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Fame Performing Arts is a locally owned Performing Arts School. We offer group classes and private music lessons in voice, guitar, piano, and more.

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If you've had a lesson with @shanelle.woods before, chances are she made you pick up a straw and do some SOVT excercises with her. SOVT excercises (the straw method, singing on 'ng', lip trills) are gentle and can help you work through common issues like breathiness and disconnected sound. Vocalists - follow @shanelle.woods for more singing expertise you can try out at home. #FAMEAtHome


😱TFW you find out your parents haven't registered you for all 10 weeks of FAME camps... Parents, there's still time to turn that frown upside-down!
➡️ Register today at https://www.fameperformingarts.org/summer-camps


On this day that's all about love, we can't help but feel grateful we're able to share what we love with you every day. Happy Valentine's Day from the FAME fam!

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Acting Classes for Kids in the Charleston, SC area | Hulafrog Charleston, SC

February 5th is the last day of voting, don’t forget to vote FAME as Most Loved for Acting Classes!!🥰🎉

hulafrog.com Find local kid-friendly Acting Classes in the Charleston, SC area!


1 WEEK TO TROUPE AUDITIONS! Have questions for us about auditions? Let us know in the comments ⬇️⬇️ or via the question box in our story✨ Mrs. Emma will be answering your questions via our story tonight!


🤩Our Troupe students had a blast on Friday at Troupe Night!
😱Don't miss the next one, the deadline to register for Troupe is this Sunday!
➡️Learn more about our Troupe program here: https://www.fameperformingarts.org/troupe
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#SummerSaleCountdown - #PeterPan
🤩Last year's Summer Intensive was full of new challenges, but these students didn't miss a beat.
🎭We're bringing all of these COVID-19 precautions to our Summer 2021 offerings.
➡️ Learn more at https://www.fameperformingarts.org/musical-theatre-camps


😍 2 years ago, these 'revolting children' put on amazing performances of "Matilda."
😱Only 2 days left in our summer sale - all camps are $100 off when you register now!
➡️Learn more at https://www.fameperformingarts.org/musical-theatre-camps


😜Can you guess what show we did for the Summer Intensive 3 years ago?
😱3 days left to save $100!➡️
Register now at https://www.fameperformingarts.org/musical-theatre-camps



Dealing with Audition Nerves - Two weeks until troupe auditions! Here are 4 tips from Mrs. Sarah on managing your audition nerves. #FAMEAtHome


#SummerSaleCountdown - #TheLittleMermaid
🤩5 days left in our sale, so we're sharing a picture from our Summer Intensive Production of 'The Little Mermaid' 5 years ago! 🧜‍♀️
😜Know a student who's ready to be 'part of our world?'
➡️Register them today & save $100 - https://www.fameperformingarts.org/musical-theatre-camps


Take a few seconds today to let Hulafrog Charleston, SC know you adore us most by voting FAME for 'most loved' in their Music Lessons category. We appreciate your support!

Voting is underway for the Most Loved businesses in the area!

Hop over to Hulafrog to vote for your faves in each category - they sure could use a little extra love right now, and be sure to tell the biz you voted! ❤️ ➡️ hulafrog.com/charleston-Sc/most-loved-awards


#SummerSaleCountdown - #Shrek
😱Hard to believe our production of "Shrek the Musical" was 6 years ago!
➡️ 6 more days to save on summer camps - https://www.fameperformingarts.org/summer-camps


#SummerSaleCountdown - #Seussical
🤩7 days left to save on summer camps, so here's a picture from our Summer Intensive 7 years ago.
➡️Learn more about our camps at https://www.fameperformingarts.org/summer-camps


#BernieSits as a grumpy stage manager. We had to do it 😌


🎭There are 9 days left to take advantage of our summer sale - so we're sharing a picture from our very first Summer Intensive 9 years ago (as you can tell by that photo quality... OOF!😅). This is our longest running program, and we are so proud of it!
➡️ Learn more about our summer intensive here: https://www.fameperformingarts.org/musical-theatre-camps

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Acting Classes for Kids in the Charleston, SC area | Hulafrog Charleston, SC

🥳We have been nominated for Most Loved Acting Classes for Kids on Hulafrog Charleston, SC! Get your voting fingers ready and support your fave performing arts studio (that’s us😉)!


hulafrog.com Find local kid-friendly Acting Classes in the Charleston, SC area!

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Did someone say summer camp sale??

😱Just a few days left to take advantage of our summer camp sale! Here's a quick guide to our camps: http://ow.ly/GLrU50DeE8u

mailchi.mp FAME is offering 10-30% off summer camps all January long!

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Performing arts studio begins spring programs with continued COVID guidelines

Check it out - We're on the front page of today's Moultrie News! https://www.postandcourier.com/moultrie-news/news/performing-arts-studio-begins-spring-programs-with-continued-covid-guidelines/article_e6e82f32-55af-11eb-b5bc-3b6267421d35.html

postandcourier.com FAME continues to follow strict COVID-19 guidelines by utilizing an outdoor rehearsal space and maintaining social distancing so students can stay safe while exploring their creativity.

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What Music Students learn if they don’t practice? | Lessons in Your Home

😱What do you mean my student doesn't *HAVE* to practice at home?!

✨We know students today are busy. Even overcommitted. We totally understand that as parents when you're looking for after school/enrichment activities, you're often looking for something fun- A way for your student to unwind, not tons of extra work. ☺️Our teachers know that it's tough to get students to practice at home, especially younger students.
➡️Check out these 9 benefits of the lesson time itself - ones your student can get even without ever practicing at home. http://ow.ly/Oc3W50DblYB

lessonsinyourhome.net Practice is important and fundamental in becoming a successful musician; but how important is practice to successful music students?


At FAME, we believe there are two types of private lesson teachers: the one who only wants practicing students, and the one who understands success in lessons looks different for every student. We're proud to have a staff of teachers who understand there is so much to be gained in music lessons aside from becoming an excellent musician, like mentorship, increased confidence, and learning perseverance.
#Lessons #Confidence #Mentorship


🎼 Are you a FAME student who wants to perform but you're a little nervous?
➡️Ask your teacher about CoffeeHouse!
✨Invite your friends and family for a night of music and entertainment without the stress of a huge crowd, and sing your heart out🤩 This sneak peek gives you a feel of what being in the spotlight is like on CoffeeHouse nights😍
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😱Mainstage & JR Troupe Auditions are one month from today! Now is a great time to set up private lessons with one of our teachers to get prepped for auditions.
➡️Email us at [email protected] to get on the schedule today!


😅So you got a new guitar last Christmas, and those YouTube tutorials aren't cutting it... We have just the thing for you! Our private lessons will improve your technique in no time🤩
➡️Head to the link in our bio for more information on how to register for instrument lessons today!
Featuring Brett Hunter as our #SaturdayStudentSpotlight !


😱 And that's is a WRAP on open house! Many thanks to those of you who joined us over this past week, we loved getting to know you!
✨ If you missed out on open house, do not fret! There is still time to register for Troupe, or enroll in our acting and dance classes🤩
➡️For more info on getting involved, email [email protected]


✨Are you outgoing, extroverted, love FAME and looking for a part time job?
✨We are hiring in an administrative position with an emphasis on kindness, respect, and fun!
➡️Must be 16y/o or older, and have means of transportation to and from the studio. Hours vary, but are all after noon.
➡️ Interested applicants- please email [email protected] for more details.


🤩Our Troupe Open House sure is a blast! Our students have been busy getting to know each other, and getting to know FAME!
➡️ Today is the last day to participate in Open House, Kids and Teens classes still have room to RSVP- email [email protected] for more info on how to get involved! 😍


This time of year, everyone is planning for the year ahead!
❓What's your new years resolution? ❔
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Open House starts today!! Drop in on the first week of our Spring classes 🤩FOR FREE🤩 all week long!
➡️RSVP at [email protected]


✨What new things are your kids going to try in 2021? Ready to see your student grow through private lessons or group classes?
➡️ Learn more about our 2021 offerings at https://www.fameperformingarts.org/


We want to thank you all. For everything 2020 threw at us, you were always here with incredible support! We couldn't do it without you- here's to a 2021 filled with love, happiness, and well deserved serenity🍾✨💕
#HappyNewYear #LoveFAME


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Need some help preparing for troupe auditions? 😍Our teachers have prepared hundreds of students for auditions!
➡️Book a lesson today: fameperformingarts.org/private-lessons
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SNEAK PEEK! #Spamalot #JrTroupe




535 Long Point Rd.
Mount Pleasant, SC

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Hours: By Appointment
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455 Long Point Rd, Unit A
Mount Pleasant, 29464

Registration for super summer day camps and classes begin March 1st at 7:00 am! Enroll early to save your space. What a great group of students and parents we have supporting us! Thank you for your support and loyalty.

The Dance Arts Studio The Dance Arts Studio
1150 Hungryneck Blvd, Ste A
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At TDAS we offer a professional Dance Arts education to all ages. Focusing on technique, structure, discipline, grace and poise. Every dancer leaves class feeling confident at TDAS. Check out our website for class details and schedule!

The Musical Theatre Coach The Musical Theatre Coach
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