Sundrops Montessori Bridge Campus, Mount Pleasant, SC Video January 19, 2018, 5:24pm

Videos by Sundrops Montessori Bridge Campus in Mount Pleasant. Sundrops Montessori is a community in which students love for learning and self esteem is fostered and nurtured. Our mission to to follow the child to their fullest potential , honoring Dr. Montessori's principals and educational methodology.

Bella and Amila

Other Sundrops Montessori Bridge Campus videos

Elsa stopped by our Holiday Bazaar today to share a song and take pictures with our guests. Thank you so much to everyone who donated, volunteered, or attended our event!

Ever wonder what happens in the Lower Elementary classroom? Here are our 6 through 9 year-olds, working and collaborating happily. Please let the LE guides know if you ever want to observe our work cycle - we welcome visitors! Seeing a Montessori elementary classroom in action always makes adults say, “I wish I could have gone to school like this!”

It’s time for our annual Christmas Tree fundraiser! Freshly cut trees in a variety of sizes will be available for pickup at our Winter Festival on December 1. Your purchase helps send the Upper El students to Washington, D.C. and the Adolescents to the Bahamas. Order at

The Mystery Valley tour was amazing!

What better song to dance to than “Jump” while standing next to the rim of the Grand Canyon?

Elementary student Gabe and Casa student Dawson take part in the fun at the Aesop’s Fables play.

The Lower Elementary students have a blast making bouncy balls at Parent’s Night Out.

Jersey, Ava, Evelyn, Suzy, and Lily


Louisa and Anna

Bella and Amila

Upper El recess snowball fight!

Friday Afternoon Live! Encore performance.

Once a month we do “Friday Afternoon Live!” in the auditorium. Performances are student-led and can be singing, dancing, or instrumental performances. They can be popular songs or original compositions. These kids love performing for their friends and supporting each other.

African drums and African masks in lower el

Lower Elementary students investigate science experiments during choice work time. Luke mastered this one!

Upper Elementary students learning the minuet at the Old Exchange Building.

Community meeting: Lower elementary students had their first ever community meeting this morning. This meeting will be held every other Friday, and is a way for students to constructively discuss problems in the classroom, and work together to come up with solutions. The children keep track of issues in an agenda book. Today's topics included: classroom volume during clean up, how to properly store silent reading books, and whether or not kickball is a safe game for recess. Our first meeting was a shining example of what a student-led community should be!

Sundrops made it on the big screen!

Mr. Daniel on his way back from the dance contest:

A "tedious brief scene" from Upper El's class play, A Midsummer Night's Dream! Check out the entire 20 minute performance (with better video quality) here:

Elementary students are enjoying their Read-A-Thon this morning! Here is a glimpse of lower elementary one hour in.

A clip from Upper El's capoeira demonstration at last night's MMUN Cultural Exchange Night.

Just another Monday at Sundrops... an impromptu lunch concert!

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