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Source of Love & Light

[02/07/20]   Energy exchanges and services should always be balanced equally with energy, the most powerful love light possible and in service to others for their highest healing. This is what I always aim to present to you my beautiful friends. I pray you are having the most beautiful day amidst the dreary weather conditions, just let your light shine straight through those dark clouds!

Remember it only takes a tiny spark to light up the darkest night!

For all other energetic releases or insight into your life path, hmu and lets see what your journey has in store for you.


[12/23/19]   I just wanted to make a post especially to those who are dealing with sadness and depression during these holidays. I have been there and I have spent Christmas’s without my family in the past and I know how traumatized it left me. These are times when we want nothing more than to convene with those we love and those we’ve lost & for some of us it’s not possible and that pain can feel like it’s searing you in half. I don’t want to come off as presumptuous or that I know exactly how you as an individual feels, we all ache, mourn and cope in so many different ways and I want you to know that it’s ok to let these feelings come to the surface, acknowledge them, make what peace you can with them and release them. And It’s okay to let others know also that you feel this way. Many times we are so focused on getting the right gifts, spending far too much (more than we have even, maxing out credit cards etc) for the sake of trying to show our appreciation that we can change that love into a negative vibration, making yourself feel less than or even insecure as to how well you did, wishing you had an endless bank account to show your loved ones how much you’re willing to sacrifice to give them a nice gift. I am here to tell you this. Gifts will wither, over time they will break and lose their value. They will become outdated and eventually tossed aside to end up in a landfill with all the other discarded trash. But one thing that never loses its value is your energy, your compassion, your love and your care. That will only grow, gain in strength and retain its value. Spending time with those we can is the most important thing you can ever spend on someone. No matter how much you have in your bank account, you can never buy time, reverse the hands of time or return time. It is very important that you make the most of it with the ones who matter, the ones who lift you up and the ones that value the time you spend with them. Now I know it’s different when it comes to children and at times like this I feel so much pain In my heart knowing that some will do without during the holidays, and it breaks my heart. If I could I would fix it but it’s not in my power to do so.

What I can do is send love, I can send light and I can send healing energy this season to those who need it most. I can give you hugs, I can tell you I care and I can give you space to express your emotions.

All I’ve ever wanted my entire life was to uplift those I love & those I care about. I am but one person but in my person I care so, so deeply for others and sometimes it becomes overwhelming to feel the pain of others and feel their density. But as a true healer & a child of the stars, this is what I am here to do. This is what my soul is on a never ending quest to change not only my own life but to sue others to do the same in theirs. If you need help, reach out whether you need to vent, or need a prayer (regardless of your religion) I will pray with you. I will hold space for you and you will feel that intention surrounding you and loving you and helping you to release.

Please remember that you are never truly alone. The energy of our dead loved ones is even more vibrant and full of life on the other side and they literally wait our beckoning to feel them near us. Remember that as humans, we must enact our free will as they are not supposed to act on their own. Talk to them, tell them you miss them. Tell them you need them. Tell them what they mean to you, tell them you love them, you can even ask them to surround your energetic body and hold you. Stay in a place of love, remove your fear & doubt and allow them to be a part of your holiday and I assure you, you will know when they are with you. They’re still very much a part of our lives On the other side, this I know is true. This I have experienced and do on a regular basis. Just stay in trust and allow yourself to be “light” & enjoy this moment because it is beautiful and it is healing.

I am here for you all, anyone who is on my page that receives this and needs it, I love you and I am here for you.

Blessings to all who need it, may this wrap around you energetically like the warmest wave in the ocean blanketing you, helping you to free your density into the depths of the ocean where it may be transmuted into love light.

My infinite love to you, my beautiful friends & family.

I love you.

[12/01/19]   Readings performed online are equally informative as energy holds no boundaries. I meditate, shield and cleanse my cards before each reading to ensure the highest vibration in tune with your energy to deliver the clearest interpretation possible.

If anyone is ready for their reading or would like to gift someone else a reading for Christmas, please contact me or send me a message and we will put you on the schedule.

I will be incredibly busy once December arrives, so book now and reserve your spot & we will see what’s in store for you for the New Year 2020!


Love & Light my soul fam.


~High Priestess Angelique

Good morning my loves!!! Wow, I just want to show my gratitude for the overwhelming response I’ve received as so many of you have reached out for advice & guidance on some major life decisions and I humbly want to help each and everyone of you! Some have even reached out just to show their love & support for what I’m doing to help others and that means the world to me.

I want to let everyone know I am going to be in Chicago from 7th-11th so I can TRY to squeeze a few readings in while I’m traveling but there’s no guarantee. Also, please read the listing for services I provide and I CAN & DO read Tarot online as well as in person, the results are all the same as energy has no boundaries such as distance. As long as you open your heart to me and give me permission to access your higher self, the part of our energy that remains with God source, then I will have no problem getting you the information you seek. My cards are inspired from the Divine, I am given insight from the moment I begin to shuffle, I am told how many times, what angle, if I am to cut the deck, if I am to start from the middle and know which cards are significant to your situation intuitively. I have YET to pull cards and someone not feel as if I am telling their story. At first, a year ago, I wasn’t sure if I even believed it MYSELF... until I truly knew in my heart about 3 months into it that there’s absolutely no way I wasn’t holding a special gift by using my very strong abilities and the Tarot cards serve as a modality to express that inner light that I carry.

My abilities have only grown sharper and stronger because I do not misuse them for malicious reason or selfish reasons. I am also extremely fair in pricing because I do not want to feel as if I am personally asking too much. But it does take a lot out of me as I tap into your energy fields I am feeling your deepest pain, experiencing your trauma, and this is taxing for any empath. It also takes time and it is necessary that I ask for some compensation otherwise I would literally be working day and night for free and let’s just be honest, no one would do that lol.

So please, if you do want to book an appointment, you will pay $25 through The Facebook tool, Cashapp or Venmo which you can attach a debit or credit card to. I am also going to be selling gift certificates so you may get a reading for your friends or family members. I will also be hosting Tarot Reading Parties or your can hire me to come up your party and perform readings for your guests. Not only is it fun, but it is so necessary for you to get the information you need to see where to put your time, energy and love and where it is most beneficial for you.

If you are interested please hit my inbox and see what I can assist you with today. I ask that you keep personal matters to a minimum because I do not want it to interfere with the reading or my interpretation of it. It is important to me to allow the cards to speak genuinely as to your situation. I am not a cold reader, I am the real deal and there’s no ego involved, only the conviction in my heart and the gift that Source energy saw fit to bestow upon me.

Blessings of love & light and welcome to this new journey with me, we are going to have so much fun!!!

I just wanted to thank all who are supporting me at this time. I know that this may not be something you are even truly interested in but the fact you are still so close to my heart that you would have enough faith in me and the beautiful energy I am seeking to provide for all who need it just makes my heart sing from here to the Heavens above. Know that my intentions are to be in my highest light as I am daily sending you love, light and wishing you the greatest peace and abundance possible. I love each and every single one of you, most of you I know in person and it is an honor to be supported by you and to help you in any way I can as we walk this crazy thing we call life on this Earth together. May you all have the most beautiful day, let the rays of the sun shine upon your face and warm your heart. Let those you love know it and pass this charismatic energy over to them. It is one of the best contagions as it will ripple from your heart, into the hearts of others and into the galaxy. Thank you once again for following your intuition and your heart to me, for I am here to lovingly hold you up in the highest light. Together, in perfect unison with Source energy or “God” as most refer, for this is the infinite source of that love that has birthed life into each and every one of our souls. May we metaphorically hold hands in that frequency and emit our own creative source in Divine appreciation for this life and for the gifts & mysteries yet to unfold.

Blessings of love and light my beautiful soul family, I love you with all that I am!

Your Divine sister in love,

Photos from High Priestess Angelique's post

10 card spread + 4

Photos from High Priestess Angelique's post

This is an expression of a deeply personal and inspiring reading for one of the most beautiful souls I know. It was an honor to perform this reading and the energy coming forward was absolutely inspired from divine Source love light.

High Priestess Angelique

High Priestess Angelique's cover photo

High Priestess Angelique's cover photo

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