Mount Pleasant Academy

Mount Pleasant Academy is located in the heart of Utah. We specialize in treating adolescent boys suffering from Compulsive Sexual Behaviors.

Mount Pleasant Academy is a treatment facility dedicated to helping adolescent males and their families cope with compulsive sexual behaviors. We treat boys ages 12-18 utilizing a holistic approach; we combine Evidence-Based Therapy with, Academic Support, Positive Peer Culture, Enrichment Activities, Physical and Mental Well-being, and a team who not only cares, but is trained to identify and address complex sexual issues in a group home setting. We recognize several advantages to our approach. We understand that it may be very difficult for our students to be open and honest about their sexual behavior problems, and may even fear becoming labelled and/or stigmatized. Once removed from their previous influences and placed with a team that provides a culture of professionalism, knowledge, unconditional positive regard, accountability, and honesty, we believe they will genuinely begin addressing their personalized sexual issues.

Mission: The Mission of Mount Pleasant Academy is to: Provide the structure, unconditional acceptance, parenting, and security that must be present to ensure that quality treatment can occur. In this environment troubled teens can find the courage necessary to make positive changes in their lives and have a future that is full of hope and promise. We help teens identify and build upon their individual strengths, which gives them hope for the future, an opportunity for healing, and provides a catalyst for family unity. Our belief is that as the youth learn and practice personal and social competency, a marvellous chain reaction is set into motion. As their feelings of self-worth grow, they become capable of additional insight into their problems. With this added self-awareness, the youth can change self defeating attitudes and behaviors into character assets. At this point, the process of recovery has truly begun. Our Mission promotes a healthy positive environment through which students can learn the greatness of caring, and learn to uplift both their outlook and choices in life.

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Mount Pleasant Academy's cover photo

Mount Pleasant Academy's cover photo

Mount Pleasant Academy

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