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www.pursueyourjoy.com Pursue Your Joy is the coming together of my bi-weekly blog, coaching programs and services, and also serves as a place where we can all join together in a vibrant, authentic community space.

My hope is that this content inspires you to be the best version of YOU you can be. That it will encourage you to celebrate all of who are, and all of your experiences. That by me expressing my beliefs and what’s true for me, regardless of how vulnerable or out-of-the-box it may sound, that it will urge you to share your own beliefs, thoughts and experiences in the comments below and create a disc

tunedbody.com 01/06/2015

Scientists Finally Show How Your Thoughts Can Cause Specific Molecular Changes To Your Genes

tunedbody.com With evidence growing that training the mind or inducing certain modes of consciousness can have positive health effects, researchers have sought to

heartiqrelationships.com 06/18/2014

Are You Bored With Your Relationship?

Don't miss 3 FREE nights of livestreams coming up on Thursday focusing on how to deepen you intimacy and passion in relationships through Heart IQ! Sign up now under this video

heartiqrelationships.com Watch this video to discover a powerful resource to bring back the passion...

pursueyourjoy.com 05/27/2014

Feeling Stuck? How to Start Fresh, Have Fun and Attract Your Dreams | Pursue Your Joy

Last week's blog :)


pursueyourjoy.com One of the first things I was taught in the Quantum Success Coaching Academy was to create my “Master Dream List.” This is a fun process where the intention is to dream big, freeing your imagination and writing about what you truly want in all different areas of your life.

pursueyourjoy.com 05/06/2014

The Art of Feminine Presence | Pursue Your Joy

"Ignite Your Feminine Power" Art of Feminine Presence Intro Wednesday night @ 6:30pm! Spend an evening learning specific practices and take away easy, tangible tools to help you become more confident and magnetic by being grounded in your power, accessing the stillness and deep knowing within you, and feeling the beauty of your unique feminine essence.

See my website for more information. Can't wait to see you there! :)


pursueyourjoy.com The Feminine Essence lives inside every woman. It’s an energetic, empowering, and magnetic quality that has nothing to do with the way you look on the outside. When a woman embodies

pursueyourjoy.com 05/06/2014

How Our Perceived Weaknesses Actually Hold Our Greatest Gifts | Pursue Your Joy


pursueyourjoy.com What if you could take all the possible parts of yourself that you judge (both consciously and unconsciously) to be not good enough, and actually turn them into your greatest gifts?

[04/28/14]   From April 16th- this accidentally never posted on FB:
I just completed a 12 day journey with my Heart IQ tribe in Colorado that is nearly impossible to put into words (hence no blog yesterday- apologies for that!).

I noticed how naturally I’m integrating what I learned in my Art of Feminine Presence (AFP) training a few weeks ago. Numerous other women commented on how I’m showing up more confidently and “at home” with myself, even calling me a “sexy Goddess” and “powerful Queen”- LOL! ;) While I know there are many factors in my life over the past year that have contributed to my growth, I definitely credit AFP for playing a big role in how I feel about myself. I can’t wait to share the simple awareness practices I’ve learned with other women in Charleston!

I also had the opportunity to facilitate a 22 person circle with Christian Pankhurst (the founder of the Heart IQ model), and learned more in 2 days than I have over the past 6 months about using the group’s energy to empower the individual, freeing up stuck energy in our bodies, and forming deep connections with others that we long for, yet may not get to experience as often as we like. My partner Geoff also got to facilitate the circle, and we both now feel more committed than ever to sharing the life changing work of Heart IQ with all of you.
We just had a Heart IQ day on Saturday, and we both agreed that it was our best one yet!!

Looking forward to June 14th when we'll have a Heart IQ workshop on Shadows! See pursueyourjoy.com for details :-)

pursueyourjoy.com 04/01/2014

The Art of Feminine Presence | Pursue Your Joy

Today's new blog about my experience at The Art of Feminine Presence Teacher Training Intensive last week. :)

I share 3 insights that are definitely going to affect both my personal and professional live moving forward.



pursueyourjoy.com Last week I completed an intensive 6 Day teacher training in Rachael Jayne Groover’s The Art of Feminine Presence TM(AFP). The training was deep, surprising, opening, triggering, tiring and inspiring all at the same time. On my drive home after it all ended, I was crying tears of gratitude for disco...

[03/29/14]   UPDATE: I've decided to change my blog from weekly to bi-weekly. Right now it's challenging for me to keep up with it every single week while deliver my content in the way that I want to. I think it will also be a better experience for you to receive less from me, but have it be of higher quality and value.

If you're not currently on my mailing list, hit the "Email Signup" link on the menu above!

Thank you and keep enjoying :)

pursueyourjoy.com 03/11/2014

10 Creative Ideas to Get Your Team, Group or Family Feeling Happy and Inspired | Pursue Your Joy

A must read if you're a business owner or have a leadership role in your work or community!


pursueyourjoy.com Today, I’m feeling truly inspired about creating a world different from what we typically believe to be normal and possible.

pursueyourjoy.com 03/06/2014

How to Live Life in a State of Flow | Pursue Your Joy

Discover the "Four States of Being" and what you need to live YOUR life in the Flow State


pursueyourjoy.com Once again, I’ve been immensely inspired by Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley. Mindvalley is a global brand and company that creates and builds businesses that align with their goal to “push humanity forward;” they promote everything from online universities for personal growth, to events l...

pursueyourjoy.com 02/26/2014

How to Live Until You’re 120 Years Old | Pursue Your Joy

Check out this week's newest blog!


pursueyourjoy.com I was recently discussing with some friends an online report about pockets of communities around the world where the population has unusually long life expectancies. The author discusses 3 “secrets to longevity” that these communities share:


Heart IQ Small Group Workshop Testimonials

This video captures 2 amazing women sharing from their heart about what their experience was like in my first "Live Authentically" Heart IQ workshop last fall. (Thank you Dawn and Mandie for your willingness to get on camera!)

It's less than 2 minutes, so take a quick break to check it out now.

To experience this (and even more!) for yourself, sign-up now for "How to Live With More Passion, Purpose & Prosperity"- an ONLINE 6 Week Workshop starting next week!

You'll be shocked at how valuable, intimate and 'real-life' feeling an online workshop can be by just using some simple technology. There are only 3 spaces left, so make sure you check-out the website for more details and sign-up today!


See what to expect when YOU participate in one of Sarah's Heart Intelligence workshops! LEARN MORE AND SIGN-UP at: www.pursueyourjoy.com/events-workshops

pursueyourjoy.com 02/01/2014

The Surprising Science of the Heart | Pursue Your Joy

Did you know that the heart is 100 times electrically stronger and up to 5000 times magnetically stronger than the brain?

Read this week's blog and watch the VIDEO to learn more things that I bet you didn't know about the amazing abilities of our human heart!

**If you’re interested in learning how to access a state of coherence in your heart that is scientifically proven to be optimal for better decision making, problem solving, focus and mental acuity- then sign up for my next ONLINE HEART IQ WORKSHOP starting next month!**


pursueyourjoy.com In our modern western culture, we’re typically led to believe that the brain is our most important organ and that it controls the rest of our body. However, most people aren’t aware that our physical heart has its own intrinsic nervous system, which gives it the ability to do such things as independ...

pursueyourjoy.com 01/22/2014

5 Little Known Reasons Why You Can’t Reach Your Full Potential Alone- Part 2 | Pursue Your Joy

Come feel what it's like to live life to the fullest THIS SATURDAY at our "Step Into Your Greatness" day-long workshop where you will learn the tools of Heart Intelligence and get to experience for yourself all of the unique group dynamics I shared in this week's blog!

Spaces are filling fast, so head over to the website to see what this workshop can do for you!


pursueyourjoy.com If you want to manifest more of what you want, become more functional in the world, increase your self awareness so you can know yourself and others more deeply, and ultimately become a master of your reality, then read on!

pursueyourjoy.com 01/19/2014

5 Little Known Reasons Why You Can’t Reach Your Full Potential Alone- Part 1 | Pursue Your Joy


pursueyourjoy.com When you hear phrases such as “personal development,” “spiritual growth,” or even “self-help,” what comes to mind? Typically we think of people reading books, meditating, or venturing out on their own path of exploration. Many people are under the assumption that personal development is all about ou...

pursueyourjoy.com 01/09/2014

4 Surefire Steps to Change | Pursue Your Joy


pursueyourjoy.com It’s a week into the new year. You’ve set your goals. You know what you want. You’ve rehearsed affirmations in front of the mirror dutifully. But why do the same patterns seem to be repeating again and again in your life?

pursueyourjoy.com 01/05/2014

6 Steps to Setting Goals and Intentions for the New Year- That Actually Come True! | Pursue Your Joy


pursueyourjoy.com New Year’s Eve is a time when we typically reflect on the past year: our successes, challenges, career paths, relationships; the surprises, the moments of bliss and moments of struggle, the changes and the continuity.

pursueyourjoy.com 12/11/2013

The Power To Feel Whatever You Want, Whenever You Want | Pursue Your Joy

Watch the video from this week's newest blog post!


pursueyourjoy.com Sunday marked the end of the 4 day Heart Summit in Amsterdam, and WOW! What an incredible experience. Over 300 people from all over the globe gathered together to share in a life changing experience of what it means to connect to our authentic joy, share and accept all parts of ourselves, and step i...

pursueyourjoy.com 12/03/2013

High in Amsterdam (No, It’s Not What You Think!) | Pursue Your Joy

Hello from Amsterdam :) Check out this week's blog to discover what happens after spending 4 amazing days connecting with a vast community of over 300 heart-centered individuals from all around the world!


pursueyourjoy.com I am beyond grateful to be back in this beautiful city. I arrived here yesterday to participate in what’s called the “Heart Summit,” which is a gathering of over 300 people to practice Heart Intelligence for four days. There are some presentations bay Christian Pankhurst, the founder the Heart IQ, b...

pursueyourjoy.com 11/26/2013

Do You Have an Attitude of Gratitude? The GIGANTIC Gratitude Challenge! | Pursue Your Joy

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I dare you and your loved ones to take on the GIGANTIC Gratitude Challenge!

Find out if you have an "attitude of gratitude" and share in the comments 3 things that you are grateful for right now. :)


pursueyourjoy.com Did you know that the feeling of gratitude- along with the feelings of joy, love and empowerment- are the highest vibrations in the universe? Because they are the most powerful emotional frequencies that we as humans can feel, by tuning into them we in turn more easily attract and allow into our liv...

pursueyourjoy.com 11/19/2013

Parallel Journeys of Compassion, Courage & Connection | Pursue Your Joy

It's Tuesday, which means a new post is up on the blog "Sarah Says"! Come check it out and leave a comment about one step you will take to bring more of these 3 C's into your life.

Fact: One of the best ways to incorporate these 3 C's into our lives is through Heart Intelligence group circles! New online and in-person groups start in January. Keep your eyes peeled!

pursueyourjoy.com You know that moment when you’ve been undeniably smacked in the head by the universe and finally have that “Aha!”; where things suddenly seem to come together and make profound sense on a whole new level that you couldn’t see before? Where we can look back at the unfolding of the past few months and...

pursueyourjoy.com 11/12/2013

Jump, and Your Wings Will Appear | Pursue Your Joy

Check-out my very first blog post! :)


pursueyourjoy.com I’ve learned through my journey of deep exploration over these last few years that sometimes, beyond anything that makes logical, “realistic” or practical sense, you just have to take a huge leap of faith and GO FOR IT. Whether it’s something relatively small like signing up for a new class, or some...





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