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We are located in the Moriarty Foods Shopping Center! Tanning-Drinks-Gift Shop & Craft Classes!!!

Operating as usual

Photos from Maga BELL eez & Co.'s post 03/24/2023

Fridays’s Twisted Tea is …Blueberry Muffin 🫐
AND wait till u see what’s NEW!!!! ❤️💕❣️


Well hello you fine ass Gentleman!!! 💕❤️❣️
It came!!! BUT we are still waiting on a few more scents for J’s Magical Moisture S**t.
Then…we start A makin!!!
Candles and scrubs and melts OH My!!! 😉


NEW sticker!!!! This was not planned BUT I couldn’t have made it at a better time!
To the beautiful lady that gave me the idea….you get a free one!!! Or 20 😂

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Stocked, locked and loaded!!!! Mothers Day is right around the corner!

Photos from Maga BELL eez & Co.'s post 03/21/2023

Arrival!!!!! Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!💕💕💕💕

Photos from Maga BELL eez & Co.'s post 03/19/2023

The new stickers are hilarious 😂😂 and how long have we waiting for these babies! These taste BETTER than a Reese’s! Hands down!

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You guys know I’m more of a hippie than a cowgirl BUT this has to be one of my favorite damn shaker cups I have made! I loved it so much I made a matching beer can glass! Shaker cup is a special order for my girl Kandi (the new owner of chili hills)!!!! Gotta shake ketones in style baby!!!!! The beer glass will be available in the shop next week!

Photos from Maga BELL eez & Co.'s post 03/18/2023

Another awesome Saturday in the books! I 💕 and appreciate you guys so much! I wish I could have grabbed more pics! It was so fun getting to watch all the kiddos go wild and crazy!
They stuffed their bags to the brim!
We still have more! So NEXT SATURDAY we will do it again!!!! 10-2!!!!! Spread the word and the Love 💕💕


Told ya! My customers are the cutest!!!!! These cuties scored a ton of sticker! 💕💕


Order up!

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Journaling Bible Bundles are here!!!!!
Excellent Mothers Day Gifts!!!!

-tye dye ESV journal Bible
5 stickers
Matching Bible tabs
Bible cover
Shalom bracelet
One year read the Bible sticker
Retail is $159.50 OUR PRICE IS $125

-Floral KJV journal Bible
5 stickers
Bible cover
3 pack bracelet
One year read the Bible sticker
Retail is $147.50 OUR PRICE IS $115

Only 2 available of each!!!!!


Today at 10 is the BIG stationary & sticker sale! And TONs of $1 earrings!!! Stock up for future gifts!


I think we are gonna make some of these buckets. What do you think?


Guess what just shipped!!!!!


Guess what just got dropped off!


We will be closed today. Friday 3/17. Have a happy St. Patrick’s Day! See you tomorrow for the stationary & sticker sale!


This is precious. This is how we ended our day.
—One of my favorite families came in…HOLLA!
(Gorgeous ladies in zee house)
-Winston flaunted his skills and tag teamed these gorgeous chicks for a photo shoot (he is a BEAST with the women…don’t blame the player…blame the game baby 😉)
FYI-some taxes are definitely getting done tonight. 😂❣️🥊
Love the lotus!!! LOVE IT!


We will open at noon tomorrow. Friday 3/17


I 💕 love when Pat calls me up and orders her usual Grapefruit Boosted Bubblie 🫧🥤💕
This was the OG baby! The drink that started it all! So I had to make a Kinky Pinky to have a 🥂cheers with my girl!

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Orders UP! The cricut is smoking and we are finally catching up on orders!
-still on hold for special orders cause I just got a 10 shirt order yesterday!
Soon I swear 🤦🏻‍♀️😭

Photos from Maga BELL eez & Co.'s post 03/16/2023

COMING SOON!!!!! Plus more!!! We just got our shipping notice!!!

Photos from Maga BELL eez & Co.'s post 03/16/2023

COMING SOON!!!!! Journaling bibles and MORE!!!! We got our shipping notice today!

Photos from Maga BELL eez & Co.'s post 03/16/2023



We put a BUNCH more coffee syrups out. They need to go tomorrow AM bc we are prepping for the kiddo stationary & sticker sale.

Photos from Maga BELL eez & Co.'s post 03/11/2023

EVERYTHING $1 on the square table
ALL earrings $2
Sugar free syrups $2
Bling necklaces $5 off
Hats 50% off!!!!!
We need to clear this stuff out! New is coming in!

Photos from Maga BELL eez & Co.'s post 03/11/2023

Candle scents ✔️
Dough bowls ✔️
Stubby bowls ✔️
Turquoise hearts ✔️
Here comes some bad ass candles!!!!


TONS OF ITEMS FOR $1!!! COWHIDE 20-50% off! Saturday at 10 AM!!!!!

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Ok guys we are rolling these babies out!!!
$20 for a 32oz refillable cup WITH a drink in it!!!!!
You can choose what you want on the back.
1. Ketones saying
2.Dude saying
3. Tanners quote (my squad is gonna pick one)
Your name if you want!!!! 
And Now you get your Lotus drinks for a Buck less each time! 🥊🤙


I have the CUTEST darn customers ever 🥰
🥤🥤🥤🥤 Twisted Teas Today 🥤🥤🥤🥤
- Purple Pie Man
-Peach Cobbler
-Lemon Creme Pie
And don’t forget we will go LIVE today around 3!!!!!!


We will go LIVE this afternoon with updates on


Order up!!!! This one is adorable! And I ordered a bunch more cowhide dyed shirts! Should be here in a few weeks!

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This last weekend we made a BIG switcharoo in the shop.
Condensed, cleaned & organized so that we have workplaces that are 100% Setup all the time.
-So Cowhide now has its own workspace (bc cowhide is so freaking messy 😭 and cannot get everything else messy AND it can be worked on whenever (the key!)
-Vinyl the big sister to basically everything has all the space and comfort it needs bc she is the most used and she knows it!
But…the new child. She is a force to be reckoned with. Custom metal stamped jewelry.
Bracelets, cuffs, keychains, rings, pendants …umm you dream it we can probably create it.
BUT that was always the hard part. Taking it all out for a project then putting it all away. People saying well what designs do you have???
Not anymore!!!!
Because now you can see all the designs!
The final stage is the leather and the sewing station. Not 100% complete yet but about a month and we shall be there. Wait until you see some of our ideas come too life!
AND our Collabs!
I have asked 3 different crafters to do a collab! All have accepted!!!
2023 🥊👊❣️🤙💪

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Give them a gift they will LOVE!!! Did you guys know we personalize J’s Magical Moisture S**t? You get to name your scrub & include up to 4 ingredients all special to your loved one! 🥰😍 If you haven’t tried J’s Magical Moisture S**t-you really should. We have a 100% positive rating on this tub of heaven! Your skin will thank me!
*Need at least 72 hours for personalized gifts!

Photos from Maga BELL eez & Co.'s post 03/07/2023

If YOU know YOU know- 2 NEW Flavors BABY!!! BBQ & Salt & Vinegar
Grab them while u can- Goes great with Twisted Teaz!!!!!


We have TWO HUGE sales coming up!!!
Please stay tuned for more info.
SAVE THE DATES 2 SAT in a ROW 3/11 & 3/18

Photos from Maga BELL eez & Co.'s post 03/07/2023

-Jewelry Studio is set up!
-Cowhide studio is set up
-ALMOST ready for the BIG SALES
(3/11 & 3/18)

And Tomorrow is TEA-rrific Tuesday!!!! Vote tonight so I know what to brew in the AM!!!
-Strawberry Shortcake
-Blueberry Muffin
-Purple Pie Man
-Peach Cobbler
-Lemon Creme Pie
-peachy de Mango
-Razzle Dazzle Razzberry
-Tangerine Twister
-Cherry Bomb

You guys get to pick 2 BC the 3rd is a NEW CREATION!!!!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱


I greatly apologize- I have been off on my days for a whole week. I think bc I started the spring hours a week early that is what messed me up
this weekend is our closed weekend
Sat 3/4
Sun 3/5
Mon 3/6
Then NEXT SAT 3/11 is our HUGE Spring Clearance Sale!

You will probably see my jeep parked here from time to time this weekend.

The reason we are closing is bc we are switching a few things up in the shop and it’s gonna be a construction zone!
Exciting things are coming!!!!

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Let me tell you a little bit about the Trujillo family. They are loyal. They are honest. They are down to earth. They are real.
I fu***ng love them. Always have!

They aren’t perfect. They dont pretend to be. They aren’t lazy. They aren’t slackers. They don’t have an easy life. They have stresses & they have challenges.
They are themselves.
They are me.
They are you.
They are real.
They made a life changing decision and I don’t know that they will ever turn around and look back
and I don’t want them too.
Forward is their journey.
As should it be!!

My Jennie girl- - she doesn’t have it easy. She has MS but is standing firm and giving it a 100% shot to try and do this all natural. Her macros are different bc she has to work with her body Chemistry but that’s ok.
(Good thing she has a good keto coach)
Always on the cusp of medication but only taking it if absolutely no other alternative.

How do you sleep at night knowing that MS could possibly take it all away from you the next day with no notice. Yet she does. I cant stand in her shoes but I have the utmost respect for them.
My girl is officially (in 3 weeks) down 11 lbs and 2 inches in her waist. Her energy is up and her sleep isn’t 100% where we want it….but we will get there!
Battling a disease naturally with no pharmaceuticals and those results.
Jennie was also the busy, busy mom with literally no time to cook dinner. She now cooks every night & follows a complete ketogenic diet. Intermittent fasting with a 5-6 hour eating window.
Keeps her macros at higher fat. Probably 60-40 but might go higher. Logs and maintains and
If I said Jennie-is that hard. Doing all that for me. Is that hard?
Dude I’m a just a whim on her schedule. She jots and sends to my cell phone!
It’s simple
It works
It’s easy
She performs the hard part. The dermination the willpower.
Always earned. Never given.

Look at that glow! Seriously look at that freaking glow!
8675309- YOU GOT IT!

Marcus!!!!! You have testosterone so I
always say guys have the advantage 😫 but it is what it is.
-Dude- you have given this your ALL
-you have made your wife PROUD
-you have shown your wife and your children that with ALL your heart that they mean everything to you-BC you chose to do this for them. You said last night “I wanna be around for my kids.”
But dude-I’ll take that and check mate u.
By taking your health into your hands like this
You are saying…
I want to be there!
I want to BE in the moment and not just witness the moment.
Ya’ll are blessed!
Truly blessed!!

Marcus -you lost 22 mother fu***ng pounds in 3 weeks. U lost 3.6 inches in your waist in 3 weeks. You lost 3 fu***ng pant sizes.
Every day I see you…you LOVE how good you feel. You and Jennie are rocking this and I love getting to witness it everyday!
I’m 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

The most important thing you did was touch a soul.
That’s Delaney. Your kiddo!! She followed in your footsteps. ON HER OWN 🥳 she chose to somewhat follow a keto Diet.
Not 100% and that’s OK. They fact that you peaked her interest and got her mind working is AWESOME! And even if just a few of her teenage choices are better bc of this choice you made then you did right!
You got yourself a groupie.
She is looking up to u. She is learning by YOU doing.
That’s the reason we do everything.
In a world of so much gone wrong
She came to a meeting of us dorky ass adults talking about weight loss.
Can someone crown the girl. 👑

I love these pics! You guys look so healthy and so happy! I cant wait until the next round!

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Sorry for not posting anything but we got slammed today! We sold out of all coffee drinks as well! Thank you guys so muc...
They are finally here!!!!!
🍂🍁I know its HOT 🥵 outside ~ BUT FALL is in the air At good ol’ MagaBELLez & Co. 🍂🍁🍂🍁~ALL LoTuS 🥤🌈✨ is BACK IN STOCK! 🙏 ...
🌈🥤✨Blue Jolly Rancher ✨🥤🌈
ALL our new Flavors have arrived ‼️🌈🥤Can you see what else has arrived 🗡🔪😎Two more sleeps and then its ….$5 SUPER SMOOTH...
The new Galaxy Lotus matches perfect with the Stoney Clover Lane x Target cooler we are giving away 😎✨🥰DO NOT MISS THIS ...
Tomorrow is Fri-YeAh!!!! Come get our LoTuS 🥤🌈 Drink of the day!!! Peaches N Cream LotusWhite Lotus/Peach/Vanilla✨32OZ g...
So sparkly 🥰🌈






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