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Registered Nurse here on the Homestead! A lifestyle of Putting into practice natural remedies as in

*RN coaching and consulting 15-25 minutes/ $20
*Homemade Organic Elderberry Syrup 8 oz
*Medicinal Tinctures 2 oz
*Essential oils * SAD Light Therapy (Assist vit D)
*Farm raised, free range meat chicken and eggs,
Orders being taken
* SAD Light Therapy sessions ( assist Vitamin D )

Operating as usual


Know the difference between organic vs non GMO. also while planning meals for your family be aware of the
"The dirty dozen " what foods hang onto the most toxins / chemicals.


Sharing the newest additions to the Homestead, our Guardians!! Welcome to the family


4 Mineral Deficiencies That LOWER Your IQ (Intelligence)

God's blessings to you, I hope the day finds you all well!! Today's topic is mineral deficiencies…..

33 million Americans have chronic disease...
The leading cause of chronic illness and disease is…
Mineral deficiencies

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, more than 40 million people are deficient in one or more minerals, and nearly half of those people don't know they're deficient...
Minerals are essential to life. They are found in every living thing, and without them, your body would not be able to function properly.

Nutritional deficiencies gone undetected or without cause for alarm over long periods can lead to life altering health complications. Different areas of your body can present signs signaling to you that something is physiologically wrong. Being in tune with your body’s needs and aware of these signs of nutritional deficiencies are critical to whole body wellness.
Optimal vitamins and minerals are required by the body to properly eliminate toxins from the body, promote the health needs of your digestive system, cardiovascular system, metabolism and total body strength. Signs can be both external and internal and can be caused by the over consumption of one vitamin or mineral which can leave your body out of balance and deficient in another mineral.
Learn these body signs of nutritional deficiencies so that you can better detect how your body is functioning and to enable you to heal faster if you notice something is wrong. These small signs today are fixable and can prevent you from long term health problems.

Great video / please watch !


Don’t get me wrong — I absolutely love my Bible. It is my lifeline. But when I think of the weightiness of its contents and the vast amount of information, it can cause me to sigh and think, Can I do this? Where do I even begin?

During my current season of feeling overwhelmed, I am reading through the book of Mark. I have been able to focus on that specific text, allowing a story I’ve read many times to bring new comfort and understanding.

“Then a poor widow came and dropped in two small coins. Jesus called his disciples to him and said, ‘I tell you the truth, this poor widow has given more than all the others who are making contributions. For they gave a tiny part of their surplus, but she, poor as she is, has given everything she had to live on.’” (Mark 12:42-44)

Though this passage talks about money, I think the truth goes beyond finances. Some days, we have a surplus of ourselves to give. We are filled with energy, invigorated to study and full of purpose. Other days, we are beaten by the stresses of life, weighed down by exhaustion, and we struggle to find even a small portion of ourselves to give. And just as He saw the widow’s offering, God sees ours too.

Whether we’re ready to unpack large amounts of God’s Truth or need to focus on the bookcase method — one thing at a time — God is ready to commune with us right where we need Him. In His Word, we find renewed strength. And no matter the size of what we can bring, He is all-in. He is holding us through every challenge and every joy we face.

-Evie Polsley (Tyndale Bibles)

What is one way you can get into God’s Word even when you feel overwhelmed?

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Everyone is growing well and getting so big !

So much to be joyful, thankful, and humbled by when raising animals.
An equal amount of Hard work, dedication and love goes into the care of these animals .

The sheep we raise are Katahdin, which is one breed of hair sheep. ( No shearing necessary)😃

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Some new updates on the Homestead !

Lambing season is complete !
Twin ewe lambs Dahlia and prim
Twin rams tango n cash
Last birth was a single moo
our little
lively ram ( oreo)

All the splendor and excitement of homesteading, free-range layer Chickens, meat chickens, free range turkeys, rabbits, lambs, and hatching eggs 😊

Life is good .....

Currently Have 7 whole fryer chickens
in freezer camp left between 4-5 Lb,
Taking orders on coming meat chickens, turkeys and always have a plentiful supply of eggs *

Organic Elderberry syrup
Local honey
Various combo tincture's

Nurse coaching by appointment.

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Happy to Announce
so far we've had 15 out of 24 successful hatch 🐣

We have 12 - Appenzeller Spitzhauben which
is the national breed of Switzerland
And 12 of the beautiful
Ayam Ketawa (the Laughing chicken) 💚

Photos from Rushlow Homestead's post 03/19/2022

Just wanted to share 🥚
these beautiful eggs from my girls .

Photos from Rushlow Homestead's post 03/16/2022

6 Days- Getting closer to hatching day


Rare Disease month

Today its been 2 months shy of two years since my surgery. my life has changed dramatically in the last 2-3 years Pre and post surgery. hypoparathyroidism, These past couple years have been a learning experience. It has presented struggles I wasn't prepared for. It has shown me that attitude is everything. It has shown me that I'm not done yet. I've learned to be patient with myself. I've learned to love myself. I've learned to slow down.
This year has thrown me in situations where I've had to learn to be my own voice again and again. A Covid world made this so much harder as my surgery was postponed, trips to the ER had to be by myself. I learned to allow myself to cry, it's ok really. I have sat on hospital beds alone, scared and on the brink of depression.
I've learned to stop expecting others to understand or even care but to not let anyone deter me from my mission to learn to live again and get real answers.
I'm posting this with hopes that if you don't understand rate diseases you take time to read what some of us go through and learn that although I get up and try to push through it is not always easy.
When I say I'm tired it doesn't mean I'm lazy or unmotivated.
Or when I forget things I used to have no trouble remembering it doesn't mean I am not trying to be normal. Or when I just hibernate at home it means I'm putting my peace and health first. Something I've struggled to do in the past. Thank you for my family and friends who have checked in on me and cheered me on when I felt like I couldn't go on. Even if they didn't really understand why I'm now so slow or in pain. To those going through a disease or illness know that this does not mean you are broken or useless. On the contrary your rise above this will be monumental and the level of understanding and knowledge you will acquire will one day be used to help others fighting a silent battle.
I want to thank the many groups i belong to because without all sharing of experiences and being so supportive this journey would be so much harder. Thank you all❤
This disease certainly does not define me. It isn't who I am. It doesn't decide my life for me. It is a part of me but only a small part. Like the Phoenix out of the ashes


Photos from Rushlow Homestead's post 02/26/2022

We are excited to start incubating
Two fairly rare and extremely unique breeds of poultry today !

Thank you D street Farms in Oxford!

Who doesn't love a chicken with hearts all over them?

The Appenzeller Spitzhauben.......
And the
Ayam Ketawa,

The Ayam Ketawa .. AKA the laughing chicken. Originally imported from Indonesia in 2019 this fantastic, inquisitive breed has captured the hearts of many with its maniacal laughing vocalizations.

Ayam Ketawa or "laughing chicken" is a breed of chicken originating from the area of Sidenreng Rappang in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is one of several breeds of long-crowing chicken prized for the clarity and unusual length of their crows. The crow of Ayam Ketawa c***s has an unusual similarity to a human laugh. The breed was originally held as a status symbol of the Buginese royal family, but has entered into higher popularity in recent times since the fall of the monarchy. Today it is still seen as a symbol of courage, social status and heroism and they compete in contests for the most perfect crow, for the Governor of Sulawesi Cup

The Appenzeller

Who doesn't love a chicken with hearts all over them?

The Appenzeller is a breed of chicken originating in Appenzell region of Switzerland. The Appenzeller comes in two varieties. The Spitzhauben variety, meaning "pointed bonnet", has a V-comb and feather crests in males and females. The word 'spitzhauben' derives from a ceremonial hat worn by the women in the Appenzeller region in Switzerland.

The early history of the Spitzhaubens is somewhat of a mystery. It is generally believed that they originated from the canton of Appenzell in Switzerland. Spitzhaubens, or at least birds similar to them, have been known in this area since the 1600s. They are believed to have been formed from the crossings of Brabanter, a Dutch breed, Crevecoeurs, and La Fleche. The Spitzhauben was originally kept by the monasteries where they were valued as a hardy foraging breed that laid a decent number of eggs. At first, it was only these monasteries that kept them but eventually, the breed made its way into the hands of local farmers. For many years the breed never left Switzerland and unfortunately, the breed had dwindled in numbers until very few remained. It wasn't until the 1800s and early 1900's that any were seen outside of their homeland. When this began to occur it helped the breed by increasing its numbers and it steadily increased in population. However, the conflict of WWII almost wiped it out completely.


We were intricately designed-and purposed
to walk together - not alone!

To be the hands and 👣
And even the 👀 for for one another

This picture says it all



Why is Magnesium your friend ?

What does magnesium help with ?

What form of magnesium should i take ?

I use energizing Magnesium Malate in the morning.
I occasionally use mg taurate
And then
end my day with Magnesium Threonate and Magnesium Glycinate at bedtime.

Getting all the pieces of the puzzle in place can take time and a lot of work.

I totally understand and have spent years, upon years struggling myself to get to where i am today.
That’s where working with a health coach and getting the support 1:1 can be so helpful in improving your health...

I'm here to help people in every area of their
Health Struggles, by educating , encouraging, walking along side to advocate for themselves as well as family members.
consult diagnosis, symptoms, test results, needed testing, supplements, diet, offer services to make a steps by step plan of
options available to them to improve their health.

available for consults and here to help

Monroe Health Matters 02/11/2022

Monroe Health Matters

Come visit me Saturday from 11-2 and get experienced advise on supplements, herbal support, natural alternatives for aliments and preventative health management at every visit to the store.

Located in Monroe at
17 E. Second st Monroe mi

No need to guess on what supplements and natural support remedies are available or used To improve your health concerns...

Need Diet modification suggestions
Chronic illness support.
Food allergy testing
Also visit the wellness loft
Where we Offer foot baths
Red light therapy, Massage and yoga 🧘‍♂️

Last but not least We also offer an extensive lending library For all your health and wellness learning needs.

For a longer more extensive look at your health conditions please schedule a consult appointment

Improve your health....
start today to make the changes that Matter most.
Health Matters!

Monroe Health Matters My site

The Food List | Histamine Intolerance 02/10/2022

The Food List | Histamine Intolerance

:::: All information is to be viewed
as a form of guidance,
and not as an authority in themselves
or in any way a complete list. ::::

What is a Histamine-
What is Histamine intolerance

-— Do I have a Problem with Histamine?

Histamine intolerance can cause uncomfortable symptoms, but a low-histamine diet may help ease symptoms

I think a great majority of people
think Of histamine as what we see at the local drug store in the form of anti-histamines,
used for such things as allergies, hay fever and allergic Reactions.

Treatment of symptoms are commonly seen with products Like
Claritin, Zyrtec or alegra .
Its action is to block histamine .

However this very vague definition
Makes it very often misunderstood.....

"What is A histamine intolerance"

When histamine levels get too high
or when it can’t break down properly, with the help of the enzyme DAO ( often seen in some common gene mutations )
DAO is unable to keep up with the break down of histamine, build up occurs and it can affect your normal bodily functions.

"Symptoms of a histamine intolerance"

headaches or migraines
nasal congestion or sinus issues
digestive issues
irregular menstrual cycle
And In more severe cases of histamine intolerance, including histamine food intolerance you may experience:

abdominal cramping
tissue swelling
high blood pressure
irregular heart rate
difficulty regulating body temperature

"Food high in histamine that can trigger inflammation and other negative symptoms include"

alcohol and other fermented beverages
fermented foods and dairy products, such as yogurt and sauerkraut
dried fruits
processed or smoked meats
aged cheese
Pickled or canned foods – sauerkrauts
Matured cheeses
Smoked meat products – salami, ham, sausages….
Beans and pulses – chickpeas, soy flour
Long-stored nuts – e.g peanuts, cashew nuts, almonds, pistachio
Chocolates and other cocoa based products
Rice vinegar
Ready meals
Salty snacks, sweets with preservatives

" There are also a number of foods that trigger histamine release in the body, such as"

wheat germ
citrus fruits
nuts, specifically walnuts, cashews and peanuts
food dyes and other additives
Mustard greens
Alliums (garlic,onion, chives,leeks,shallots)
Dried fruit
Most citrus fruits – lemon, lime, oranges…
Cocoa and chocolate
Walnuts, peanuts
Papaya, pineapples, plums, kiwi and bananas
Wheat germ
Most vinegars
Additives – benzoate, sulphites, nitrites, glutamate, food dyes

"Foods that block DAO the enzyme that helps to break down histamine include"

black tea
mate tea
green tea
energy drinks

"If you have a histamine intolerance, incorporating low-histamine foods into your diet can help reduce symptoms.
There’s no such thing as a histamine-free diet.

Some foods low in histamine include:

fresh meat and freshly caught fish
non-citrus fruits
gluten-free grains, such as quinoa and rice
dairy substitutes, such as coconut milk and almond milk
fresh vegetables except tomatoes, avocados, spinach, and eggplant
cooking oils, such as olive oil, and butter

" Supplements high in Histamine"
Cysteine - Methionine- ALA- MSM- carageenan- Glucosamine sulfate- and Glutathione

Its always advised to seek medical attention and consult w/ your Dr and this is by no means a complete list

The Food List | Histamine Intolerance Managing your diet will be a key factor in your quest to improve your well-being. Find out more about the food list here.


Here are a couple of my Female sheep just for attention and because they're Beautiful 😍 ⚧ ♥️


All female life stages deal with PMS

 PMS is an abbreviation for premenstrual syndrome.

PMS is not a specific ailment.
a syndrome is a collection of symptoms with multiple causes .
premenstrual syndrome includes over 150 signs and symptoms which have been classified into four major types.

There are general remedies for PMS which can be helpful for most if not all types .

According to a comprehensive guide to Natures Sunshine products suggest potential aide of herbal formulas which include lobelia , wild yam and chaste tree .
nutrients include black currant oil ,evening primrose oil ,magnesium ,vitamin B6 and vitamin E. 

PMS type A is characterized by anxiety with high levels of estrogen and low levels of progesterone and is the most common type of PMS. Symptoms include a tendency to anxiety irritability mood swings moodiness and nervous tension this is the type that is most commonly the source of PMS jokes the main therapy is to decrease estrogen levels and increase progesterone when we have too much estrogen it increases levels of adrenaline noradrenaline and serotonin while the levels of dopamine and phenyl Philomène drop

Estrogen also seems to black vitamin B6 which is instrumental in mini important functions in the body including maintaining normal blood sugar levels and stabilizing ones moods.

Pms type C
C stands for cravings cravings are generated by a hypoglycemic type of reaction blood sugar levels actually do drop significantly but only between ovulation in the onset of manses.
Potentially a diet similar to that of a hypo glycemic diet can minimize the discomfort of PMS see staying off refined sugars supplements of magnesium good fats will help keep the hormonal balance in check vitamin B6 and zinc also chromium to help serotonin levels in balance blood sugars and insulin. Studies that licorice root helps to balance blood sugar

PMS type D
D is for depression, this type of PMS associated with depression , anxiety and rage coupled with confusion , forgetfulness ,crying easily an accident prone.
PMS D is due to too much progesterone and not enough estrogen it is exactly the opposite problem of PMS A . An in balance progesterone has a calm in effect when progesterone is an excess it becomes a depressant to the brain an interesting feature to this type of PMS is the high levels of lead found in hair samples when a deficiency of magnesium occurs the body seems to be more susceptible to taking in lead. high levels of lead are known to be the cause of some types of chronic depression heavy-metal cleansing and an oral dilation may be helpful here a diet of fresh fruits raw or steamed vegetables of all Essential fatty acids sea salt work wonders at a leaving 18 PMS depression Saint johns wort or mood elevators are good for depression in general the black cohosh is one of the best remedies for this type of depression
5-htp , vitamin B6 and magnesium are absolutely required for this type

PMS type H is for hyper hydration this means that uncomfortable feeling you get caused by water retention water retention during times of PMS can be due to too much aldosterone a hormone made by the adrenal glands high levels of estrogen or low levels of magnesium again with the when the levels of magnesium are low it seems to upset the balance of the hormones in so many ways vitamin B6 depends upon magnesium in order to convert into the active form so a vitamin B6 deficiency is also indicated here with PMS H .

Therapies include reducing fluid retention supplements such as magnesium ,B6, vitamin E and evening primrose oil

Some women have terrible pain acne and adrenal fatigue

Ginger kava kava and lobelia as well as hydration help with pain acne outbreaks are due to high levels of androgens which are side effects of stress chronic stress will eventually fatigue the adrenal glands exhausted adrenal glands are aggravated by animal fats and dairy products be mindful of colon cleanse liver cleanse have been advised 
Dandelion burdock and red clover . 

A Happy home starts with a knowledgeable happy woman!

knowing how important it is that Health Matters ....

Sending you all love , and inspirational hope for healing on our journeys.






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