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pcEverything, LLC is a Computer Service and Support Company located in Mount Airy, MD. We are family owned and located in Mount Airy, Maryland.

We specialize in general repair and virus removal, we build PC's and perform PC tuneups and we are great at Data Recovery, . We build and work on networks for small and medium business in Mount Airy, Carroll County and Frederick area. We work on an appointment basis and are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We want to help you. pcEverything works on computers, hardware and software and all apple Products

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italymagazine.com 11/09/2020

Torta Quattro Quarti al Vin Santo | Vin Santo Pound Cake

Gotta love cake!

italymagazine.com Torta Quattro Quarti in Italian, pound cake in English, this dessert is infused with Vin Santo.

foxbusiness.com 06/25/2019

Top 10 riskiest scams and how to protect yourself

Please check out # 7 -

foxbusiness.com The Better Business Bureau reports employment scams were the riskiest scams of 2018.

cnet.com 02/26/2019

Google looks to leave passwords behind for a billion Android devices

Eventually no passwords will be needed - Only Biometrics!!

cnet.com Where Android’s going, you won’t need passwords.

cnet.com 02/12/2019

The best video doorbells you can buy today

This is the way to the future in Home Security.

cnet.com Searching for a new doorbell? Start here.

cnet.com 02/11/2019

New phone designs aim to shake up MWC 2019

New Phones for 2019 - Foldable and Multiple Cameras!!

cnet.com We're expecting to see phones with 5G, foldable designs and multiple cameras at the world's largest mobile show.


pcEverything, LLC's cover photo

cnet.com 12/16/2018

Like smartphone photography? Try shooting with raw photo formats thanks to Adobe, Google and Apple

Depending on your phone - Here is some good news around the holidays for your Pics!

cnet.com Outgrowing JPEG's limits? Here's good news.


pcEverything, LLC's cover photo


Just a little Tech humor this morning!

techradar.com 07/14/2018

What is a VPN? A closer look at virtual private networks

FYI - A nice explanation from TechRadar.com about VPNs

techradar.com We walk you through the basics of what a virtual private network is

itnews.com 06/04/2018

Best Antivirus for Windows PCs 2018: Reviews and guidance

Though we don't like AV Suites (Our Reason - They slow down your systems) This is a good article to read - AVG and Avast provide a FREE version of their basic AV and Windows Defender is available for Free from Microsoft!

itnews.com Your PC needs virus protection, full stop. No matter how careful you are, some threats can't be avoided without the aid of antivirus software. Our top picks will keep you protected.

cnet.com 04/04/2018

Intel's Core i9 chips could make your next laptop feel like a desktop

It looks like Desktop will slowly fade away - Then watch your Pads slowly take the place of Laptops!

cnet.com Six cores. Twelve threads. Up to 4.8GHz when chilled. That's possible in a laptop now.

cnet.com 03/16/2018

Want more privacy? These PCs have unique security features

These are considered the BEST PC's if you want Security!!

cnet.com With growing concern over privacy, these devices have new features to ease your security anxieties.

cnet.com 01/11/2018

Ovie Smarterware lets Alexa manage your leftovers

Being the left-over king in our house - I'm not sure how I feel about this product - I'm sure my wife will love it - she has a 3 day rule for leftovers!

cnet.com This Bluetooth button sticks on your Tupperware and tracks how long until your food expires.

engadget.com 01/10/2018

Meet the selfie drone that lives in your phone case

This looks like one of the most interesting "Things" to come out of this years CES - Needs to increase flight time - but for Vacation - This might be fun!!

engadget.com Selfly is your personal (and adorable) flying selfie robot.

cnet.com 12/22/2017

Apple's iPhone slowdown: Your questions answered

If you thought your older iPhone was slowing down - You weren't wrong - Read on!

cnet.com Apple admits it slows down older iPhones to offset battery problems. Here's what you need to know.

fstoppers.com 11/22/2017

Computer Guide for Photography and Video Editing: What to Buy and Why? (Part 1)

Let us know if you want something like this for the Holidays!!

fstoppers.com Photographers and filmmakers probably spend more time on their computers that behind a camera. We own thousands of dollars in gears, yet some of us waste a considerable amount of time struggling on a sluggish PC. However, for the price of a good lens you could dramatically improve your productivity…


Professional Photographers of America

Contracts keep things clear and organized. They've even better when they're free!

foxnews.com 11/10/2017

Cunning malware spreads, going after your bank account

If you read anything in the next week read this and pay attention.

foxnews.com Malware keeps getting smarter at ways to get your money. And a new version of Zeus Panda malware has some scary smarts.

cnet.com 11/03/2017

Should you buy this $800 all-in-one coffee roaster/grinder/brewer?

For those of you that mix technology and breakfast - This should interest you 🤔

cnet.com The do-it-all Bonaverde Berlin coffee maker isn't just for Kickstarter backers anymore.

drbackup.net 10/27/2017

10essentials | Dr.Backup Online Backup Service

If you Run a small Business - This is a MUST READ for protecting your data! If you want more info on Dr Backup or their online backup service give us a call - 301-829-9294 - pcEverything.

drbackup.net This report will reveal important planning strategies you should have in place now to protect yourself from common data-erasing disasters including natural hazards, human error, cyber criminals, hardware failure, software corruption and other technology failures.

technologyreview.com 09/22/2017

Former Talking Heads frontman says consumer tech is working against what it means to be human

Interesting Article.

technologyreview.com We are beset by—and immersed in—apps and devices that are quietly reducing the amount of meaningful interaction we have with each other.

cnet.com 09/19/2017

Review: The iPhone 8 is great if you haven’t upgraded in forever

This is the iPhone 7 but better.

cnet.com Apple's baseline 2017 phone gives up a few things the Plus and X have, but it has a lot going on under the hood.

cnet.com 09/19/2017

Everything you need to know about iOS 11 in one place

For all of our iPhoner's - IOS 11 comes today!!

cnet.com Bookmark this page and come back often.

cnet.com 09/18/2017

Hackers hid malicious code in popular CCleaner software

This post is for those of you that don't listen to your IT techs about 3rd party cleaners. If you want to know why your system is running slower - this could be the answer!

cnet.com Piriform, the company that makes the software, believes no harm was done to users.

cnet.com 09/18/2017

7 settings to change right away on iOS 11

As IOS 11 final will be released tomorrow, Here are some tips to familiarize yourself with.

cnet.com These should be your first stops when taking your initial lap around iOS 11.

engadget.com 09/13/2017

Apple's new iPhones can fast-charge, if you have the right adapter

The news is being dominated by stories regarding the new iPhones - if you are considering an upgrade here is some more info that may interest you.

engadget.com The addition of fast-charge for new iPhones is exciting, but it requires buying a new adapter.

cnet.com 09/13/2017

These are the differences between the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 7

If you're thinking of a new I phone - Here are the comparisons.

cnet.com Apple just announced the forthcoming release of the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Here's how the new models compare to last year's versions.

theverge.com 09/13/2017

Why Face ID won’t give you the legal protection of a passcode

Just another side of facial recognition.

theverge.com In the short time since Apple announced its Face ID feature for the iPhone X, we’ve seen a lot of questions about its security compared to a fingerprint or passcode. For example, if you’re...

engadget.com 09/09/2017

Best Buy pulls Kaspersky's antivirus software from its shelves

Nothing has been confirmed - BUT - This is one of the reasons we don't sell, service or Support Kapersky antivirus - Buyer beware! If you need help or support give us a call - pcEverything - 301-829-9294

engadget.com Kaspersky said its business relationship with Best Buy is 'suspended.'

thrillist.com 03/31/2017

You're Killing Your iPhone With These 7 Charging Mistakes

Here are some tips that might help you out in the long run :-)
Call us if you need help - pcEverything - 301-829-9294

thrillist.com You may well be unknowingly shortening your battery's lifespan.

foxnews.com 03/16/2017

Warning: Dangerous new Gmail phishing attack can easily steal your Google login

Please read this article and be very careful. If you need help give us a call -
pcEverything - 301-829-9294

foxnews.com Why are the Windows and Android platforms always targeted by malware and other malicious attacks from nefarious hackers?

networkworld.com 02/03/2017

IRS warns on ever-changing “dangerous W-2 phishing scam”

It's that time of year again - Please read this and stay vigilant.

If you need any hel- call - pcEverything - 301-829-9294

networkworld.com Just as tax season gets underway in earnest, the Internal Revenue Service put out a warning about what it called dangerous, evolving W-2 scams that are targeting corporations, school districts and other public and private concerns.

networkworld.com 12/16/2016

14 eyebrow-raising things Google knows about you

Scary Things on the Web!!

networkworld.com Some are fascinating, others are frightening, but here's how to find out what Google has on you.

networkworld.com 12/07/2016

Say goodbye to MS-DOS command prompt

This article is probably only interesting to the Techies out there - But felt it was worth passing on.

networkworld.com It had a good 36-year run, but its day is done.

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