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This is the official page of the Maryland School of Martial Arts The Maryland School of Martial Arts welcomes anyone who is willing to learn a comprehensive and effective martial art that has been passed down for over 900 years.

We want your family to become a part of our karate family as we learn and develop together both physically and mentally. I have had a passion for martial arts since I put my first gi on at the age of 9. My passion for martial arts started almost instantly, and I plan on training for the rest of my life. For 24 years I have trained in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. I traveled to Japan in 2007, studied und

Operating as usual


Random Acts of Kindness


Ninjutsu Kojiki-Ryū Dōjō 忍術古事記流 道場

Some cool bo vs sword techniques....we have tried one or two of these in class with the green and blue belts



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I am pleased to announce our first student of the month, Chase. Chase has been working super hard in class and has an unbelievable attitude. He is always the first to ask to work on a hard technique and is frequently working on his rolls and falls during water breaks. He is respectful, determined, and is passionate about this martial art, and always has a smile on his face. Chase is the epitome of a
CAN DO attitude.

Great job Chase and congratulations!! Well deserved!!

[01/16/18]   Awesome green belt class tonight!! Super proud the kiddos could pick up some more advanced techniques so quickly...very impressed to say the least!!

[01/09/18]   I would like to welcome our newest members of the Maryland School of Martial Arts. Welcome back Leo and Ben who worked with me a year ago and are back to training with me individually for the past 2 months. And a huge welcome to our karate family, Zoey, who has also been working super hard over the past 2 months. We will see them joining a group class in the near future.


Congrats to Remy for working super hard these last few weeks and earning his orange belt!! Your technique has been awesome!! Keep it up!!


The promotions keep coming!!! AWESOME job tonight!! You girls crushed it!! Bring on Orange belt!!


These kids were awesome tonight. Their technique is unbelievable. Their dedication to this art is 110% Congrats on EARNING your green belts guys!!

Ps, looking sharp in your new black gi pants!!


Big congrats to Ian and Miller for getting their orange belts this morning!! They have been working super hard and their technique was superb!!


The Real 47 Ronin Story: A Mini-documentary of Samurai Loyalty and Revenge

Today marks 47 Ronin Day in Japan. Very cool true story about loyalty, sacrifice, persistence, and honor that is at the very heart of the samurai way of life.

This is the story of the 47 Ronin. A story of 47 masterless samurai who carried out revenge on their lord's tormentor. This mini-documentary is edited and na...


Some purple belt training!!


TBT.....this is how it all started...with just 2 students and 1 small mat...thanks to all of you for helping me grow my school!!


Takamatsu Sensei

A bit of the history of this martial art. Takamatsu Sensei was the one who brought Ninjutsu/Taijutsu to the world...carried on by his student Hatsumi Sensei who I had the honor of training with in Japan years ago!!

Documentary. The story about the last Japanese ninja and the Mongolian Tiger. Takamatsu Sensei.

[10/18/17]   Awesome classes this week!! Lots of energy the past few days!! Keep it up gang!!


Big congrats to our new gold and purple belts this week!! You guys have been working super hard. We were missing one who was sick all week but earned his purple belt with the rest of his class. Great job all!!


Thank you Rich Mccormick for stopping by last night and helping out class. Rich and I went to Japan together to train with the Grandmaster and it was great having him!!


Some sword and jo work with Carson...(shirts optional apparently)...


Highlight Fights

Some great stuff here...

Here is a preview of our new interview series Masters. Accomplished martial artists share their personal stories with us and give their unique take on the fighting arts. Stay tuned for more Masters coming soon.


Maryland School of Martial Arts

[08/14/17]   Changed it up a bit in today's class. We spent a majority of the class talking about "stranger danger" and acted out some scenarios. We had a lot of fun while talking about a very serious topic.

I am going to do this in every class this week as this is super super important!!

One of the most important aspects of martial arts is not using your techniques, but being aware of your surroundings and reacting accordingly so you never have to use them.


Having a bit of fun after class...


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Untitled Album 10/16/2016

Women's Self Defense Seminar

Women's Self Defense Seminar


Kyler & Logan

Untitled Album 03/14/2016

Untitled Album


Godan Certificate


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Some sword and jo work with Carson...(shirts optional apparently)...
Having a bit of fun after class...





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