Cario Middle School, Mount Pleasant, SC Video February 16, 2019, 5:18pm

Videos by Cario Middle School in Mount Pleasant. Challenging students to be resourceful, positive, service-oriented leaders!

We love our guidance counselors at Cario!

We love our guidance counselors at Cario!

Other Cario Middle School videos

Cario Drama's Vocal Coach Sings the National Anthem at Stingrays Game
Cario Drama benefits from the talents of vocal coach Ms. Danielle LaVia; her voice is phenomenal! Listen to her sing the National Anthem at this weekend's SC Stingrays Hockey game!

Cario Artists Shine at South Carolina State Fair
Congratulations to all of the Cario students whose art placed in last year's South Carolina State Fair. Because of entry deadlines, some of these Cario students are alumni now, but we are still as proud. What talent, CoMeTs!

North Charleston Arts Fest 2019
Several Cario artists have their artwork on display at the North Charleston Arts Fest through this Sunday, May 5 and you are invited. Check out this Cario talent!

Chess Team Wins 2nd Place at State Competition

We love our guidance counselors at Cario!
We love our guidance counselors at Cario!

Cario Art at the Coastal Carolina Fair
Ten of Cario's artists are representing CMS at the Coastal Carolina Fair! Congratulations and Go Comets!

Chorus in media center
Cario's 8th grade chorus, under the direction of Mr. Scott Brunson. Merry Christmas everyone!

Engineering students at work!
Mr. Carr's engineering students test their skimmers to see how far they will go. The goal was 50 feet, many went over 100 feet!

Ms. Corbett's 7th grade class writing thank you cards to our troops in Afghanistan. Her brother, Major Patrick McCreary is currently serving his 3rd deployment there. Thank you to all of our Veterans, those on active duty, and their families. Also, our greatest respect to those who are no longer with us. There is also a short video of the kids writing their thank you cards.

Red Ribbon Week Rap - Cario Counselors
Our talented team of counselors rap for Red Ribbon Week! October 30th - November 3rd Lara Lyn James Yarborough Scott Trottier

Watch our video for a glimpse of an outstanding teacher and her engaged students!

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