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Stacey Reavis the owner/operator of Moksha Living. Call to schedule a massage or private/semi private yoga session in a beautiful studio space in MTP.

Operating as usual


Covid precautions include:
1.Open air circulation. I have a door to an outside courtyard in my space. Heaters on table and in room for colder days.

2.Hepa air filtration in room

3.Mask wearing for everyone

4.Sanitation after every client

5. More space between clients, no back back appointments.

As confirmed cases tick up, we all need to do our best to keep business’ open and everyone safe.
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#wellnessspa #staysafe #mokshaliving


I’m teaching publicly again, come and take a class at a beautiful new studio, there are some amazing seasoned teachers on the schedule.
It’s called YOGA DAILY in Mount Pleasant by Target
Its on mindbody
💓My Class schedule💓
Monday 830-945am Level 1/2
Thursday 1015-130am Sweet and Low Down
Thursday 1215-130pm LEVEL 1/2 Slow Flow


Christmas is here, it came!!🎄These are the days!❤️❤️❤️
Merry Christmas, from this crazy beautiful mess to yours!


❤️Hey, all my Charleston peeps. My business Moksha Living is offering an amazing deal for the holidays. 3 yoga privates or three massages for the price of 2. $90 value. WHAT?😳 ...Yes! The third can be gifted if you like. Just ask for a gift card when purchasing. In this season of giving what a nice way to tell someone you love them then by giving them the opportunity for some self care. There are a limited number, so act fast.
Link in bio for website and contact info. Returning clients or New clients are welcome to purchase.


Working on my 'hang time' 🤙🏼
at the farmers market. What are you doing next Saturday?
Join me and 100 others at the @fieldandflowyogafest in Ridgeville, SC. I will be teaching the grounding class upon your arrival on the grounds
...It's going to be so much fun!!☀️
Get your tickets at @naturalgatheringgrounds link in bio


🌞We made it to Friday! First full week with both of my babies in school. Drop offs, pick ups on time and successful, lunches check, after school activities check, no homework yet check, lastly but important my work check. The house is a bit of a reck and I might have developed a cough from my daughter, but we survived and we are happy to be in a new routine.
If you haven't bought your ticket for @fieldandflowyogafest yet go to @naturalgatheringgrounds and click on link to purchase tickets. It's going to be great fun! September'll be here before we know it🍂🍁 #tgif #yogateacher


👦🏻My baby started school today! Granted it's only 4K, but it's for a full day and at the grammar school. Low man on the totem pole. He handled it like a champ, I asked him what shirt he wanted to wear for his first day and he said my "here comes trouble tee", the hippie dippy rebel in me was like "ok, and hell yeah" but first impressions being what they are 😉, we settled on this shirt. He walked in no tears, head held high, a little quiet but clearly very excited. I did well too, however now sitting in my car typing this tears are starting to form around my eyes. This growing up thing is happening and it's happening fast. Maybe the 2nd day for the "here comes trouble tee". 😜


💙You know all those things you want to do?
You should go do them!
I'm super excited to be teaching at the Field & Flow Fest on September 23-24 at
TIX AVAILABLE NOW. For tix click on link on their page. Get yours before it sells out. 💙


FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, every year this drop off gets a little easier for both of us. She woke up so excited, nearly jumping out of bed with anticipation. However, no tears this year, there still were a few nerves, I asked her if she was excited on the way to school and as we pulled In she said "actually I'm nervous". And I said "speak your truth girl" and "baby, that's normal". Secretly inside feeling grateful that she had the words to voice her feelings. She is in Montessori, so she had the same teacher as she had last year. As soon as we walked in her teacher ran over and said "there's my Olivia" and squeezed her hard. Her worried face lightened and my heart almost burst open. To all the teachers out there that work so hard to love, teach, and help us parents raise amazing little humans, a big thank you. Here is to a great school year!


🌙Holy moly, a yoga fest in charleston! Mark your calendars yogis this is going to be amazing! Myself and two other local teachers will be leading this event at the beautiful @naturalgatheringgrounds available next week!!❤️


❤️Silly human mind, always trying to fix things or correct things or manipulate the moment. This moment doesn't need fixing, it is what it is. Just space. A moment in time ushering us into the next. Everything is unfolding in the most natural way.❤️
🌞Happy Sunday y'all 🌞


Let's Talk. 🤗...
about how you can make a few subtle changes to create a dramatic effect in your health and over all wellbeing. Interested just DM me here or go to my website.


🌺Almost eight years ago when I found out I was pregnant with this little nugget, it was a surprise. We hadn't been trying to get pregnant, it just happened. I was even taking birth control pills. So imagine our surprise and honest shock when we found out we were pregnant. After the shock wore off, I remember feeling so excited. More excited then I had ever felt in my life at that point. A baby was growing inside ME! And for whatever reason I knew she was a girl, don't ask me how, I just knew. She's more like me then I could have thought possible in another human being, but better. I am blessed beyond words that I get to be her momma. She is clever, funny, smart, sassy, willful, curious, sometimes stubborn, spontaneous, beautiful, thoughtful, caring and my best friend. Becoming a mother made me strive daily to be the best version of myself, thank you for that gift my love. Happy 7th Birthday🌺




Moksha Living


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Monday Monday. Back to the states, back to my life here. Travel brings perspective. It gives opportunity to step away, recharge, regroup, let go of the old, giving way to understanding of what changes need to happen, and what hopes and dreams are waiting in the wings to grow into fruition. Nothing like the present moment to honor your ambitions. I am pleased to say I am entering a new chapter in my career. A new website is under construction and an exciting announcement is coming very soon! 🌟💃🏼


Everyone does this in their hotel room, right?Good Morning from Miami🌞
It has been a long travel experience getting back home, testing all the nerves. Thankfully I have spent the past week unwinding and still feel peaceful even in the mist of chaotic travel. Currently sitting at the gate on the last leg after spending the night in Miami, Im feeling so grateful to have been asked to teach with @cortney108 in Costa Rica again this year. Such a special group of beautiful, thoughtful, and fun individuals that we had the pleasure of spending the week with. Thank you to you all for making the week beyond amazing and memorable, we became family. Pura Vida❤️🦋


Morning Zen🌊☀️🦋...
Pura Vida


You have to find that place that brings out the human in you, the soul in you, the love in you🌙
- r.m. drake


I try to get on my hands everyday. Flipping myself upside down is hands down(pun intended😜) the best way I know to instantly get out of my head. I can be completely in the moment.
It doesn't have to look perfect, I'm over that. But it has to be fun, I'm not over that🙃❤️


Hey Friends!❤
I am so excited to be teaching on the 4th Annual Yoga Adventure Retreat with @cortney108 again this year to Nosara, Costa Rica. It's only 6 weeks away and there are only 3 rooms left! If you have ever thought about going on a yoga retreat before, this is your opportunity. Not only is the location and accommodations amazing, the food is beyond exquisite. You will be treated to daily yoga by yours truly or the lovely @cortney108. There will be plenty of free time to go surfing, horseback riding, kayaking, zip-lining, paddle-boarding or just chill by the pool or the ocean. Link in @cortney108 bio for more details and to sign up. It will sell out, so don't delay❤


What does one do when they have an unexpected morning off and it's 72 degrees....go to the beach, of course!😜


It's happening again! The 4th Annual Yoga Adventure Retreat to Costa Rica is from April 29th to May 6th. So, if you like beautiful beaches, daily yoga, surfing, gorgeous grounds and accommodations, fabulous meals and great company then join us.
Contact: @cortney108 or DM me for more info🏝


❤"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the change that we seek."
-Barack Obama
Thank you, Mr. President, you have been a class act, who has honored and held true to what this country was founded on. You rose to the occasion during a time when America needed a strong, kind, and sensible president. You worked hard to acknowledge and respect ALL of our American citizens. I am proud of what you have accomplished in the past 8 years, on the world stage as well as at home. Moving forward with the uncertainty of the future, we all must be accountable for the progress that still needs to happen. And for the set backs that seem to be taking place with the new administration. Now more than ever the words "We are the ones we have been waiting for", feel true to this time in history.
Thank you for your service, I shall miss you!❤


Merry Christmas y'all. It's 70 degrees here, fridge is stocked, packages are wrapped, Santa is en route, kids are in a frenzy in expectation, and I'm chillin' with an aperol spritz. All is right with the world😊...peace and love to you and yours!!!


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Or just looking for a great gift.
$10 OFF 1.5 hour massages
15% OFF packages of 5 or more
⭐️....just mention this ad....⭐️


In the end we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, we will understand only what we are taught.
✨❤️✨This picture is everything!😍 Spending the week with 150 kiddos in cabins in the woods at the beach on SeaBrook Island, SC wasn't exactly a vacation but it did give me perspective about the future. As a country we are in a state of crisis, half the country voted for our next president from a state of fear, bigotry, separation and hatred and half the country voted from a state of love, acceptance and hopefulness for a brighter more equal future. At least this is how I see it and I don't think I'm alone in this. Fear won, at least in the candidate that has been chosen. But those of us who believe strongly that love ultimately wins we are being called upon to continue to make this world and country a place of beauty through our contributions to our communities in whatever ways we are called to do. The children I spent the week with are being raised to think outside the box, to respect and care for each other, to take care of our environment and resources. And above all to see equality and to know that they are capable of great things, to believe in themselves, and through cooperation with one another even greater things can happen. They will grow into adults who have theses qualities. Because of this I am hopeful of our future.
I am lucky to call many many women and men friends who daily add to this world from a place of love and compassion and not fear. Let's keep our work going because now more than ever the country and planet needs us.✨❤️✨
#yoga #yogainspiration #yogaeverydamnday #yogamom #kidsyoga #love #lovebeingamom #yogadaily #love #kids #ourfuture #ourfutureleaders #ourfutureisbright


"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not"-Ralph Waldo Emerson ✨I'm spending the week at Camp St. Christopher with 150 kids on Seabrook Island. I just taught kids yoga to ten 6,7, and 8 year olds, that ended in 20 mins of handstand fun. Moments of solitude like this are few and far between here, but I'm actually comforted by the chaos right now. It feels good to break from the realities of the world and the current state of our country in the aftermath of the election. To just get back to the simplicity of being with the innocence of children. They are our future.✨


One day it just clicks. You realize what's important and what isn't. You learn to care less about what other people think of you and more about what you think of yourself.
You realize how far you've come and you remember when you thought things were such a mess that you would never recover.
and you smile☺️. You smile because you are truly proud of yourself and person you fought to become. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨


Have you ever wanted to have a yoga private but didn't want to pay the private yoga price? This workshop is for you. I am hosting two workshops, one Sunday October 30th from 11-1 and one in Sunday November 20th from 11-1. They are based in a two part series, but you do not need to go to both, and are geared towards the individual looking to start a yoga practice and/or to incorporate a daily home yoga practice into their routine. The benefits of yoga come with consistency and for many of us getting to a public class is just not possible very often. These workshops will teach you a short sequence that can be done by anyone at home, as well as give you access to an online class you can use daily hosted by me. For more information or to register call Stacey Reavis at 630-404-1005 or email at [email protected]
LOCATION - Center for Holistic Health
PRICE - $25 each
$40 for 2 part series


Every so often do something that scares the sh...t out of you...😆
#sothishappened #lovedit


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20% OFF all packages🌙

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Everyone does this in their hotel room, right?Good Morning from Miami🌞It has been a long travel experience getting back ...
Morning Zen🌊☀️🦋...#soundonPura Vida
I try to get on my hands everyday. Flipping myself upside down is hands down(pun intended😜) the best way I know to insta...
Hey Friends!❤I am so excited to be teaching on the 4th Annual Yoga Adventure Retreat with @cortney108 again this year to...





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