someone else can be an intense and emotional decision. We are here to support you in this journey and help you feel at ease!
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Join us this Summer 2🌞2🌞and discover a world of creative expression! Experience sounds and movement through instruments, nature, technology and more! Be captivated by the magic of light and shadows. Call us today! ☎ #summer2020

Today, was full of smiles and excitement as our students ages 3 and up came together through ZOOM for a virtual assembly time with their friends and teachers! We read stories, sang songs, practice mindfulness, but best of all... we got to see each other!

#klaschoolsofnaperville #assemblytime #virtuallearning #bestpreschool #friendship #wecangetthroughthistogether @ KLA Schools of Naperville

Ms. Kelly our assistant principal has been hard at work this week. She has been supporting the teachers as well as cleaning and organizing our school.



Safety and security of your child is our priority! Our facility features double doors, magnetic locks, secure login features, security cameras, and much more. Also, all of our educators are pediatric first aid and CPR certified. Call our school today to learn more about our safety and security procedures! #safety #security #preschool #CPRcertified #educators #plainfield #naperville


Looking for a fun science experiment to try at home? Sophia has one she would like to share with you all that demonstrates the importance of hand washing!

Don’t forget to share your photos with us on the portal under Family Connections, as we love to see what everyone is doing!

Our teachers are meeting with the leadership team daily for collaboration. Today’s topics were starting morning assembly via Zoom and our COVID-19 action plan for when we reopen.


Sophia is doing an experience at home that her teacher sent for her to do doing the school's closure. We hope all our families are enjoying these experiences we are preparing for home. Tomorrow we start morning assembly via Zoom!


Although our school is closed due to the COVID-19, our leadership team and teachers have been working hard to collaborate and plan different experiences for our families to do at home! Stay Healthy! #collaboration #parentinvolvement #teachersinspireteachers #covid_19



When you walk into our school, we want you to feel like you belong here! We are here to welcome you! Here is a sneak peek of our lobby with comfortable spaces for our families and children to collaborate. Join our KLA Family today! #preschool #naperville #plainfield #classrooms


Mr. Brandon is working diligently to make sure his students are busy at home. It looks like he has some good company during this difficult time.


During this time of school closure, everyone is still busy working. One of our top priorities is deep cleaning, sanitizing, and putting everything through our Zono machine.



Take a look at our beautiful new school! We recently opened our doors, and we can’t wait to meet you! When you visit our school, you will have the opportunity to learn about our unique advanced approach to education, meet our School Principal, educators, as well as explore our innovative facility! #education #newschool #educators #school #teachers #naperville #plainfield




If our building is so amazing on the outside, can you imagine how remarkable it is on the inside? Call us to schedule your tour today and visit our brand-new facility. #amazing #tour #visit #naperville #plainfield #bestpreschool



Helping Your Child Get Along With Others

By encouraging empathy and cooperation, discussing social scenarios, and demonstrating conflict resolution skills, you can help your child learn how to get along with others. #bestpreschool #socialskills #peers #empathy #care

klaschoolsnaperville.com Learning to get along well with others is an important skill for young children to learn. Not only will it help them have an easier time in social environments like daycare or preschool, but according…

Best Naperville Preschool, Kindergarten, and Daycare in Naperville, Illinois

We believe all children have the right to a high-quality education.

Early childhood education is crucial to lifelong success for children in whatever dreams they wish to pursue as they grow.It is one of the reasons KLA Schools of Naperville - Best Preschool in Naperville, IL utilizes the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education and development. 90 percent of a child’s brain development will be complete by the time he or she is five years of age. These earliest years are essential to give them a solid foundation for the rest of their life. Contact us to schedule a visit. We’re confident you will discover the benefits that set KLA Schools above all other preschools and partner with us to help lay a strong foundation for your children’s future.

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1440 Tuthill Road
Naperville, IL

General information

Why Early Childhood We conducted a study of the Education industry to determine which areas needed attention and investment in order to improve the quality of children’s life. During our research, we learned from Harvard Center for the developing child that through early childhood education we can have a positive impact on the future of our community as 90% of the brain development happens in the first five years. It is during this critical period that children learn the fundamental pillars that will allow them to be successful in their future educational and professional endeavors.
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